14I Got Sick Because Of His Infidelity

Romanewque didn’t see it coming when her boyfriend of two years cheated with a coworker. Initially, she thought maybe she would never had known had he not been asked to resign for harassing the female employee after she tried to end their liaison and he disagreed.

However, when Romanewque found herself

pregnant, she also got the news from the doctor that she has chlamydia. Cheating, confirmed.

In true cheater fashion, he blamed her when she confronted him saying she wasn’t paying him enough attention. He seemed angry that he was going to be out of work, but otherwise he wasn’t very regretful about cheating or upset that she found out. At 34 years old, Romanewque never expected to be in the position she found herself in.

What is the right choice when pregnant by someone that has betrayed you? Some would say the baby shouldn’t pay the price for their father’s mistakes. Others would say it wouldn’t be fair to bring them into the world to two parents who aren’t in a stable and loving relationship if it can be helped.

Still some others would note that cheating isn’t the end of relationship if they want to work on it, and that what is not unstable could be turned around — if only for the baby. It’s not an easy choice.

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