13He Accused Me Of Cheating, Then Beat Me

Jessie and her then-boyfriend were closer than ever when they got pregnant following the loss of their daughter to SIDS. So it came as quite the shock when he kept breaking up with her while she was expecting and telling her he didn’t want to be with her anymore. But

it wasn’t as big of a shock as it was when she discovered he had cheated on her.

Often when a partner cheats, they become paranoid that the other party is doing the same. That’s exactly what happened here.

He would become so paranoid that a random text from a male friend of Jessie’s would send him into a violent rage. When it got to the point that he put his hands on her, something inside of her had to know it was over. She spent hours in labor and delivery that night being examined and monitored. Their encounter had caused her to start bleeding, but fortunately the baby was okay.

She left the hospital later with a cast on her ankle and an injured wrist. Four other girls contacted her down the road letting her know that they too had been sleeping with her boyfriend when she was with him. Today, she’s 32 weeks pregnant and says her self-esteem has taken a major hit. Share your wisdom with her and lift her up in the comments!

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