15My Husband Left For 3 Days After The Birth Of Our Child

Kristen thought it would be mutually beneficial when she allowed her husband’s cousin’s girlfriend to move into her house. She had a baby and nowhere to go and Kristen needed childcare. It was a win-win situation. It wasn’t until Kristen got pregnant that red flags started waving for her about

her husband and their new roommate.

Whenever her husband would leave to go somewhere, the live-in friend would soon follow him. This happened one too many times for Kristen to remain comfortable. Unfortunately, Kristen’s husband would resort to physical abuse when she’d confront him about whether there was something going on with them.

The live-in guest would actually be the one to comfort her afterward. So she stopped suspecting her.

When the day came for their baby to be born, her husband left shortly after the birth and didn’t return for two days. On day three, the other woman actually went away to rehab. Afterward, their marriage improved and her husband seemed to want to fix things, but as soon as the other woman’s stint in rehab was over, he was back to his old tricks.

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