14Pretended To Be Expecting For 14 Months

Dynel Lane was 35 years old and married. She had been telling her hubby that she was with child...for 14 MONTHS. (Can you believe it?) Obviously she wasn’t expecting at all, but she knew she had to get a child from somewhere. Her husband was threatening to end the marriage

if she didn't produce a child.

Lane put up an ad for maternity clothes on Craig's List, which is how she lured Michelle Wilkins to her house. Wilkins, who was 7 months pregnant, was attacked by Lane. Dynel cut the unborn baby from her belly with two kitchen knives.

Unfortunately, the baby died from the ordeal, but Wilkins who survived the ordeal called 911 and was able to get the help she needed. Dynel Lane was charged with attempted first-degree murder and was sent to jail.

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