• 14 Crazy Times Women Faked Their Pregnancies

    Not gonna lie. It’s much easier to be a woman today than, say, 100 years ago. Or even 50 years ago. The sheer discrimination that women used to face back then was terrible, to say the least.

    But even as lives and living conditions have improved remarkably for us since then, there’s no denying that there still exists a startling amount of bias against women even today. The only difference is that this bias is now more in the form of “expectations” that society has for us.

    For example, it's not considered ladylike to have tattoos, because “ladies” aren’t supposed to have tattoos. That’s outrageous. Or that no woman’s life is complete without a man in her life, and once she’s got a man, she HAS to have a baby.

    Because after all, that’s what our bodies are made for, isn’t it? To reproduce as many babies as we can till society’s happy with us?

    Of course, this puts a lot of unnecessary pressure on women, especially those who are unable to have children, because not having a child is just one of society’s 100s of ways to tell us that we aren’t good human beings.

    A lot of women give in to this pressure. Those who can afford it, opt for surrogacy, others go for adoption (the best alternative, in our humble opinion). Then there is a small category of women who choose to lie, deceive, kidnap and even murder just to have a baby in their arms.

    Don’t believe us? Well, go through the stories below and decide on your own!

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    Pretended To Be Expecting For 14 Months

    Dynel Lane was 35 years old and married. She had been telling her hubby that she was with child...for 14 MONTHS. (Can you believe it?) Obviously she wasn’t expecting at all, but she knew she had to get a child from somewhere. Her husband was threatening to end the marriage if she didn't produce a child.

    Lane put up an ad for maternity clothes on Craig's List, which is how she lured Michelle Wilkins to her house. Wilkins, who was 7 months pregnant, was attacked by Lane. Dynel cut the unborn baby from her belly with two kitchen knives.

    Unfortunately, the baby died from the ordeal, but Wilkins who survived the ordeal called 911 and was able to get the help she needed. Dynel Lane was charged with attempted first-degree murder and was sent to jail.

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    Pretending To Be Expecting For Ratings

    [caption id="" align="alignnone" width="608"]Image result for Danielle and Kevin Jonas pregnant Via: crushable.com[/caption]

    In all honesty, this one is pure speculation on the part of TV conspiracy theorists, because there's no hard core proof. But the theories that go against Danielle’s pregnancy are overwhelming, so have a go at them.

    Remember the reality TV show called ‘Married to Jonas’? Well, it was alleged that Danielle's pregnancy was faked for two reasons. To get higher ratings for the show was giving them abysmal TRPs and to sell the Jonas brothers’ concert tickets.

    Sounds like a very low blow, but here’s the thing, Blind Gossip alleged that the photos that Danielle posted in her Instagram account of her bump, sonograms etc didn’t line up. Her due date and the maturity of the child in the womb in the photos were too different – the child in the photo was further along than Danielle’s own child.

    And to be honest, if this were true (the differing dates), don’t you think it would have caught the eyes of the media because, let’s face it, it was nothing less than a medical mystery?

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    Texas Woman Kidnaps The Baby Of Her Aquiantance

    Sesmas had been faking her pregnancy for months, and she was growing desperate to show everybody that she had a child. Yesenia knew someone who had just had a baby, and she decided to take her baby for herself.

    Abarca-Nogueda and Sesmas had been acquaintances since Yesenia had lived in Wichita, after which Sesmas moved to Texas. The Wichita police released a statement saying that not only did Sesmas kill Nogueda, she had abducted her newborn baby Sophia.

    Luckily, Sesmas was apprehended by authorities and Sophia was given to her closest surviving relatives. This news did receive a lot of media coverage. A GoFundMe page was created to cover the cost of Sophia’s mother’s funeral, and $12,305 was donated by 180 people for that purpose.

    Kind of an unexpected twist. The first half of the story makes you wonder what kind of people are in this world, while the second half restores your faith in humanity.

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    Nigerian Woman Faked For Family Money

    [caption id="" align="alignnone" width="3456"] Via: dublindentalcenterpa.com[/caption]

    Azeesat had successfully managed to fake her pregnancy for almost 9 months, up until the time of her delivery. She used old clothes to stuff inside her maternity garments in order to give her the appearance of having a bump, and being the smart woman that she is, refused to be examined by the doctor in charge.

    Dr Yusuf Abdulraheem, who is the CMD (Chief Medical Director) of Yusjib Industrial Medicare, told authorities that her family had brought her to the hospital and even though her family insisted that she was a regular at his hospital, he could not recollect her face.

    He then put two and two together to figure out that the girl had been mooching off her family’s money in the name of pregnancy. It was only when she was forced to get an examination, that the doctor discovered the clothes inside her clothes. Wow.

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    The Baby Bump Was A Balloon

    [caption id="" align="alignnone" width="1920"] Via: ytimg.com[/caption]

    Imagine a heavily pregnant woman beginning her exam, calling in all the nurses and the doctor on call to have a look at her, only to realize that the pregnant woman in fact, has an inflated balloon under her shirt. And that’s exactly what happened to the staff at Othaya District Hospital in Nyeri county

    21 year old Purity Kiritu, 21 was rushed to the hospital after she faked being in labor. Here’s where things get funnier - Nyeri South Deputy OCPD Jefferson Ali told the media at a press conference that not only had Purity been arrested for fraud, the red balloon that she had been using as a baby bump, was taken into custody as well because it was to be used as an exhibit in court.

    Purity lived with her husband in Dandora, Nairobi, and was made to go a mental exam to asses her mental health.

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    Sterilized Woman Fakes Pregnancy For Boyfriend

    Mahon faked a pregnancy because she was desperate to stay with her boyfriend. He’d obviously seen the crazy in her, but he held on after she told him she was pregnant. The kicker is that Mahon had got herself sterilized 2 decades earlier!

    Mahon called up a lady she knew and lied to her about her husband being in a car accident. Needless to say, the woman rushed to the hospital and left Mahon with her baby.

    When the woman reached the hospital, she found out that Mahon's husband had never been admitted there and that there was in fact no car accident at all. Afterward she returned home to another shock when she realized Mahon had run away with her child.

    Well the story had a happy ending, it didn’t take the police too long to catch Mahon. When Kelly was apprehended he baby was found asleep in her home. The baby was reunited with her parents shortly after the ordeal began.

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    Cheater Duped Boyfriend Into Staying With Her

    Lucy Black was a conniving woman. After she realized that her relationship with her partner Mandlenkosi Nkomo was going downhill, she came up with an elaborate plan to get money and keep her boyfriend.

    She told Nkomo that she was pregnant and he was the father. She pressured him to not only stay with her, but to shell out money for the baby’s expenses.

    Eventually Nkomo became fed up with the life he was being forced to live, he approached the Bulawayo Civil Court to get a protection order against Lucy. Afterward he found out that she was cheating on him, so he attempted to break off all ties with her, but she turned violent.

    Black sent him openly threatening messages, as well as to his new girlfriend. During the course of the trial it was found out that Black was lying about her pregnancy, and justice was served.

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    Used Fake Bump To Smuggle Narcotics

    This Canadian national had a rather different reason for faking her pregnancy. Tabitha Leah Ritchie, a Canadian social worker had gone on a trip to Bogota, Columbia, for a few weeks. Upon her return she was sporting a rubber belly and pretending to be 7 months along.

    She was on her way home from Colombia, where she was detained at the airport. One of the inspectors at the airport became suspicious of Ritchie, when she asked how far along Ritchie was and the Canadian became aggressive over the question.

    The 28 year old Tabitha was caught because her belly was hard and cold – uncommon in pregnant women. It was later discovered that she had stuck a belly made of latex to her stomach, in which authorities found 4.4 pounds of cocaine.

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    Pregnancy Delusion Turns Grisly

    This story entails the grisly murder of a teen mom, so if you’re easily upset, skip this one over.

    25 year old Mirian Siqueira used to sell baby products, which means she was constantly in touch with pregnant women or new mothers. This could possibly be one of the contributing factors as to why Mirian did what she did.

    The culprit told everybody around her that she was pregnant, and everybody believed her. Because why wouldn’t they?

    She invited 15 year old Valissia Fernandes de Jesus over to her house to look at some baby shoes, where she killed the teen mom. Her body was dumped inside a barrel, while the baby’s body was found near a bin. Both bodies were discovered by Siqueira's husband Mateus.

    Mateus also said that Mirian admitted to him for being responsible for both the murders. It was later found out that Mirian suffered from false pregnancy delusions, which were triggered by her inability to get pregnant.

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    Possible Miscarriage Turns Into Grisly Deception

    Ashleigh Wade, 22, was estranged from her natural parents and had . According to Ashleigh's parents, she had called and told them she was pregnant, but the baby never materialized and then she suddenly stopped talking about the baby.

    Wade had been posting pictures of sonograms and had even been posting on baby blogs about her pregnancy. Ashleigh had a number of people in her life convinced that she was pregnant, including Angelikque Sutton, an old friend she recently found on Facebook, but one night Wade turned on Sutton and killed her then took the unborn child as her own.

    Ashleigh claims that the two women had been talking about the past when things turned violent and Angelikque attacked her with a knife. Afterward Wade called her boyfriend and told him she did something terrible. When the police arrived, Wade insisted the baby was hers, then changed her story.

    Wade’s landlord Angela Parris was even deceived -- and this was a lady who dealt with pregnant women on a regular basis. Parris says that she believes that Ashleigh may have been pregnant at one time, but lost the baby.

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    Woman Uses Fake Bump To Smuggle Explosives

    Recently a 25 year old Muslim woman was detained by the French anti-terror police, along with her 34 year old male partner for publicly encouraging terror attacks against the citizens of France.

    When caught, the woman’s fake baby bump was revealed. The French police believed she used her fake belly to carry explosives in it, most likely for a terror attack. What’s interesting to note is that the fake belly was lined with aluminium foil to conceal the contents of the belly (like explosives) at security gates.

    France is no stranger to terrorist attacks; nobody could forget the Paris terror attacks that shook the world and opened up the possibility of first world countries having to deal with terrorism on such a level. 130 innocent lives were lost that day.

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    Phantom Pregnancy Sends Woman To The Hospital

    Only after a month of dating new boyfriend Paul Servat (whome she found via an online dating site), Barbara Bienvenue told him she was pregnant. But the woman wasn’t as smart as some of the other ladies mentioned in this article.

    In the beginning she claimed to be having twins, but then magically, those twins became triplets, and finally, quintuplets.

    Of course, her loved ones were very happy for her and started helping her financially. She successfully maintained her facade for 9 months, up until the time it was for her to “deliver” her baby. When she was taken to the hospital, the nurses burst her bubble and told her boyfriend that she had never been pregnant!

    Servat was heartbroken, because he was genuinely excited to be a father, so much so that he’d even decided on the names he would give his babies. Barbara was shifted to a psychiatric care facility, as some claimed this wasn’t the first time she had pulled this stunt.

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    Fraudster Conned Couple Out Of £8300

    One Austrailian couple were unable to have children, but wanted to become parents desperately. Benita and Mark Cutter opted to have a baby through surrogacy. Then they came across Brown’s ad on the internet. The couple didn’t think twice before paying Brown for all her expenses, which totalled over £8,300.

    This amount also included other monetary demands that Brown made, including paying for her other expenses because she lost her job.

    The couple were regularly sent ultrasound photos of their “child” and they were happy. However, a few days before delivery, Brown claimed to have a car accident in which she lost her baby. She even sent photographic “evidence” to back up her claim.

    It didn’t take the Cutters long to realize that they had been duped. They reached the authorities, who thankfully, gave them the justice they deserved.

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    Fake Pregnancy Turns Into Kidnapping

    Judith Ann Walker also fooled everyone around her by faking her pregnancy. There was never a reason for anyone not to believe her. Walker wore a pregnancy harness to appear like an expectant mother. The only problem was that she needed to have a baby.

    Judith had her own extermination business and had a customer who had recently had a baby. Wade started to plan a kidnapping and even went so far as to case the house of the victims for weeks before making a move. When she finally got an opportunity, she tried strangling the victim with a cord, asking for her baby all the while.

    Thankfully the victim fought back and rushed out of her home to call for help. It didn’t take long for the police to catch Walker, and where was booked for attempted murder, among other charges.

    Sources: TelegraphUK, NYDailyNews, VanguardNGR, BBC

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