14 Creative Pregnancy Announcements

5 -: Creative Pregnancy Announcements

When it comes to sharing the joyous news of a pregnancy, every couple chooses to do it differently. Everyone likes to share the news in their very own special way. Many wait until a special holiday to tell their close family members and friends, while others are bursting with excitement and come up with elaborate ways to spill the beans! The couples below have taken pregnancy announcements to a whole new level! Check out how they've chosen to reveal the exciting news with the world!

1. Cute Cravings

Everyone knows that bizarre food cravings are synonymous with pregnancy. Next time you've got one, have your partner ready with the camera to snap a few sweet photos. Maybe it's the pickles and ice cream craving, or something totally different! If you want to be a little mysterious, share the photos with your friends and family and see if they can figure out what they are looking at. Otherwise, a plain white mug with the words “Eating for two” penned adorably onto the mug will give away the news immediately!

2. Get Saucy

Nearly everyone knows that when is pregnant, a nickname for being in the family way is also called “Prego,” which also happens to be the name brand of a rather tasty tomato sauce. So, why not set up a cute photo opportunity with you, your significant other, and a jar of Prego spaghetti sauce? Get prints made, and hand them over to those you want to share your exciting news with. Enjoy their puzzled looks and hearty congratulations.

4 -: Creative Pregnancy Announcements

3. 'Baby' Food

Next time you go grocery shopping, pick up foods with the word 'baby' in them, for example, baby carrots, baby back ribs, baby corn, etc. Serve a wonderful meal prepared with these ingredients, invite friends and family over, then sit back and wait for your dinner guests to catch on to the dinner's “theme!”

4. Eviction Notice

This is a really fun way to tell your significant other that you are expecting another little one! If you already have a child (who is still sleeping in their crib,) type up an “eviction notice” on your computer and print it out. When your little one goes to bed, tape the notice to their crib. When they wake up during the night, ask daddy to go check on them. His reaction will be priceless!

5. Promotions

When you're ready to tell your little one, a great way to share the news with them is to let them know that they are getting a “promotion!” When they ask what it is, you can tell them that they are going to be a big brother or sister! This also opens up a great opportunity for communication and dialog discussing how things will change when the new baby arrives, and how your children feel about it.

3 -: Creative Pregnancy Announcements

6. We're Growing By 2 Feet!

This is a very popular and unique way to announce a pregnancy via announcement cards! Line one pair of each of your family member's shoes, lining them up from largest to smallest, or vice versa, whichever you prefer. Have a little pair of baby booties handy and place them next to the smallest pair of shoes. Add the text: “Our family is growing by 2 feet” somewhere in the photo! To add a little more flair to the photo, you could also add in some construction themed items, like a hard-hat, and your due date, too!

7. An Enchanting Checklist

This pregnancy announcement is a great way to involve your other children. If you have a whiteboard handy, create a checklist for each of them. Add items such as “Enter the world,” “learn to crawl,” “captivate everyone,” and whatever else you see fit. At the very bottom, add one more item specific to your child, like “Become a big brother or sister.” Have the camera ready, and hand them the marker, so it looks like their checking off items on their checklist! It's a sweet way to announce your pregnancy, and will make a great memory for years to come!

2 -: Creative Pregnancy Announcements

8. New Jeans/Genes

Gather up your family's blue jeans, and a find a tiny little pair for your newest little addition. If you have a clothesline that you rarely use, this is an instance where it will come in handy! Hang up everyone's jeans from biggest to smallest, ending with the baby-to-be's pair. It's a cute little play on words, and friends and family will adore the creativity behind this announcement!

9. Shadow Play

If you're handy with photo editing, or know someone who is, this would make a great way to share the new of your pregnancy with everyone! What looks like a normal happy-couple snapshot actually reveals a lot more when you look at their shadows! Moms got a little baby belly there! It would be fun to hand these out to your friends and family and see if they can figure out what makes the picture different from any old ordinary photo!

10. Expiry Dates

If you already have a little one, have them don a little tee-shirt (or onesie, depending on how old they are), that has an “Only child expiration date” on it! The expiration date would be your due date. Have the little one make a grumpy face and take some snapshots with them! It's a fun way to engage your child and help them get excited for their new sibling!

1 -: Creative Pregnancy Announcements

11. Scratch Off Cards

There is a certain kind of joy one feels when scratching off a lottery ticket. You can easily by the paint to make them yourself, or you could always get some made up. Pass them out to those you want to share your news with and watch as they scratch them off and try to figure out exactly what they are looking at!

12. Team Recruits

If you've got a whole team of sports fans in your home, this is a wonderful way to prep the team on their newest little recruit! Grab some team jerseys of your family's preference, and then get an infant sized one. You can either hang them up outside on a clothesline, pack the little jersey in a box and have the entire family there to open it, or kick it up a notch and head out to the local ballpark and show them there!

13. Drinking Label

Even though mom can't enjoy a nice glass of wine with dinner, it doesn't mean that friends and family can't! Have a cute label printed up, perhaps with something like “Drink this for me, I'll join you soon!” Underneath the sentiment announce your pregnancy and the baby's due date! It'll be a great keepsake, especially if those being gifted the wine choose to save the bottle and not open it! Wine does get better with age, you know!

14. New Title

Share your brand new titles with the whole world! First, you and your love were boyfriend and girlfriend. Then, came Mr. and Mrs. Now, it's going to be mommy and daddy! It's a fitting way to share your spectacular news with the entire world!

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