14 Daily Struggles That Only Pregnant Women Understand

There is always a mix of emotions hearing expectant mothers share their pregnancy stories, especially if it is their first time. It's a roller coaster ride of daily struggles that only women who have been pregnant can relate to. Witnessing the horrible/wonderful 9 month scenes of comedy-drama really displays this wonderful journey to motherhood. Children are the source of life and joy of every family, they complete the circle of married lives and women take on the greater sacrifice to carry this gift all throughout.

During this amazing journey, women experience tremendous body changes and emotional instabilities, whether first-time mothers or experienced moms. Even experienced moms learn that every pregnancy can be different and having a difficult pregnancy the first time around could turn into a very easy pregnancy the second time. Not just because she knows what to expect, but maybe just because her body has been through it already, and knows what to do.

But, from the clothes they wear to the food they eat, even their daily habits and most especially their behaviors and reactions towards the simplest of things - all these will be altered, just to experience the mystical and magical sensations of being pregnant. Every pregnancy is an epic battle that every pregnant woman goes through, but the reward is far greater than the sacrifices. All those sleepless nights will still be sleepless nights for a while longer, of course, but nevertheless it adds strength to a woman’s character. Here are 15 things we’re sure every woman who has been pregnant can relate to - some funny, some not so much!

14 Unusual Cravings

A majority of pregnant women or those who have been pregnant, readily testify to the unusual cravings they experienced during their pregnancy. The common scene in TV shows is the husband walking in the rain and getting struck by lightning just to buy his wife some ice cream comes to mind. It can be a good laugh, but matter of fact it can happen in some pregnancy cases, although we hope it’s never quite that bad. The hormones are to blame for these weird cravings.

Sometimes, pregnant women crave their husband’s body scent and they don’t want to let them go. For other women, they may really dislike their husband’s scent and they end up sending him to sleep on the sofa.

Some cravings may be a form of pica or craving food or things with little or no health benefits. Common causes of cravings in pregnancy are not yet determined by science, however according to the Journal of American Dietetic Association, it may be a connection to an iron-deficiency or that the body is attempting to remedy a shortage of minerals and vitamins. No one really knows for certain why pregnant women crave certain foods, or odd food combinations. The dads-to-be just need to grin and bear it for the time being and go with the flow.

13 Losing Control Over Bodily Functions

Nausea and vomiting is usually experienced in the first 6-14 weeks of pregnancy. Though many women feel this all throughout the day, not just during the morning, but it most commonly occurs at the time they wake up. Some women get nauseous and can’t help just throwing up wherever they are if they smell something awful. During pregnancy for some reason, many things suddenly smell awful. There’s no concrete study yet to prove the cause of vomiting, however, many believe it is due to the numerous body changes taking place and the monumental changes in hormones.

The hormones such as estrogen and human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG), rise during pregnancy. Women with higher levels of hCG are associated with higher risks of nausea. Some experience this almost the entire 9 months of their pregnancy, which is really a messy daily struggle. In some cases, women don’t feel any nausea and don’t vomit all throughout their pregnancy. It all depends on the hormones struggling their way inside the body.

12 Uncontrollable Mood Swings

This is another change women experience during pregnancy. They don’t even know why they are feeling certain emotions and why they become overly sensitive. Some working pregnant women are not allowed to make any career decisions during these times because their mindsets are not as they usually would be, and people tend to look at them differently: childish, overly emotional or irrational. The changes taking place are mostly due to the changes in hormones. Kind of like PMS, but it can last for nine months!

The biggest shock absorbers usually turn out to be the husbands and they often become the recipient of any emotional whirlwinds their wives are battling inside. It can be controlled by being aware and making a conscience decision to be calmer and to divert any feelings of sadness and irritability. Taking a stroll at the park or reading a good novel will often help release anxieties. Or, there’s always chocolate.

11 Surprise Pimples 

So, you thought your pimple days were behind you! Well, surprise! They’re back. Some lucky women get a rosy glow and healthy skin during their pregnancy. However, many pregnant ladies struggle with annoying skin issues and start to break out with acne during the pregnancy. The change pregnancy brings to a woman’s body affects the hair, skin, nails and pretty much everything else.

Acne, skin tags, darkened underarms and feet, melasma, and the list just goes on. You may find your self-esteem dropping because of these problems. The struggle to keep skin healthy is real; mom-to-be needs an extra sensitive husband to let her feel loved despite the unbecoming condition of her skin – she can’t help it. Though these skin issues are really a stage, there are things that can help prevent these issues from getting worse. Healthy food and lifestyle can be a good factor, keeping the body away from stress and anxious mindsets, and a positive outlook may really help avoid some skin issues like acne.

10 Uncontrollable Weight Gain

Being made fun of for being fat, huge, whale-like and a lot more name calling really happens to women who gain an enormous amount of weight during pregnancy. They often feel ashamed of going out because of this. It is essential to understand the right amount of weight to be gained while pregnant. Women are supposed to gain weight while pregnant, after all, they are growing another human being inside, but excessive weight gain should be avoided.

Ask a health provider to be sure how much weight you should gain and how to avoid health risks. Mostly maintaining a healthy diet will be recommended to maintain a healthy weight throughout the pregnancy. Excessive weight gains are often the results of food cravings, especially sweets like chocolates, cakes, sodas, etc. The sweeter the cravings, remember the more likely the weight gain. Make a diet plan or divert the sweet tooth to eating healthy sweet foods such as raisins, fruit, or any natural sweets to overcome the cravings.

9 Having To Ask Others To Tie Your Shoes 

That growing watermelon in the midsection keeps a pregnant woman from even being able to see her feet, let alone tie her own shoes. Putting her feet up on a chair or step doesn’t work very well either, and forget about propping a foot up on the other leg to gain access; the watermelon is still in the way.

So, before hitting about the six month mark it is best to go out and get a pair or two of slip on shoes, or simply a cute pair of slippers you can wear outside. Besides, a pregnant woman probably won’t be able to wear her tie-up shoes anyway because her feet are going to swell up and they may even grow a size. Just as breasts often go up a size, so do a pregnant woman's shoe size...

8 Not Being Able To Sit In A Chair Without Arms

Ever watch a very pregnant woman get out of a chair, or did you just look the other way because you knew she was going to embarrass herself, or because it was simply too painful to watch? As already noted, not being able to bend at the waist makes life rather difficult. As the baby grows, it gets harder and harder to stand up from a seated position. Once the belly is watermelon size, it’s pretty much the watermelon that has to go first when getting up.

Once mom hits the seventh or eighth month she has to be selective as to where she sits. Any chair without arms to lean on to hoist herself out of the chair is definitely out. Mom has to make sure to choose a spot next to the arm of the sofa, too. Sometimes settling down into a favorite upholstered chair to watch TV or read a good book will have to wait until after the baby is born. Either that or she has to make sure that dad is around to pull her out of the chair when she needs to get up to pee for the 100th time that day. And especially, no sitting in chairs with wheels.

7 Sudden And Frequent Forgetfulness

Don’t laugh! It really is a thing and has been researched. Although research hasn’t provided an answer for why it happens, it has been confirmed that pregnancy brain does exist. Pregnant women will do things like call someone and forget why they called, or ride the bus and forget where they’re going. This is the best excuse for any mistake because pregnant women tend to really forget what they are doing. Some women who experience this really fear amnesia or permanent memory loss. Relax, it’s not permanent. We can blame the hormones for the forgetful brain.

Some scenarios also show sharp memory in pregnant women. They may even remember past experiences and people that they previously didn’t remember. However, whether she is extra sharp or super forgetful, the good thing is that it happens only at a certain stage in pregnancy. This does not have a lifetime effect on a woman’s brain; senility is not yet kicking in. For better memory skills while pregnant, try some Sudoku or word hunts; or just use a lot of sticky notes.

6 Barely Reaching The Gas Pedal

This may not be a big deal for some women, but for those who are short of stature, being pregnant and driving, sometimes just don’t mix well. As the belly grows, mom has to keep moving her seat back so that she has room to turn the steering wheel. However, although the tummy gets bigger, the legs don’t grow proportionately. Pretty soon a short woman’s driver’s seat may be so far back to accommodate her growing belly, that she can’t reach the gas pedal anymore.

What to do? Well, mom could delegate running errands and get someone else to do them – which is probably the best thing to do at this point, since mom needs all the rest she can get. Or, she can troll the internet or send hubby to the auto parts store to find a booster seat for short people, so she can get out and about on her own.

5 Intimacy With A Bump In The Way

Poking the baby is the most common worries of dads upon making love with their wives while pregnant; many moms are afraid of this, too. However, every doctor will tell you that babies are not hurt during sex, and yes it is safe; it cannot trigger labor or a miscarriage, contrary to what many people believe (although there are exceptions for women at risk of preterm delivery). Others believe that it causes more pleasure having sex while pregnant because of the increased blood flow to the pelvic area that may heighten sensations and cause more moistness and vaginal discharge.

On the other hand, some women dislike the idea of having sex while pregnant because of the feeling of fullness and cramps. But for those who want to enjoy having sex with their partner, it can be an adventure in discovery of untried positions. If a couple hasn’t been adventurous with positions in the past, having sex while the woman is pregnant, calls for some inventiveness and flexibility.

4 Wanting To Live In The Bathroom

Everyone talks about the constant need of pregnant women to go pee and most people laugh about it, even pregnant women. But in truth, it really is no laughing matter. We probably laugh because everyone laughs at bathroom humor. But along with being extremely tired, mom has to make, pretty much, an hourly visit to the bathroom.

Having all that additional fluid flowing in mom’s body also requires that it gets pushed out and replaced with new. So it’s very important that mom stay hydrated for her sake and that of the baby. It is a definite no-no to restrict fluid intake in hopes of not having to get up and go to the bathroom. When mom-to-be gets further along, the growing baby often puts pressure on the bladder, adding to the problem. So, it’s a good idea to start wearing pantie liners.

3 Ridiculous Amounts Of Stress

What could be more stressful than coming up with the perfect name for our little prince or princess? It may end in a hot debate as to what to name the baby. Women (and men) often stress themselves on finding the best name for their precious child, but sometimes end up naming their baby after their or her husband’s relatives. Sometimes they come into conflict with the people around them suggesting names for the baby who get angry that their suggestion isn’t given better consideration.

Most expectant parents buy baby name books to guide them in choosing the perfect name for their baby. It is highly advisable to list all the prospected names and smoothly discuss it. It might be a good idea to run the names past close friends and family members, just to get any real negative reactions that the couple might not have thought of – like awful nicknames that may result. However, don’t put too much weight on other’s opinions. It’s okay for a couple to go with what they like best. In any case, the kid will probably hate it.

2 Ready, Stretch, Go!

Every day, women face their bodies in front of the mirror and glare at the tiger stripes on their bellies (and thighs, and breasts). These stripes don’t just hang around during the 9 months of pregnancy, but insist on staying put the rest of the mother’s lifetime. A majority of the stripes fade and become much lighter with time, but they don’t totally disappear. Stretch marks often appear because weight gain is rapid and the skin is unable to keep up with the expansion of the uterus.

There are no scientific ways on how to prevent these stripes because it is all part of the body changes a woman will experience during pregnancy. There are many topical preparations available that can be applied before and after giving birth that may help them be less noticeable. But hey! This is the mark of a woman having carried a life inside her body and delivering a new person into the world. Don’t get affected by the body shaming people around. Wear the stripes proudly and flaunt them.

1 Unwelcome Comments And Touches

What you should be eating, what you shouldn’t be eating, how to get the baby to sleep through the night, labor horror stories – and the list just goes on for people giving unsolicited advice and comments. They just come over and touch the belly like you’re old friends instead of a complete stranger. It seems be the norm that some people just have to say something whenever they see a pregnant woman. They don’t realize it, but sometimes they say hurtful words that some pregnant women really get stressed about. Even family members and friends can say hurtful things without meaning to, and then realize how it sounded once the words were actually out of their mouth.

However, these daily struggles are worth every moment. The immense joy hearing the first baby cry will surely melt every mother’s heart. Salute to every mother out there, they truly deserve to be called super.

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