14 Decisions Moms Made

There is an old saying that goes something like “Every good story started off as a bad decision”. Think of it as an old fashioned version of “YOLO”, if people even say “YOLO” any more. And while it may be true that some of the best stories all hinge on making a bad decision and then riding the fallout to a happy ending, most of the worst stories also start the exact same way. Whether the story turns out to be a good one or a bad one isn’t always under your control either.

It is hard enough when bad decisions make your own life difficult, but it gets even worse when the decision impacts people under your care. For this reason, bad decisions made by moms seem to be especially bad. Whether the decision is to pursue another career, cheat on their spouse, or move in with a roommate, the consequences of a mom’s bad decisions are especially felt by their children. Each of these fifteen confessions is a mother admitting to the worse decision she has ever made. Some of them are heartbreaking and some are anger-inducing, but all of them have lasting impacts that will be felt by the whole family for the rest of their lives.

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14 300k Debt

There are few feelings worse than putting yourself through stress and strain, only to find more suffering on the other side. Med school is notoriously intense and can last for more than a decade in some fields. Just gaining admission is an ordeal that many medical professionals eagerly avoid. The reward at the end of the trial is supposed to be worth it and this mom was brave enough to try for it. There is no way to know if she graduated med school or not, but you have to feel for someone who is trying their best to get ahead and winds up unable to feed their kids. Nobody should go through something like that and wind up worse off than they were before. It just does not seem right.

13 Bad Dentist

If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. A dentist that has his own office at home or will come to your home and doesn’t charge prices that only the rich and famous can afford is definitely too good to be true. Dental and medical costs are ridiculously high, but most options for getting around those costs are not the safest and, like with this family, will end up costing more in the long-run. It would be nice if things like health and dental were more reasonably priced, but at this point, the best that we can do is try to scrape up enough for the basics and avoid con men like the one that pulled a fast one on this family. We can only hope she was able to get the kids to a real dentist who can undo the damage.

12 Teething Gone Bad

Parenting is hard and there are times, more often than most parents would like to admit, that parents take the easy route if it keeps their day running smooth and the baby happy. Usually, there isn’t anything wrong with taking the easy route when the baby is being fussy. But with something like using a bottle late at night, the consequences can be pretty severe. Most experts recommend that parents stop giving babies a bottle for bedtime once the baby’s first teeth come in because it can lead to tooth decay. This mother found that out first hand, unfortunately.

The baby will probably have their adult teeth come in just fine but it is still going to be a really unpleasant day for everyone when the baby teeth have to come out.

11 Work Over The Kids

Relocating for a job is fairly common in America. Either there are no jobs where someone lives or they get a job in another area and have to move so they can take the position. Either way, nearly everyone knows someone who has relocated for work or has done it themselves. It has practically been an American tradition since the Industrial Revolution had people flocking to major cities looking for work.

Just because they’re common doesn’t make them easy. Usually the entire family goes, costing one spouse their job and the entire family their community. In this case, however, it seems that mom moved alone and it is nearly impossible to imagine how lonely that must be. Some people might shrug and say “you do what you have to do”, but it is heartbreaking that this mother even faced this choice.

10 Home Schooled

There are a lot of problems with America’s public schools: the teaching methods are rarely based on methods proven to be effective, teachers are underpaid (especially considering that a lot of them work before and after school hours, sometimes totally 20-hour days), and America in general is not doing so hot on the international educational rankings. But at least public schools provide education for kids whose parents can’t - or in this case won’t - find the time or information to educate them at home.

This mom’s decision seems pretty easily reversible but there’s a good chance that she won’t fix it until things have gone too far. She could pretty easily re-enroll the kids in public school and work with the school to get the kids into classes that will ramp them back up to where they need to be, depending on where the family is located. There’s nothing wrong with trying something and failing. Just be sure and fix the mistake as soon as possible!

9 Going Younger

Some of the decisions on this list you can look at and say “I can see how she made that mistake. I feel so bad for her!” This is not one of those decisions. If you are old enough to be referring to a 22 year old as a “boy”, you were too old to be messing around with him in the first place. May-December is undoubtedly a thing and Cougars are not inherently bad people. But it is abundantly clear that whoever this mother was, she knew she should not have been looking at someone 22 years old, even if she was single.

It’s hard to blame the kids or the ex-husband for not talking to her much any more. Cheating on a spouse is an awful thing to do, leaving them for someone you are already seeing is even worse, and the age gap is just the whipped cream on this really unappealing

8 Girl's Night

This confession is a train wreck from start to finish. Everyone makes mistakes, mothers included. But who could “misplace” a baby?! That little girl should be the most precious thing in the world and she was left in a bathroom because her mother went drinking with the girls and brought her along. A series of huge mistakes led to CPS being called, and they did not start with leaving the baby in the bathroom.

Moms get cabin fever, it’s true. Before having kids, it’s easy to go out and have dinner and a couple of cocktails with friends. It’s easy to go to the bar on the weekends or catch a movie on your day off. After kids, even a simple dinner at Denny’s can be a lesson in time management. Either family has to be wrangled into watching the little one or babysitters must be screened and hired. You have to pay them, hope they’re there on time, and then get back on time. So, yeah, this mom might have needed a night with the girls. But the baby’s welfare should always come first.

7 You Are Not The Father

These are the confessions that daytime talk show hosts dream of. Somewhere out there is a stagehand waiting to hold someone back from tossing a chair across a stage while the audience jeers. That, or there is a Penthouse Letters writer already heading for the keyboard to try and work out how this happened.

It is honestly astounding how many people get themselves into trouble with infidelity. It’s really not that hard: show your partner respect and don’t sneak around behind their backs. If you feel the urge to do it, tell them so you can either get out of the relationship or work it out! Divorce would have probably been a better option in this situation because having her husband raise his siblings as his children is going to leave a whole lot of mental scars if it ever gets out. And not just for the husband. Those poor kids!

6 The Number One Heartbreaker

Cancer has to be the number one heartbreaker in America. Not only for those whose lives it claims, but for the people who lose loved ones or have to watch them suffer through a painful ordeal, as this mom points out. Most cancer is not avoidable, it’s passed down from generation to generation and only early screening and luck of the genome can keep it from developing or spreading.

There are some cancers, however, where the risk can be lowered, if not avoided entirely. Smoking is an easy habit to pick up and a hard one to put down, no matter how many times the dangers of cigarettes are talked about. Nicotine is powerfully addictive and most of the help easily available to kick the habit requires a dedication that might not always be stronger than the need for nicotine.

5 Being With Him

It’s hard to tell if this mom is being objective or suffering from very low self-esteem. For her sake, let’s hope it is the latter of the two options. It might help to know that a lot of people feel this way, if not always then at least from time to time. Everyone hits a low point and wonders what others see in them that makes them care.

The best remedy for feeling like this is to talk to your partner. Tell them how you are feeling and ask them to help you get out of the bad place you’ve slipped into. If they’re worth your time and worth the pain you’re feeling on their behalf, they will take the time to sit and talk with you. To help you begin to understand why they love you and why you’re feeling the way you are. Let’s just hope that this mom is that lucky.

4 Pregnancy Regrets

For all the folks grinding your teeth at this one: take a deep breath and calm down. Pregnancy is not pleasant for everyone and, for some people, it is downright hellish. The physical changes alone are enough to make someone regret getting pregnant. When you add in the mental and emotional strain, most of which nobody actually talks about, pregnancy can be a terrifying, exhausting time. And then, of course, your entire life changes because you have a baby to take care of.

So it is fine to regret getting pregnant, for this mom and anyone else who feels this way. Just don’t take that regret out on the child and everything should be fine. Like we said before, motherhood is hard. But once you’ve had the baby, they’re reliant on you and you have to step up to the plate.

3 I Quit!

There is absolutely no reason that taking a job should land you in more debt than you would have had if you’d had no job at all. Companies play up insurance agent positions like they’re an untapped goldmine of possibilities, but that is not even remotely close to the truth. Some people might make a lot of money in the position, but some people make a lot of money on scratch off lotto tickets. That doesn’t make the lotto a good business plan.

Insurance agents often have to travel to investigate claims and they have to pay their own travel and lodging. Most of them also get paid on commission, which means that until the claim is settled, they don’t see a dime and those settlements can sometimes take months or years. What a rip off!

2 Jealousy

Open relationships, which is a practice also known as polyamory, can be a beautiful thing when done right. Everyone wants more love and as long as everyone honest and careful with each others’ feelings, these relationships can last just as long as monogamous ones. But when it’s done wrong it can be incredibly painful. It mixes all the pain of a normal breakup with the confusion of not being able to talk to most people about what is going on. Most people would not understand and some would even be so cruel as to say the wife had it coming for not remaining monogamous.

Hopefully this mom sat down and talked to her husband about her fears and concerns. Communication is the only way to keep any and all relationships healthy, monogamous or otherwise. Without it, well, nightmares like this happen!

1 Extra Credit

It is really hard to understand what would drive a mom to do this. Every part of this decision screams “BAD IDEA”. Not only did she cheat on her husband but she did it to get her kid better grades. If this kid ever finds out what her mom did, she is going to learn a whole bunch of lessons that no parent should be teaching their kid. Lessons like “it is totally okay to lie to and disrespect your partner in the right circumstances” and “if you don’t reach your goal, it’s okay to cheat to get there”.

It is pretty clear that the mom regrets what she did and that is a start at least. But the real question is if she learned her lesson or if she will cheat again? And what about the teacher? Not many moms would be comfortable leaving their kids in a classroom run by a teacher that slept with a parent to improve a student's grade.

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