14Baby folds

Boys and girls naturally come with different folds and topography. Such a news flash, I know! But it's worth noting the differences when it comes to cleaning a boy versus cleaning a girl. It will just be a bit different navigating around the scrotum versus the labia.

When you have a

baby that's a gender different from your own, it may take some getting used to a different layout, and that's OK. It won’t take long.

You just need to remember that a boy's urethra is outside the body and a girl's is inside. A girl’s perineum is also closer to her urethra than a boy’s, so it’s more accessible and susceptible to bacteria growth. Girls tend to be just a bit trickier, but it’s nothing to be overwhelmed about.

See point #13. In the big picture, these are small details that aren’t worth being overly concerned about.

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