14 Easy-To-Use Apps to Track Your Family’s Health

If everyone would be able to track their health records and that of the loved ones, many illnesses would be avoidable and lives would be saved. The records include allergies, information on health care providers, medicines used in the past, and the general medical history. Today, technology has made things easier as you are now able to do all of this on your own. This can easily be possible if you have a phone or a tablet that you can use to download some awesome health apps.

And here they are!

15 iBlueButton

Wondering how you can send medical reports, X-ray images or even lab results as they are to a health expert or a loved one? Well, this should not be an issue as you can do so by downloading the iBlueButton app.

Apart from sharing important files, you can also keep records of any allergies as well as medications and medical conditions not forgetting important emergency contacts. This is a federal initiative which is accessed by the general public.

By being able to access your important health documents you can decrease your medical bills by sharing past tests and results with doctors on your mobile device. The cross-platform app means that no matter what type of mobile device your use (Android or Apple) you will be able to effortlessly share your medical information. without hassle and waiting periods.

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14 HealthTap

If you or a family member has some illness symptoms and you either do not want to visit the hospital or are unable to, the HealthTap app has useful information ready at your fingertips. HealthTap features information about common illnesses and their best remedies.

You can even send your inquiry to a network of doctors through the app and expect a response within a few hours. To chat with the doctors and view some informative videos, you can upgrade your membership. Through this app you can get referrals, treatment and share photos or test results to get a second opinion or even a better explanation of the test results.

HealtTap also features the latest health news, tips and most frequently asked questions. With this app you have thousands of doctors and specialists ready to make a house call whenever you need it. Ask you employer if heathTap is covered by your work insurance and download HealthTap today.

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13 Talkspace

Have some questions for a professional therapist? Talkspace is the best app for you to download. From wherever you are, you can chat with a therapist and get your burning questions answered immediately. The app is compatible with both Android and iOS devices. The chat service comes at a fee of 100 dollars per month.

The best part about Talkspace is that there are over 500 professional therapists that can help you with a wide rage of problems, whether they are marriage, personal, or mental health related.

This app would benefit women who suffer from postpartum depression or have pre existing anxiety or depression. Having someone you can talk to when you need it means that you can begin healing now. Talkspace has been featured in a number of publications, including Mashable, Business Insider and the Wall Street Journal.

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12 Change4Life

When you want to control the amount of sugar intake for your whole family, the Change4Life is the best app. With the help of this app you can now calculate the amount of sugar in a product by scanning its barcode using the camera on your phone before you make your purchase. Whether it's a drink or a snack, you will know how much sugar it contains.

The app even records data about the last 10 products that you have scanned. This will come in handy when you want to compare whether a new product is really as sugar free as it claims. This is great because Change4Life even knows the appropriate sugar levels by age.

So if you think you and your family need to cut back on your sugar intake, download Change4Life for Android here and for iOS here.

11 MyFitnessPal

Either before you get pregnant or after you're done having the baby you want to make some lifestyle changes, starting with your health. MyFitnessPal app can help you achieve your fitness goals by tracking your diet and weekly fitness schedule each week. Best of all, it only takes 5 minutes to set up.

Whether you have a medical condition or you are just trying to lose weight, the app will assist you in tracking your diet. It has an advantage of being user-friendly and is compatible with fitness tech like Fitbit, Jawbone UP, Garmin and more. It is easy to connect to, and you can share your progress with your family and friends.

MyFitnessPal boasts that it helps 88% o fusers to lose weight when they stick to the system for 7 days or more. The app also provides you with personalized reports so you can track your fitness journey. The app is compatible with Android and iOS to better help you achieve your goal.

10 My Medical

With My Medical app, you can keep all your health records for the whole family and input photos for easy reference all in one digital space. Never lose track of important medical data agin with the help of this app.

My Medical has several key features, such as the ability to chart and track test results and vital signs. With this app you can keep track of hard-to-remember medical data and keep it on hand at all times. You can send your doctor your complete medical history for better treatment and use multiple graphs to keep a record of your test results.

Get to learn more about the side effects of the drugs that you need, prescription refills, procedures, and be reminded about the doctor’s appointments. The app keeps all of your personal medical information secure and can help you in an emergency situation.

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9 Sick Weather

If you're an intense germaphobe, this app probably won't help you with that, but if you want to avoid catching something that is going around, then this is the app for you. With Sick Weather, you can stay informed about the illnesses in your area by downloading the Sick Weather app. The app will help you to avoid sickness for the whole family as it shows you the areas that have been affected.

Sick weather keeps you safe with mobile alerts that go off when you go near an area prone to illness. By using social media, the app gives you information on more than 20 illnesses such as Norovirus, Whooping Cough, as well as the flu and pink eye. The app also features a map which can show which areas in your community are most affected by certain illnesses.

Sick Weather features a SickScore which measures how virulent an illness is and also has a hand-washing timer so you'll know that you've properly washed your hands for the optimal length of time. The app is available on Android and iOS and also works with the Apple Watch.

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8 Amndaman7

With the Andaman7 app, you do not need an internet connection to keep track of your family’s health records. You can keep records in writing and photos for proper verification. This easy to use app helps you track blood pressure, immunizations, glucose levels, physician lists and insurance lists among other health information.

It also has a feature that reminds you when it’s time to take your medication. The recorded information is stored digitally, which keeps al your files, notes and images together. All this information can be shared with loved ones and caregivers. You can even easily create personal health templates to record and track various health conditions and health progress goals and observations.

You can edit and upload files on the go with the apps interactive design. You can transfer data between devices and family members, print off records and have a visual representation of your health data spread out in a timeline to better help you and healthcare professionals have a comprehensive view of your healthcare history.

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7 Track My Medical Records

One of the many reasons you should choose the Track My Medical Records (TMMR) app is the fact that you can track the medical records of your whole family securely in this all in one health app. You can link your personal medical records to your insurance provider and even find new healthcare insurance which better suits your needs.

Keep personal records of your blood sugar level records, immunizations, allergies, blood pressure, and other medical conditions all in one place. You can access them even without an internet connection. You can even access the data from non-Android devices and laptops.

TMMR keeps all your personal health records secure, but has the unique QR-code feature which allows EMT and hospital personnel to easily access your medical records for a complete look at your medical history.

Click here and read more about Track My Medical Records.

6 MyMedRec

Are you the forgetful type to a point that you miss your doctor’s appointments and prescription refills? Try using MyMedRec and you'll never need to worry about misplaced appointment cards and referrals again. All you have to do is download the MyMedRec app and it will remind you when to take your medicine, keep track of the type of medicines that your family has taken before, and when they were taken.

The App also records personal health notes, allows you to add photos and keep a detailed list of medications and supplements. The information can be shared easily between family members and medical professionals. Now users can manage their medicines safely and appropriately with alerts and reminders.

MyMedRec keeps your personal data secure using data encryption codes that enact when you lock your device. The app is available in English and French and has a supported interface that is easily useable by people with disabilities.

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5 WebMD

The WebMD app will help your family to eat healthier, lose excess weight, and sleep better. Learn more about the symptoms of specific illnesses and have access to medical listings in your vicinity. The advantage of using this app is the fact that you are in a position to keep track of the overall health for the whole family.

And do you know what its highlights are? Here, let us enlist them for you -

It has First Aid Essentials. So if you're facing a medical emergency for the first time and don't know whom to contact, don't worry! This app will tell you what to do and what not to do, till help arrives. Best of all, it works offline!

It has Medication Reminders. This means that it'll tell you in great detail, including pill dosage and timing, as to when you should be taking your meds.

It has a Healthy Living option, which allows you to customize a lifestyle magazine of your own that features stuff you actually want to read - health facts, quizzes, infographics and what not!

Excited? So are we! This app is compatible with Apple devices.

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4 FitterFitness Calculator and Weight Tracker

Get to know if your family members are overweight by using the FitterFitness Calculator and Weight Tracker. It's highly recommend to those of you who aren’t pros at workout, but still want to improve your health and fitness. This is because this app provides a consistent way of measuring your progress in terms of weight and/or inch loss. You get to check the number of calories that you need to take on a daily basis, set the weight loss target, and calculate your BMI. You also get to know about your body fat and overall well-being.

The highlight of this app is definitely its Weight Tracker feature. Apart from putting in your weight regularly, you can also submit your ideal weight goal to this feature. After that, it'll create and share a graph with you on a daily basis which outlines the progress that you have or haven't) made on your way to lose or gain weight to reach your weight goal.

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3 Diabetes Logbook (mySugarDiabetesDiary)

Diabetes is a common disease nowadays. For those with Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes, they can keep track of their health by downloading the Diabetes Logbook (mySugarDiabetesDiary) app. All of the information, such as blood sugar, insulin, as well as meals and activities, are kept in one place with easy access.

In fact, you can easily customize your your log in screen, allowing you to keep what you really want on your homescreen and getting rid of every other non-essential feature. It also allots you customized glucose graphs based on your medical condition and gives you daily, weekly, and monthly analysis. If you want personal therapy, guess what? They have it! Create your own goals and then get ready to achieve them.

It's not the #1 diabetes logbook app in 6 countries for nothing, guys! Give it a try.

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2 Medscape

Developed by the WebMD guys, this app allows you to stay informed about more than 3,000 illnesses.! You not only get to learn about the latest medical information available, but you also get to learn more about medication interactions that are harmful, alongside prescription bios.

In fact, if you want references on certain drugs (like wanting to avoid adverse drug combinations with our Drug Interaction Checker), then Medscape is the way to go. It has an exhaustive list of over 8,000 generic, brand, and OTC drugs.  Unlike most other apps out there, the figures that this app shares aren't fluff, but the real deal. It also gives you Formulary Information, Medical Calculators, Step-by-Step Procedural Articles, and Image Collections, among other things.

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1 Foodditive

If you or your family member need to take care of their diet but don't know where to begin then the Foodditive app is what you need. With this app, you get to know how additives may affect you before you purchase a product.

Their classification is very thorough, and can be browsed by name, classification or E-number. When you find the name you're looking for, simply tap on it and your screen will become full of info regarding its adverse reactions and most common uses. If you think this is cool, then know that the app also allows you to add personal notes to each additive! Isn't that much better than making mental notes?

In fact, if you have allergies to specific food additives, then this app comes in handy quote a bit as well! That's because Foodditive allows you to set your own dietary restrictions, including and not restricted to- Vegan, Vegetarian, Kosher, Gluten Free, Halal and Kosher.

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