14 Facts About Arnold Schwarzenegger's Love Child

Actor, bodybuilder, politician and all around Hollywood royal Arnold Schwarzenegger had a fairly perfect life. He went from life in his small Austrian village to a life of fame and fortune living among A list celebs in sunny California. Arnold married the intelligent and talented Maria Schriver and together they created a brood of beautiful kids. Oh yes, a happy marriage, four healthy children and roughly four HUNDRED million dollars to his name. What else could a guy want out of life?

Apparently the housekeeper.

Arnold's world turned upside when it was discovered that he had a long-term affair with the family housekeeper. This housekeeper eventually fell pregnant and gave birth to a son, Joseph Baena. Even though she was married at the time, she was sure that the boy was Arnold's. Over a decade after her child's birth the world found out what Patti Baena and Arnold had known for years. Arnold had a non-Schriver kid. It was a mess. Joseph got throw into the limelight, Maria left Arnie for good and we became a little obsessed with this teenage who looks exactly like his famous father. Joseph Baena is all grown up now and ready to take the world on.

Here are fifteen facts about Arnold Schwarzenegger's love child that we bet you didn't know.

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14 Maria Shriver Knew Him Since His Toddler Years

By now we all know that Joseph Baena's mom is Patti the housekeeper, who worked for the Schwarzenegger family for decades and was a regular presence in their universe. She was literally part of the family and so was her kiddo. In fact, Joseph was a regular around the family. He was never hidden away in plain sight and it wasn't unusual to see him romping with Arnie's other kids on the family's property.

While Arnold discovered that Joseph was his child when the boy was a toddler, his wife Maria was completely kept in the dark about it. She developed a bond with the boy and cared for him throughout his younger years. Arnold's devoted wife would ask about the boy often and treated him with devoted affection, according to the Mirror.

The shock of discovering Joseph was sired by her husband years later was too much for Maria to handle. This wasn't like a secret love child coming out of the woodwork for the first time, this was a kid who practically lived under her roof! The deception was reportedly too much to bear and caused the couple to split. Yep, Maria, we hear you on this one. I think any of us would have hit the roof with this news too.

13 He Was Born Days Apart From His Step Brother

So Joseph Baena has quite a few half siblings. His biological father and his now ex-wife Maria Schriver have four children and Joseph's mother has an older daughter by a former partner. Joseph is the youngest child of all of these half brothers and siblings, but he is especially close in age to Arnold and Maria's youngest son Christopher. In fact Maria gave birth to her last son and then five days later Joseph's mom gave birth to her child. Yes you are reading that correctly, according to E Online, Christopher and Joseph are only five days apart. Nine months prior to the boys' births must have been a seriously busy couple of days for the Terminator. Clearly, he was in a certain way that week. I can not imagine the thoughts that must have raced through Arnold's ex-wife's head as she put all of the pieces of her former husband's infidelity together. It had to be a devastating shock to find out that her husband had been unfaithful, even more crushing to realize that he had been carrying on an affair right under her own roof, but then to know with total certainty that Arnold had diddled both her and the housekeeper just days apart...

12 How Many Love Children Are There Really?

We know that his illegitimate son Joseph was the result of many secret rendezvous with his housekeeper, but might there be other little half-terminators running around the universe? You bet! According to Arnold's biographer, the guy isn't exactly a great respecter of women nor of protected intimacy. The Terminator has been caught in more than one extra-marital affair over the years that he was married to his classy lady Maria Shriver and his actions likely did produce more offspring than the four children he sired during his union to Maria as well as Joseph.

According to the Dailymail, Actress Jane Seymour made some pretty serious public claims that Arnie has at least two other illegitimate children that have yet to be publicly claimed and knowing what she thinks she knows, she wasn't surprised in the least when his wife Maria finally put a stop to their long-standing marriage. Clearly, enough was enough for her. Arnold's biographer also claims that he has interviewed no less than six women who are all claiming that Arnold fathered their children as well. This is one busy dude.

11 The Birth Certificate Cover-Up

via cnn.com

Back when Arnold was carrying on with Joseph's housekeeper mother, Patti Baena, the two were anything but single and ready to mingle. Arnold was famously married to Maria Shriver and the two already had three young children. Patti was childless but married. Joseph was born, (just a few days apart from Maria and Arnold's legitimate son Christopher,) and Patti's husband signed the birth certificate, this according to the Dailymail.

The guy had no clue that the baby he longed for was in no way his biological son. In fact, no one but Arnold and Patti knew the truth of Joseph's patronage and to watch Patti's husband dote on his son in those early days, who would have suspected? Patti and her husband weren't married for long, however. They divorced and Patti and Joseph severed all ties with Rogelia Baena. Even though he was no longer a strong presence in his son's life, he continued to believe full heartedly that Joseph was his biological child. He didn't discover the truth about who truly fathered the boy until roughly thirteen years later when the scandal broke wide open. Of the betrayal, Rogelia has said that he was deeply hurt and considers himself Joseph's father and always will, according to E Online. Ugh, so Jerry Springer.

10 He's A Straight-A Student

Arnold's love child is all grown up and taking the world on! It seems that this kid not only has a knack for sports and acting but also for the academics. He must have gotten all of the good genes that his parents had to offer up. As of 2016, Banea was enrolled at Pepperdine University and, according to Nicki Swift, is doing excellent. He is majoring in business at the institution and pulling all A's according to his bio father's brag rights on TMZ.

Aside from hitting the books and making sure that he is at the head of the class, Joseph has been honored for his work in philanthropy. This could have come from a financial donation or volunteer work, but either way, it shows that he is committed to higher learning. As far as social activities he seems to be rocking those too. According to the Daily Mail, he is pretty involved on a social level at Pepperdine and is a part of the Alpha Tao Omega fraternity.

As of last July he has been an off the market man, wooing sorority gal Samantha Wix. I think it is fair to say that this kid is taking the bull by the horns and enjoying all that can be offered in his young life. He seems dedicated to paving his own path, not kicking back and riding his father's coattails.

9 Is He Destined For The Big Screen?

Arnold Schwarzenegger is an icon. He was Conan the Barbarian. He was The Terminator. The guy was even a Kindergarten Cop! He is Hollywood royalty, even if the roles haven't exactly been rolling in over the most recent years. Arnie had five children whom we know about and now the brood is completely grown and doing their own thing. We know that Christopher and Joseph, the youngest kiddos, are still doing the whole college thing, but the three elders are already quite successful in their respective careers. So far none of the kids have entered the acting world. Arnold and Maria's third child and the eldest son is involved in modeling, but that is as close as any of the kids have come to lighting up the silver screen. So is there hope for a mini Terminator? It looks like it!

While Joseph is certainly focused on academics and a future in business, he has also shown an interest in acting. Back in 2016, Joseph starred in a video that was created by a friend and showcased Baena recreating the "Bad to the Bone" scene from Terminator 2. When asked if this mini video was a kick start to a full-blown career in acting, Joesph played coy only saying, "We'll see."

Yes, we will Joseph...yes we will.

8 Expensive Gifts From Dad

When your father is a former Mr. Universe, a major Hollywood star, a former politician and one of the most well known human beings on the planet, you can be sure that those titles will ensure you some financial perks. Arnold is worth a whopping four hundred million dollars these days. He could probably purchase the small Austrian village that he was born in with money to spare! Because he is wealthy beyond our wildest dreams he was able to help Joseph out financially and provide him things that the kid otherwise would not have been able to afford, especially on his mother's housekeeping salary.

First and foremost it is rumored that Arnie made sure that Joseph and his mother had a roof over their heads and purchased a four bedroom home for them to live in. Considering the real estate prices in California, this was certainly not cheap. He also gifted his son with a thirty thousand dollar Jeep Wrangler Rubicon back in 2014 as a Christmas gift. On top of homes and cars, he likely foots the bill for Joseph's education. The Arnie look-alike attends Pepperdine University, which is a pricey place to hit the books. According to the Dailymail, the cost of living on campus and attending Pepperdine is roughly $67,000 per year.

7 Like Father, Like Son

Arnold starred in a little movie called Twins back in the day with funny guy Danny Devito. In the film, the pair played the most unlikely set of genetic mutations one has ever laid their eyes upon, but in real life, Arnold has a different kind of twin that looks shockingly like him. Arnie's doppelganger is his own illegitimate child Joseph, from his mistress and former housekeeper Patti (Mildred) Baena.

Oh yeah, Arnold and his secret son resemble each other so much it's almost impossible to believe that no one knew about their shared blood for years. Just. Look. At. Them. These two should have gone on the Jerry Springer Show years ago. I don't think Jerry would have even done his famed DNA test. He probably would have just laughed at the mere thought that someone was questioning their linkage. Arnold has claimed that he didn't start to think that maybe this was his son until Joseph was 8 or so. That is when the kid started to really favor his father apparently.

Other reports claim Arnie knew way back with Baena was a toddler. Either way, Arnold... you ARE the father.

6 Bodybuilding Is Their Thing

Arnold and his child from another mother have quite a bit in common outside of the fact that they look like twins! They both enjoy spending their days getting physically ripped. It's true, both Arnie and his kid are all about the bod. Bodybuilding is obviously in their blood because the father-son duo has been seen hanging at the gym and riding bikes around town. They obviously bond over their love of exercise, but they indulge in other quality experiences together as well it seems, according to Nicki Swift.

In October, 2016, the pair traveled to Munich, Germany to knock a few brews back at Oktoberfest. The famous father and his love child spent time celebrating Joseph's 19th birthday and Arnold couldn't help but gush over how proud of his kid he was. He sung the young man's praises on his Instagram page and from the looks of their time together the two are thick as thieves. These two have certainly come a long way from the days where a young, teenage Joseph discovered that his mom's employer was also his biological father. No doubt the whole situation was crazy, confusing and intense for everyone involved. Somehow this very blended, unconventional family seems to be on the road to healing though.

5 He Loves Sports

Exclusive... 52059485 Arnold Schwarzenegger's illegitimate son Joseph Baena was seen shirtless playing football with a friend on the beach in Malibu, California on May 16, 2016. It was discovered last month that Arnold has been training Joseph in body building and the two have been bonding in the gym. ***NO WEB USE W/O PRIOR AGREEMENT - CALL FOR PRICING*** FameFlynet, Inc - Beverly Hills, CA, USA - +1 (310) 505-9876 RESTRICTIONS APPLY: NO GERMANY,NO FRANCE

It is no secret that Arnold loves keeping his body God-like. The guy rose to fame for his rock hard pecks and ripped abs back when he was crowned Mr. Universe at only 20 years old. He might be an old dude now, but back in his heyday they didn't call Arnold The Austrian Oak for anything. While his love child is following in his footsteps in regards to education, (Joseph is a business major at Pepperdine and Arnold also received his degree in business from The University of Wisconsin,) he is also sharing in Arnold's love for sports.

Pretty much every time we see a picture of Joseph Banea it is when he is engaging in some sort of physical activity. According to People, We have seen him take on the dumbbells at his father's gym and the two have been photographed riding bikes together on more than one occasion. Outside of these father-son physical activities though Joseph has shown a real love for organized sports too. He has been spotted tossing around the football on the beach with pals and reportedly grew up playing baseball. It appears that this apple did not fall far from the Austrian Oak tree in the least!

4 And Has A Girlfriend

It is rumored that young Joseph Baena is a off the market ladies. He appears to have a girlfriend. Well of course he does. I can't imagine this guy being all that single considering his dreamy looks, his sharp as a tack brains, his rumored polite demeanor and his multi millionaire biological father. I think it is safe to say that Joseph Baena is quite the catch and it seems that one lucky young lady has nailed him down fr the time being. Joseph is rumored to be dating a fellow Pepperdine student, Samantha Wix. The two seem to have a whole lot in common outside of both attending the same university. He is a business major and she is listed as an integrated marketing communication major. Maybe they can someday join forces occupationally as well as romantically with him on the business side of things and her working the marketing angle. Joseph is a frat boy and Samantha is the CEO of Pepperdine Theta. While these two are young and a lot of life can happen between now and forever, I won't lie...I wouldn't mind seeing these cute college sweethearts go the distance. They look pretty darn happy together!

3 What About His Step Siblings?

So just how excepted is Joseph Baena by the rest of the Schwarzenegger siblings? Well that is a dicey question. While Joseph has clearly built up a relationship with his famous father, he seems to have a much longer way to go in regards to getting in good with Arnold's four kids. The children were all understandably hurt when the love child scandal heard round the globe broke loose. While they have clearly forgiven their father and believe that family sticks with family, they aren't all that ready to bring their half-sibling into the Schwarzenegger fold. They definitely know the boy fairly well, as Joseph was occasionally around the family home due to his mother's employment, and have seen him since discovering that they are in fact related to the young man, but the four full blood kiddos are not exactly encouraging any deep relationships, according to Blind Gossip. They have made it crystal clear that they do not want Joseph invited to any family functions, holidays or birthday parties and while we totally get where they are coming from, some of these kids are full-fledged adults. Grow up a little and hold the correct people responsible for your pain and suffering. I'm pretty sure Joseph didn't ask for this position.

2 He's In A Fraternity

Honestly, the next coming of The Terminator kinda looks like your stereotypical California frat boy doesn't he? He has lush hair, fab skin and a rocking bod. Joseph clearly is loving life at Pepperdine University and has gotten completely immersed in the college lifestyle by joining a fraternity. According to the Daily Mail, Joseph Baena is a member of the Alpha Tau Omega fraternity at his beloved Pepperdine University and from the looks of it he has found the brotherhood that he has always wanted. While Joseph has two half bros from his father, the boys are anything but close. Beanea also has an older sister from his mother, but again they are pretty far apart in age and didn't grow up all that tight. So for all intensive purposes, Joseph was kind of an only child. That has to be a lonely upbringing. I have four kids and I can't imagine having only one. It would be way to quiet for me. So young Joseph grew up and went to college and found himself some dudes who treat him just like a bro. He looks like he is totally content in who he has surrounded himself with so good for him. The kid deserves to be loved.

1  A Family Forever Changed

Lots of families break apart. Couples divorce, go their separate ways, remarry, don't remarry, relocate, you name it. In this day and age families certainly come in all shapes and sizes don't they? Joseph's family is most definitely not your typical two parent and 2.5 kids household all under one roof kind of gang, but they are a family nonetheless. When parents decide that a marriage simply is not for them they can harbor all sorts of anger and ill will towards their ex. I think we would all agree that allowing the children involved to feel responsible for the pair's demise is the absolute worst possible thing the splitting couple can do. Poor Joseph, his patronage became a public scandal when he was around 11 years old. All of the sudden this normal boy was thrown into the spotlight as an uber-famed love child. As if that wasn't enough to have to deal with, he has to live the rest of his life knowing that it was his existence that likely brought Arnold and Maria to their breaking point. It is no secret that after everyone found out about Joseph, Maria filed for divorce after decades of marriage. While none of this is truly Joseph's responsibility, how can he not feel some guilt for hurting a woman who cared deeply for him? Poor kid.

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