14 Little-Known Secrets About John Travolta's Kids

John Travolta is quite the big deal in the entertainment industry. The actor has been nominated for several awards including an Academy Award, a Golden Globe and has won several awards including his first Primetime Emmy Award, as the producer in the premiere season of the anthology series dubbed American Crime Story.

John Travolta was born on February 18, 1954. He is an American actor, dancer, film producer and also a singer. He has acted in movies like Face/Off, Swordfish and Wild Hogs.

John married Kelly Preston, who is also an actress, in 1991 and they purchased a house in Islesboro, Maine. They had a son named Jett in 1995. They had a daughter, Ella Blue, in 2000 and a third child, a son named Ben who was born in 2010 in Florida. Travolta and Preston have had issues in their marriage and have regularly attended counseling. Travolta has said that therapy has improved and helped their marriage. We wonder if it’s worth saving!

Travolta and Kelly are also devoted members of the Church of Scientology, which has sparked Hollywood’s interest in the family. The actor and his family have been through it all from scandals, rumors, their religion, and the sickness of their son.

However, they have weathered the storm and managed to maintain a very private life from the press. The Travoltas are not often on social media trying to give a glimpse into their private life, but below are 15 facts we gathered about John Travolta’s kids.

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14 John Travolta's Kids Practice Scientology

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It is no secret the Swordfish actor John Travolta and his wife have been practicing Scientology since the 70s. Apparently the duo is one of the most prized church members. Travolta has even tried to convert some of his friends and co-stars, namely John Conaway and Forest Whitaker.

A documentary aired on HBO named “Going Clear: Scientology and the Prison of Belief tried to shed light on the practices of the Church. Travolta defended the church, offering personal opinions and experiences with it.

He further stated in an interview with Tampa Times that his experience with the Church in the last forty years has been so good that he had nothing negative to say about it. It is therefore obvious that his kids worship in the same church and are probably being taught to adopt the same beliefs as their parents.

This would definitely explain Ella Blue’s discreet behavior since she and her brother are being brought up in the footsteps of their parents.

13 Kelly Preston Tied Her Son's Autism To Chemicals

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A sad and devastated Kelly Preston spoke out about her son’s death. According to Radar Online, Kelly admitted that her son suffered from autism and attributed it to a series of factors including chemicals. She said that Jett suffered from seizures when he was young and on the Nov. 21 episode of The Doctors she reported that he had Kawasaki Syndrome.

Kelly also added that as a mother she believed that there are several contributing factors that can lead to Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), which includes chemicals in both food and the environment.

She held a list of things responsible for her son’s autism particularly Kawasaki Syndrome that affects young kids between the age of 2 and 5.

Another factor was using antibiotics while breastfeeding Jett, which gave him thrush, an infection of Candida yeast. Thrush has been linked to the symptoms of ASD. This leaves us wondering why the family kept this story hidden for so long to only reveal it later. How many more skeletons is the family keeping in their closet?

12 John Wanted To Name His Daughter 'Qantas'

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As if he’s not a good enough actor, the guy can also fly. We are not really jealous! Grease star John Travolta is a highly qualified pilot who owns a fleet of aircraft. You heard that right! He owns a Boeing 707, decked out like one of the Australian-based Qantas Airline’s planes, since he is their brand ambassador and has flown for the airline. Travolta took his job a little too far however when he almost named his daughter after the airline.

Qantas Travolta? Doesn’t really sound like a girl. It is reported that the name was a possibility when his daughter was born. According to the Kiwi Report, Travolta had the idea that his daughter should be named after the airline. Kelly, however, wasn’t enthused. She was against her daughter being named after an airline and so they eventually agreed on Ella Bleu. Thank God!

11 Was John In Denial About Jett?

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Jett had a history of seizures and should not have been left alone, especially in a bathroom. He was a child with unsolved and ignored special needs, and to make matters worse, his parents didn’t want to admit to their son being autistic.

Jett was already showing symptoms of having autism at the age of two, but the family insisted that Jett had Kawasaki disease.

John has been a member of the Church of Scientology for a long time. The church believes that autism is not an acceptable condition. They say that it is brought upon the person by themselves, deeming the person as unworthy and degraded. The church believes that they can cure themselves through the persistent application of the church’s teachings and does not allow use of medication for any seizures. Travolta was therefore quick to label their son with having Kawasaki syndrome.

The health problems of the tragic teen Jett Travolta, would have been treated properly if his parents had rejected the Scientology’s theories on medicine. The irony in this is that Travolta’s brother Joey has committed his life to helping people living with disabilities as well as autism.

10 Benjamin Was Born Right After The Tragedy

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Kelly Preston and John coincidentally had a baby in order to help them overcome the grief of losing Jett. The Hollywood couple made the announcement a few months after their son’s passing about the pregnancy, excitedly stating that they couldn’t keep the wonderful news a secret. Kelly, who has made appearances in a number of films including Jerry Maguire, made the announcement while three months pregnant.

She was 47 then and normally women who are in their late 40s require some medical help to conceive. The couple did not comment on speculations about using in vitro fertilization (IVF). The couple lost their son in 2009 and to add to their pain, the ambulance driver who drove Jett to hospital tried to blackmail Travolta. He threatened to release evidence relating to Jett.

Benjamin Travolta was born in November 2010 and he gave the family strength to move on after his brother’s death.

9 And He's The Glue That Keeps The Family Together

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While at London’s Theater Royal, John Travolta revealed in an onstage interview that what happened with Jett was the worst thing that has ever happened in his life. He said that he did not know if he would make it. He also added that life had become unexciting to him and it took a lot for him to start feeling better.

John Travolta confessed that his true joy comes from his family, despite him being a mega-successful actor.

According to Closer Weekly, John boldly opened up in an interview about Jett and disclosed that his last born son, Benjamin, aided in keeping his family together.

Travolta told Good Morning America that having Benjamin had been a beautiful kind of glue for the family to rebound after an astounding loss. Although John credited his little son for helping his family deal with the loss, he also claimed that Scientology greatly aided him in those hard times.

8 Ella Wants To Be A Hollywood Actress

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John Travolta is already a big name in the Hollywood acting scene and he also wants the same for his teenage daughter Ella Blue. John Travolta gushed about his gifted daughter in a sweet way and revealed how good she is at acting.

In an interview with Hollywood Life, he described her as fabulous and said that since she is a good performer he would want nothing more than for his daughter to pursue acting. Performing is the Travolta family tradition since his mum, brother and sister have all been performers and Preston and John recognized Ella’s talent at about 1-and-a-half.

Ella has a few films under her belt, including, as mentioned above, The Experts, Battlefield Earth, and Old Dogs alongside her parents and could be on her way to becoming a star. Most stars are not keen on their kids following their career footsteps, but John Travolta is not one of them. With a big name like Travolta she could easily become a big star like the dad.

7 She Even Acted Alongside Mom And Dad

Actor John Travolta and wife Kelly Preston pose with their daughter Ella Bleu Travolta at the premiere of their new film "Old Dogs" in Hollywood, California, November 9, 2009. All three star in the film with Robin Williams. REUTERS/Fred Prouser (UNITED STATES ENTERTAINMENT) - RTXQK0D

When Kelly Preston was filming a thriller movie, Death Sentence, her daughter insisted that she would love to be in the mom’s movie. Kelly had to put a motherly foot down, considering the type of movie this was. However, when Old Dogs, a Disney family comedy came along, Ella who was then 7-years, old got her shining moment.

Ella got to work with her dad, mom, and Robin Williams in her first movie.

According to People, Kelly said that the experience of them all working together was great. They enjoyed working and laughing as a family, calling it the perfect summer.

Preston further added that as a family, they will support Ella’s artistic ambitions as she becomes older. However, she insisted that they would keep an eye on the thriving star due to the many pitfalls Hollywood is infamous for.

John Travolta needed not look far and opted that his daughter Ella play ‘Emily” in the Old Dogs. However, in the movie, Ella and dad weren’t related, and she played Robin William’s character’s daughter. The family has been in three films together, including Battlefield Earth, Old Dogs, and The Experts.

6 Remember When Ben Got Stage Fright?

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Benjamin, John Travolta’s son made his first appearance on The Late Show with David Letterman, and we can safely say that the boy was a tiny bit camera shy. The actor, who was then promoting The Forger, told David Letterman that his last born is aware of how famous his dad is and even told his that he would love to work with him someday. John took Ben to Toys 'R Us and people wanted to take selfies with him, so he wondered why. Ben further joked and told his dad that they had probably seen him in Travolta’s movies.

In an effort to introduce Benjamin to acting, John requested that Ben was brought from backstage.

Kelly brought him to the stage, but just as he was about to walk into the lights, he got so anxious he darted off.

Little Ben would have none of it despite his parents trying to bring him back on stage; he instead chose his mom’s arms for comfort.

5 The Travolta Kids Maintain A Private Life

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Teens are an unruly bunch and most parents find it hard to control their teens and throw in the towel. So imagine how celebrity kids behave, they are may definitely be twice as bad.

Ella however, is different. There’s just something in the way she carries and presents herself. While in public, she always looks so composed. She acts like an adult and we are surprised that there are no tabloids spilling gossip about her. Why? Cause there is none. Her Instagram account is not what you would expect and you won’t hear stories about what the girl did last night.

Either she is really a good girl or she’s managed to hide her life from the public, which is something the Travolta’s have managed to do since they joined the Church of Scientology.

4 The Mystery Surrounding Jett

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The couple’s 16-year old son, Jett Travolta, passed while the family was on a vacation in the Bahamas. According to CBS News, Michael Ossi, the family’s lawyer, stated that Jett Travolta had suffered a seizure at the Travolta vacation home, which is located at the Old Bahama Bay Hotel. This was issued through a statement by Travolta’s rep.

A caretaker found Jettin around 10 a.m. According to Ossi, Jett had been experiencing seizures in the past.

Kelly said the Jett also suffered from asthma. She blamed pesticides, fertilizers and household cleaners for provoking the condition and has asked that chemical products have more detailed labeling. She also revealed that the Church of Scientology assisted in providing a detoxification program to boost Jett’s health.

3 John And His Kids Are Identical

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Travolta and his kids are like peas in a pod. They look so much alike that if you met them for the first time you would clearly see they are related. When Ella Blue accompanied John to London it was clear that she inherited her dad’s looks.

At the Hollywood Palladium, Kelly Preston told reporters that Travolta sung to Benjamin all the time. This was at the time when Ben had just been born. She also added that Benjamin took after his dad in the looks department. She said that they were identical.

John told PEOPLE that Ben looks like him. He went on to say how Ben has been great. As the kids are growing older it is more obvious that they look like their dad. Kelly is obviously not represented in the looks department, but maybe the kids have inherited her mannerisms.

2 John And Ella Love Spending Time Together

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Ella and John have been seen together on multiple occasions, proving that they definitely enjoy their time together. Ella Travolta and her dad were once seen shopping at Barneys New York on a Wednesday in Beverly Hills. John was showing a bit of his grey hair underneath a baseball cap. He also wore blue jeans and a motorbike jacket.

Ella also accompanied her dad to the Killing Season premier as his date and they attended the after party together. Most teenagers would not dare be seen in public with their folks, but Ella’s dad being Travolta it’s easy to see why she would.

Once when John was in London, he was seen with his daughter who had accompanied him for the trip. It is obvious that dad and daughter have a great connection and enjoy spending a lot of time together. Definitely daddy daughter goals!

1 A Foundation Was Named After Jett

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The Travolta family announced their decision to create the Jett Travolta Foundation, in memory of their son. The foundation was put in place to endeavor using its resources mainly to help and provide relief to kids with hearing, communication, mobility, behavior learning deformity, vision, or any other health, medical, environmental or educational requirements.

The Foundation can further use the resources to ensure the public is educated on the need for clean environs and providing assistance and relief to kids who are victims of either man-made or natural calamities, as well as financing kid’s educational programs.

The foundation has since donated to worthy causes and since its inception, the nonprofit foundation has donated approximately over $55,000. The foundation has donated to a Scientology charity, a children’s foundation, and to the Marion County Sheriff’s Department. Despite their son suffering from autism, no donation has been made to any organization fighting either Kawasaki disease or autism.

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