13The Loose Burrito

While wrapping a newborn into too tight of a burrito can be dangerous, you also don’t want to wrap that baby burrito too loosely. The goal of swaddling it to recreate an environment that replicates the feeling of being inside mom’s womb (as you can guess, it’s pretty nice and

cozy in there). If the swaddle is too loose, you aren’t really going to recreate that safe, secure, comfy-cozy feeling your newborn was so used to feeling in the womb. In other words, if the baby is wrapped too loosely, the swaddle really isn’t going to achieve its goal.

More importantly, if the baby is swaddled too loosely, the blanket you’re using can become a serious hazard. Though newborns don’t really move with purpose, they certainly can move. They thrash their little hands and kick their little feet, and if the blanket that’s being used for swaddling isn’t secure, your baby can easily push it over her face, which can lead to suffocation.

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