14 Family Holiday Traditions

Tis the season for annoyingness. The holidays can bring out the best- or worst- in people. You do not have to call yourself Scrooge to want to gag at some of the family holiday traditions that people partake in these days. We can all enjoy the beauty that this time of the year brings, but there always seems to be that person who takes it to the next level, driving us bananas.

There are a select group of holiday lovers who take the season a bit too far. The rest of us are left shaking our heads as to their craziness. They take an idea and then run with it, but they run very, very far, yet, not far enough for us to all have to deal with it or see it!

No matter which holiday you celebrate- from Christmas to Hanukkah to Kwanza and anything else, the holidays all have a true meaning. Yet, for some reason, there are people out there who are essentially ruining their kids by the crazy traditions they are participating in. What do you think? Is there a holiday tradition that really pushes your buttons? Read on for some family holiday traditions that are totally making us gag right now!

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14 Buying Your Kids Everything On Their Wish Lists

Welcome to the world of spoiled brats. These days, kids want everything and anything that they see on television commercials, in the toy catalog, or at a friend’s house. Kids must have all these fancy toys that are really only a fad, with marketing tactics to take the money of parents everywhere!

See, the problem is this- too many parents out there are actually buying their kids each and everything they want. A wish list is not just a wish for these spoiled rotten children, but a NEED list. It makes us gag to think parents are out there ordering the entire wish list, just to make their kids happy. And if one parent finds out another kid is getting the toy, that makes them want to get it for their kid even more. What ever happened to not getting everything that you wanted?!

13 Going Overboard With Elf On The Shelf

Good grief. Charlie Brown could not have said it better. What is with the craziness of Elf On The Shelf? For all things good in this world, do parents not realize the title of this character- he is supposed to be ON A SHELF!!!

But nope, parents have to make it hard on themselves, don’t they? This is just another trend that has taken off in an insane manner. Exhausted parents are putting themselves through the ringer as they come up with new and exciting ways for their little ones to discover the infamous Elf when they wake up. And some of these tired moms and dads come up with some creative, yet crazy, positions for this devilish elf. An entire month of this nonsense? Yuck. Count us out!

12 Making The Entire Family Wear Matching Pyjamas

Come on now, matching Christmas pajamas?! The idea might be totally cute on kids, but for the entire family? Nah, that is just too much. We are all for getting into the holiday spirit, but buying new holiday pjs every year, and forcing mommy and daddy (and maybe even grandma and grandpa, too!) into these cheesy outfits just to, well, sleep, is overdoing it.

Sure, it makes for adorable photos on Christmas morning. But let’s be real, no one wants to see a grown man in a Rudolph footie pyjama outfit. Seriously, we don’t! Leave these one just for the kids, until they start to protest, then that means they are too old for it! Do not make the rest of us gag by posting your matching pyjama family on social media. No one needs to see any of that!

11 Placing Too Much Emphasis On One Day

Let’s face it, people can go very overboard with the holiday season, but we know that Christmas is just one day. What many adults do not realize, is that they are potentially ruining their kids by placing so much emphasis on just the one day. It is just a day, after all (okay, a bit important, but still, just another day!).

The thing is, kids can get overly excited awaiting Christmas morning. While this can be fun, as they wake up at the crack of dawn to see what Santa had to bring, it can be somewhat emotionally stirring for certain children. All this build up to one day, and then just like that, it’s over. Some kids even cry on Christmas because of the immense letdown after weeks of hysteria!

10 Making Hysterically Crying Kids Sit On Santa’s Lap

We totally understand how parents would like a picture of their baby or kid on Santa’s lap. It becomes a tradition, and that is fine, but when it comes to forcing kids to sit on a stranger’s lap, yeah, that little tradition now has us gagging.

We all have seen the pictures of screaming and crying children essentially being tortured by having to sit on Santa’s lap. These poor kids do not understand what is going on, or they just simply do not wish to participate in this little activity. We feel for these kids. Please do not force your kid to do this. Stand behind Santa with them, or come up with another plan. Why make your kid so miserable just for a photo (that won’t be any good, anyway!).

9 Decorating The House Like You Are A Griswold

The movie National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation is a must-watch family movie for many people. Needless to say, it is basically a Christmas classic. Except it is fictional. However, some people have family traditions that are remarkably similar to the family in the movie, the Griswolds, and honestly, it makes us gag!

Everyone, especially the kids, love to see houses decorated for the holidays, complete with lights and snowmen and Santa, and anything else that is cheerful. But some people go crazy overboard. You do not need to do that! It is not necessary. Who are you trying to impress anyways?! Sure, some lights are nice, but when you do too much, how much family time are you really getting? Plus… all that electricity… yikes, we don’t want to see that bill.

8 Decking Out The Car Like A Reindeer

This is a prime example of grown ups acting like little kids. We are all for decorating and being in the holiday spirit, but do you really need to deck out your car for the holidays, too?! Some people do this, and yes, you can buy Christmas decorations for your vehicle!

From our favorite reindeer, Rudolph, to Santa, and who knows what else, we have all seen the cars that are decorated for the holidays. It is like the cars are the reindeer. Talk about a personality disorder. You do not need to put reindeer antlers on your windows and a red nose on your front grill. You have a car. Not a reindeer. Seeing these just makes us want to pull it all right off!

7 Taking Joy In Ugly Christmas Sweaters

Who is the person who invented the very first ugly Christmas sweater? We just cannot jump on this bandwagon. It seems way too cheesy, and honestly, makes us want to gag. Perhaps it started out as a funny idea, but now, as with lots of things during the holidays, people take it way too far.

Some ugly Christmas sweaters we might be able to get on board with, as maybe some are not that bad. What drives us, and many others, totally crazy, is the people who take immense joy in this ugly Christmas sweater fiasco. They have parties, make others (perhaps unwillingly) buy ugly sweaters just so they are not the odd person out, and just enjoy it way too much. With all going on during this season, this is the last thing we want to participate in!

6 Insisting On Making A Gingerbread House From Scratch

The holiday time is busy, busy, busy. So needless to say, nothing annoys us more than those fabulous moms and dads who actually make gingerbread houses from scratch. No, they do not buy the kit at the store. They actually make the gingerbread. Their houses are amazing. We love them. We hate them. They make us want to gag!

Seriously, who has time to make gingerbread and construct your own house from scratch? Why do that to yourself, when it is so easy to buy the gingerbread house making kit. That is still a fun family tradition! We cannot possibly keep up with those who do it all from scratch. It is totally an insane thought! And let’s be honest, we wish we could do what they do, but ugh, it is just impossible, are we right or what?!

5 Walk Past The Toy Collection Bin 

This may be the biggest family holiday tradition, or rather lack thereof, that truly makes us gag. That is buying and buying and buying for yourself and your kids and family, but never, ever donating anything.

It is not even about donating a toy to kids in need. Although, that would be nice, and there’s usually plenty of bins for that type of thing. It is about waking past the collection bin with the person ringing the bell telling you happy holidays. And your failure to not give up those two pennies and one nickel in your pocket. The holidays may be a joy for you, but for some people, it is depressing, sad, and their kids will wake up with nothing on Christmas morning. Ready to drop your spare change in the collection bucket now?

4 Buy Multiple Fad Toys To Resell On Ebay

This is another winner. Believe it or not, there are parents out there who know which toys are all the rage. And what do they do? They buy multiple of the same toy, some for their kids, and the others, well, they will list those on Ebay, at an exorbitant amount.

There always seems to be a toy or two every year that is difficult to find (we all remember the Tickle Me Elmo frenzy!). The simple that some mothers and fathers buy these toys from other deserving parents and kids, and then jack up the prices to be double, triple, or more than the original price makes us sick. Meanwhile, their own kids get what they want on Christmas morning. All we have to say to these people- karma will get them, we hope.

3 The Perfect Christmas Card Photo

Oh the craziness of the ideal Christmas card! Why do families put themselves through this every, single year during the holidays? Are they not aware that 99% of the cards they send will end up in the garbage can?

It makes us gag to see how families strive to get the perfect photo for their Christmas card at any cost. They will shiver outside, drive to great lengths, and pay crazy fees, just for that one photo. It is too much, and the photos sometimes look, well, kind of fake. We like the homegrown cards. The photos taken by mom or dad themselves, or by another family member. Keep the cards coming, because they are nice to see, but do not lose your mind (or everything in your savings account) just to get that ideal family Christmas photo.

2 Keeping The Myth Of Santa Claus Alive

Listen up crazy parents, we are all for keeping the magic of Christmas alive, but when does it become too much? One thing that drives us up the wall is when parents strive to keep their children believing in the myth of Santa Claus at any price. We get it, once your baby stops believing, they are not a baby anymore! But sometimes, you need to do what is right.

If your kid suspects Santa is not real, why not come clean then? If they have all the evidence, and come to you that he is fake, why not turn that into a lesson and talk up the magic that Christmas is for little kids? Why try to keep it going, when deep down, these children have figured out the truth? That might just screw all those kids up!

1 The Expectation To Always Be Merry And Bright

Have you heard? You can’t be depressed at Christmastime! There is so much emphasis on the holiday season, and it usually starts right after Thanksgiving or on December 1st (or god forbid, right after Halloween!). There is a feel to the air, and everyone is supposed to be merry and bright!

Well, wouldn’t that be nice. This insane expectation that you need to be joyful and happy during the holiday season really gets to us. It makes us gag to see the people prancing around as if they are on happy drugs. No one is that happy. We need to be real. Honestly, the holidays can suck, between crowds, too many tasks, and whining kids. It can be a wonderfully magical time, too, but we don’t have to feel that way every second during the season, and that is okay!

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