14 Funny Stories Where Dad Delivered The Baby

There’s a 7/11 clerk in Santa Clarita, CA who may never forget my face. I had flown through the doors with a vibrant skip and bounced towards the Pedialyte like a bat outta hell. I began to pile a mountain of pseudo-healthy snacks on the counter, and before the sleepy woman could make sense of my jarring banter, she had put on her best jaded smile while I cleaned out her Kombuchas.

The smile slowly faded, however, as the clerk realized I was gabbing about my laboring wife outside in the car. In retrospect, it was clear the bamboozled woman was focused more on getting me out the door, as she quickly bagged our rations while staring at me blankly.

To further cement my goofball status, I hopped right back into the driver’s seat to laugh and share about the scared cashier before even finding my keys. I was probably moments away from dropping the bags in her lap, before finally switching back into Dad Mode.

I found my keys, cracked the Pedialyte, tossed the bags in the back, kissed the misses, revved the engine, and drove the speed limit to our final destination.

As it turns out, the food was irrelevant. As soon as we hit the SCV Birth Center, my wife was in the tub. Not long after, I was catching our beautiful son. As for the bag of snacks, I plowed through them like a champ.

In honor of my excitement to help with treats and not contractions, I’d like to share 14 other funny stories of when dad delivered baby:

14 Dad, The Accidental Photographer Turned OBG

Seasoned photographer Martin Boyce was more than surprised when his wife woke in a panic to say their baby was coming. And a short 40 minutes later, Martin had delivered baby Isabelle in the living room - and even managed to capture the whole thing on film.

Martin, 35, from Leicester, said: 'Holly woke me up at about 3.30am on Sunday morning - she quite calmly said, 'I think it's started'. 'But we thought we had ages and ages to wait. 'I'd got all my camera stuff ready to take to the hospital, but as I came down the stairs Holly was starting to call out in pain and panic - it was coming on much quicker than we'd imagined.

'Holly set up in the middle of the living room floor, and the penny started to drop that the baby was coming now. 'I looked down the business end and saw the baby crowning, and I realized I'd have to step up and deliver her - I'd thought my role would just be hand-holding. 'But something changed in my brain, and instinct just takes over.

'With one massive push she cascaded out into my hand. 'It was only after everything was over that I remembered I'd set up the camera, and thankfully I'd managed to catch the whole thing on film.'

13 He Made A Good Save

The beauty about labor, is that it's always a surprise. As Mandy found out, her third child would surprise her by coming not only right around her due date, but quickly too!

"As I neared the end of my third pregnancy, I was a little nervous. My first two kids had both come within minutes of the doctor breaking my water, so I thought this might be another quick one. On February 20, at just about 40 weeks, I started to feel labor pains."

"They started out slowly — 15 to 20 minutes apart — and, after two hours, when they were 12 minutes apart, we decided to be safe and get ready to go. I was still in light labor, so I started to suggest that my husband and I take a quick walk to get things moving before we headed to the hospital, but was interrupted by an incredibly strong and intense contraction."

"A couple minutes later, another contraction. As that one ended, my water broke. I asked my husband to call an ambulance, as I couldn’t imagine sitting down through a contraction as strong as the last two. I knew they’d be here quickly, since we live two blocks from the fire station. As he was trying desperately to call 911 from his iPhone, I started to have another contraction."

"This one felt different. In a voice much calmer than I was actually feeling, I gave my husband the news. ‘Honey, I either need to go to the bathroom or we are having a baby.’ A quick check made clear our baby was crowning. I frantically searched the room for a comfortable place to lie down that wouldn’t be ruined by delivery, but, finding none, I decided squatting was a perfect position."

"My husband rushed over, put out his hands and caught our son as he twisted his way into the world, about 10 minutes after that first heavy contraction. Once he determined that both baby and I were fine, my husband called 911 and we heard the ambulance start up and head our way."

"We’d already planned for a delayed cord clamping, so he didn’t need to worry about sterilizing scissors or anything like that – he was free to put the 911 dispatcher on speaker and snap some pictures of me, sitting on our living room floor, cradling our newborn baby. Not quite what we had envisioned, but something we will never forget!”

12 He Delivered His Baby On The Bathroom Floor

You would be surprised how often the urgency to go to the bathroom is actually a pregnant mom's body telling her that the baby is ready. If you think we're blowing this out of proportion, have a look int he news, or on Google and you'll see that we're not lying. Here's one story that looks at this. Amanda and her husband were spending a lazy afternoon at home when Amanda felt the need to go.

“As we were getting ready to leave for the hospital, I thought I was going to poop the turd of the century. I ran to the bathroom. My boyfriend was screaming at the top of his lungs, ‘What are you doing?! We really have to go!’ But I had to yell back, ‘I’m sorry! I can’t stop it! I think I have to poop but this just doesn’t feel right!’ My eyes opened wide and I yelled, ‘THIS BABY IS COMING NOW!’"

"My poor boyfriend delivered our baby boy on our bathroom floor at 4:50 a.m. So, to my precious, perfect babe, yes. I really thought you were a giant, monstrous poop, not a 7 pound, 14 ounce squishy ball of cute.”

11 His Neo Like Reflexes

Brittaney Gillmore had faith in her paramedic husband to catch their little one, but she also felt the need to go on Facebook and share about how a career saving lives can also save your shirt.“My husband was in the front and center of the action when giving birth, and on my second push, my water broke violently in a huge, forceful gush.

Being a paramedic, my husband is really, really, really good at dodging bodily fluids. Immediately after my water broke, I saw him pop up and say, ‘What the hell was that!?’ from the opposite side of the bed from where he had just been standing. Not a single drop on him; I will never understand how he moved that fast.”

10 His Famous Live Twitter Tale

Marco Rogers and Aniyia Williams welcomed their daughter, Noemi Rose, into the world on January 2. Five days later, Rogers took to his Twitter account with the harrowing tale of how he helped his wife labor at home and eventually delivered his daughter in their bed.

"It's funny that some people think we were live-tweeting it," said Williams. "Marco would not be alive to tell the story if that were the case.” Williams says she and Rogers thought telling their birth story via Twitter would be a funny way to give friends and family the details on Noemi's birth, since they kept the specifics quiet for a few days until they had time to rest.

"It wasn't until we were in the hospital after the birth that we looked at each other and said, 'Wow, that just happened,'" Williams told TODAY Parents. "It was so crazy that we didn't want to tell our friends when we notified them that Noemi was born because they would have flipped if we casually mentioned, 'Oh, she was born at home.’"

Williams says she was not planning a home birth, but that — as Rogers explains in his tweets — her labor suddenly began moving very quickly, something she believes may be a result of her study of hynpo-birthing. "I actually wanted to leave for the hospital once the contractions got strong and pretty intense...but when we called the hospital they told us we should keep laboring at home because they weren't close enough together," said Williams.

"That was what made me get into the tub — hoping I could manage the pain that way — but Noemi and my body had other plans.” Those other plans included Williams sending her husband to find their copy of "What to Expect When You're Expecting," as she had read a chapter prior to going into labor about emergency home births.

When Rogers returned with the book, however, baby Noemi was already on her way and had to be delivered by her dad. Rogers tweeted that later, they used the book as a surface on which to cut the umbilical cord.

9 He Chose The Wrong Parking Lot

One young mom-to-be from North Texas was so desperate to give birth, she yelled for her husband to stop the car. Because it was the middle of the night, the only available option was a nearby parking lot. Unfortunately, the woman’s husband was so frazzled, he missed the fact that they had pulled into the parking lot of local strip club.

As soon as the situation became clear to passing patrons, the club’s considerate Bouncers helped shepherd the general public away from the spectacle, leaving frazzled dad to catch baby in the front seat. Their impatient little one was born healthy and rushed to the hospital soon after. Hopefully for dad, that’s the last time he has to see his baby girl at a strip club.

8 He Took Out Two Birds With One Stone

Think you’ve had a long day? How about becoming a mom and a wife at the exact same time? Or starting your vows and stopping to catch your baby? Or having an anniversary on the same day as Junior’s birthday? Believe it or not, this actually happened to an Indian couple who went into labor during their wedding ceremony.

Not only did the entire wedding cease while its guest gathered to marvel, but the surrounding family members guided dad while he waited to catch their little one. Once the birth was over, the vows were completed and the ceremony finished, with the groom holding their newborn proudly in his arms. Good luck topping that at your own Indian wedding.

7 He Snapped Into Action

Sometimes, there's just no time to get the water in the birthing tub ready in time for the baby's arrival. As was the case with Jenny and her husband Kevin.

“I opted for a home birth and hired a birthing pool, but sadly never got round to using it. I woke in the middle of the night with a small leak, one week over due, which turned out to be my waters breaking. “I woke my husband who immediately started filling up the birthing pool while I called the hospital, who said the midwives would take around an hour to get to my house.

“Within moments I had a really strong contraction and suddenly I knew my baby’s head was already out. I was desperate to get into the pool but it wasn’t full and my husband was having problems with the valves. “He was in complete disbelief and just said: ‘The heads not out’ while staring at the front door thinking this would make the midwives appear!

“Thankfully he snapped into action because with the next contraction he literally had to catch our baby. Such an amazing experience but personally I felt it was a shame for happening so fast.”

6 They Accidentally Locked Their Midwife Out

If mom's labor progresses to quickly, there may not be time for the midwife or doula to arrive. In this story, that's exactly what happened to Jessy and her husband Dan.

When I say I caught my baby, I really have to concede that it was a team effort. Of course my beautiful wife and our beautiful son played a huge part; but without the help of our Doulas, I could have easily juggled Maverick like a circus clown in the midst of all my excitement.

But some couples just seem to have it down - still don’t believe me - check out what Suzanne Su’a from Croydon, England shared on Facebook: “I had a home birth with my husband delivering the baby, meanwhile our midwife was buzzing urgently to come in to help. We were far too busy to let her in. “She came in eventually and did a marvelous job cleaning the floor.”

5 He Was At The Wrong Place And Wrong Time With The Wrong Species

This entry may not fit our guidelines completely, but the title never specified exactly what kind of baby. In rural Kansas, a young mother-to-be had her 21st birthday celebrations cut short by an early and powerful labor. With no time for a trip to the hospital, the family farmhouse became a makeshift maternity ward.

The father, oblivious to what was happening, had left the party himself to help another family member in labor. He soon came home to find he now had a 7-pound and 2oz son, as well as a 60-pound bull calf. Dad may not have caught the right baby - or the right species - but at least we know he’s well prepared for the next one.

4 He Wanted to Know If The Baby Pooped

In the heat of the moment a dad's priorities can become muddled if he's had a rude awakening or he's been spurred into action by the cries of his wife.

“Our first son Jude wasn’t due for two weeks so we weren’t expecting him, I woke up to the bed soaked (thinking that I’d possibly had a little accident) only to realize my waters had broken. Giving my husband the most forceful slap round the face (poor thing it left a mark) shouting: ‘Ahh my waters have gone!’

He immediately leapt out of bed and grabbed the washing up bowl and said: ‘Stand over this we need to check the color of the water!’ to see if the baby pooped. “Our NCT leader had drummed this bit of info into him! Needless to say by then all the ‘water’ was in our mattress! Jude was born safely eight hours later.”

3 He Needed To Get Over Here, Now!

One family planned to have dad catch their first little one, but he was on the other side of the room when the baby started to emerge. In an act of last minute desperation, mom had to yell at him to, "Go catch the baby!” explained Jaydene Freund, birth photographer at Cradled Creations.

"He ran over just in time as the head was already out. It all happened so quickly and moments later the baby's body slid out and he was holding his son in the air with both hands. He was overcome with emotion.”

Jaydene said from her experience, this birth “topped the emotions scale. Dad was able to hold his son, Theodore, as he was delivered. It was a very intense labour and transition for mum, so when dad finally had baby in his arms, there was an eruption of relief for everyone in the room.”

2 He Delivered His Baby On The Garden State Parkway

A young couple in New Jersey was on their way to the hospital, when mom-to-be, Alshesirca started having contractions on the Garden State Parkway. With a packed row of cars staring him in the face, father-to-be Nelson pulled over to the shoulder as soon as possible. As soon as the couple realized they wouldn’t make it to the hospital, Nelson’s first thought was to call the police.

With their cell phone on speaker - and the seats reclined - Nelson delivered their beautiful new baby on the side of the road with a 911 operator guiding him. The ambulance arrived soon after and rushed the family to the hospital. Both baby and Alshesirca were happy and healthy, and mom had this to say about her experience: ”I was just glad we were driving our truck and not our Civic.”

1 He Made The Ultimate Save

Kirsty and Ian are local heroes after the dramatic labor and delivery of their son was caught on tape. On the popular UK show, One Born Every Minute, it featured the doting dad pulling off an impressive feat: he catches his newborn baby boy when his wife spontaneously delivers.

According to an August 8 report by Red Book Magazine, a very pregnant Kirsty was a patient in the delivery ward of a hospital after she had labor and contractions. At one point in the video, the mom-to-be uses the ladies room with the help of a midwife and her hubby. As she made her way back to the bed, she felt an enormous push sensation from her baby.

She panicked and yelled out to the pair in the room. Then, the unthinkable happened: her water broke before she could get back into the bed. The next moments were a blur as her hero husband pulled an amazing feat and saved the day. Without warning, Kirsty gave birth to her son, whose body simply popped out of her womb.

Luckily, before the baby fell on the floor, Ian showed off his sharp reflexes. The new dad caught the baby with one hand before a beautiful moment could turn tragic. This entire ordeal — from the bathroom to the baby saying “hello” — took less than two minutes, if that long.

It’s nearly as exciting as another dad who catches a home run ball with one hand, while holding his baby in another, according to a previous Inquisitr report. According to the show’s official Twitter page, the lucky baby was named Ryan by his amazing mom and pop.

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