14 Genius Ways To Pick The Perfect Baby Name

Parents-to-be have a lot of decisions to make, and of all of those decisions, perhaps the toughest is choosing a name for baby. A name defines a person. It’s the first thing that others learn about a child and it will be a part of him for the rest of his life. Parents want their baby’s name to be something that they love the sound of and that they won’t regret, and they want it to be something that their little one will be proud to be called.

At first, it might seem like choosing a name for baby is simple; however, once soon-to-be parents actually start the process, they usually find that it is pretty overwhelming. There are so many options to choose from, and pretty much everyone they know is going to have a suggestions. But, while finding a name can be daunting, it can also be a lot of fun.

A lot of couples read through baby name books, think of the names of people they know, or try to come up with something unique. There are almost as many ways to pick a name for a baby as there are names themselves!

Here’s a look at some genius ways to pick a name for baby.

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14 Combine Two Names

Love the idea of naming your baby after someone but aren’t keen on a junior? How about combining names to come up with a fresh name that will be baby’s own?

For example, if the baby’s maternal grandmother is named Anna and her paternal grandfather’s name is John, you could combine the two names together to make Johanna. Or, perhaps an aunt’s name is Dana and an uncle’s name is Shawn. Combine the two names together to create Dashawn, a quirky name for a little boy.

There really are limitless name possibilities that can be created using the combination method. Put your thinking caps up and try to come up with something that is really unique.

13 Let The Stars Be A Guide

Parents who are trying to find a unique name for their baby might want to think about looking up, to the heavens, that is.

There are tons of astronomy-inspired names that would be totally different, beautiful and strong for a baby. A lot of these names are based on Greek mythology, which gives them a certain air of mystery and wonder.

What types of names could be inspired by astronomy? A lot! – But here are just a few options to consider…

For girls, Andromeda, Aurora, Luna, Cassiopeia and Halley are just a handful of astronomy-inspired baby names. Nova, Aries, Atlas, Draco, Leo and Orion are some strong names that any boy would be happy to call his own.

12 Take A Trip To The... Cemetery?

I know that this may sound a little dark, creepy and unusual, but maybe consider heading to a cemetery to find a name for baby. The headstones of older cemeteries, in particular, could reveal some pretty unique names. These names may not be completely unusual, but they may be names that haven’t been used in a long time and aren’t at the top of any of today’s baby name lists.

I know it might sound a little twisted, but the names on headstones could really help parents who are struggling to choose a name for their little one find a moniker that they would love to bestow on their child; plus, the process of looking would be interesting, to say the least.

11 The Magical World Of Disney

Disney World is the “happiest place on earth,” and it’s also so kid-friendly. So, why not look to Disney for a baby name?

There are some pretty awesome Disney character names that could be used for both boys and girls. Jasmine, Belle, Elsa, Ariel, Babette and Daisy are just some of the Disney-inspired names that could be used for a girl. For boys, Arthur, Apollo, Aladdin, Jaques, Jake, Jasper and Iago are a few names that are inspired by Disney characters.

If parents really want to make their little one’s name meaningful, they could pick a name that comes from their favorite Disney movie; a movie that mom or dad loved watching as a kid, or one that they love watching together as adults.

10 Think of Beloved Locations


It’s becoming a trend to name babies after physical locations. Brooklynn, for example, has become a super popular name for little girls. If mom and dad don’t want to choose a common name for their baby, however, there are some other pretty spectacular locations that would make a beautiful name. For example, Essex is a lovely location in England and would make a super cute name for a baby boy, and Adelaide is a beautiful spot in Australia that would also be a beautiful name for a little girl.

Parents can pull out a map and look at different locations; or, they could think of places that they have been together. For example, their honeymoon destination might be the perfect name for their baby.

9 Or A Specific Landmark

There are tons of awesome landmarks that could double as the perfect name for a baby.

Perhaps mom and dad’s favorite restaurant or the place where they first met or had their first date would be a wonderful name for their baby. Maybe the name of the street where they had their first apartment could work as their little one’s name. For example, the street I grew up on was Old Orchard, and Orchard would be a cute and not very common name for a girl.

Or, maybe there’s a spot that mom and dad like to travel to, or would love to visit one day with their baby in tow; Liberty, after the Statue of Liberty, is also a super cute name for a girl.

8 Check What's In The Pantry

If mom and dad are avid foodies, they could look to their favorite dishes or ingredients to get ideas for their little one’s name.

Celebrities do it all the time, Gwyneth Paltrow, who named her little girl Apple, and both Ethan Hawke and Claudia Schiffer named their girls Clementine. There are tons of food-related words that would make totally adorable baby names.

If mom and dad love Curry, the popular Indian dish, they might want to consider using it as a name for their little boy. Saffron, a beautiful colored and aromatic spice that is used as an ingredient in a lot of recipes, could be used as a strong and beautiful name for a baby girl. Olive, Sage, Rosemary, Kale and Jasmine are some other food-related names to consider.

7 Or At The Nearest Parking Garage

For expectant parents who are car lovers, whether classics, hot rods or trucks, could think about naming their little one after their favorite make or model.

It may seem a little odd, but naming kids after cars is actually more popular than you might think. There are some pretty awesome car-inspired names to choose from, too.

Some great picks for boys names include Bentley, Cooper, Aston, Cherokee, Royce, Ranger, Dodge and Martin. While it may not seem like a car could lend itself as a beautiful name for a girl, there are actually some pretty lovely car-inspired girls names, such as Infiniti, Caprice, Clio, Lotus, Mercedes, Camry and Acadia.

It’s actually pleasantly surprising how many great baby names could be inspired by cars.

6 What About Musical Names?

Music lovers could use various aspects of their favorite tunes or anything that relates to music at all as a name for their baby. It could be a song title, it could be the name of an artist or an album, or it could be a word that is related to music.

For boys, musical names might include Floyd (after Pink Floyd,) reed (as in a reed on a woodwind instrument,) Axel (after Axel Rose, the lead singer of Guns and Roses,) and Adagio (a slow tempo.) For little girls, names that are related to music could include Layla (after Eric Clapton’s famed song of the same name,) Aria (an operatic solo,) Bell (like a Bell) and Cadence (like an inflection of voice or a sequence of notes or chords.)

5 Take A Trip To The Library

Literature lovers who always have their nose in a book can look to their favorite works as a source of inspiration for their baby’s name. Whether it’s from the title of a book, a character or an author, there are some pretty great names that can be pulled from literature that would work wonderfully for a baby.

Some suggestions that would be lovely baby names for girls include Arya from the Game of Thrones series, Anne from Anne of Green Gables, Rosalind from As You Like It. For boys, some options to consider include Edmond from The Count of Monte Cristo, Dallas from The Outsiders, and Atticus from To Kill a Mockinbird.

The list of literary baby names are limitless!

4 Look Back On Historical Figures

For parents-to-be who are history buffs, one of their favorite historical figures could serve as a wonderful name for their little one. Plus, a historical name would be strong, powerful and meaningful, which are all good qualities for a child’s name.

For girls, Harriet (Tubman), Rosa (Parks), Clara (Barton), Amelia (Earhart,) and Susan (B. Anthony) are just some of the historical names that could be considered. For boys, Benjamin (Franklin, and even ‘Franklin’ is cute!) Jefferson (as in Thomas,) Martin (Luther King, or Luther would be great, too,) Jackson (as in Andrew) and Harrison (the last name of William Henry) are all excellent historical names to consider.

Take a look through some history books and you’ll be sure to find plenty of options!

3 Use Nature As Inspiration

Nature itself is beautiful and calming, and it can serve as a wonderful inspiration for a strong, unique and incredible baby name.

From flowers to trees, and from mountains to bodies of water, there are so many incredible names that are related to nature that could serve as the perfect name for baby. Add to that the fact that the name could also be super meaningful if it’s after a place that mom and dad love to spend time.

Ocean, for instance, is a strong and unique name for a little girl, as is Sierra, after the Sierra Nevada Mountains. For a boy, Ash, after the tree, or Bryce, as in Bryce Canyon, are awesome nature-inspired names.

2 And Favourite Hobbies

Hobbies could also be a great inspiration for a baby name. If mom and dad have any hobbies that they love, they might want to consider using a name that is related to that hobby.

For instance, if a couple loves birth watching, there are tons of bird names that could be super cute baby names. Jay for a boy, Wren for a girl, Robin for a boy or a girl… If the future parents enjoy mountain climbing, they might want to consider a name related to the mountains. Everest, as in the tallest mountain on earth, would be a powerful name for a little boy. For a little girl, Carmel, after Mount Carmel off the coast of Israel, would be sweet.

1 Take A Look At The Family Tree

Take a look through the family tree; there might be some pretty awesome names to choose from right in mom or dad’s family history!

While you may not be a fan of any of the names of immediate family members or want to give a child the same name as, say, grandma or grandpa, if you do a little digging, you might find that a great-great grandmother on dad’s side had a really awesome and totally unique name that would be perfect for your little girl. Using this method to choose a name for baby will not only make his or her name meaningful, but it might also help you avoid choosing something common.

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