14 Gynos Reveal The Most Annoying Questions Pregnant Women Ask

No two women live the exact same lives. At some point in most woman's lives, they will have to visit a gynecologist (aka gyno). A woman will likely visit the gyno even more often when she is pregnant. No matter when she goes, one thing is for certain; a gyno is a doctor and the patient is (most likely) not a doctor.

That means a gyno will know more than the patient does. A gyno will likely have to explain a lot to the patient. To that end, the patient probably has a lot of questions for her doctor. There is nothing wrong with that. It is good for a patient to be interested in her own health. Also, some patients may have genuine concerns about their health.

Any good doctor will not mind being asked a few questions. That is pretty much part of their job. However, not all questions are created equal. Patients probably like to think all their questions are great. Nevertheless, some questions can be pretty annoying, and others can be just downright stupid. On that note, here are some of most annoying questions a gyno has been asked.

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14 Will I Do #2 During Labor?

One thing that is always embarrassing to talk a out is a bowel movement. Yes, everyone poops. But that does not mean that everyone needs to talk about it. As it turns out, one of the most common fears of pregnant women is pooping during delivery. Yes, it can actually happen, but it is nothing to be afraid of.

If a woman's bowels are full, she could poop during delivery because the rectum is underneath the uterus. However, doctors say that women need to be aware that giving birth is not a public event. The people that are there in the delivery room are there to support the mom, and will not care if the mom poops. Also doctors and nurses certainly will not care because they have seen it all before.

13 Will I Get Stretched Out?

Another subject that women are sometimes embarrassed to talk about is their privates. It is not hard to imagine why that would be an embarrassing thing to talk about, even with a doctor. Something that is often on the minds of pregnant women is whether or not their vagina will get stretched out during delivery. It is fairly easy to understand why they would be concerned about such a thing, since an entire human being will be pushed out of it.

However, ladies do not really have anything to fear. Doctors say that a woman's vagina will not get stretched out. Women might not fully realize it, but their vaginas are made to accommodate child birth. That means it will go back to its original size after birth.

12 Have I Gained Too Much Weight?

It pretty much goes without saying that when a woman is pregnant, she will gain weight. Nevertheless, some gynos find this question about weight gain to be rather annoying. Moms always want to know if they have gained too much weight. The reason doctors find this annoying is because some moms worry just a little more about weight gain than they really should.

Nevertheless, if a woman is truly worried about her weight gain for non-vain reasons, she should discuss it with her doctor. Rapid weight gain can be a symptom of an actual problem. However, if a woman is worried about just looking fat then she should probably just keep that to herself. Remember that you're housing a human and you want to make sure that baby is getting all the warmth and nutrients he/she needs. Keeping your baby healthy is more important than fitting into your skinny jeans!

11 Will I Be Able To Control My Bladder After?

As luck would have it, pooping is not the only bathroom related concern pregnant women have. They also seem to be concerned about their peeing too. More specifically, they are concerned about not being able to control their bladder after giving birth. It seems their concerns are not entirely unfounded and bladder control can be an issue.

"Bladder control tends to decrease after pregnancy and childbirth," Beverly Hills OB-GYN Suzanne Gilberg-Lenz says. However, women may find it comforting to know this is not permanent. It usually only last about six weeks to three months. Doctors say Kegel exercises can help. However, if a loss of bladder control maintains after about three months, a woman may want to talk to her doctor about it again.

10 Will Being Intimate Hurt The Baby? 

Most babies are conceived when a man and woman decide to get intimate under the covers. Of course, not all babies are conceived this way. There are lots of other ways to get pregnant or to bring a child into your life. However, sex is the most common. And it becomes a major concern for pregnant women once they are with child.

Many pregnant women are afraid that having sex will hurt their baby. This is a question that many gynos find annoying. Many doctors wish couples would realize how things actually work down there. Nevertheless, sex hurting the baby is a real fear that a great many couples have. For the record, sex will not hurt a baby at all. Go on and have fun!

9 Will Doing It Hurt After Giving Birth?

[caption id="" align="alignnone" width="576"] http://secretsofagoodgirl.com/advice/male-perspective-intimacy-vulnerability/[/caption]

So if a woman wants to have sex while she is pregnant, it stands to reason that she will want to have sex after she gives birth. All part of being a normal human being! Just because she is a mom now does not mean she is dead and her sexual life is over. The problem is that many women are a little worried about having sex after giving birth. Many women fear sex after giving birth will hurt.

It turns out this fear is not entirely unfounded. "You did have a baby, and there's some trauma that needs to heal," Gilberg-Lenz says. So yes, sex after having a baby might not be quite the same and you should wait out the recovery period before giving it a try. A woman might also have trouble producing natural lubricant as well. If a woman notices things are not getting better after a few months, then they need to see a doctor.

8 Is It Normal To Have This Much Discharge?

Along with pregnancy comes a great deal of changes to a woman's body. That pretty much goes without saying! And not all of those changes are the most pleasant. One such change is the amount of discharge a woman experiences in her nether regions.

Many women are afraid that they might be experiencing too much discharge during their pregnancy. However, doctors actually find this question kind of annoying. Doctors say the amount of discharge isn't really the issue. A woman should be concerned if she has painful discharge, if it is watery or if it has an odor to it. If a woman experiences any of that, she needs to see her doctor because it could be a sign that something is wrong with the mom or baby.

7 Is Bad Gas Normal?

[caption id="" align="alignnone" width="601"] http://www.myhealthtips.in/2013/11/how-to-stop-farting.html[/caption]

So yeah like we said, not every change during pregnancy is a pleasant one. Some are downright embarrassing. Yes, some are even more embarrassing than discharge. Like gas, for example. Stinky gas is probably more embarrassing, according to a lot of women.

Many pregnant women experience gas, but they wonder if it is normal. The good news is that it is pretty normal, although not very pleasant... It is all a part of the natural indigestion a pregnant woman has. And yes, most pregnant women will also have some kind of indigestion. Still it is not hard to imagine why gynos would find a question about gas bothersome. Nobody like to talk about gas, not even doctors, believe it or not.

6 What If I Sleep Through My Labor?

One thing a pregnant woman can count on is that eventually her baby will come out. Of course, when exactly this happens is still a mystery to most women. They fear they might not realize when they have gone into labor. Some might even think they will sleep through it and miss it.

"It is possible not to know if you break your water. It can be as small as a little trickle or a huge gush! Many women think they might be leaking urine," Rosser says. With that being said, a woman will certainly know that something is happening. She will not be able to sleep through labor. It is called labor, after all, so it is likely pretty hard to not know something is going on when your body has to do that much work.

5 Did You Deliver Your Own Baby?

Many doctors who deliver babies have children of their own at home. This may prompt some women to ask if the doctor delivered his or her own baby. The problem is that many doctors do not like this question, for obvious reasons. Just think about how much work goes into delivering and giving birth to a baby.

One doctor joked, "Why yes, I sliced my own stomach opened and pulled out my baby. Because I am, in fact, just that good. I have been asked this by people, even after they know I had a c-section. All the women in my practice have been asked this, which I find intriguing." So yeah, do not ask doctors if they delivered their own baby, especially if they are women.

4 Will You See My Boyfriend?

If a woman is pregnant, there might be a man in her life - the baby daddy. And a pregnant woman will likely make frequent visits to her doctor. For whatever reason, some women feel the need to also ask if their man can benefit from the doctor as well. That is to say that some women ask if their boyfriend or husband can see the gyno for his health issues!

"No, I do not do boy stuff. I am a GYNECOLOGIST," as one gynecologist puts it. Honestly, that kind of says it all. It is unclear why some women think a gyno could see a man. The long and short of it is that women should not even bother asking such a question because it really annoys their doctors. Maybe their gyno can make a recommendation, but they certainly won't be taking your male partner on as one of their own patients.

3 Should I Stop Using Birth Control To Get Pregnant?

Hopefully everyone is aware that no birth control method is 100 percent effective. That means even if a woman is on birth control there is still a slim chance she could get pregnant. Of course, some women who are currently on birth control may want to get pregnant. Some of these women feel the need to ask if they should get off birth control to get pregnant.

"No. If you have to ask this question, perhaps you should not procreate," says one sassy gyno. Naturally the real answer is yes, a woman needs to get off her birth control to become pregnant. Sure, there is always a chance that she could get pregnant while still on it, but the odds are against her. Why should she make things harder on herself?

2 Do I Need To Take My Tampon Out For A Pap Smear?

Not every reason a woman goes to a gyno has to do with babies or pregnancy. Some appointments just address a woman's health in general. A good example of that is a pap smear. However, when getting a pap smear, some women feel the need to ask if they have to take their tampon out.

"Yuck, yes you do. Additionally about once a month, a woman will change into the gown, put herself into position on the exam table, then as I go to perform the pap smear, I will discover that she still has her underwear on. This always leaves me quite befuddled. There is a subset of women who do not understand their basic anatomy," one gyno responded. So yes, take it out and take your underwear off. Your doctor needs to be able to do the test properly.

1 Is It Comfortable To Wear Scrubs To Work?

Most doctors do not feel the need to wear a suit or tie or anything like that to work. A lot of doctors dress more casually than that and wear scrubs to work. Some doctors might even be required to wear scrubs. And some patients like to enquire about those scrubs.

Patients have been known to ask their doctor if it is comfortable to wear scrubs to work. "No, wearing pajamas to work really stinks," one doctor said with sarcasm. It is not hard to imagine why some doctors find that question annoying. The answer seems pretty obvious. Of course, scrubs are comfortable to wear. At the very least there are bound to be better than wearing a suit and tie or tailored dress all day long. Can you imagine delivering a baby while wearing a three piece suit? 

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