14 Kids Who Gave Their Celeb Parents A Terrible Name

Being a famous celebrity may sound exciting and like a dream life, but in all reality they have problems just like the rest of us. They have family troubles the same way us normal people do.

They are parents of kids who don't always take the right path. Sometimes they have kids who are deeply troubled and we get to hear all of the juicy gossip. Drugs and alcohol addiction are common place in Hollywood amongst celebrities and their kids.

As parents (celebs and non-celebs) we can't always dictate how our kids behave, and try as we might, they will make some wrong decision and life choices. There are many stories of celebrities kids who had substance abuse problems and turned their lives around and now live life on the right track.

Unfortunately there are also many stories that don't have happy endings, and some even end with death. Not all the kids who are troubled turn to drugs or alcohol, some of them enjoy stealing or getting into fights.

Being a famous persons child and having their every move watched and read in the tabloids surely does not help these troubled people. Thankfully many of them have supportive parents to help them through their problems.

14 Lionel Ritchie's Daughter Gets "Bored"

Nicole Richie was one a bad girl with many troubles which led to her being the focus of many tabloids and magazine gossip. She was known as Paris Hiltons former best friend, and for her drug use, weight issues and legal troubles. She went to rehab at the age of 18 for cocaine abuse, but by her 20's was addicted to heroin. She cites boredom as the reason why she turned to drugs.

Lionel Richie's daughter lived a face paced life growing up in Beverly Hills and everything was given to her, which led to her boredom and the need for more excitement in her life. Lionel Richie once stated he felt he was at fault for Nicole's issues as he was always touring. Nicole does not blame him.

13 Whitney Houston's Daughter Follows In Her Troubling Footsteps

Bobbi Kristina's story unfortunately did not end well. She was made famous because of who her parents are. Her childhood was filled with troubles as her parents had drug issues and a problematic relationship. Whitney Houston's untimely death due to a drug overdose hit her daughter very hard. Bobbi Kristina had to be admitted to the hospital as she was so distraught and inconsolable.

Like many do in troubling time she turned to prescription anxiety medication, marijuana and alcohol. On January 31, 2015 her uncle and a friend found her face down in the bathtub. They performed CPR and she was rushed to the hospital. She was placed in a medically induced coma and stayed that way until her death, 6 months later.

12 Bruce Willis' Daughter Struggled With Depression

Bruce Willis and Demi Moore have three daughters together and one them is a little troubled. Tallulah Willis was diagnosed with body dysmorphic disorder at the age of 13. She also suffers from depression, drug abuse and an eating disorder. She said she became her worst critic when she became a teenager. She started thinking of herself as unattractive after reading some negative comments online.

She turned to drugs when she was in college as a way to deal with her depression. The depression was caused by the way she felt about herself due to the body dysmorphic disorder. Thankfully for Tallulah, she has a loving and supportive family. She checked into rehab due to her sister, Scout, making her realize she was being self destructive.

11 Ozzy Osborne's Daughter Started Doping At 13

Ozzy Osbourne and wife Sharon have not hid the fact that addiction runs in their family. Ozzy struggled with alcohol and drug abuse for twenty plus years. Unfortunately his children followed in his footsteps. Jack Osbourne, now a husband and father, was in rehab by the age of 17 for drug and alcohol addiction. Kelly did her first stint in rehab at the age of 19. She had to return to rehab when she was 20.

Kelly started abusing prescription medications at the age of 13, which she said helped her feel more confident and was a way to self medicate to deal with insecurities and depression. Jack Osbourne and sister Kelly have both been sober for years now. It is great they both were able to overcome their problems.

10 Robert Downey Jr.'s Son Gets Caught Redhanded

Following in the troubled footsteps of his father, Indio Downey has suffered from addiction. He was arrested in 2014 for felony drug possession. He was caught smoking something out of a pipe, which turned out to be cocaine. It was a difficult time in his life and it was difficult for his father, who had a very troubled past, watch his son make similar mistakes as he did.

After going through a 20 month long court mandated treatment program, the young man is now clean and sober. He was also lucky enough to have the conviction wiped from his record for completing the rehab program. The judge who ruled on his case was the same judge that wiped his fathers record clean, just 2 months before.

9 Tom Hanks' Son Clogged His Nose

Tom Hanks and wife Rita Wilson have a son who was extremely troubled. He was selling coke and snorting it so much he clogged his nose. When his nose was clogged from snorting so much cocaine he went to smoking crack. He stated in an interview he had been dealing with substance abuse issues since he was only 16 years old.

He went to rehab a couple of times and it appears that the help he sought out actually worked. He has been sober for a couple of years now and he attributes it to becoming a father. The rapper says his daughter is the reason why he turned his life around and got on the straight and narrow path he is living now.

8 Martin Sheen's Son Turn Into A Hollywood Bad Boy

Charlie Sheen, son of Martin Sheen, is a Hollywood bad boy. His escapades are well known and documented. He has suffered from substance abuse, relationship woes and many legal battles. He had a breakout role in 1986 and by 1990 was in rehab for alcohol abuse. He has had many girlfriends and a couple of wives, many of whom said he physically and verbally abused them.

Since the 90's he has been in and out of rehab for drugs as well as alcohol. There were also many legal problems for the troubled actor, a restraining order from his ex wife, custody battles and assault charges. He went off the deep end in 2011 after leaving Two and A Half Men. Then in 2015 he confirmed that he is HIV positive.

7 Rod Stewart's Son Goes Off The Tracks

Rod Stewarts son, Sean Stewart has had a long standing issue with alcohol abuse. In 2008 he appeared on a season of Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew. He then slipped back into old ways and returned to rehab multiple times. He also did some time in prison for a bar fight he was involved in back in 2002. He was also accused of stealing a car and assault with a deadly weapon.

In 2011 he was involved in a car crash in a Bentley he had rented. The Bentley was under his finance's name and they tried saying she was driving. However witnesses said Sean was driving. He was sued by the car rental firm for 218,000. As of 2017 he is sober and getting his life on track.

6 Keith Richards's Daughter Gets Arrested

attends the 3rd Annual Norman Mailer Center Gala at the Mandarin Oriental Hotel on November 8, 2011 in New York City.

In March 2011 fashion model and Keith Richards daughter, Theodora Richards, was arrested for vandalizing a convent in SOHO. She mad a "T", a heart and an "A" on the side wall of the convent. Upon her arrest police found drugs in her purse. She was charged with possession of an instrument to make graffiti, making graffiti and possession of a controlled substance. She told police she didn't have a prescription for the pills in her purse, but did buy them from a dealer.

Her father Keith Richards was arrested numerous times throughout the 60's and 70's for drug use. The most famous of his arrests happened in Toronto at a hotel where he got busted with heroin and cocaine. Apparently the apple does not fall far from the tree.

5 Bon Jovi's Daughter Is No Stranger

Jon Bon Jovi's daughter is no stranger to drug abuse. She was found in her dorm room after over dosing on heroin. Stephanie was then arrested and charged with drug possession. However, the judge dismissed the charges because she had less than 8 ounces of heroin. There is a law there that states if a person has overdosed on drugs they can be prosecuted for having the drugs.

Stephanie called her rock star father at 2 am from the hospital where she told him what happened. She insisted she was ok. Jon Bon Jovi said in an interview it was his "worst moment ever". To get a call that your child has over dosed on drugs. He also warned parents it happens more than what people think.

4 Hulk Hogan's Son Ends Up In Prison

Nick Hogan made a name for himself by becoming a race car driver when he was only a teenager. His career was documented on the reality show he was on with his family, "Hogan Knows Best". However, on the show he was depicted as a mischievous prankster. In all reality, he says he was much worse. He had a problem, he liked to go fast.

His need for speed caught up with him in 2007. He had a few drinks and was driving his Toyota car, and speeding, he crashed into a palm tree. His friend, John Graziano, was in the passenger seat and did not have a seat belt on. His friend was left brain dead. Hogan served 8 months in prison.

3 Laurence Fishburne's Disturbing Behavior

Montana Fishburne, daughter of Laurence Fishburne has made headline a few times for some troubling behavior. When she was 19 she began a career in the adult film industry. Then on March 11, 2017 she arrested for a DUI and her behavior during the arrest was caught on the police dash cam. It was not becoming to say the least.

She hiked her very short dress up and peed on the side of the road. Then stuck her butt up in the air trying to get the cops attention. The cop appeared as though he was trying to look away. She had urine and debris from the road on her feet because she had taken her heels off earlier. The cops had to wipe her feet for her.

2 Michael Jordan's Son Makes Headlines

Michael Jordan's son Marcus has been in the news since he was young for the trouble he seemed to find himself in. In 2012 he was arrested in an Omaha hotel parking lot for getting into an argument with two women, while drunk. He then made it hard for police to break the argument up and was charged with a variety of citations.

In 2010 he went to Nevada with his older brother where they dropped 50K on gambling. Money which neither of them earned, and Marcus was underage. He tweeted a picture of his penis back in 2013, however it was deleted. Marcus said he was hacked, and that he did not post the picture, nor was it his appendage.

1 Nicolas Cage's Troubled Son

Nicolas Cage has a son who was making headlines just earlier this year. Weston Cage was arrested in February for taking cops on a high-speed chase. The chase ended when he crashed his car into a tree. He faced a DUI charge as well as two counts of hit and run. He could be facing a year in prison if convicted.

He got into an accident and exchanged information with the other person. He then decided to flee before the police could get there. During the chase he hit a stop sign and numerous mailboxes. He was arrested in 2011 for domestic abuse. Then in 2015 he was sober and said he did it for his son. Unfortunately, it appears that sobriety did not stick for him.

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