14 Massachusetts General Hospital Oncology Nurses Pregnant At Same Time

Fourteen nurses in a Massachusettes Oncology hospital are all pregnant at the same time!

We love learning about new baby booms. There is so much hate and sadness in this world that we love to hear happy stories. Stories about a whole bunch of women in the same workplace getting pregnant are one of those stories that make almost anybody happy. In the past few months, we have talked about many baby booms. There have been baby booms in different hospitals, fire stations, and even among teachers in an elementary school! It is has been so much fun to watch these baby booms happen around the United States. The most recent baby boom is at a hospital among Oncology nurses. A total of 14 nurses are pregnant!

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All of the women are due within six months of each other. All of the pregnant women have really enjoyed having so many other staff members be pregnant at the same time. One of the women said that pregnancy can be very tiring and difficult and so it is really nice to have other people who are right there going through the same thing. Everybody is encouraging each other and supporting each other throughout the pregnancy.

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One of the women is due with twins and another woman is a little bit bitter about her pregnancy because is about 4 days past her due date. She was supposed to deliver on May 18 and there is no baby yet. Any day after your due date seems like 10 years long. One of the nurses said that she is due in August and patients have certainly noticed the huge boom in nurses being pregnant. Many patients have commented about all of the baby bumps. The patients are so excited because it is the cancer wing. Many patients will be there throughout the delivery of most of these women and it has been a great thing for them to all look forward to. One of the nurses said that it has been so much fun for the patients to watch all of them get bigger!

Congratulations to all of the nurses and we can't wait to see the pictures of all of the healthy chubby babies when you all deliver! Keep us posted! We want to follow your story!

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