14 Moms Who Didn't Age Gracefully After Kids

There's no doubt that having children is the fastest way to age a woman.

It’s no doubt that having children is the fastest way to age a woman. Many new moms report suddenly discovering gray hairs during pregnancy, and it can all go downhill from there. The constant visits to the hairdresser may be hard to grasp but it keeps getting (cough) better. Sleep deprivation, stretch marks and changes in body shape and wrinkles are to be expected. Everything may begin to sag and the metabolism feels as though it slows right down. But, some celebrity moms struggle to accept this, and as a result, they do not age gracefully.

Instead, they pump themselves full of botox and go on a downward spiral into the endless plastic surgery trap. Their cosmetic surgeon is on speed dial as their best closest friend and they just can’t get enough. Maybe it is a case of trying to compete with their own kids or not accepting that ageing is a just another part of life. While most moms are happy to sacrifice a piece of themselves for their kids, others will fight ageing with every dollar last they have. Sure, a little bit of maintenance is to be expected but there is a point where a girl has to accept that she can be beautiful at any age. She can look good without the need to look like her daughter’s sister.

So, which celebrity moms have aged disgracefully since having kids? Just keep on reading to check out which celebrities are the worst culprits when it comes to not accepting their age:

14Janice Dickinson - Clutching At Youth

Not able to let go of the model good looks of her youth, Janice Dickinson makes no secret of her foray into plastic surgery. Unfortunately for this mother of two, she opted not to age gracefully and chose the needle instead. She has always had those killer eyebrows, but they seem to have hit a new level of height. Then there are her lips. Janice’s kids are no longer whippersnappers themselves, her daughter Savannah is 23, and her son Nathan is 30. While this former supermodel and author has made a name for herself, at age 62 she appears to have plans to keep up with her kids in the youth department. In her defence, Janice still has a rocking bod which many women half her age would be envious of. Hopefully, there will be an end to her quest for eternal youth, and she will appear more comfortable with the inevitable ageing process.

13Courtney Cox - No Longer Monica

Courteney Cox may have been overshadowed by Rachel (Jennifer Aniston) as the OCD inflicted, serious Monica in cult television Friends, but her quirky character grew on viewers. She went on to play a feisty reporter in the Scream series and ended up falling in love with her onscreen co-star, David Arquette. The couple had a daughter, Coco who is now 13 but unfortunately, like many Hollywood love stories, it ended in separation. When Courteney appeared in her own television show with the comedic Cougar Town, it was obvious the starlet was not as confident with her cougar-hood as her onscreen character. She has reportedly admitted to using plastic surgery as a way to “keep up” but the results don’t have the desired result of keeping her young and fresh. Poor Courteney, she will always have a place in our hearts as Ross’ sister, and as someone who has been an advocate for shiny brunettes, even after all of these years.

12Donatella Versace - A Face Of Wax

Donatella Versace may be fashion royalty as designer and vice president of the Versace Group, but she refuses to age gracefully. She has two children with the waifishly thin 31 year old Allegra, and son Daniel Beck. Long, platinum blonde locks, false eyelashes and orange tan are part of her trademark look. Her appearance may have evolved over time, but not just at the hands of mother nature. Back in 2013 a biography titled “House of Versace” was aired which showed Gina Gershon as the woman herself. Unfortunately, Ms Versace was hit by tragedy when her brother Gianni was murdered in 1997 and this is a story which was always going to be told. The biography was not endorsed by the family and didn’t entirely go down well as Donatella was depicted as a drug user. Keep an eye out on FX’s American Crime as the new season will be based on these events, with Penelope Cruz playing the part of Donatella.

11Jocelyn Wildenstein Turns Into Catwoman

Jocelyn Wildenstein is a socialite who is most known for her facelift mishaps than anything else. The shocking transformation her face has been through has left her unrecognisable to the girl she once was. She has two children, Diane and Alec, and at age 77 there is no denying she has had a smorgasbord of surgeries. Being a billionaire may have its perks, but undergoing this many facelifts was never going to end well for Jocelyn. When she was younger, the woman now dubbed “Catwoman” even did some modelling. Her foray into plastic surgery madness began when she feared her husband would leave her for someone younger. Adding to the story, she apparently has a soft spot for the lynx, proclaiming this cat had the perfect eyes. Even if Jocelyn wanted to redeem something of her face, it is unlikely there is anything which could be done. Her catlike features are here to stay.

10Britney Spears - The Eternal Pop Princess

Britney grew up in the spotlight, with a pop star style and those trademark long blonde locks. Even when she shaved her head, she was still Britney. This is a hard one as there is definitely love for her, but even after kids she still has that “I’m a teenager trapped inside a woman’s body” thing happening. Her boys are Jayden James and Sean Federline to ex Kevin, or K-Fed as he was known by for a while there. She has the whole Madonna ‘80s vibe going on, and Brit isn’t about to dress like your typical school Mom anytime soon. Always the rebellious pop princess, it is clear that on her list of things to rebel against - dressing her age is one of them. After all, why dress like the 35-year-old you are, when you could wear a real-life snake and bikini? It will be interesting to write this post again in 20 years and see where her fashion is at.

9Shauna Sand - Barbie Doll At Any Age

Please put down the platform shoes Shauna Sand, because even the Spice Girls broke up and put away the heels a long time ago. This mother is not choosing to age gracefully as she struts around in miniskirts and is a fan of getting out the girls. Shauna Sands has three daughters named Alexandra, Isabella and Victoria. Long blonde locks and pumped up pouty lips have become her trademark. Even at the age of 46, the former Playboy Bunny Shauna Sand refuses to grow up. Drama and the spotlight may just follow her wherever she goes, but Ms Sand will never dress like a regular mother. No one is saying she should be getting a nanna perm, but there is such a thing as ageing gracefully and leaving something to the imagination. Shauna’s controversial lifestyle and relationship mishaps have kept her fame going, and her look gets enough attention that she is unlikely to change anytime soon.

8Nikki Cox Will Forever Be Puffy

Nikki Cox has had a tumultuous relationship with Jay Mohr and as recently as this year he wanted full custody of their child. Jay alleged Nikki had a drug problem and is an unfit parent and it has surely been a rollercoaster ride for this actress and writer. The pair has a son who goes by the name of Meredith Daniel Mohr who is just six years old. Regardless of whether the allegations are true or not, Nikki has had a difficult time when it comes to her looks. Once a fresh-faced, girl next door type she has opted not to age gracefully and intervene with surgery instead. One of the most talked about celebrities when it comes to being plastic fantastic, many would attribute her career and personal crises to her obsession with her looks. At age 39, Nikki still has plenty of youth left, however, she is opting not to age gracefully!

7Madonna - Stuck In The '80s

Madonna may be a musical genius, but this controversial ‘80s queen of music still dresses like she did in her ‘20s. Madz is now 59 with 6 children both biological and adopted. Once quoted as saying, “Poor is the man whose pleasures depend on the permission of another,” Madonna has never seemed to care what anyone else thinks and that is part of what makes her who she is. Not many women reaching 60 would be seen strutting around in a corset, but we can’t see her slowing down anytime soon. She is unlikely to put on some pants and a fitted shirt at any point in her life, as Madonna refuses to age gracefully, even with so many kids to deal with. Daughter Lourdes is now 21, and she has inherited her Mom’s love for flimsy fashion. Madonna is said to have plastic surgery, as her face has changed dramatically. Growing old gracefully? What’s that?!

6Mariah Carey - The Curvy Cougar

Mariah has the voice of an angel, but even after having twins the 47-year-old won’t change her diva style. Refusing to age like everyone else, Mariah doesn’t let her newly curvaceous figure stop her from sporting teeny, tiny outfits and figure-hugging dresses. Her face has changed over the years, and her face is virtually wrinkle-free. Mariah has gone a bit backwards over the span of her dating life, which may be one reason she is clinging to her youth. She has been through a series of men from the much older Tommy Mottola to most recently, being with the much younger Bryan Tanaka. In true Mariah style, she played the role of a cougar with her cub aged 34 years old, it is little wonder she refuses to age gracefully. Good for her for being a Sugar Mama, but it wouldn't hurt to lower the hemline a little to leave something to the imagination. Maybe she will accept her age at 50, then again...maybe not!

5Meg Ryan's Frozen Forehead

Oh, little Meg Ryan, she has been America’s sweetheart since the ‘80s and her blonde curls and girl next door appearance meant she could do no wrong. “When Harry Met Sally” was her stand out performance, as those that are old enough will remember “that scene”. Sleepless in Seattle followed and the whole world loved this golden girl. In the 90’s she played the supporting role of Jim Morrison’s (Val Kilmer’s) girlfriend in Oliver Stone’s “The Doors” which was one big movie. Meg Ryan is not only an accomplished actress but a mother to her two children Daisy True Ryan and Jack Quaid. At age 55 this mom of two isn’t expected to look like she did when she first hit the big screen, but unfortunately for Ms Meg, she has dabbled a little too much in the plastic surgery pool. Instead of allowing herself to age gracefully, pictures have recently emerged of her bee-stung lips and a frozen forehead.

4Farrah Abraham - Teen Mom Transformed

The ever-changing face (and body) of Farrah Abraham means she is hardly recognisable when it comes to the girl who first launched a career as a reality TV star. This former Teen Mom, has tried to cement herself as a hot mama and will resort to nothing to keep her name in the spotlight. At just 26, Farrah has already embraced the knife and has lost her youthful glow in favour of a more plastic appearance. While she isn’t old in anyone’s book, this young woman is already going the distance and those who have come before her have shown how addictive plastic surgery can be. If this is what it is like now with one child and not even 30, it is scary to predict the future. Farrah must be dreading getting older, but there is such a thing as less as more. Please just breathe and age gracefully little lady, before it is too late.

3Lisa Rinna - Full Lipped Housewife

Lisa Rinna is known for those big, bold lips and she looks like she is straight out of a daytime television soapie. As the mom of two daughters, this 54 year old is not going to let age get the better of her. Her girls are named Amelia and Delilah, and their daddy is Harry Hamlin. Living the glamorous lifestyle, Lisa does work out harder than most half her age. While she is most known for her lips which keep getting bigger, she may just have the last laugh as this is now a trend of the youth courtesy of Kylie Kardashian. Poor Lisa, even when she sheds a single tear her expression barely changes. We love to hate her or hate to love her, it is unclear which one it is. But, without her signature cartoon lips, we wonder if she would still be Lisa? Either way, there is no gracefully ageing for this Real Housewives star. Sometimes more will always be...more.

2Melanie Griffith - Trying To Fix Things

Melanie Griffith has long been known for her troubles, and this movie star split with hubby Antonio Banderas back in 2015 after a long relationship. This celebrity Mama has three kids, with Stella Banderas, Alex Bauer and Dakota Johnson. Yes, the 50 Shades of Grey actress is, in fact, Melanie’s daughter. Sadly, over the years, Ms Griffith has struggled with addiction and self-image resulting in extensive plastic surgery. This was revealed when she opened up to Porter Magazine earlier this year, showing money doesn't always buy happiness. She has always had that sweet, girl next door personality which shines on screen, but her quest to fight ageing may have gone too far. Refusing to let herself go and age with grace, this self-confessed gypsy has admitted she has had some plastic surgery mistakes, but hopes she "looks more normal now". It's time to look to the future and let go of the past.

1Leah Remini - The Hollywood Troublemaker

Respect goes out to Leah Remini for putting herself out there, and all of her activism work against the extreme religion which is Scientology. Her roles as an actress, author (with a book called Troublemaker) and sometimes producer has meant she has lived a very busy life.  Leah has a daughter who is 13 years old with hubby Angelo Pagan, and her name is Sofia Bella Pagan. Has she, or hasn't she gone under the knife in the quest for eternal youth? Her style has barely changed over the years and at 47 she still has the same signature hair from years gone by. It looks like she may have succumbed to the pressure from Hollywood and had a little bit of this and that done. While she does still look good for her age, we hope this isn't the start of an evolution of the (now finished) King of Queen's star's face.

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