14 Nursery Themes for Boys

Some are opting out of getting an ultrasound done to find their babies sex, however, the majority still does- whether it be to determine sex or if the baby is at it's full healthy potential.  Either way, finding out the sex is a huge booster for those planning on decorating a theme for your infant's nursery.  For those expecting a boy anytime soon, here's 14 nursery themes designed for boys:

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14 Racetrack


A racetrack theme is a cute and fun way to design your baby boy's room.  Cars are generally known as a "male" hobby and as someone who is seeking a theme for a boys' room, this fits perfectly! Some have found creative ways to display a racetrack such as: painting a small track on the walls of the nursery, along with a green, black and white colour scheme, and racing flags to tie it all together.  Although, there are many ways to get fun with this theme for more ideas here's a Pinterest page for referral.

13 Hockey

A newborn baby or a small infant isn't going to know if they like the sport of not- but it is an easy way to say "Boy's Room".  Many hockey themed rooms involve the father's favourite team's flag displayed on the wall, along with small hockey sticks crossed together and a crib with "hockey stick" legs and panels.

12 Starwars

Yes, someone made a Starwars themed nursery and it is amazing! The Deathstar is painted on one wall facing forward, along with Starwars quotes embroidered on to tiny pillows, and a lightsaber hanging curtains from the walls.  The whole theme is magical and to be honest, there are many variations and styles you could go with.

11 Soccer

Another sports variation that gives way for many creative ideas when it comes to a nursery theme.  Soccer is a universal sport so this has been done a few times before, which makes referencing easy.  Rooms are usually painted green with soccer posts and nets painted on the walls as well.  Soccer ball pillows and other furniture fixings can be found on many online shopping outlets such as: Ebay, Etsy, and Amazon.

10 Plain and simple blue scheme

Baby nursery room's are commonly associated with the baby blue colour on the walls - which has sprouted many variations of the "blue-boy nursery themes".  Many of these variations are simple, classy, and neat.

9 Winnie the Pooh

Winnie the Pooh could be seen as a unisex theme but either way it is an adorable and creative idea.  Many online stores provide Winnie the Pooh styled furniture, pillows, blankets etc which makes this theme even easier!  Dark brown, red, and tan are the usual colour schemes used, although, some have chosen a green colour scheme with white quotes from the books written on top.

8 Dinosaurs

Dinosaurs have always been a fascination among young kids, and the theme can definitely point towards a boys room rather than a girls when done correctly.  Some choose to go with a dinosaur mural on the wall or just a tropical colour scheme with palm trees and other tropics painted on the walls.  Dinosaur themed cabinetry, blankets, and stuffies can all be found online.

7 Football

Football is an American classic and many families choose to adorn their baby boys nursery in football themed furniture, paintings, toys etc.  This theme has been done time and time again so there are many references and different approaches to choose from.  Many go with a football field painting on the walls with proper line posts, all scaled properly- footballs are also a popular choice to paint on the walls.  One of the cutest adornments to this theme, is a football themed blanket and hat for a new born which is just to die for!  As mentioned in the previous posts, many of these items are only found in online stores.

6 Space

Space is a captivating nursery theme due to the unique murals of the galaxy painted on the walls or space ships with aliens.  This theme has so much potential for creativity or it can be played down to be very subtle.

5 Jungle

Yes, another theme that could be unisex, but still works as a rocking boys theme.  The obvious colour scheme of greens, blues and browns gives the room an uplifting and fun feel to it. Animals can also be added to the mural mix, which makes the room feel more inviting.  Animal stuffies, wooden furniture, and jungle blankets can all be found online.


4 Wild West

The cowboy theme is a rare one to see but that's part of why it's great!  Tan walls are a must, along with cowboy hats, horse toys/pillows, and wooden furniture.  This Etsy page has a tons of "cowboy" nursery items to help contribute.

3 Underwater

Much like the Space theme, Under Water is a chance to get creative with this theme!  Murals of underwater animals are a common commodity- however, many furniture items also cater to this theme such as: a jelly fish canopy, ocean themes lights, and ceiling fixtures.

2 Sailor

Similar to the underwater theme; sailor is a cute and masculine theme for your new baby boy's room.  Sailor stripes painted on the walls, a ship's wheel, and anchors contribute to the theme very well and it always turns out cute!

1 Medieval

Last but not least, a medieval theme is one that screams "boy" as well.  This can be as lavish or as subtle as you want it.  Some chose to paint a castle like draw-bridge to simulate the crib coming out of a "castle".  Whereas, others chose a slighter approach, choosing a classic, wooden crib and scribing your child's name in medieval calligraphy.  Either one is a cute and unique idea.


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