14 Nursery Themes for Girls

Expecting a baby girl in your life sometime soon?  Trying to plan a cozy, comfortable, and unique nursery room?  Well here at BabyGaga, we've compiled 14 different theme ideas for that special baby girl coming into your life.

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14 Princesses

Yes, the princess trend has passed on from generation to generation, with new characters and old ones to peak interest!  This theme is an obvious, "girl" theme and it usually turns out quite cute!  Many variations of the theme have been created, but the easiest model to follow would be a pink and white scheme, with various decorations and furniture to accommodate the theme.  Princess themed decorations and furniture items can be found on various online websites; but it's Disney Baby that does it best.  Many Pinterest ideas can be found online, as well, in case you're stumped in deciding what colour or decor to chose.

13 Lady Bug

The lady bug theme is rarely adorned, but it's quite fitting for a nursery theme.  A red, white, and black colour scheme are commonly chosen to mimic the lady bug.  Many lady bug stuffies, lamp shades, blankets--you name it-- can be found at cheap prices online.

12 The "Pink" Theme

Pink everything!  Literally.  Just as blue is meant to represent baby boys, girls have their own colour partner which is pink.  This theme is among the most common female nursery theme, but that's not always a bad thing.  In this case, the more traffic the better as many companies have put affordable decor and furniture that represent this theme for a very low rate.  Etsy is a great way to find unique decor/items at an affordable rate.

11 Horses/Barn


A pretty horse theme is a more neutral theme to chose, but it's still cute nonetheless! Some chose to go with a horse mural as others have taken a more subtle approach painting the walls brown, green, white while decorating the room in a horse/barn theme.  Fortunately, there's a lot of merchandise that can be found to contribute to this theme.  For instance, Pottery Barn Kids has a collection of farm animal stuffies and blankets; decorations and furniture items that can also be found on various online stores such as Etsy, Amazon, or Ebay at low or competitive prices.

10 Butterfly Garden

This is a rare theme to see but if you're brave enough we definitely suggest you try it out!  The most popular colour scheme either goes: green, blue, white or pink, white, purple.  Either one looks great and once you start adding in butterfly decorations and decor, the look really comes together!  Blankets, pillows, stick on butterflies, butterfly chandeliers...you name it!  These items are easily found online in stores such as: Baby Super Mall, Butterfly Grove, and Ebay to name a few.  Many idea's on how to decorate this theme can be found on Pinterest or other blogs.

9 Zoo

A zoo theme could be used for a boy's room as well, although it works wonderfully for both!  If a brown, green, and blue scheme doesn't suit your preference than a pink, purple or white colour scheme can replace it.  Many who have done this theme before have chosen to do a tree/forest mural on the wall.  This gives the theme more dimension and ties in the decor and furniture better.  Animal stuffies, blankets or pillows can be found along with light fixtures and other trinkets.

8 Dr. Seuss

Dr. Seuss is a childhood classic for many, so it only makes sense for one to decorate their new babies room in a Dr. Seuss manor!  This is a uni-sex theme, but a few changes can be made if you want a "girl" statement.  Blue, red and white is the most popular colour scheme...can you guess why?

Thing 1 and Thing 2 pillows or blankets can be found; a Dr. Seuss bedding package is also available on Trend Lab.  Adventurous parents went with a Dr. Seuss styled mural or adorned stripped red and white walls.  Of course adding a few Dr. Seuss literature's wouldn't hurt either!

7 Cherry Blossom Tree

This sounds like a ridiculous theme for a nursery, I know, but one have managed to pull off a classical styled room with a beautiful mural of a cherry blossom tree. This mural may be expensive, depending on the artist you use, but it's definitely worth it in the end.  Classical furniture is often added with pretty light fixtures- usually all white or dark brown.

6 A Garden Theme

A garden theme is another theme perfect for a baby girl!  You can choose any theme you'd like as the more colour the better! Flower murals, decor, bedding, and other knick-knacks.  Insect stuffies and decor also make the theme stand out more.  Ideas for this theme on Pinterest can be found here.

5 Hello Kitty

Photo credit - enchanted_fairy / Shutterstock.com

Yes, Hello Kitty nursery themes are a thing!  And the good news about this theme is you can find Hello Kitty decorations almost everywhere.  Many people stuck with the hot pink and white colour scheme along with Hello Kitty on everything else.  Rugs, curtains, pillows, stuffies, decals, and bed spreads are all adorned with the infamous Hello Kitty logo and colours.  As previously mentioned, Hello Kitty materials are easily found online, in certain furniture stores, or in Walmart type shops.

4 Classical

A classical theme can mean many things and at times border on the "princess" theme, as canopies are usually included or a mural.  It's important to choose soft colours when designing this theme; most go with grey or a soft pink.  Wooden cribs also go well with this theme and matching furniture items can usually be bought in pairs.

3 Strawberry Shortcake

Photo credit - Ratana21 / Shutterstock.com

The kids television show has capitalized on the "young kids" trend by coming out with Strawberry Shortcake merchandize, specifically targeted towards room decor.  This is a perfect way to add a quick theme to your nursery room.  Those who don't want to go all out painting murals or buying canopies can easily settle with Strawberry Shortcake themed furniture and decor to spice up their newborn's room.

2 Underwater

The Underwater theme is a more unisex theme, but colours can be supplemented with pink or purple to help solidify it's a girl's room.  Most themes included cute blankets with sea animals stitched on, wall murals, underwater mobil's, and tropical furniture fixings.  For more ideas, visit this Pinterest page.

1 All White

An all white theme is subtle, classy, and perfect for anyone who doesn't want something outlandish.  An all white theme doesn't mean you can't add colour, it just means those colours must be used as accent colours.  Obviously, matching all-white furniture is a must for this theme, which can be found in sets in various furniture stores or online.

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