14 Pics Of Brandi From Storage Wars

Brandi Passante, from the hit show Storage Wars, is one very interesting reality star. Most people assume she is a Cali girl since she lives and works there. But clearly, from her Instagram feed, this chick proves that she’s an all-around Texan. Between Brandi and Jarrod’s personal accounts, they have lots of photos that tell many stories. She doesn’t shy away from the camera, has had a creepy stranger make an adult film about her, has a serious love of firearms, is a party girl, and can even be seen doing a keg stand. This mother of two is not your average mom. Some of the pictures have made us shudder to think about her kids seeing them one day. Thankfully they may be too young now to be hanging out on social media. One day though, they won't be.

If there is one thing that can be learned from these photos, is that Brandi likes to have a good time, and whoever she is with will certainly have fun too! Brandi can be seen shooting guns, hanging out on the Vegas strip, goofing off with friends, hanging out at the bar, and even getting cozy with some guy, that is not Jarrod. Who is this mystery man of hers?

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14 She Has Great Teeth


This picture is hilarious. Though you can’t tell by the angle that Brandi has fake gangly teeth in her mouth, she’s goofing off with her cousins and having a good old time (of course). It looks like the one in the back is also wearing Mardi Gras beads, and her cousin in the middle is not being shy at all about her “gorgeous” smile. This little gem was posted on Brandi’s personal account and shows off her fun-loving nature again. She’s not holding a beer or flicking off the camera for once, but she is always having a good time. Must be nice to have fame fortune, and to be able to go out whenever. The speculation on how much Jarrod and Brandi are worth varies. They have had several businesses flop in California, so it’s hard to know exactly what their net worth is.

13 Just Another Night Out On The Town


Funny enough, the couple isn’t married but have been together since 1999. Brandi and Jarrod are so very different, but they go so well together. They first met as co-workers who couldn’t stand each other, at some point their feelings changed. According to Jarrod, Brandi made the first romantic move. At the time, Jarrod was technically Brandi’s boss at a carpet cleaning company. One can only imagine that didn’t go over very well. Brandi seems to have more business sense and is more cautious than Jarrod, who likes to take serious risks.

This picture, hilarious as it is, shows their fun and wild side. Even though they react differently to business opportunities, they have some common ground they both share, with one love in particular - the love of a good time.

12 That's Not Jarrod!


Brandi has this little beauty on her personal account. One can only assume, since she posted it publicly, that this is just a harmless picture with a friend or family member. However, she looks awfully comfortable with this guy, who is not Jarrod.

What most people don’t know about Jarrod is that he isn’t as sweet and innocent as he seems. He has quite a criminal past that, somehow, the show didn’t seem to care about. Considering the amount of money the show makes, it seems strange that they would just look the other way when most businesses wouldn’t. According to Heavy, between 1997 and 1999, Jarrod served time in a state prison. He was arrested for transporting, possessing a controlled substance, and a DUI. Maybe Brandi is highly into bad boys.

11 How To Blow Off Steam After A Long Day Of Work

Brandi’s Instagram account is filled with goofy pictures, family photos, her Elf on the Shelf, and many shots of her adorable dogs. Jarrod’s account is a bit different. His pictures are less family-oriented and more real life. Many feature Brandi holding guns and talking about how she blows off steam after a long day at work. The ex-Texan knows how to use a gun and seems to find it a great stress reliever after checking out storage lockers all day or managing their store. Her kids are likely to follow suit. Jarrod appears to enjoy it as well. Maybe it’ll be a family outing once the kids are old enough to go to the range. Brandi’s account does show off a video of her shooting. The comments are quite funny. “Gangsta chick”, “Did you find this in a storage container?”, and a few others we can’t repeat.

10 She Also "Meditates"


This picture of her half-sleeping, looking slightly high (or maybe just meditating) is really a funny photo. Not only because of her face in this picture, and how not-camera-ready she was, but because of the creeper in the background. That creepy Chucky-like doll is downright terrifying but is also hilarious in a strange way. It’s like he’s spying on her, or photo-bombing the picture. She was probably up late last night partying, or at the shooting range. Maybe she’s exhausted from trying to keep Jarrod from blowing too much money. But whatever the case may be, as to why she looks so completely exhausted, someone should really do something about the evil little gremlin behind her! Maybe she should take it to the range with her to use as target practice.

9 Don't Mess With Jarrod's Locker


Storage Wars is partially true and partially staged, according to a report. Brandi and Jarrod are supposedly in on the lockers being staged with items, but not everyone on the show was that fortunate. Jarrod doesn’t mess around when he wants a storage locker. Many times there are fights, flavorful words are exchanged, and some deadly looks that could easily scare any other contender. It’s part of what makes the show fun to watch. Seeing the cast members spar off over a seemingly ridiculous locker, that may or may not be worth something. Clearly, Jarrod loves to gamble and take risks. He certainly took a huge risk when he was dealing drugs in the 90’s. Now that he is more mature, he does his risky business within the realms of the law.

8 Her Defamation Case

There is a slew of photos online of Brandi showing off a bit more than she bargained for. This is most like what led that creep to film an adult movie and claim it was Brandi to sell some copies. She took him to court over this defamation case, but photos like this one are all over the net. These websites are run by other creepy guys who have a knack for pausing YouTube videos at the perfect time to catch a glimpse. To keep up her appearance, she is always dressed so nice and put together for the show. Jarrod, of course, always looks the opposite in his disheveled outfits, and continuously looks as if he just woke up. The ironic thing is that Jarrod dresses in his own clothing line for the show and yet he’s the one who looks a mess.

7 Just Chilling With Bikers, No Biggie


Brandi is having some fun girl time. Not sure if they are at a biker bar, but that red solo cup screams party, and her face says, "I'm having fun." Judging by her outgoing personality, she is probably like this at home too. Do her kids appreciate her goofiness or are they oblivious to the fact that their mom is way more wild and crazy than most? Maybe it's something they do on the weekends for fun. I mean she does shoot off really big guns to relieve stress. This isn't totally crazy to think. At least she's not flipping off the camera, or accidentally showing a bit too much skin. Again, this isn't your regular mom, especially since she’s had to sue a guy for making an adult film and claiming that she was in it, but we digress.

6 Having A Good Time


Look at Brandi doing a keg stand unashamedly! Jarrod had this little beauty posted to his Instagram account. I guess he felt no shame in her game. Brandi is hilarious! She's always got something to say on the show, and the girl knows how to have a good time. She and Jarrod seem to be very well matched. Totally different personalities and traits, but they are no strangers to the party scene (as anyone could tell from their Instagram accounts.) I’m not sure if she would laugh if her kids saw this one, or totally want Jarrod to remove it from his account, but this is one picture most moms would not want their kids to look at and emulate! I’m sure it was all harmless fun, but not totally kid appropriate.

5 She Doesn't Travel Well


Most of the pictures that can be found of Brandi while not at work, or home with her kids, are of her drinking booze or flipping off the camera. Not too ladylike, in my opinion. She wears cute dresses or skirts and is always put together for the show, while Jarrod looks like he just rolled out of bed. However, once she's off the set, she likes to chill. She gets serious motion sickness, so maybe that’s why she’s boozing up before a flight. If Brandi took a pill to calm her nerves beforehand, this could turn into the hysterical scene from Bridesmaids where she sees a woman churning butter on the wing of the plane. She isn’t messing around and is hoping to enjoy the flight, despite what her stomach may do.

4 What Happens In Vegas...

In 2015, the cast of the hit show, Storage Wars, attended ABSINTHE at Caesars Palace. After the show, Brandi and Jarrod met with the cast for a photo-op and to let them know just how much they loved it. The Chicago Times called the show sexy, funny, unabashedly raunchy, and even named it the best show on the Vegas Strip. Brandi and Jarrod aren’t shy when it comes to having a good time, and meeting the cast is one of the perks of being reality TV stars. They are celebrities in every sense of the word now. Once an ex-con who worked at a carpet cleaning business, and a cute girl from Texas who couldn’t stand him, and now they are famous enough to meet the cast of a Vegas show.

3 What's Behind The Smile?


Her adorable giggle and fashion sense have worked in her favor on the show. People love Jarrod and Brandi, but find her to be the nicest, more sensible half of the pair. Though she smiles often and always has something to say, she has two very unfortunate problems - serious motion sickness and an unhealthy fear of escalators, that have made for some rather uncomfortable times for her. The couple needs to travel often and road trips make her so sick. She cannot handle long rides in any capacity. To top it off, she has a very unrealistic fear of escalators and will do anything she can to avoid going up or down on one. Her fear is that the escalator teeth will eat her toes. Which is odd, as most are afraid of their clothing getting stuck or make her fall…but her fear is that they will eat her toes.

2 This Girl Loves Her Toys

This picture may come as a shock to some people, but Brandi isn’t who you think she is. While Storage Wars is filmed in California, Brandi is not a Cali girl. She is a Texan by birth and nature. The picture makes so much more sense now. The ex-Texan knows how to use her firearms and she certainly isn’t balking at a chance to hold a big one. You may have noticed that she says "Y'all" quite a bit on the show. This isn’t to be cute, though some people may find it adorable, I'm sure. She is a real Texan girl and those Y'alls are a hard habit to break. Jarrod was born and raised in California, which is where the couple met. Though there is a shot of them looking at wedding dresses, the couple apparently never did actually tie the knot. But that hasn’t been officially confirmed or denied.

1 Showing Off That Finger

Sure, she has a flair for showing off her tallest finger, but Brandi has other talents too. For one, she keeps Jarrod from blowing all of their money on risky business deals, but she is also a really awesome cook. She is an Italian from Texas who has a flair for cooking up seriously amazing authentic cuisine.

Before the couple met, Jarrod didn’t really enjoy eating. He ate to live, but he didn’t live to eat. Now that Brandi is in his life, and cooking amazing meals for him, Jarrod totally loves to eat. The most famous meal that friends and family always want her to make is chicken stroganoff. Maybe she should put down her tall finger and focus more on her awesome talents. I would love a steaming hot chicken stroganoff right now!

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