13 Pics Of How Pregnant Women Dressed Their Bump On Halloween

When it comes to Halloween, no costume is off limits. For pregnant women, this is an opportunity - possibly a once in a lifetime opportunity - to dress up the baby bump in a fun, horrifying, and disturbing way. After all, not all pregnancies fall over this holiday, and not all pregnancies are far enough along on Halloween to give you this chance to really go all out and scare whoever you can!

Thinking up a creative Halloween costume can be quite a joy. The goal for many is to scare and shock people. So if you are pregnant, why not take advantage of your bump and get that growing baby involved in a costume that is sure to get people running in the other direction!

Just imagine opening your door for trick-or-treaters or going to a Halloween party all scarily dressed up - using your bump to its full potential!

While there are plenty of tame and cute ways to dress up your baby bump, what is the fun in that?! For some pregnant women, they go all out and dress up their bump on Halloween so it is as scary as possible. Trick-or-treat, anyone? Read on for some totally outrageous and horrifying ways pregnant women have dressed up their bump on October 31st. Happy Halloween!

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13 The Milkman Did It!

Uh oh, what did the milk man do?! There is always a joke about who is the real daddy, is it the husband, or the milkman?! Who will that little one end up looking like once born?!! This couple decided to make a play on that funny Maury type of situation, and dress the part!

The sweet, innocent housewife gets knocked up by the man delivering the milk. It is hilarious, even if it is a bit disturbing to think about! These two definitely turn heads this Halloween. She has her classic outfit on, complete with a bottle of milk, while the milkman has his handy dandy basket of milk, and you can bet she probably does not need any milk! You have to wonder though, is there another guy dressed up as her husband?! Now, that would be absolutely hilarious.

12 Zombie Mommy

Uh oh, watch out for Zombie Mommy! This type of Halloween costume is a fantastic way to dress up your bump and give everyone a real scare. Using baby doll arms and legs, put those in your shirt with fake blood and you have a real frightening costume for Halloween night. And perhaps a bit disturbing, but in a creative way.

This expecting mama look it one step further by making herself a zombie! Can you imagine running into her on Halloween night?! Her look is definitely scary, and the addition of the baby arms and legs just takes it to another level entirely. But look, the little zombie baby has a little pumpkin so he can go trick-or-treating! We bet there will be lots of tricks for them on Halloween night.

11 What A Cute Couple

In case you couldn’t tell, that’s the pregnant mom dressed up as a man and the baby daddy dressed up as a woman. This couple decided to take full advantage of her baby bump on Halloween and totally switch up their roles to create a somewhat inappropriate portrayal of a redneck, hillbilly couple.

We have the mom to be who has her gut hanging out. Only, that is her baby bump! If you didn’t know better, you might actually be convinced that she was actually a man, and that wasn’t a pregnant belly! She even drew on a little mustache and stuck a fake cigarette in her mouth. As for the dad-to-be, he got the chance to dress up as a housewife in a bathrobe. They sure are playing their parts this Halloween!

10 Some Big Honkers

This couple took Halloween to a new level by coming up with a one-of-a-kind costume that is perhaps as scary as it is inappropriate. This is definitely a crazy way to dress up the baby bump as it isn’t your typical frightening Halloween costume, but there is no denying you might be a little scared to run into a pair of boobs that are this big!

While the mom-to-be used her baby bump, the dad-to-be either used his possible beer belly or a fake belly to give this costume its full effect. It is definitely clear that they likely got looks no matter where they went on Halloween night! This is one crazy costume that is surely laughable at how inappropriate it is. Only thing is, they had to be stuck together all Halloween!

9 Now That's A Real Shotgun Wedding

We all know what a shotgun wedding is. Oops, your girlfriend got knocked up, time to make it right, propose, and walk down that aisle to marriage before the baby arrives. This cute couple decided to make a play on a shotgun wedding, and totally use it for their Halloween costume!

You have to laugh at this costume, as inappropriate as it may be. They definitely tried to do the part too, her belly coming out of her wedding dress, too much makeup, a couple of tattoos, while he really did his part by dressing like a hillbilly complete with overalls, bad teeth, a straw hat, and gotta have that shotgun in hand! Happy Halloween to the happy couple on their shotgun wedding day!

8 She's Got A Full Nest Going On

During pregnancy, there is a phenomenon that occurs called nesting. We take this term directly from the world of birds to describe the feeling a woman gets to have everything in order before the baby arrives. She has to prepare her nest for her little bundle of joy.

This pregnant mama decided to play on that theme by dressing up like a bird! She took nesting to a new level on Halloween, and definitely makes us look twice (that mask is just slightly scary, isn’t it?!). She dressed as mama bird, while her bump is painted a beautiful shade of blue, just like a baby bird egg. She actually does look just like a bird sitting on her egg in her nest. No denying that this is definitely a creative Halloween costume!

7 Pregnant Barbie

There is a new Barbie on the market- knocked up Barbie! This hilariously inappropriate costume is definitely one that turns heads on Halloween. We all know Barbie and what Barbie looks like, so the fact that this pregnant mama decided to make a new kind of Barbie really does make us laugh out loud!

This creative and funny Halloween costume may border on inappropriate, but you have to give her credit for devising this costume. This mom-to-be dressed herself up like Barbie, totally showing off her baby bump. She even made herself a box to put her Barbie self inside of, and giving the name Knocked Up Barbie on the box. Totally funny and unique on Halloween! We wonder if she will make another funny Barbie costume once her baby is born!

6 Watch Out Trick or Treaters

You don’t have to go all out to create a scary Halloween costume using your pregnant belly as the main prop. Just take a look at what this mom-to-be decided to do for a Halloween costume. She dressed her bump with words to frighten any little trick-or-treater that glances in her direction!

Imagine being a cute little vampire or sweet little butterfly ringing that doorbell on Halloween night, only to be face to face with this scary belly once the door is opened?! The truly frightening jack-o-lantern face with the scary red eyes, and words that can truly kill- I eat small children. Those kids will most definitely be getting a trick instead of a treat on Halloween night! Watch out for the scary pumpkin!

5 For The Sake Of All That Is Holy

You likely laughed at this pregnant Halloween getup, but also cringed at its highly inappropriate message! We laugh because it is a nun, who is not supposed to ever get pregnant, yet is pregnant, which also makes us a little freaked out. And to add the icing on the cake… did you read that sign?!

We know that in the Catholic religion, priests and nuns should never get it on, if you know what we mean. There are no relationships, no pregnancies, and no babies. Yet, this costume makes a play on all that is holy. This woman decided to dress up as a pregnant nun to truly shock us all! And having that sign that asks about the Father… get it… we call our priests, Fathers. Oh boy is definitely an understatement for this shockingly inappropriate Halloween costume!

4 What A Way To Wake Up!

This mom-to-be decided to make a funny Halloween costume using her baby bump as the main prop. She painted on the face of Mike from the movie Monsters Inc. For those who are not familiar with the movie, the general idea is that the monsters have to scare little children who are in bed.

So instead of scaring a small child, this mom-to-be decided to scare the dad-to-be! This makes for a funny photo. There is her bump, scare him right as he wakes up and lets out a shriek. Gotta wonder though, was it a staged fright or was it natural? Did he know he was being scared?! We know that we would certainly let out a huge scream if we woke up to that pregnant belly on Halloween!

3 Time To Jump Over The Rainbow

A pregnant mama dressed as a beautiful unicorn is sweet on Halloween. Oh wait just a moment, what is that coming out of her baby belly?! Yep, looks like baby unicorn is making a statement! This somewhat sweet, yet totally inappropriate Halloween costume is definitely one of a kind, and a unique way to dress up your bump.

If this mama unicorn was headed our way, we would likely quickly jump out of her path to let her pass. Just look at that bloody horn coming out of her belly! Nothing like taking a mythical and magical creature like a unicorn, and turning it into a gory mess for Halloween night! This is totally an interesting way to dress the bump for Halloween. Heads will certainly be turning once they get a look at her belly!

2 Time To Get Milked

The farmer in the dell, the farmer in the dell, high ho the dairy oh, the farmer in the… WHAT?! Here is a totally hilarious Halloween costume that these two thought up. Pregnant mama dressed like a cow, complete with her udders out, loud and proud, while good old daddy the farmer hangs out nearby with a can of beer.

Any pregnant woman knows you likely already feel like a cow, especially when you are close to your due date, so why not actually become a cow on Halloween?! People are sure to laugh at your funny costume, which is pretty simple, and seems pretty comfy, too. Get your hubby to dress as a farmer and you have an entire couples costume going down, sure to make trick or treaters and friends roll on the floor laughing.

1 Congratulations Are In Order!

How hilarious is this pregnant mama’s Halloween costume? You have to really look around and pay attention to get the full gist of her hilariously inappropriate way to dress her bump up on Halloween. This pregnant mama went all out to make a serious situation totally laugh out loud funny!

This mom to be has a nice gown on and it looks like she won the award and title of Ms. Conception! How cute and original! She cradles her growing belly as she drinks a… wait… is that a beer?! Gotta laugh at the inappropriate way this mom to be decided to celebrate her newfound title on Halloween! It may seem all serious, but we know it is in all good fun for the holiday where we can act a little crazy- Happy Halloween!

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