15 Interesting Pics Of Jana Duggar

For years we have watched Jim-Bob and Michelle Duggar reproduce at uncanny speeds. The independent Baptist pair even landed their own television show that revolved around how life looked when nineteen kids were living under one roof. The majority of us mainstream parents stared wide-eyed at the television screen as Michelle just kept popping babies out, one season after another. How on Earth were these people functioning so seamlessly and effortlessly? Where was the chaos, the screaming, and the fighting? Why wasn't Michelle Duggar locking herself in the laundry room and sobbing into sky-high mountains of dirty clothes?

One Word: Jana.

Oh yes. Twenty-eight-year-old Jana Duggar has been locking it down at Casa De Duggar since she was old enough to run the peanut butter and jelly assembly line and fold one hundred pairs of slacks each day. Jana Duggar is the sole reason Michelle and Jim-Bob Duggar have not royally lost their minds and their fame. She has been watching the brood for over a decade - she does the cooking, the laundry, the homeschooling and general child rearing. Jana has skills in midwifery, emergency responding, crafting and so much more. She is the ultimate Jack of all Trades and many are starting to wonder if her skills and talents are the main reason why she remains single; perhaps her parents see her as far too valuable to release into the arms of a man.

Well, Michelle and Jim-Bob, it is high time to free Jana!  That girl needs out like yesterday.

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14 The Mommy-Auntie

How can Jana Duggar concentrate on starting her own family when her brother Josh and his wife Anna rely so heavily on her help? Josh Duggar has certainly put his entire family through the ringer over these past few years. After his sleazy scandal broke, it was Jana who stood by Anna Duggar's side helping her raise her four children. Anna has referred to Jana as her rock and has remained very vocal about how it was Jana's support that got her through those darkest times. Faith and family have gotten Josh and Anna to a relatively sound place in their marriage and the two celebrated their reunification with yet another baby, no shocker there! With baby number five joining the family, it's hard to believe Jana would leave her off now.

13 Feed The Family, Jana

The Duggars are often shown celebrating with food on their hit television shows 19 and Counting and Counting On and Jana Duggar is often seen starring as the role of chef. It isn't uncommon to see her slaving away in the family's commercial-sized kitchen, recreating family favorites for her giant herd of relatives to consume. Jana does the holiday baking as well as daily meal-prepping with her younger siblings and because there aren't many Duggars left unmarried and living at home now, most of the culinary responsibility falls on twenty-eight-year-old Jana. While Jana has made it clear in the past that she enjoys assisting the family behind the scenes compared to being in the television spotlight, we aren't sure anyone likes to bake bread for no pay that much.

12 Spinster Roomie

Once upon a time, the Duggar children all shared rooms according to gender and age.  Jana used to bunk down and split a bedroom with her sisters Jinger, Joy-Anna, Jessa, and Jill. These days all four of those ladies are sharing their sleeping space with new hubbies and kids of their own and the oldest Duggar is left at home with a new gaggle of roommates. Jana sleeps alongside her female pre-teen kin who range in ages from seven to eleven. It's a bit weird to be twenty-eight years old and sleeping in a twin bed alongside your siblings who still play with Barbies. The least the Duggars could do is let Jana have her own small space in their massive home. The poor woman is nearly thirty years old! Our guess is that she spends a whole lot of nights staring up at the ceiling cursing her life.

11 Dugger-ella

There is truly one Duggar offspring that pulls more weight than all the others combined and that is the eldest sister Jana. She has been dubbed the "Cinderella" of the family because of all that she continues to do in the family's domestic realm. Jana cooks, she cleans, she helps Josh and Anna with their brood, she serves as the family seamstress and she has been the other kids' caretaker since she was roughly knee-high. While other Duggers have pitched in here and there, it has become very apparent over the years that Jana is responsible for far more than her similarly-aged siblings. In fact, Jana is so busy caring for her large family that she can't go to school or get a job. Her contributions to the clan have some folks wondering how the Duggars will ever survive once she does leave the home.

10 Family Sherpa

Jana just celebrated her twenty-eighth birthday and we are using the term "celebrate" very loosely here. The Duggars recently embarked on a little family vacation to beautiful, sunny Australia, but to make that type of undertaking run smoothly they had to summon their family Sherpa...Jana the birthday girl. Here she is seen, alone as usual, assembling and checking in a few dozen suitcases and carry-ons. Seriously where in the hell is John-David? Does she not have a twin that might be willing to help her haul that crap around? Obviously, the other Duggars had far more important things to do at the airport and making sure that Jana didn't give herself a birthday hernia wasn't on their to-do list. True to her character, Jana just takes the slight in stride. No way would we be as graceful with this task.

9 Family Work Horse

Who could forget the epic courtship and wedding of Duggar sister Jill back in 2014? Nearly an entire season of 19 and Counting revolved around wedding planning plots. Sadly Jana-Always-A-Bridesmaid-Never-A-Bride-Duggar spent countless hours behind the scenes making sure that Jill had her shining Princess moment with her husband Derek on their big day. Here, she is shown sewing enough fabric to make her poor little fingers bleed. Jill had a whopping nine bridesmaids included in her wedding party and every single one of those girls required dress alterations. Guess who got stuck threading needles for days on end? Yep, poor Jana Duggar got the shaft yet again.  She spent an entire afternoon drowning in ugly teal satin while the rest of her family celebrated the upcoming nuptials at an afternoon tea. Seriously, could they have not just hired someone so Jana could celebrate the day with her siblings?

8 Career Kaput

Jana Duggar's possible careers have been a bit like a fart in the wind. At one point it looked as if Jana and her sister Jill would be mastering the wonderful world of midwifery, but while Jill completed the training and passed the required exams, Jana just kind of let the interest dissolve. She also did some volunteering tor Emergency First Responders with her twin brother John-David, but again that didn't last for too long either. We wonder what is holding talented Jana back - she seems to have many talents and interests, but just can't seem to commit to any of them.  Rumor has it that home design has recently peaked Jana's interest. We shall see if this path sticks or if it is another hobby destined to die. Hopefully, she finds something to do outside of heating up mac-n-cheese, mopping floors and helping home-school her siblings.

7 Jana's Talents Are Intimidating

If any Duggar is going to break the cycle of being a Young Baby-Making Machine- it's going to be Jana. That is IF she can ever escape her family duties. She actually has a ton of talent in decor and interior design- but that doesn't really matter considering her Duggar duties are to either care for her young siblings or to have her own to watch and raise. Some fans are even starting to compare Jana to the ever popular Joanna Gaines due to their similar love of designing with a rustic elegance. In a recent episode of Counting On, Jana helped sister Jessa and her husband Ben transform a boring, drab guest home into something that their young family could grow into. Jana, we know you are destined for greater things, you just have to break free.  Run Jana! Hike your knee-length jean skirt up and run away!

6 Rumor Has It...

The rumors about WHY Jana hasn't been married off already are pretty outrageous. Here are a few of our favorites - there have been several (totally unfounded) claims that Jana is single because she is actually a lesbian. Since homosexuality is frowned upon in her family's religion, it makes sense that she would be held back from pursuing a partner more up her alley. Another whacky rumor is that Jana has been told by her parents that she can't go and get married until her male twin courts as well. We aren't so sure we are buying this one either, but the Duggars do follow a very patriarchal model of life, so perhaps it isn't out of the realm of possibilities. Lastly, many fans and followers of the show think that Jim-Bob and Michelle desperately need Jana to parent for them. Ok, honestly, this last one I kind of believe.

5 A Sister Left Alone

So by now we have all heard that the oldest Duggar brother Josh is a filthy, child molesting swine who inappropriately touched his younger sisters for years as Jim-Bob and Michelle desperately tried to sweep the fiasco under the rug.  All but one sister fell victim to Josh's unwanted advances; Jana remained untouched by the creepster, but why? Does she hold a higher place in the family compared to the other siblings? From a young age it was Jana who watched over the massive brood while Jim-Bob and Michelle enjoyed their infamous "date night" so perhaps she has always been seen as another mother- which could explain why she remained untouched by her older bro. Furthermore, if she is in fact viewed as the mama then how could she leave her "children"  behind and marry? Maybe it isn't her parents influencing her to remain unwed so much as it's Jana's pull towards the kids she has basically raised and protected for years.

4 Ostracized From Her Siblings

It's hard to watch people who you have always been tight with grow up, move away and start a brand new life without you. I'm sure Jana isn't the first sibling to mourn the bond of her sisters and brothers following huge life changes. Although it is only natural to miss your relatives when they move away, Jana has been hit with a heavy dose of the "bye-byes" in recent years. Sisters Jill, Jessa, Jinger and even little Joy-Anna have all married and moved out as well as bros Josh and Joseph. Jana has said that the situation is a lonely one because she isn't in "the group" with her other siblings who are now married. Apparently, the singles and the married are two totally separate entities - family doesn't always come first in this respect I guess.

3 Her Liberal Loves

The world kind of went bananas when reports began to surface that Jana was courting her prospective prince! It looked as if all that waiting for Mr. Right was finally going to pay off when Jana was believed to be considering courting not one, but TWO suitors. Damn straight! If any Duggar is going to land a gang of princes it's going to be our girl Jana. She is the total package afterall right? You would think Michelle and Jim-Bob would be doing cartwheels over their spinster daughter finally landing a man but apparently they weren't so keen on at least one of the guys as he was rumored to be far more liberal than they would prefer for a future son-in-law. Whatever. We think a liberal husband who will happily support Jana's goals and dreams would be a perfect fit for the talented Ms. Duggar.

2 Community Black Sheep

In the big city being twenty-eight and unmarried is perfectly acceptable - actually, it's the norm not to marry until you're older and emotionally and financially more established. In popular culture most twenty and thirty-year-olds travel, get their feet wet in the career world, date, find themselves, and basically just learn and grow in those formative young adult years. This, however, is not the preferred practice in the Duggar's community. It's basically unheard of in their circle to be Jana's age and still single - which almost certainly must make her feel like an old unmarried maid at 26! What this mindset must be doing for Jana's self-esteem and psyche we seriously cannot imagine.  Hopefully, Jana loves cats, because in her small community she is one step away from becoming a crazy-cat lady.

1 Kid Free

Some fans have long been speculating that Jana is actually against the "Quiverfull" movement and is trying to stay single as long as she can because she doesn't want to be thirty-five-years-old with fourteen kids in tow. In fact, she might not want any tykes of her own! One way to keep her baby numbers down is to get a later start on the reproductive chapter of her life. While her sisters are wasting no time getting married and knocked up, Jana knows that the longer she puts off being a mama, the fewer kids she is likely to have. If she waits a few more years she may end up with only two or three kiddos to raise, while her sisters Jinger and Joy-Anna will probably be dragging around at least a dozen kids at the rate that they are going. We always knew that Jana was the smartest Duggar of all!

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