Record Breaking Baby Born At 14 Pounds, 13 Ounces In Texas

For one family in Texas, this holiday season was filled with love, hope, and an extra special gift. When one couple, Jennifer and Eric Medlock, welcomed their young son into the world, they didn’t know that they would also be making history. At Texas Health Arlington Memorial Hospital, mother Jennifer Medlock gave birth to the biggest newborn to date. At a whopping 14 pounds and 13 ounces, the Medlock’s son Ali is now known for being the heaviest newborn baby in the nation. According to a new report from USA Today, a member of the Texas Health Resources team noted that Ali is the largest newborn to be birthed at their hospital. The doctor who assisted with the birthing process was also surprised to note the boy’s size, stating that Ali was the heaviest baby that he personally delivered. With an extensive career over more than 30 years in the delivery room, the doctor said that Ali was the biggest newborn he remembers bringing into the world.

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The Medlock family welcomed their daughter two years prior, who was born at 10 pounds. Although they expected their son to be quite heavy, they didn’t know that they would be shattering records. Ali, who was born on December 12th, is healthy. "We did not expect 14 pounds," his mother, Jennifer, said. "Nobody did." Both parents, Jennifer and Eric, work as music teachers in Arlington, Texas.

According to the article from USA Today, Jennifer gave birth to Ali through a scheduled C-section. Previously, Jennifer Medlock had experienced a C-section when giving birth to her daughter. When Ali was first born, he was admitted to the neonatal intensive care unit of the hospital. Due to his large size, the baby had experienced low blood sugar and platelets in his early stages. Thankfully, baby Ali improved rapidly and was officially taken back home to the Medlock household on December 19. As the popular saying goes, everything’s bigger in Texas. We wish all the best for the Medlock family during this time.

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