14 Pregnancy Announcement Photos That Can't Be Unseen

Having a baby is a joyous time in any couple’s life. When they first find out they are expecting, they might cry, laugh, smile, and have other joy-filled reactions. Once the news settles in, they want to start telling people! Anyone and everyone who will listen, in fact. And they want to memorialize the special time in their life. While some couples simply send out emails or make phone calls, others want extended family and friends to know about their future blessing. And so they take photographs to send around as pregnancy announcements.

While there are plenty of options for classic, stylish photos, there are families that want something a little…well, unique. Every person is different and no two babies are a like, right? So why should all of the pregnancy announcement photos be normal? These couples have taken “normal” and thrown it out the window, into the breeze. Their photos are anything but. In fact, some of them are hard to look at for very long! Whether the pictures make us cringe, laugh, or look away as quickly as possible, it’s easy enough to admit, they are burned into our minds for good now. It might be hard to wonder what these people were thinking when they came up with these ideas, but the fact of the matter is…they’re going to be parents! We hope their children turn out well. Not everyone has to be normal! In fact, it takes all types to make the world go around…we hope, right?

14  When Humans Have Cats

tiger pregnant couple

There are animal loves and then there are animal lovers. This couple doesn’t just adore animals, they want to be big cats themselves. They have taken their love of tigers so far that they decided it would be a good idea to paint themselves like the majestic creatures when they took their pregnancy photos. And not just their faces, their entire bodies. Or at least what shows in this shot.

Of course, the woman had a good excuse. She didn’t want to leave the child out! She wanted to make sure the baby was included in the session as much as possible. She and her man were the king and queen of the photo and the baby was the little cub, as is evident from the cub painting on her belly. Will they ever look back on this and wonder why? Or will this always make sense to them, even if it doesn’t us?

13 Blowing Up The Belly

Blowing up belly

There are classy pregnancy photos where the man and woman gently hold the woman’s pregnant belly with a look of love. And then there’s this. This isn’t exactly classy. Is this how the baby got in there in the first place? We doubt it, but it’s still an odd way to announce that there’s a little one on the way.

With any luck, no children were harmed in the making of this photo. They’re obviously just playing, but does the woman really appreciate the idea that she’s being blown up? When pregnant, women know they are bigger than normal. They don’t really need reminders! Especially in forms of pictures that will last a lifetime…and get passed around to all family members and friends. This could also lead a child to ask more questions than mom and dad want to answer when they are old enough to take a look at the picture.

12 Pregnant Woman Being Stalked

Pregnant lady, creepy man

It’s nice to have both mom and dad in the pregnancy photos. After all, it takes two in order to create a child in the first place. We get that mom is still center stage. Like a bride on her wedding day. The mom does the heavy lifting since she’s the one carrying the child for the entirety of the 9 months. So maybe the picture should focus on her slightly more than dad. She has the belly to show off as well. But when dad is so far off in the distance that he becomes more of a creepy stalker than a father figure, something has gone horribly wrong.

What is it that he’s looking at? Did he just not follow directions so the photographer told him to go sit in the weeds instead of participating? Is he a photobombing stranger with no part in the pregnancy at all?

11 Playboy Bunny Gets Pregnant

Bunny pregnant pictures

Every child wants to think about their mom in this manner when they get older, right? Instead of seeing mom in a classy, long shirt that covers her belly, why not put on a tube top and bear it all. And the tub top isn’t even enough, here. She also needs a bow tie and bunny ears.

This makes us wonder what mom did before she got pregnant…or even what she still does. She looks perfectly comfortable putting her leg up on dad’s shoulder. Though he doesn’t look quite as sure… Is she trying to tell us that she’s having a bunny and not a baby? Is she so proud of her former status as a PlayBoy Bunny that she wants everyone to remember her success? Is there a PlayBoy option that features pregnant women that we didn’t know about? So many questions, so few answers, such a strange picture!

10 Pregnant Woman Has A Tussle With Plastic

plastic wrapped pregnancy

Ah yes, it happens to every pregnant woman. The swelling feet. The weight gain. The heart burn. The cravings. The tussle with plastic. Wait, what? Why did this woman see it fit to roll around in plastic before she took a photograph of her pregnancy? Hasn’t she read the labels on plastic bags? They are not toys! They can lead to suffocation and are harmful to children! So why wrap up in it for this picture?

Even if plastic is her favorite thing in the world, she had to know that we can still see her rather large granny panty pregnancy underwear. She’s not wearing much else and this photo is going to give her child a heart attack when he is old enough to realize how little mom has on. Plastic is see through in this case, right? It’s not flattering…it’s strange! And now we have to try and sleep at night.

9 When Some Are Happier Than Others

boy unhappy with positive pregnancy

Ideally, both people in the couple really want the child-to-be and are elated to hear that they are pregnant and expecting. Unfortunately, that is not always the case. There is no way how to tell how this boy reacted initially, but, as they say, pictures speak a thousand words. We are fairly certain he is less than pleased with the result of this test. Or perhaps he doesn’t like being bitten or maybe he doesn’t like being placed so close to a stick that has been peed upon.

Whatever is going on here, we are fairly certain the people who receive this announcement will have questions…plenty of them! They may want to know if he will stick around or how she talked him into taking a picture at all. Will he get used to the idea? Time will tell. Perhaps they can take some cues from other couples and take a weird belly shot next time.

8 Creepy Pregnant Baby Belly

baby on belly

New moms spend a lot of time thinking about their children. They can’t exactly get away from babies when they are moving around in their bellies, after all. The baby kicks, the mom has to pee. The baby shifts location, the mom gets heartburn. The baby grows, the mom gains weight. And, of course, all moms want to know what their child will look like. Will they have mom’s eyes and dad’s hair? Will they have those adorable chubby cheeks? Only time can tell.

In this case, the mom gets a sneak preview of what the child will look like. Somehow, the child’s face is embedded onto her growing belly in this picture! All we have to say about that is, if the child’s head is really that big, mom is in huge trouble! The baby looks happy, but mom certainly won’t be. Has anyone ever seen a diaper in giant size?

7 The Whole Family Participates

squat mom and family

When mom has a new baby, it’s not just about her. When she has a husband and other children to think about, it’s a family affair. Everyone will pitch in and help with the child. They can take turns feeding the baby, changing diapers, and doing some of the other chores associated with raising a little one. It’s great when everyone pitches in, right?

Sometimes, the whole family is excited about having a new baby. They watch mom carefully. So carefully that any time she pulls up her shirt and does a squat, they’re right there peering between her legs. Wait, what? Is this a little strange or is it just us? First of all, she had pants on (thank goodness) so how is the baby even supposed to get out. If she’s really going to have the child right here, shouldn’t someone prepare to catch instead of looking so disgusted by the process?

6 Earthy Mom Wrapped In Moss

mossy mom

Pregnancy is a beautiful, natural experience. Some women want to highlight that beauty in a natural way. That means they might wear tight clothing because their bellies are beautiful and they want to show them off. They might talk about their pregnancy in a candid manner and highlight their woes to anyone who will listen. Or, they might take it all off, wrap themselves in a mossy tree, and take pictures.

It’s nice that this woman is into natural things. Her children will grow up with organic food that is very healthy for them. They’ll grow big and strong and they’ll have good values. But when they see this picture, are they going to want a copy for their walls? No way! They’re going to run screaming away! Unless they just sit still and ask questions like: why, mom why?! Hopefully she has some good answers or that could be an awkward conversation.

5 Frosty The Pregnant Mom

snowman belly

Being pregnant is a fun time for many women. They like to feel the baby move around and they like to prepare the nursery. The holidays are especially magical because pregnant women get to spend time thinking about what the following year will be like when a baby is there for all of the holiday celebrations. This woman must have been upset that the family went outside to play in the snow without her. She couldn’t because she’s pregnant and it’s too cold. So instead of just watching them out the window, she painted frosty on her belly and took pictures.

We are wondering how the nose is attached. Did she glue it on? Stick it in her belly button? What? And why, exactly, did she think this was a good idea? If she wanted a snowman picture, she could have taken one out the front window after her family was done building him!

4 The Beached Whale Look

whale woman

Okay, so we get that this is actually a dolphin, but we’re curious about a number of things here. First, why are they laying on a white shaggy bear-skin-like rug if they enjoy the beach so much? Second, why is the man naked? Third, why is mom showing off so much more than her belly? Fourth, why oh why did they agree to this shot in the first place? We certainly would have been better off without seeing it, no?

3 Teaching Children New Career Paths

kids help with birth

It’s hard to concentrate on a new baby when there other children in the family, vying for attention. But the baby needs mom and they can’t care for themselves or do anything at all. So when it comes down to it, the older children get away with a few extra things simply because mom is distracted.

So who invited these misfits into the room so soon after the birth? And where did they get the bloody glove? Surely they didn’t actually help with the birthing process, right? They would look a lot more terrified and a lot less joyful. And who took this picture trying to convince us that the younger boy actually delivered his new sibling? It’s gross! And now we have to go about our everyday life pretending like we didn’t see the disturbing image. Even if it was staged, bringing a glove like this and putting it on a child…really?

2 Create One Life, Take Another

dead turkey pregnant woman

There is so much going on in this photo, it’s hard to know where to start or where to finish. It’s nice that this woman is pregnant. Good for her! The road background for her pregnancy photo isn’t even all that bad. But why did she think it was cool to hold up a dead bird? Is she bragging that she’s bringing a new life into the world so she can now take a bird’s life without guilt?

We have to ask about the pigtails too. Does she want to look younger than she is? Is this her normal style? Why not go with something a little more mom-like? And while the road is a fine background, there’s a random car on it. Is it supposed to be there or is it photobombing mom and her bird? Either way, she might want to move. It’s headed right for her and not slowing down.

1 The Belly Bump

man and woman bellies

Sometimes, when the wife gains weight with her pregnancy, the husband does too. It’s sweet, really, that he gains sympathy weight. Maybe he even feels pangs now and then as she gets pain. Or, he probably at least experiences heartburn from overeating. What’s not a good thing, however, is when a pregnant woman is just as large as her husband, who obviously is not pregnant. These two seem proud of his matching belly, however, and decided to showcase it for their photo.

Does the man have no shame? Does he think we want to see his stomach braced against hers? She has a wonderful, life-giving excuse to expand around the waist. He, however, does not. Perhaps he should spend a bit more time rubbing her feet and less eating her pickles and ice cream! At least she can save money and pass her pants down to him when she is done with them after the baby is born!

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