14 Reasons To Have A Baby...Like Now!

Ready to have a baby? Honestly, is anyone ever really truly ready for a baby? Babies do not come with an instruction manual, and we never know what we're going to get. Boy, girl, fussy, calm, screamer, sleeper - there's no way to prepare for the unknown. People are deciding to have children at a much older age nowadays. The ‘Are You Ready To Have A Baby?’ checklist is overwhelming. I don't know that I will ever complete everything on some of those lists - and I already have two kids! According to the lists, a financially stable family needs to be totally debt free and you should also know how much zinc the father requires per day prior to pregnancy - huh?

Some people forget that women around the world have been having babies for centuries - and without a readiness checklist! Worrying about all the things we need to do, or the things that we didn't do, only adds pressure to an already stressful situation. Weather it's the first child, or the third, bringing a baby into the world is a life changing decision. It will be hard and it will require work, but it will also be rewarding. A child will bring light and happiness into a home. Stop thinking about all the reasons not to have a baby, and start thinking about all the reasons why you should have a baby.

So, don’t waste time and keep reading to find out why you need to have a baby...like now!

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14 Experiencing Birth

Ask any parent, and they will have their own interesting, unique story of how their child came into their lives. Experiencing birth in real life will be nothing like the movies. For moms, we develop a sort of tunnel vision. It's like an out of body experience during labor and then the moment we hold our baby we come crashing back down into reality - A twisted reality. Because everything you thought you knew about life changes after childbirth.

There really is nothing like the sensation of pushing a baby out of your lady parts! It is as painful as it sounds, but at the same time it feels amazing! It is an immediate relief of pressure, and you can finally breath again the moment the baby comes out. Your body feels a mixture of pain and pleasure overload. Two brave men decided to step up and try out a labor simulator. Unfortunately for them they felt all the pain and none of the pleasure. One of the volunteers said, “Mum if anything that I just experienced is anywhere close to what I did to you all those years ago, I’m sorry, you’re like a superhero.”

13 Free Gifts

Everyone loves free gifts, and everyone loves to buy gifts for a mama-to-be! Having a baby shower will usually get a new mom set up with everything she needs. Create a registry to avoid getting twenty baby blankets and fifty pairs of socks. It's encouraged for the parents to speak up and let their loved ones know what they actually need for the baby. Of course, the registry won't stop Aunt Jane from buying a bag of cheap toys that will never see the inside of the nursery, but it will definitely help with quality control.

On top of free shower gifts, did you know a ton of companies offer free gifts to expecting parents? Enfamil Family Beginnings is one of many offered promotions. You simply enroll in the program and you can get up to $250 worth of free things. Sometimes this can include a free diaper bag, bottles or formula in addition to coupons, and other small items.

12 Age

Age is always going to be a factor when you are planning a family. Am I getting too old, or maybe I’m too young and not yet stable enough for a child. What is the perfect age to have a child? According to Psychology Today, the late teens or early twenties are best biologically, says John Mirowsky, a sociologist at the University of Texas at Austin. That’s when “oocytes are fresh and the body’s reproductive and other systems are at a youthful peak,” he wrote.

Having a baby at such a young age doesn't always work out in today's society. Women are still in school and building their careers at such a young age. The "best" time could also mean the best chance for the health of the infant, rather than the health of the pregnancy itself. By that definition, according to Mirowsky, one California study concluded that the best age in terms of lowest rates of birth defects is 26. A different study, based on national data, looked at rates of overall infant mortality rather than birth defects and pinned the “best age” to become pregnant at 32.

11 Love At First Sight

Did you fall in love with your significant other the first time you saw him/her? Maybe you were highschool sweethearts and fell in love the first time you saw them walk into science class freshman year. It was totally love at first sight. Newsflash - that kind of love doesn't even compare to the love you will both have for your child. You would sacrifice him and he would sacrifice you for the child that you both share together. Which will make the partner bond stronger than ever.

The first time you see your child - That is the true meaning of “love at first sight.” It is an overwhelming feeling that can not be put into words, but it must be experienced. The definition of love is an intense feeling of deep affection. However, the love a parent has for their child is more complex than one can ever imagine.

10 Developing Quick Reflexes

Having a child will force you to develop cat like reflexes you never even knew you had. That moment the baby's head starts falling back - BAM! You will catch their head just in time. Your body will react before your brain even knows what is happening. Wikihow suggests learning a martial art, taking up a physical sport, video games and even visualization to improve reflexes. They certainly left the most effect way to improve your reflexes off the list - having a baby!

The quick reflexes will come in handy even when the kids aren't around. Take Kate Middleton for example. For the first day of the 2017 Royal Ascot, an annual horse race in Berkshire, England, the Queen, Prince William, and the Duchess of Cambridge turned out in their very best looks. The press would normally talk about their attire, but instead the focus was on Middleton’s quick reflexes. She was pictured catching Sophie, Countess of Wessex, as she lost her balance in the carriage the pair were riding in. We can certainly thank Prince George and Princess Charlotte for preventing a royal fiasco.

9 Constant Attention

There is no such thing as being lonely after you have kids. They will give you constant attention and expect you to do the same in return. You will never have to eat another meal alone. In fact, you will be required to give up anything delicious that comes close to your mouth. Even a simple bathroom trip can not be done alone. Having a child means always having a bathroom buddy - Even when you might not want one!

Believe it or not, children notice the smallest details. My husband would never notice that I painted my toenails blue, but it's the first thing my son shouted when he saw me come home from the nail shop. He was excited and intrigued by the new change. Children also like to point out the not so flattering details, but it can make a mom feel like a million bucks when her baby gives a compliment.

8 Someone To Blame

People who struggle with chronic lateness often struggle to change their behavior. Especially when you throw a kid into the mix. Rule of thumb is to add an extra hour to the time it takes getting ready to leave the house. Of course, an hour won't be long enough if there is a spontaneous meltdown or poop explosion, so better to give yourself two hours if you are going to a place where punctuality is important. However, some of us will just always be late - kids, no kids - were late! Have a baby now and never stress about being late again. It's the kids fault!

Not everyone struggles with chronic lateness, but everyone passes gas. Unfortunately, most of us have let one rip in some of the most embarrassing places! If you're in a crowded elevator or sitting in a restaurant, you definitely need to have your kid with you to pass the blame onto if an unexpected tute comes along.

7 Feel True Happiness

Evolutionary psychologists believe that children bring our greatest joy and our deepest misery. During a research study using a large group of US adults, all types of parents reported having more meaning in their lives than their peers without kids. Children give their parents life purpose. They come with pride and joy and give their parents a deeper sense of their identity. At the same time, children can also cause great sorrow, anger and disappointment.

Some may argue that parents sacrifice their own happiness for their child's happiness. Sonja Lyubomirsky, Professor of Psychology at the University of California, Riverside and the author of The Myths of Happiness, decided to measure parents actual day-to-day experiences of parenting. Parents randomly beeped throughout the day reported most positive emotions than non parents. Parents also reported more positive emotions and meaning when they were taking care of their children rather than doing other activities.

6 Good Snacks On Hand At All Times

When it comes to eating, most kids like the graze like cattle. They eat a little bit at all times throughout the day. My son quivers at the word “breakfast” and says, “No thanks, I’ll just have a snack.” It never fails. When I actually spend the time making my family a nice home cooked meal the kids don't eat it. Before I can even get the table cleared and the dishes in the sink they are asking for a snack. Luckily, I always have snacks on hand weather we're at home or on the go.

I would never take the time to prep snacks for myself, but for my kids - of course! My old habit would be to swing through McDonald's drive through to satisfy my food cravings. Not anymore. This mom never leaves the house without a backpack full of healthy - and sometimes sweet - snacks. Thank you kids!

5 Living In The Moment

When you go on a walk with a child they always remember to stop and smell the roses. They aren't worried about the music class they have that evening, or what's for dinner. They are only thinking about the walk, and when they see a flower they only think about the flower. They will comment on how beautiful it is, smell it and sometimes pick it. Examining each and every petal, asking questions about where flowers come from and all their curiosity forces us to remember the beauty in all the small things.

It is hard to stop and take a moment to let go of all the stress life brings. Children tend to jump from one activity to the next extremely quick, and It is also hard to keep up with them. But, they have the power to make us live in the moment. Forget everything else and live in one single happy moment.

4 Motivation To A Better Lifestyle

Children should not be an excuse to slack off, but they should be a motivation to live a better lifestyle. We want to lead by example, so it is important that we maintain a healthy lifestyle for ourselves. Fit Mom, Shannon Brown, lost 120 lbs after having two kids. She had always been on the heavy side throughout her whole life and attributed it to the “way she was built”.

“I was ‘built heavy’ because I grew up eating fast food and carbs with very little fruits and vegetables. I also watched at least three movies a day and I wasn't involved in activities” said Brown. One day on their way to soccer practice Brown's son asked her what she did for exercise, and it changed her life. That was her light bulb moment when she decide to start setting a good example. She set aside 30 minutes a day for her exercise and started making healthy meals for the whole family. Her children changed her life in the best way.

3 Make The World A Better Place

We live in a world full of hateful, rude and judgemental people. It is our job as parents to break this cycle of hate. If we continue to raise our children to be better people than we are, then the world should continue to get better with each generation. Children are not born to hate or discriminate. Those behaviors are learned. They are learned at home and they learned in today's society.

Raising a child who cares about the world and everyone and everything in it will make the world a better place. One man can make a difference. One woman can make a difference. One child can make a difference. Education campaigner and youngest-ever Nobel Prize laureate Malala Yousafzai, who was shot three times in the head at point-blank range in 2012 by a Taliban hitman, showed the world that one child can make a positive difference in the world.

2 Creating A Family

There are many different ways to create a family. Getting married and having a baby is traditional, but not required. Celebs like Kourtney Kardashian have up to three kids with someone they are not married to. Some families have only a mother, and some only a father. We aren’t promoting one way of family building over another. Each family has their own unique path of becoming a family. Bringing a child into the world and creating a family provides you with the most important things in life - love, support, and a sense of belonging.

We need human contact to survive. Though some of us may like to spend time alone, we cannot live happily alone forever. Family provides us with reasons to laugh, cry, and do some serious soul searching. It provides us with reasons to live and love. When brought into a loving home, children will always bring light into a family.

1 Hugs And Kisses

Baby snuggles are quite possibly the best thing in the world. Sure, you have to change them and feed them everyday. But, you also get to hug and kiss them every day. If you are a totally overbearing parent (guilty) you might hug and kiss them multiple times a day, and to the point where they are asking you to stop. Until it's bedtime. When bedtime rolls around they want as many hugs, kisses and stories as they can squeeze out. They will stretch out every last minute with you before the lights go out.

In summary, have a baby...like now! Because of: constant hugs and kisses, creating a family, and you are literally making the world a better place! Children will motivate you to live a better lifestyle and force you to live in the moment. All the good snacks will truly make you happy, and when you are not - blame it on the kid! Over the years your children will provide constant attention and in return you will develop quick reflexes. Holding your baby will be love at first sight no matter how old you are. Lastly, all the free gifts will make the birthing experience totally worth it!

Sources: Psychology Today

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