14 Secrets About Jinger Duggar's Marriage We Finally Uncovered

Jinger Dugger is the famed "rebel Dugger" and fans kind of love her. While the other married Dugger girls are following their parents' straight and narrow path of life, little girl Jinger is doing her best at going against the grain. Since Jinger has gotten hitched she has worn shorts, (gasp!) waiting longer than five seconds to start popping out babies and tested in waters in various ways that no Dugger has ever encountered before. We don't think it will be long until Jinger buys her first actual bathing suit and starts hitting the beach. Oh, my stars how that would make our day.

Needless to say Ginger is kind of our favorite and we were so thrilled to hear that she landed herself a hottie husband. He is in a league all his own, sorry Ben and Derick, but you don't hold a candle to Jeremy Vuolo. Jinger Dugger is probably the only Duggar child who has a sort of mind of her own. She is the Queen of shady secrets, a master at breaking tradition and Duggar rules and is doing this marriage thing by her own book, not the Marriage Bible of Jim Bob Duggar.

Here are the things you probably didn't know about Jinger's man or her marriage. Do you Jinger, never change...unless it's into a bathing suit. We are waiting with baited breath for that day girl.

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14 Jeremy Vuolo Wasn't Her First

Many assume that the partners the Duggar kids marry were chosen by their parents, a short courtship followed and then they got hitched and pregnant. The family is very well known for their views on "courting with intention" and not just "dating" like we typically do here in mainstream society. Leave it to our rebel Duggar Jinger to have dipped her toes in the dating pool a bit before deciding that Jeremy was the one for her.

Before sister Jessa pushed her bff/sister Jinger into a relationship with Jeremy, Jingy was rumored to have been dating a family friend, Lawson Bates. The Bates family are old family friends of the Duggars and it is reported that Lawson asked Jim Bob for permission to court Jinger. She might have even been interested enough to pursue this easy match, but her sister clearly had other plans for her.

According to the Inquistr, after Jinger and Jeremy took their love public, Lawson took to Twitter and started leaving some cryptic messages that Duggar and Bates fans alike read into and assumed that they might be regarding his pining for Jinger. We can't blame him for mourning the one that got away, she is the coolest Duggar. Jinger knows what she wants though and she obviously knew Jeremy was meant to be her man.

13 Jim Bob Didn't Approve Of The Marriage

Maybe in the case of marraige the mighty all-knowing Jim Bob Duggar, the father doesn't always know best. Even though he likes to be the driving factor behind his children's marriages, Jinger and Jeremy were clearly going to get hitched whether Jim Bob approved or not. How do we know this? Because unlike some of the other JB approved courtships, Jim Bob hasn't exactly been Jeremy's number one fan, but Jinger wasn't giving a rip about his feelings on the matter. Jeremy and Jimbo don't see eye to eye on a lot of things and now that Jingy-girl is under a far more lax rule, (her husband calls the shots these days,) JB is wishing that he would have put more of a stink up when they two announced their intentions.

Not only does Jeremy allow his wife to wear pants, shorts and wedge heel shoes, but he also follows a different religious doctrine that Jim Bob does, according to Hollywood Gossip. This means that Jinger has strayed from the faith that her father was so adamant his children follow to a tee. Jeremy is a Preacher and a devout believer in Calvinism. Knowing how devout the Duggars are in regards to their beliefs it's no wonder that the head of the family took up issue with his daughter marrying into a different faith.

12 Her Husband Is No Angel

Jinger and Jeremy's love story reads a little like rebel meets fellow rebel and they ride off into the sunset with their rebel-y goodness. Okay, truth be told, these two hitched kiddos are no Bonnie and Clyde. Jinger might be a bit of a rule breaker in terms of straight and narrow Duggars, but most of us would not exactly call wearing shorts and moving away from the family compound delinquent behavior-esque. Jeremy has his wife beat when it comes to law-breaking and questionable antics.

Before the former soccer star turned into an All-American, God-loving, Preacher he was sowing his oats and living the party boy lifestyle.

According to Romper, Vuolo was even arrested back in 2008 for harassing a boy in blue. That's right, the guy isn't all that squeaky clean, in fact, he has a record on him. According to a police report that was obtained by In Touch Weekly Jeremy has been "acting belligerent and shouting obscenities" at a police officer.

His actions landed him in a holding cell where he apparently spent the night cooling off. He paid a $250 dollar fine for his poor choices. Aside from what appears to be an isolated incident with the law, Jeremy has been pretty open about his wild party days spent over at Syracuse University. The school has a bit of a reputation for being a wild and out institution so it isn't all that shocking that Jeremy was lured into a lifestyle of bad boy ways.

11 Will Jinger Be A Working Mom?

So far, Duggar women don't work outside of the home. They get hitched, pop out kids and that is pretty much the be all, end all in Duggar-ville. Jinger just might be the first of the Duggar clan to turn one of her hobbies into a lucrative career. However, while the word on the street is that once she gives birth to her and Jeremy's first daughter this coming July, she will throw herself into stay-at-home mommy-land, she certainly could choose to pick up one of her favorite past times, which is photography, and make a pretty penny with it.

According to InTouch, Jinger is the resident family photographer and has dabbled in a bit of wedding photography in recent years. While her diving into a career in photo imagery is really a stab in the dark right now, it sure would pave the way for her younger siblings who dream of doing something, anything, outside of growing little Duggar humans. If she chooses to bypass the photography as a career path she might actually have a future in decor and house flipping. She and her hubby recently renovated their Laredo home and it is no secret that Jinger has a real flair for fashion, both in the realms of apparel and home decor. Lots of possibilities Jinger, so don't go closing any doors!

10 Jeremy Digs His Wife's Rebellious Fashion Choices

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When Jinger was living under the mighty rule of her father Jim Bob, she had to adhere to the strict dress codes that he imposed upon his family. Duggar women were raised to dress as modestly as humanly possible. The ladies are typically very covered up, not revealing bare shoulders, cleavage or their legs. It's almost as if the full-length jean skirt has become the formal uniform for Duggar ladies. Since tying the knot though, our girl Jinger is taking the fashion world by storm and dressing to the beat of her own drum while remaining perfectly true to her values and in our opinion perfectly modest. She is now known to most as the pants-wearing Duggar who also rocks wedge heels and GASP! shorts! Oh yeah, Jinger is one step away from an itsy-bitsy bathing suit and her loving husband is perfectly fine with that.

According to Hollywood Gossip, he happens to dig Jinger's style and had this to say about her rebellious fashion choices: "It is your liberty as to whether you dress modestly with a modest pair of pants, or with a skirt, or with a T-shirt, or with a blouse,”

9 They Follow A Different Religion

Of all the ways this couple has used their courtship and marriage to break away from Duggar rule, following a different religious path might be the most controversial one. Chances are Michelle and Jim Bob can eventually get over the fact that their little girl has tossed her long, unflattering jean skirts in the trash and gone out and bought up all of the pants, shorts, and wedge-heeled shoes that she could possibly get her hands on. They might even be able to move past the fact that their girl Jinger waited over a year to get knocked up and get on the Duggar-baby bandwagon.

They are likely going to struggle with the fact that their kid now practices Calvinism as opposed to the doctrine that she were raised with.

Religion is everything to JB and Michele so this religious jump was quite a blow. According to Cafemom, Jeremy and his bro in law Ben Seewald believe in the Calvinist idea that believes in predestination, or the belief that God only chooses certain people to be saved by Jesus's forgiveness, which contradicts Jim Bob's belief that salvation is available to all who seek the grace of God.

Honestly, good for Jinger and Jeremy for following their own set of ideas and beliefs and not just blindly following what dear old dad has told them to.

8 Jeremy Had "The Talk" With Jim Bob

Okay, we get it, Jim Bob is the keeper of all physical pleasure for his children. When the kids arrive at the stage in life where they are just about ready to get down and dirty a little chat seems to always come about with Jim Bob. I don't think I could discuss something as simple as the weather with him without getting really uncomfortable, so I truly have no idea how Jeremy was able to sit across from him and discuss his desire to get it on with his kid. If there was any one thing that might make me run faster than anything from a relationship, it would be having to discuss the intimate details of the present and future with my love's parents.

I get it when you are young, but Jeremy is almost thirty years old. You gave the kids their rules, kept them under your thumb as best you could, once they are betrothed let them live a little bit. I understand the no nookie before marriage idea for Christians especially but stopping at a side hug. Jim Bob, they are ready to walk down the aisle, not head off to a Middle School dance. Jeremy all I can say is you must seriously love our Jingy if you are willing to put up with having the talk with Jim Bob.

7 They Have Different Likes And Interests

While we tend to think Duggar kids and their partners are so different than us they might as well live on different planets, some of these famous couples aren't too off the mark when it comes to being a typical couple. Jinger and Jeremy happen to have a lot of the same disagreements that we all have with our significant others. In fact, one of the things that they bicker over is how to spend their date nights, according to the Inquistr.

The Counting On star and mommy-to-be revealed that sometimes they hit a wall on compromising when deciding how to spend evenings out because they have very different thoughts on what makes a good film. Jeremy is an action movie buff while Jinger is more into the sweet films that make you feel all warm and gooey inside. This movie watching chapter in the Vuolo's lives are yet another way Jinger is moving further from Duggar values and beliefs and more towards mainstream society's perspectives.

The Duggars didn't grow up watching Harry Potter and Star Wars because movies that are considered the norm are outside of what the family chooses to expose their kids to, but now that Jinger is a married woman she is technically under Jeremy's rule, not Jim Bob's. Clearly, movies are a-okay according to Jinger's man. While we can't always relate to these Duggars and their partners, this is definitely one thing we can relate to.

6 A New York Proposal

Jinger Vuolo has been a longtime fan of The Big Apple. In fact years ago she brought up the idea of moving there and her mom Michelle shut her down in a big way, according to the Inquistr. There was about a zero percent chance the Duggar parents were going to put their stamp of approval on allowing any of their kids to move to such a city of sin. Jinger Duggar is a lover of fashion and photography and both are synonymous with NYC, but there was never any chance of her breaking away from her cult-like family and making her dreams come true in the greatest city on Earth.

Her now-husband was clearly turned into his girl's dreams though and after five months of "getting to know one another" and three months of actually courting, Jeremy took Jinger to her favorite city and asked for her hand in marriage.

Her man arranged for a photo shoot to take place, how fitting, and then got down on bended knee with the Empire State building in the background. You win Vuolo! The two might now live far away from the bustling streets and city lights in Laredo, Texas, but at least they had that weekend to pretend to be actual New Yorkers.

5 Jeremy Didn't Want To Smash The Wedding Cake

When Jeremy and Jinger tied the knot they truly had a day that was one step down from a royal wedding. The pair invited some 1,000 guests present to watch them start their lives together as husband and wife. I don't even know 1,000 people! Jinger wore a hand-beaded gown made of lace that had a whopping 13-foot train to boot. She really did look like a princess when she married the man of her dreams. The young couple took their vows pretty darn seriously and even when it came to some silly, traditional wedding happenings, they chose to keep things straight and narrow and super classy.

Jeremy actually revealed that when it came to whether or not he might succumb to wedding silliness, he got a bit gun shy and chose not to smash the wedding cake into his wife's face and dress, according to US Magazine. Her gown was so beautiful that he didn't want to mar it with cake and frosting. Well played Vuolo. Maybe we can ban together and convince Jeremy to write a wedding etiquette book on how to be the perfect groom and we can finally put an end to the ridiculous wedding tradition of cake smashing.

4 Leaving The Duggar Compound

The Duggers aren't exactly known for spreading their wings and flying the coup. In fact, it's pretty darn rare to see one of these kids grow up, pack up their clothes and move clear across the country, but that is exactly what Jeremy and his Duggar-bred wife have done. Obviously, Arkansas was no longer doing it for Jinger, because she had no problem moving to Laredo, Texas where her man has been working at a local Pastor, according to the Daily Mail.

Jinger was pretty pumped to start her life with her new husband in a new space, but not all of the Duggars were thrilled about her husband, "taking her away." Jessa was particularly distraught over Jinger's leaving because she was Jessa's best friend growing up. She was also the family bread baker and the family pianist. It looks like the large, Christian family is going to have to find another way to get their carbs now that Jinger will be baking for her own growing family in the Lonestar State. Maybe, just maybe, Jinger's bold move away from her family will spark a desire for future Duggar kids to get out there and see what the world outside of their little Arkansas town has to offer?

3 A Bible Study Love Story

So how exactly did this unlikely pair of rule breakers find their way into each other's arms? Mr. Vuolo had been living life on the wild side, kicking the ball around with the pros and partying away at Syracuse University before turning into a small town Texas Pastor and she was a somebody's under lock and key Duggar bride to be following the JimBob doctrine of cray-cray. While they certainly share some commonalities they also seem like a fairly unlikely match compared to other Duggars and their spouses.

According to Romper, Jeremy and Jinger met through Jinger's sister Jessa and her husband Ben Seewald.

The Duggar sisters plus third wheel Ben ended up at a Bible study group at Jeremy's Texas home while visiting Laredo and it was there that the pair first struck up a friendship and a smoking hot romance later on. After that initial locking of eyes across Bible passages, Jeremy made several trips out to the Seewalds where he hung with the Duggars and got to know Jinger much better.

Thank the good Lord for those chance love encounters that Bible study seems to bring right? Who knew this was such a hot spot for meeting the future man of your dreams. Forget the bars and clubs, Bible study is apparently the place to be for singles.

2 Quitting The Quiverfull

The Duggars have been pretty vocal when it comes to denouncing any involvement with the Quiverful movement, but we have a hard time believing that. According to the Huffington Post, this movement stems from a bible passage that says, “Children are a heritage from the Lord, offspring a reward from him. Like arrows in the hands of a warrior are children born in one’s youth. Blessed is the man whose quiver is full of them. They will not be put to shame when they contend with their opponents in court.”

Even though Michelle and JB have never publicly said, yes this is our jam, they seem to have plenty of arrows in their back pocket, 19 to be exact. Their kids are thus far following along with this controversial concept, getting an early start on baby making and showing no signs of slowing down. Then there is Jinger and Jeremy, our anti-Quiverfull favorites. Jinger has told the media that when it comes to kids, they will have to see what God has in store. Considering she is the sister who seemed most squeamish about childbirth and least interested in babysitting her siblings, she might be content with just a few kiddos and not an entire football team full of kids. The Vuolos also notoriously waited over a year to get preggers, which is very "un-Quiverlike."

1 Waiting On The Big Family?

The Duggar kids have a crazy fast track record when it comes to marriage and babies. Until Jinger came along the older Duggars got hitched and were preggers or knocking someone up in a hot minute. Josh, Jill, Jessa, Joe, and Joy-Anna all said "I do" and got right down to the baby making business. These kids have been raised to believe that their primary purpose in life is to follow Jim Bob's religious rule and produce as many little Duggars as humanly possible.

According to the Inquistr, Jim Bob has admitted that he would very much like to have 100 grandkids and from the looks of things, he might just get his wish. Jinger and Jeremy made it crystal clear that having a family was definitely something that they wanted for themselves, but they were not in the same type of procreation rush as their siblings seemed to be. In fact, the world waited on pins and needles for over a year before the pair announced that they would be welcoming a baby into their Laredo, Texas home. The couple's decision to just be newlyweds for a while instead of diving headfirst into parenthood caused boatloads of speculation that they were perhaps practicing another Duggar no-no and using some sort of pregnancy prevention method.

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