14 Secrets Meghan Markle Is Hiding About Her Family

Imagine marrying into the royal family, it's a dream come true to be a princess for many girls, but having every skeleton in the closet come out for the world to see is less than ideal. For Meghan Markle, that is a real life issue. Maybe the rest of us wouldn't exactly see marrying royalty as an "issue," but having the world watching our every move does not sound like fun.

We have seen the way people flock over the royals and what they are doing. That is not just limited to the exclusive family though. Markle's family will soon be in-laws with Prince Harry. If we thought our in-laws were rough, having a family member marry into the royal family is cause for a media frenzy! For the Markle family it has been a hay day. Markle has two half siblings who have been enjoying all of the coverage; although, we are guessing that Meghan is less than pleased with their continuous word vomit to any media source who will listen. Meghan's own father, who has had experience in the entertainment industry, dropped off the radar so the media could not find him! That is a pretty daunting task in 2017 with all of our technology and social media. GO DAD!

14 Meghan's Dad Lost All Of His Of Money

Thomas Markle was once a successful lighting director. He worked on shows such as General Hospital and Married With Children. Although his daughter might be becoming a princess, Thomas Markle surely is not living like royalty. The former director had filed for bankruptcy in June of 2016. He had little in his savings account. In fact, it was a pretty sad amount. He also was drowning in credit card debts and debts from unpaid tax liens for nearly TWO decades. Harry better watch out when he hands Meghan the royal credit cards!

It appears that most of Markle's financial troubles happened after his divorce from Doria, Meghan's mother. Markle is currently retired so it is safe to assume that his salary was limited which might be why he had trouble paying back all of his debts.

13 Her Brother Thomas Has A Criminal Past

Thomas Markle Jr. is Meghan's older half-brother, but he is definitely not royal family or in-law material! He is 50 years old, and Jr. is quickly following in his daddy's footsteps. Markle is on his second divorce, just like his dad. He has also already declared his own bankruptcy back in 2013! That sure sounds familiar, doesn't it?

The real kicker though is that Thomas Markle Jr. was taken into custody after allegedly holding a gun to his girlfriend's head. Doesn't Jr. sound like a real class act? He was charged with unlawful use of a dangerous weapon, menacing, and domestic violence. His first ex-wife actually is the one who bailed him out. Awkward. That definitely doesn't sound like someone who should be the half brother-in-law of Prince Harry, but come May Jr. will be!

12 Problems With Addiction

While Thomas Jr.'s run in with the law was for other reasons, it seems that the father of two has a problem with drugs and alcohol. His sister, Samantha, has accused him of being drug addicted and an alcoholic via Twitter. She uses this stance to discredit anything Jr. says about Meghan or their father in the media. She goes as far as to claim that this is why Jr. was cut off from the rest of the Markle family.

Thomas's ex-wife Tracy Dooley has said that Thomas has alcohol issues as well which does give some credit to Samantha's claims. It is believed that alcohol was involved when he was arrested for the argument with his girlfriend; although, none of the charges involved alcohol. Following the incident, Thomas's son made a statement to The Sun saying, "I want to apologize on behalf of my dad ... Unfortunately my father has a problem with alcohol. He is now in recovery."

11 Meghan's Sister Called Her A "Social Climber"

Meghan's half sister, Samantha Grant, who goes by Samantha Markle on Twitter has been quoted referring to her younger sibling as a "social climber." Grant claims she actually raised Meghan for 12 years of her life, but Meghan has since forgotten the family allegedly and neglects her relationship with her sister. Grant blames Meghan's fame and acting career on why she has distanced herself from the family. As if as Meghan's career climbed and success increased, she forgot where she came from is what Grant led many to believe (or at least tried to).

Grant, who is 52 years old, has allegedly talked about Meghan being ambitious to be a princess as if it was a logical career move instead of a genuine romantic relationship. The way Grant speaks about her sister and the situation has many believing she questions her sister's ulterior motives for getting involved with Prince Harry obviously due to his status.

10 Meghan (Allegedly) Hid Her Sister's Disability

Obviously press is a pretty big part of Meghan's life now. Her sister Samantha who suffers from MS and is in a wheelchair has claimed though that her sister hid that Samantha had a disability. She was diagnosed back in 2008, and believes her sister has avoided speaking about it publicly ever since.

In fact, Samantha has gone as far to say that Meghan abandoned the family. Allegedly the sisters are not close and haven't been since Samantha's diagnosis. She believes that her wheelchair is to blame for why her sister is not close to her. Samantha's ex husband would even go as far as to say that the girls were not close even before their divorce in 2003. We can kind of sympathize as to why Meghan keeps her Markle siblings at an arm's length because well wouldn't we all (and no that is not because of Samantha's disability)?

9 Divorce Runs In The Family

While divorce is pretty run of the mill these days, divorce is still pretty untraditional when it comes to the royal family. The Markle family though are no strangers when it comes to divorce. Thomas Markle Sr. started the trend as he has been divorced twice. He divorced his first wife, Roslyn Markle, who is the mother of his two eldest children. Roslyn is actually estranged from her daughter, Samantha, who has actually asked her not to use the Markle name via Twitter. Thomas also divorced Meghan's mother, Doria Ragland.

Thomas Markle Sr. seemed to set a trend for his children though, or at least his two oldest. Thomas Markle Jr. has been divorced twice now just like his father. He has two sons with his first ex wife. Thomas Jr. and Meghan's big sister, Samantha, followed the trend as well. She has been divorced twice and has three children. She even followed in her dad's footsteps so far that she declared bankruptcy with her second husband prior to their divorce.

8 Mama Markle Was Living In Poverty

While Doria Radlan's daughter is about to become royalty, Doria is living a much less glamorous life. She lives in a modest LA home, and she keeps her life rather private. Similar to her ex husband, Thomas Markle Senior, Doria has also filed for bankruptcy. It happened back in 2002 when she had no property and so, so much credit card debt. Her bank account had a mere £813 at the time.

The years before Doria's bankruptcy her annual income was barely £10,000, if not under. Following the bankruptcy she had some issues with landlords and evictions. Doria has recovered financially and is working as a yoga instructor and social worker. Meghan has described her mother in interviews as free spirited and the person who keeps her grounded. We can assume her humble roots do a good job at that!

7 No One In The Family Gets Along

While it is a no brainer that Samantha is jealous of Meghan, which of the older Markle siblings seems to be telling the truth? Both Samantha and Thomas Jr. have made allegations that the other sibling has been cut out of the family and Thomas Sr. and Meghan's lives. Samantha has attempted to discredit everything Thomas Jr. says to the media claiming he is "mentally ill" or has a substance addiction.

Both siblings seem to love speaking to the press about their baby sis. It seems that Thomas Jr.'s claims of Samantha being estranged from their half sister are backed up by a few different people. Junior and Samantha both seem to fight over who gets to be proud of their little sister and who is the black sheep of the family.

6 The Unsettling Age Difference

Doria Radlan is the mother of Meghan Markle. Radlan and Thomas Markle Sr. met in the late 70's. They were a biracial couple which was pushing some boundaries for the time. The pair share one child, Meghan. They divorced back when Meghan was just six years old. He and Doria had very different lifestyles.

While most people were concerned with the color of Doria's skin, it is also a little eyebrow raising that the couple has a thirteen year age difference. The couple met at work while Thomas was a lighting director for a soap opera and Doria was a temp at the studio. Meghan wrote back in 2015 about her parents falling in love, "I like to think he was drawn to her sweet eyes and her Afro, plus their shared love of antiques."

5 Mr. Markle Has Some Serious Mama Drama

Thomas Markle has been married multiple times. He also has three children by two different women. This means that Meghan has two half siblings. Both siblings are older than Meghan. She has a half sister, Samantha, who is 52 years old. She also has a half brother, Thomas Jr., who is 50 years old.

Both of Meghan's siblings are significantly older than she is as the actress is just 36 years old. The siblings have both expressed their happiness for their younger sister and her royal engagement. The public is still a bit skeptical that they aren't just using their sister's fame as an opportunity to cash in. Neither sibling has been quiet, and both have spoken out on social media or to the press about her sister quite a bit.

4 The Embarrassing Twitter Wars

Samantha Grant (Markle) has been using social media and Meghan's relationship as an excuse to spout off constantly. She has been what she insists is correcting the media and that includes a few feuds. She got into it with Emily Andrews from The Sun via Twitter back in November. It wasn't until Andrews said that she was excited to read Grant's book that her tone changed. Shocking, right?

Samantha questioned the writer's credibility and sources regarding an article in her usual Twitter ranting. Sadly for Samantha, Emily saw the tweets and well hit her with some backfire. There are multiple conflicting reports from the Markle family, and some even say that Samantha is the sibling that has been cut out. It has also been claimed that she is using Meghan's relationship for the attention and her own personal gain.

3 Not The Best Dad

When Thomas Markle Sr. was first married, his career was his main focus. He was successful in the television industry as a lighting director, and his first wife claims that he just was not around for their two children, Samantha and Thomas Jr. It is believed that he ignored Samantha and Jr. for much of their childhoods because he was busy working.

In Thomas's second marriage though to Meghan's mother, he was apparently a "changed' man. Meghan describes her father and all of their great memories on her blog and via social media. Even his first wife and mother of his two eldest children has said that Thomas was much different when Meghan was born as there is a twenty year age difference between Meghan and the older kids. Some might speculate this was the start of Samantha's jealousy of her sister.

2 A Family In Hiding

It is 2017 so going off of the map is not exactly an accident. It is pretty safe to say that Thomas Markle is not a fan of being hounded by the media regarding his daughter's upcoming wedding. We cannot exactly blame the man. There have been stories that Markle has not even met Prince Harry in person yet, but there are conflicting reports that he met him in Toronto.

In Meghan and Harry's engagement announcement, she said the two talked on the phone, but had not met. We will just have to take that as the most credible source with all of the conflicting information. Meghan's half sister, Samantha, has also posted on Twitter several times claiming posts of Harry and Thomas meeting were phony. There are TONS of eyebrows raised why Thomas is hiding and avoiding meeting his future son-in-law in person.

1 The Tell-All Book We Can't Wait To Read

Meghan's half sister surely seems to be a bit jealous of her success and fame. At one time Samantha tried to be a model, but she has since dabbled her hand supposedly in the writing game. Samantha has said she is writing what has been called a tell all book about the Markle family, especially obviously her half-sister Meghan!

Back in late October, Samantha tweeted "Read the REAL Markle family details! The Diary Of Princess Pushy's Sister reveals all!" This was posted before Meghan and Harry officially announced their engagement so many wonder Samantha's motivation. It sure would look like she is looking to make a pretty penny off of her sister's life. She has claimed via Twitter that her book content will be totally opposite of her title, but we will just have to see for ourselves.

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