14 Snapchats That Show What Childbirth Is Really Like

Snapchat is a social media app that allows its users to share the details of their day-to-day lives with those they know and love and, oftentimes, perfect strangers. Some users don't hold much back when they share everything and anything through a variety of different filters. Oversharing is common on Snapchat, but there is one part of life that may be more inappropriate to document and share on social media than any other - labor and delivery.

The miracle of childbirth is beautiful and wondrous, but is also extremely intense and often a little gruesome. When a woman is in labor, it is her prerogative to document the experience if she so chooses. The question is, should labor and the delivery of a baby be shared on an app with many who may not want to see the intimate moments before and during the time a newborn enters the world?

Many Snapchat users don't seem to have a problem with sharing details of a baby's delivery with their followers, for better or worse. The following 15 labor snaps are some that, in our humble opinion, were better left unshared, but were shared nonetheless. Are the snaps below TMI? You be the judge. Proceed with caution!

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14 Jenelle Confuses Her Fans

Teen Mom star Jenelle Evans has become notorious for posting cryptic things on Snapchat concerning her labors and deliveries. She posted the pic above of herself in scrubs at the hospital and confused the heck out her fans when she clarified that she was not in labor. It was common knowledge at the time she shared the snap that she was expecting, and, when a woman nears her due date, if she posts pics of herself at the hospital, it's usually safe to assume her baby has something to do with her visit.

As usual, Jenelle left her fans in the dark, causing them to scratch their heads.

Evans did eventually actually give birth and shared the news with the world in a much less confusing way. Thank goodness.

13 Travis Scott Spills The Beans

The photo above, posted to Snapchat by rapper Travis Scott, caused quite a kerfuffle, and it's likely he wishes he'd never shared it. When a screenshot of the pic began circulating on Twitter, fans of the duo were sure it meant Jenner was in labor with Scott's baby. It was later determined that the snap was over two weeks old when it went viral and did not in any way indicate that Kylie was currently giving birth. Scott is notorious for keeping his private life private and, even after multiple sources had reported that he and Kylie were expecting a baby together, the couple remained completely mum on the subject.

When Billboard asked the rapper about he and Kylie's baby, he replied, "I don’t want to talk about that. They’re just guesses. Let them keep fishing."

12 Aaryn Gries Shares All The Details

Former Big Brother contestant Aaryn Gries shared the good, the bad and the ugly details of her labor and the delivery of her first child on Snapchat, and some of her fans wished she wouldn't have. After arriving at the hospital, the reality star shared, "

We're here guys. This is like so surreal. I have my - what is this thing called? IV. Ugg, I hate IVs."

Later, she revealed, "I'm having contractions and my back hurts...Laying on my side is awful." She also dished that she vomited at one point during the labor and delivery process. Gries and her husband, Nick Williams, welcomed their new addition, Skyla, to the world in June of 2016. After the baby arrived, she wrote on Instagram, "It's so surreal that we are actually here! We did it."

11 The Unsympathetic Sis

The pic above features two sisters. One is in the throes of painful labor contractions. The other is snapping selfies and seemingly mocking her poor sibling. Once again, it doesn't seem right to be snapping pics while a loved one is suffering. The photo was snapped by Kat Armendariz and the suffering mom-to-be in the background of the shot is her little sis.

Later, Armendariz defended the shot to HuffPost, stating, "I have 5 [children], so the reason for the selfie is that it's finally her turn because I did my time."

The unsympathetic older sister also told Mashable, "I told her I was going to do it, she just started the oxytocin and the labor pains began almost instantly. She started to feel it and right when she was like, 'Oh my God, I can't take this,' I took the photo."

10 A Rough Recovery

Any woman who has ever given birth, and dealt with the after-effects, will attest to the fact that it's a painful experience. Whether a woman gives birth or has a C-section, the discomfort new mothers deal with can be intense and even excruciating. The snap above explains in simple terms how many new moms feel after welcoming babies to the world, but it may not be information everyone needs or wants to know. No one expects new mothers to suffer in silence, but confiding in a few close female friends or family members, or one's significant other, may be slightly more appropriate than announcing to the world that her lady bits are "so sore." For the most part, acquaintances, whether they be from work, the gym or the past, may not wish to know the intimate details of how a woman is recovering after giving birth.

9 Unhelpful Hubby

Here we have yet another dad-to-be that has no filter whatsoever when it comes to the things he shares with his Snapchat followers. Anyone who saw this snap after it was shared most likely wishes they hadn’t. Not only is his caption, "I'll bet she wished I pulled out!!!" way too much information, it is not the type of thing anyone wants to know. Additionally, it's obvious his baby mama is in real pain behind him. He shouldn't be anywhere near his phone, let alone taking selfies and sharing them on social media, while his wife is in labor. Plus how is his unborn child going to feel if he or she ever sees this gem Daddy posted? 

8 Put Your Phone Down!

If we've said it once, we've said it a thousand times: dads should not be anywhere near their electronic devices while their baby mamas are giving birth! It's one thing to snap a few sweet shots that will never be shared with anyone other than the parents of the impending arrival or to text Grandma all the latest details about the progression of labor. It's another entirely to pose for selfies while the mother of one's child suffers in the background of the shot.

The Dad in the pic above seems very pleased with himself. His lady love? She doesn't appear to be in the mood to have her picture taken.

To dads-to-be everywhere, stop snapping selfies, put your effing phone down and give the woman you love a hand to squeeze and an ear to scream into.

7 Bad Joke, Dad

Snapchat offers unlimited options when it comes to what can be created by its users. The dad who created the snap above has some mad artistic skills but made the unfortunate decision to turn his sleeping baby into a South Park character and pretend he's dead. For those who aren't familiar with the show, "Who killed Kenny?" is a popular phrase often used in the series, and baby Felix has been decorated to look just like Kenny.

Sure, those who love the raunchy cartoon may be all about this snap, but it's a little insensitive. There may be others that see it who have lost babies to miscarriage, stillbirth or SIDS that will be majorly triggered by seeing a photo like this. In short, it's never in good taste to joke about a baby's death. This snap, like all of the others above, is one that simply should never have been shared.

6 DJ Khaled Goes Live On Snapchat

DJ Khaled chose to take his Snapchat account to an entirely new level when he shared the entire birth of his son, Asahd Tuck Khaled, with his followers. Khaled's fans were privy to snaps of his fiance, Nicole Tuck, enduring contractions and speaking with her doctor.

The cherry on top was the clip he shared of his new son's very first cry. Awe. Or, should we say, ew? Before the Snapchat event seen round the world, Khaled revealed to Jimmy Kimmel,

“The key is that I’m the king and every queen should support the king. I’m going to talk to the doctor and if the doctor says everything is gonna run smooth, meaning that we wanna make sure that the queen is right and my son is right. If it’s running smooth where I can just do my thing, I’mma Snapchat the whole thing.”

The "Go Hard" singer is a man of his word, and his Snapchat followers may never get over the things he shared the fateful night little Asahd entered the world.

5 Sophie Cachia's Candid Confession

When blogger Sophie Cachia was 36 weeks pregnant, she shared with her over 170,000 Instagram followers that she planned to live stream her labor and the delivery of her impending arrival on Snapchat. Why? She explained, "I've spent days, weeks, months and years TRYING to describe certain things to family, friends, and followers about the beautiful/hideous process that labor is. So I want to go further and document it live in video format for the world to see and share in the beautiful moment that birth is." Cachia delivered...literally. When labor pains started, she documented the experience live on Snapchat. As time went on and her labor progressed, she began to breathe heavily and scream out in pain. Eventually, she was given an epidural to help her with the pain she was experiencing. She posted a photo of herself along with a caption that rubbed some of her followers the wrong way. She wrote, "12 hours later and my epidural has kicked in. Praise the lord. Shutting up shop, no more kids ever again. Seriously."

4 Divorce Threat Debacle

The dude responsible for this Snapchat pic is as insensitive as they come. Even if he posted this atrocity in an attempt to be funny, it's an epic fail. His decision to share a picture of his lady love in labor along with an unkind caption is one of the worst jokes a person can make. He may as well just send a message out to everyone that reads, "I'm the worst." It's never even slightly okay to blame a woman for how long her labor is taking, and throwing around the word "divorce" is a pretty uncouth thing to do while his baby mama is suffering through the pain and discomfort of bringing his child into the world. In short, men shouldn't be on Snapchat while their ladies are in labor, and if they are, anything they say should be filled with praise and support.

3 Someone's Extra Smug

The prego lady in the pic above is apparently experiencing minor contractions, and, at least for the moment, isn't in the throes of dealing with excruciating labor pains.

Unfortunately, it's highly likely that things are going to get worse before they get better for this adorable mother-to-be.

Her infectious smile leads us to believe that, at least for the moment, she's doing just fine. The image would be a sweet one to share on Snapchat if it wasn't for the smug caption that accompanies it. The person who shared the photo is bragging about the fact that he is currently lounging around "relaxing, pain-free and happy." While it's great that the lucky bloke who snapped the pic is happy, it's not really nice to elaborate on how free from discomfort he is while the person he's currently hanging with is experiencing labor contractions.

2 Too Late For Class

Um, no really Sherlock. Does he think he's helping anything by proclaiming to the world that his suffering Baby Mama wouldn't be in pain if he would have used protection approximately 9 months earlier? If he's kidding himself, and actually thinks the above snap is cute, clever or in any way funny, he's sorely mistaken. Someone get this guy a reality check for his first Father's Day, and, while we're making requests, steal his phone so he can't post things like this to Snapchat anymore. The mother of his child is obviously suffering in the background of the shot. Dads-to-be should know that messing around on Snapchat while their children are being born is simply not okay.

1 Diaper Duty

The new father above is a real piece of work. We sincerely hope his baby mama gave him permission to post a pic of her post-labor attire. The get-up she's sporting is one all new moms are familiar with. The giant underwear and mommy-diaper filled with soothing ice are two of the best things ever invented to help new mothers recover from the arduous process of birthing a human. Sure, the look isn't necessarily glamorous, but the Mom diaper is a badge all new mothers should wear with pride. It's proof they have performed a miracle by bringing new life into the world. However, dads should never feel like they have the right to take photos of the mothers of their children in all of their post-delivery glory, or to share them anywhere unless the mom in question is completely and totally on board.

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