14 Stories About Teen Pregnancy

High school should be the best and most important time in your life. It is a time when you are discovering yourself, and who you want to be. These are the last years of school before you either get out into the world or head off to college. By your senior year, you should already know what it is that you want to do with the rest of your life.

Of course, not everyone takes advantage of all that high school has to offer. Some people only put in just enough effort to be able to graduate, with no clear idea of what they will do afterward. And then there are also the ones who never even make it that far, and end up dropping out for whatever reason.

It is always a good idea to work on a career and build a solid foundation for yourself before you start a family of your own, but unfortunately, teen pregnancies are an all too common occurrence. So many young girls are having to take care of a child while trying to finish school, and some of them never do. Here is a list of confessions from some girls who ended up getting pregnant during what should be the best years of their lives.

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14 The Boss's Kid

This girl is still in high school and is working for a big company, that sounds pretty good, except that she slept with her boss, who is the CEO of the company she works for, and now she is pregnant with his child.

So this girl was kicked out of her house for being pregnant. I sure hope that her boss is going to take care of her now, and I am ashamed of her father for kicking her out in that condition, way to be a supportive dad! Also that fact that she is still in high school makes me wonder if she is also underage - that could end badly for her boss.

If she is a senior than she very well might be 18 years of age, and in that case, the boss has nothing to worry about except for how he is going to help her.

13 I Want What You Have

Here is a Whisperer who says that her friend from high school is having a baby, and even though she and her husband never really wanted any children, just knowing that her friend is having a child makes her want one now also. She doesn’t say if her husband is feeling the same way or not though.

Too many people have children for the wrong reasons, and having a child over envy of someone else is definitely not a good reason. Having a kid in high school is not something to be envious of, it is not an easy task to be taking care of a child while still trying to get through school. Seems like some friends will try to follow what the other does even well after getting out of school.

12 Baby Lost

This poor girl lost her baby while still in high school. Losing a child is hard no matter what age you are. She already had a name picked out, which would have been Lana Grace. She says that it is still her favorite name, so maybe she will have another girl someday and give her that name.

At the time that she made this Whisper, she said that her daughter would have been in kindergarten. This is a very sad story, but maybe she now has the time to make a life for herself before having any more children. Not to mention, she needs plenty of time to heal from the emotional pain she must have felt after losing the baby. Those emotional scars can take a very long time to heal.

11 Being Judged

This girl says that she gets judged by people because she had a baby in high school. I know that so many kids in school can be very cruel, and as a matter of fact, many adults can be just as cruel. But teens having kids in school nowadays seems way too common, and so I don’t know why this girl would get teased any worse than any of the other girls who are getting pregnant in school.

There is one thing to keep in mind though, she never said that it is school kids who are judging her, it could very well be family members, and that would make a little more sense. Sorry girls but if you are still in school, you have a future you should be thinking about, so my advice would be to keep those legs closed.

10 Continued Education

This Whisperer says that she is having a baby at only 16 years old and that she still plans on finishing high school, and then even going to college after that. I am not glad that she is having a child so young, but I am glad that she is determined to still finish her education. I know that this not going to be an easy road for her to go down unless maybe she has a lot of help at home, which I hope is the case.

This girl never said anything about the father of the child, so maybe he is also there to help out, but there is also a good chance that he is still in school as well. It is always better to have a friend or partner to walk with when you are about to go down a long, hard road.

9 No Drop Out

This girl says that she walked the halls of the school right through her entire pregnancy and that she is returning to finish school. She was only 16 when she got pregnant, not mentally mature enough to be a mother but at least smart enough to stay in school. I encourage anyone, no matter what the circumstances are, to stay in school, but if for some reason you really do need to drop out for a while, do yourself a favor and go back as soon as you can.

I don’t like to see children having children but it does happen, and then they need to grow up way before they are ready for the sake of the child or children. At least get your education because you will be a better mother if you do not drop out.

8 A Success Story

Not all teen pregnancies turn out well, but this Whisperer says that teen pregnancy is so stereotypical and that she got pregnant at 16, worked two jobs, graduated high school, became a certified vet tech, and took two college classes, all while taking care of her daughter. I say WOW, what an accomplishment, that is, of course, if she is telling the whole truth. I think that more than likely she had a lot of help along the way.

Even if this girl had a lot of help, all of her accomplishments are quite impressive for anyone, let alone a very young mother. To other young women, I would say do not take the success of this one person to mean that it’s okay to have a child in school because hers is a rare story - most teen moms do not do as well.

7 Befriended

Here is a girl who vented to Whisper about one of her friends. She said that her friend told her that she took a pregnancy test and that it was positive and that she wanted it kept quiet. This Whisperer says that she feels bad about it but she just can’t seem to look at her friend the same way anymore. It could also be a guy because it is my experience that most girlfriends are the first to support each other, but if a guy has a close friend who is a girl who does this, he may have a whole new opinion about her.

Friends are the first people we go to when we need to confess something, and we usually put a lot of trust in them to keep quiet, but some friends don’t show their true colors until the time when you need them the most, which is a sad reality.

6 Secret Daddy

This girl confessed that she is having a baby in high school but she cannot tell anyone who the father is because he works at the school. She must be in love with him to be willing to keep his identity a secret, and he can be very grateful that she is staying quiet about it.

More than likely her friends are really getting on her case about who the father is, so I can only imagine how she is handling that. The worst thing she could tell them is that she doesn’t know who the father is, because then she may end up with a name she won’t like. Why are so many of these men nowadays going for school-age children? And that is exactly what they are, children.

5 Pregnant Drop-Out

Here is one of those teen pregnancies that isn’t exactly a success story. This girl said that she had a baby in 10th grade, and then dropped out of school to take care of her baby. So, this makes me think that she must not have had very much help with the child or maybe she would have been able to stay in school, maybe one day she will be able to return. I am glad that this girl is putting her baby before anything else, it’s just too bad that she felt the need to drop out of school. I would like to know if the father is in the picture or not, and where her family is, and why they cannot help so that she can at least finish high school.

4 Double Whammy

This Whisperer said that her best friend since first grade got pregnant and had a baby in high school, and then called her on the phone during their senior crying that she is pregnant again. Wow, she already got pregnant once in school and at that point, you would think that she understood that the stork does not care how old you are, so why would she risk it a second time?

I am sorry but if you want to play grown-up before you are ready then stop the crying, pull up your grown-up panties and deal with it. That may sound harsh but you are smart enough to know how a woman ends up pregnant, and what you have to do to avoid it. You wanted to grow up, so do so.

3 Baby Shower

Oh boy, this young girl said that she gave birth to her child in the girl's shower room at the school in the 10th grade. There is no way that this could have been too much of a secret, if at all. I wonder if there were other girls in there at the time. Even though giving birth is such a beautiful thing, it still would have been quite nasty at the same time. I myself would not have wanted to use that shower anymore, but girls see things a little differently than boys do, boys will get grossed out much quicker than girls when it comes to things such as this. Who knows she may have been surrounded by a bunch of girls cheering her on, while the guys might have been dry heaving.

2 High School Woes

Here is a confession from a girl who had a baby in high school and she tells her friends that raising the child while still in school is easy, but in her Whisper, she admits that it is the hardest thing that she has ever had to do. I say just be honest, and maybe that would help deter the other girls from wanting children at a young age. Telling them all that it is easy might make them think, "hey I want a baby too, it should be easy just like so and so said".

I guess this girl is just way too ashamed to let anyone know that she is struggling. The truth is, raising a child is a challenge for any parent at any age, so these friends must really be gullible to believe that it would be easy to raise a child and go through school at the same time. Wake up, girls.

1 Go, Team

This Whisperer says that she was with most of the football team, and is now pregnant and does not know who the father is, and she is having a baby in the 11th grade. It is pretty easy to understand why she would want this to remain a secret, if word gets around school she will be given a name that she won’t be able to live down.

She would have to have most of the football team tested to figure out who the father is, this does not sound like a situation that will in any way end well. I would be willing to bet that the team is joking about it behind her back, that’s how school boys are. It won’t be a joke when one of them ends up paying for it.

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