14 Struggles Moms With Big Baby Bumps Go Through

The biggest thing women look forward to once they start trying to have a baby is that precious looking baby bump. They've been waiting for the moment when their belly would pop and they could start showing off that glorious and beautiful baby bump. And when it does pop, there is no doubt that they are going to start showing it off with pride.

As a mom-to-be, the appearance of that baby bump signifies that it's real, not just to mom herself, but to the entire world. For months, she has been dealing with the side effects of pregnancy – morning sickness, cravings, aches and pains, mood swings – but, up until that bump pops, she kind of feel like those side effects are for naught.

Of course, mom-to-be knows there’s a bun in her oven and there really is good reason to be experiencing those side effects, however, it may not be until she can actually visibly see she's pregnant that she truly feel like she is experiencing those effects for a purpose.

While that baby bump may be cute at first, eventually, it may get to the point where mom-to-be feels like she's carrying around a collection of basketballs instead of just one. Whether a mom-to-be is carrying multiple babies, a baby on the big side, or she's just one of those women who really pops, an overly large baby bump can really start to become a detriment.

Mom-to-be might wonder if she is alone in her overly large expectant belly, especially when it starts to make her feel frustrated. Well mama, take comfort in knowing that other women are also struggling with a large baby bump.

Here’s a look at 15 struggles that moms who have oversized baby bumps go through.

14 Even Maternity Clothes Won’t Fit Anymore

This is probably the first thing you discover when your belly starts poking out. Some women prefer to wear larger clothes, while others prefer to just buy some clothes, in particular, maternity clothes. After awhile you’ll get tired of trying to pull and keep that shirt over your belly that keeps raising up.

You’ll get tired of trying to pull those pants up over your bottom while trying to keep it up under your belly so you can button or zip it. Of course, if your hips and butt are expanding, which does happen, it may be difficult to pull your pants over your knees.

You’ll definitely have to buy some more bras as your breast expand to the size of watermelons. Some pregnant women don’t mind the real tight look but looser fitting clothes make life easier - easier to move and easier to breath. Plus, you don’t want tight clothes around your belly.

13 Waiting In Any Kind Of Line

Swollen feet, tight clothes, big belly, fatigue..none of these things work well when you have to stand in line for any period of time. Most pregnant women - those in their third trimester - simply avoid these happenings. Of course, you may have to wait in a long line at the grocery store or at the DMV.

And if this is the case, make sure you have comfortable shoes, clothes, a pantiliner or pad on. Not to mention if it is crowded or a long line, your belly or others are more likely to bump into things, which is annoying and frustrating. The person in front of you may back into your big belly and you may not realize how big your belly is and not allow adequate space.

Try to do these important things at times when it may not be crowded like early in the morning or right before they close.

12 Bump The Baby Bump Into Everything

One thing to get use to is your growing stomach. Since you’re not use to this extra bulge that has become part of you, you’ll find yourself bumping into everything and everyone. But don’t worry you won’t hurt your baby. They are protected in the womb by a water-filled sac.

Your stomach will be pretty sturdy and firm too, so not much will probe itself into your stomach. So minor bumps into the refrigerator, every door, people, the table, and just about everything else won’t harm your child. The bigger your belly gets the more likely you are to bump into just about everything or everyone bumping into your belly.

It just goes with the environment. And those small spaces, or what seems small now with your growing belly, will take some maneuvering. Your belly will often get stuck trying to get through these tiny spaces, including shower stalls and public restrooms.

11 Feeling And Looking Due At Any Minute

Not only will you feel like you’re due any minute - and wish you were, others will be constantly asking you when you are due. And you’ll have to repeat those famous words, “my due date isn’t until__” which for some women who really get big, can be a couple of months away at the most.

It will be no less a constant reminder of your due date which may seem like an eternity the bigger your stomach gets, along with other uncomfortable experiences and feelings. Don’t worry about the constant questions, it’s a normal reaction from people when they see a huge belly. If you feel like crying, go ahead that’s normal too.

Our emotions are known to be all over the place during this nine month experience so go ahead and take some time to cry, wipe your tears, and keep going. It will all be over shortly.

10 Struggling To Fit In Dining Booths Or At Dining Tables When Eating Out

You feel like visiting your favorite restaurant to eat out or would love to have a romantic dinner at the popular restaurant your friends are telling you about. Sure, head on out and enjoy yourself just remember there will be some adjustments to be made. First of all, your growing belly will bump into just about everything.

It will bump into the table often. It will keep you from pulling your chair out comfortably to get up to use the bathroom that you will no doubt need to do at least once while out. And let’s not talk about trying to get up. This in itself can be a challenge. You’ll either need to hold on to the chair, table or your partner just to get out of the seat.

Instead of going to that romantic restaurant, have those at home, try a larger restaurant with large tables, chairs or booths.

9 Struggling To Make It To The Washroom On Time

It’s not really hard. It’s hard to do things that involve peeing, including sitting on the toilet and getting up and wiping yourself. Now this makes going to the restroom a major chore, and going to the restroom will start to occur quite often the closer to the time your baby is born.

So not only will trying to maneuver in a bathroom that is small, but you’ll have to sort of fall back on the toilet instead of squat. Then once you finally get situated and finish your business, trying to wipe yourself will be another strategic tactic that involves maneuvering and twisting from side to side just to get the job done.

Once that’s done, the next challenge is getting up from the toilet. People may wonder why it takes pregnant women so long in the restroom, this is why. No need to worry though. They’ll wait patiently understanding that you’re in a delicate state.

8 The Baby Belly Becomes Public Property

You know just what I’m talking about. Everybody will feel the need to come rub or touch your stomach. Your big belly becomes some sort of magnet. It attracts others to it. Now most people do realize they shouldn’t touch your belly unless they’ve asked you and you let them. But there are some strangers - and people you do know - who for some reason feel the need to touch your baby.

Maybe they’ve never touched a pregnant belly before or perhaps your stomach is so cute to them it’s irresistible. Now I wouldn’t think family and friends touching your belly would be too invasive or uncomfortable - you do know them, but as for strangers coming up touching your stomach is a little bit strange and unsettling.

If you’re uncomfortable but don’t want to be offensive, simply move their hand off your belly by rubbing your belly yourself or just stepping back after they reach out or touch it.

7 Tiny Bathroom Stalls

Your growing belly does not go well with small public restrooms or over your friend’s house. It can be a lesson in how to contour your body or some form of acrobatics just to fit in the bathroom without bumping into everything, knocking something over or trying to get off of the toilet without getting stuck.

You’ll learn how to maneuver in a manner that requires you to get land on the toilet seat without having a nervous breakdown. Even if you’re not pregnant, these are the times when many women probably wish they were a man at least for a minute..for this situation. Being 7-9 months requires much patience and stamina.

You’ll often have to re-learn to do simple things. Unfortunately there are issues like urine leaks and weak bladders that happen during pregnancy which will require wearing a pantiliner or pad because you simply won’t make it in time.

6 Going To See A Movie Becomes An Ordeal

Movie nights may turn into a trip to the den or living room to watch a favorite movie at home as opposed to taking a trip to the movie theatre to watch that just came out. That’s just how it goes when you’re belly causes issues at the theatre. Again, standing in long lines can be very tiresome for swollen feet. Your big belly gets in the way.

Once you get out of line, which wears you out, then it’s time to enter a dark room with small walkways that make it impossible for you to see the steps. Not a good situation at all. You already can’t see your feet with this big belly. Then you have to find sitting on the end aisle because there is no way your belly will allow you to squeeze past someone already sitting.

So the conclusion? Arrive at the movie theatre early to avoid these issues.

5 Only Being Able To See The Baby Bump Below

One of the funniest and oddest things that happens to pregnant women when their belly gets big is that your feet disappear. In fact anything lower than the belly, disappears. You find yourself bending to the side just to look at your feet. You’ll have to elevate your feet in order to put on your shoes, paint your toenails or even touch your feet.

When you do finally see your feet they don’t even look like yours because they have swollen to a couple of sizes larger at the most. Yes, it will be a bummer in those last weeks of pregnancy but remember it’s temporary. Once the baby is born your stomach returns back to its normal size, although not as flat for several months.

Of course, if you’re older and less active, it may not return back to a flat stomach at all but your feet will come back in view again.

4 Can't Sit At A Desk Or Table To Work Or Eat

When your stomach expands to the size of a beach ball during those last weeks or trimester of your pregnancy, the simple things in life become super-sized. Just like the expansion of your stomach, these issues will expand in difficulty. One of the simple things in life is pulling up a chair, right?

Of course it is. But a eight or nine month pregnant woman with a belly the size of a watermelon will find difficulty in this simple movement. Not only will you find it hard to just pull the chair up to a desk or a table or scoot it around, it will be difficult to sit in the chair and get up out of the chair.

People will offer their assistance to you just to help you get up. Don’t worry though. This is temporary. After your baby is born, the chair will become your friend again and you’ll be able to master control over it again.

3 The Belly Becomes A Tray Or Resting Place

One good thing about your big belly is that it can be used as your own automatic personal tray. Place your plate right on top of your stomach and feed your face while others try to find somewhere to place their plate on. You don’t even have to worry about your plate falling off your stomach.

It’s like a perfect balance. Just place your plate right on it. Your stomach can also be used as a tray to keep things stacked on it without falling. You can place your child’s toys or other accessories you need close to you. As most pregnant mothers who have other children will experience, your stomach will come a nice comfortable resting place for your child to lie their head on.

No need for a pillow. Your stomach provides the comfort to put your child to sleep. It also provides a great place to rest your arms and hands.

2 Mom-To-Be Now Sits Like A Man

You’ll find yourself sitting like a man with your legs apart simply because the belly is in the way. Unlike a pot belly, a pregnant woman's belly is not only big but so is her abdomen which makes it difficult to keep like your closed. It’s an uncomfortable seating because most women are use to sitting with their legs closed or crossed.

Not only does your big belly keep you from closing your legs completely when you’re sitting, it makes you sit like you’re squatting. Sitting like this also makes it hard to see your feet. If you could just cross your legs, you could at least see your feet once in awhile. But unless your belly is not as big, you can forget sitting with your legs crossed at least until your baby is born.

With those urine leaks that are so common among pregnant women, sitting with your legs apart prevents the ability to hold your urine.

1 Cars Are Nothing Short Of A Challenge

Being pregnant doesn’t mean you can no longer drive or drive properly, but parking can present a challenging situation especially when you park too close and can’t get out. Or your side mirrors are too close and you can’t get out. Whatever the situation is, if you park to close you’ll find yourself not able to get out or back into your vehicle smoothly.

It can be frustrating, especially if you’re pregnant, to drive around without finding a close parking space. I mean, you’re pregnant you don’t necessarily want to park blocks away it can be physically challenging. But it can be just as a challenge if you park in a tight space and struggle to get yourself and your big belly out of the car.

It’s already difficult to get up, not to mention to get up in close quarters. And of course, getting back into your parked vehicle can be just as much of a challenge.

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