14 Terrifying Drawings Made By Kids Part 2

Kids. What would life be without them? They are random, sweet, innocent and sometimes pretty weird. Kids do weird things all the time, sometimes stuff they do is just plain creepy. They typically don't know what they are doing or why it is considered weird. Such as the drawings listed in this article.

Many kids just like to be able to express themselves. It is totally natural to want to express oneself.  Some of these kids need to learn to keep some forms of self-expression to themselves. Now, in their little innocent minds, it may seem like a good idea to draw a picture getting revenge on someone they hate. Kids also like to draw pictures of what they see around them.

For some children, these pictures depict ghosts, monsters, demons or their parents doing some pretty questionable things. With kids and how they see things, their little drawings and stories can easily become misconstrued.

I remember not too long a video on Facebook of a little girl who went to school and told her teacher her dad has weed. What she meant was, they have weeds in their yard.

Oh, the joys of children and the funny screwed up things they do.

14 Chilling Last Words

This drawing shows someone shooting another person with another gun floating around. The top of the picture says " God is with you".

I suppose the artist is having murderous thoughts but wants his victims to know that God is indeed with them. Which is a good thing, because the victim will be seeing God soon. That is if she isn't an Atheist. I suppose it is not that bad to see kids drawing violent pictures.

Their games and tv shows are violent and it is not indicative of a child's true nature. It's still creepy, but they see it all over. What is super creepy to me is the message. God is with you. How chilling to try and comfort someone you are killing.

13 A Killer Sleep Tactic

Now, this is too sweet. A little boy putting his little brother to bed with a caption that reads "Mom will be so proud". Unfortunately, she won't. Because if you take a look at this picture it shows the elder boy suffocating the younger boy with what appears to be a pillow. Which would make him go to sleep forever.

No little one, your mom would not be proud, but forever devastated that she raised a murderer and her baby boy is dead. Let's assume the artist is too little to understand that putting a pillow over someone's head is not a good way to put them to sleep. Does that make the drawing any less creepy? No, not really.

12 When Humans Become Dinner

Here is a bleeding heart child who is opposed to eating meat, or so I assume. The picture shows what would happen if the meat intended for dinner turned and killed the person that was going to kill it. I am so sick of these kids making these statements and trying to make me feel bad for eating meat.. Just kidding y'all.

Actually, this one is more than likely not a statement about eating meat. It is just some kids freaky idea about a giant chicken wielding ax chopping some man's head off. It is pretty freaky, and the artist cared about detail. There is blood splattered all about, and the man's hat is even coming off of his head.

11 Suicidal Thoughts

This is pretty cryptic. A stick figure spewing up rainbows through its head with a gun its mouth and a caption that reads " I can't take life anymore".

Not exactly something a parent wants to see their child drawing. Suicide is a very real and serious issue. Hopefully, the kid that drew this didn't really understand what is. Which would explain the rainbow popping out of stick figure guys head.

Now, I am not certain, but I am pretty sure this kid has never seen someone gets shot, or even die for that matter. Trust me, there are no rainbows that pop out of people's heads. Although I have heard stuff comes out of another end, and it ain't rainbows.

10 Fired Him Up

There are a ton of different religions out there and then there are those who don't believe in anything - they are known as atheists. In many places around the world, people can choose to believe in whatever they want. In other parts, they aren't so lucky.

The child drawing this has a pretty definitive view on Atheists and he obviously believes in some form of religion based on this picture. The picture shows a man standing in flames with chains around his wrists.

Along with the devil (or demon) poking at the man with a pitchfork. The caption reads "My teacher is an atheist". That teacher was probably not too fond of little Johnny's passive aggressive attempt to save his soul through art.

9 The Murderous Cats

All the cat ladies out there need to avoid their eyes from looking at this drawing. What we have is a lady being torn open by her 2 beloved cats. They got real tired of her crap and decided to eat her, going in through the belly. (That's not the artists back story, it is mine).

I have often heard that cats will eat a person if they die and are locked in a house with them. I never heard about cats going on murderous rampages because they have a taste for human flesh. This picture is grotesque, to say the least. And now I have a new found fear of my own cats. My cats will not be sleeping in my bedroom anymore, that's for certain.

8 The Family Demon

This drawing starts sweet but turns dark. The caption says "Today I had a fun time with mum and dad and the cat. Even the demon left us alone this time..." Well now, that sounds like a fun day. It was especially kind of the demon to give the young fellow alone time with his parents. I am certain they get extremely tired of the demon. I know I would.

We can assume this is just a picture meant to be scary, or it could be the little boy has a demon as an imaginary friend, or he actually is seeing a demon. Whatever the truth is, and it is out there, the picture and the caption gives me goosebumps. I do like how the demon is wearing a top hat though.

7 When Daddy Is A "Sugar" Addict

This kid's dad loves sugar. He loves it so much he snorts it up his nose! Now if that isn't love then I don't know what....Wait, what?!

What kind of parent snorts "sugar" in front of their kids? It makes me wonder, did the kid see this by accident, or did Father Of The Year tell his child he was snorting sugar (as opposed to drugs)? Regardless, it's majorly inappropriate.

The poor kid is just an innocent in this. He probably thought his drawing was super awesome because it showed the love his dad has for "sugar''. Poor kid. When he hits high school or possibly junior high, he will realize that his dad actually loved a drug. And it wasn't love he had for it, more like an addiction.

6 A Vegetarian In The Making

I am going to jump out on a limb here and say whoever created this disturbing piece of art is a vegetarian. The piece of meat (I think it is a steak personally) has eyes that are crying and a big frown on his meat face.

There is a conversation bubble above him that simply states "I'm dying". The kid is clearly aware that meat comes from animals and they have to die to become delicious meals for us. Something was said or shown to the kid to make them draw this.

Now the kid is probably out eating only vegetables and has joined PETA and picketing around those who enjoy meat. I enjoy my steaks rare and still mooing. I learned nothing from this.

5 An Ode To Hitler

The child who drew this is right, Hitler was nothing if not determined. It appears as thought this was some kind of school assignment and the child had to draw a picture and write a sentence about the chosen word—determination.

I am genuinely hoping this was an assignment and the kid doesn't just sit around hero worshipping Hitler. That would be even freakier than this drawing.

The word determination does describe Hitler. Although, it just seems a little morbid to be drawing Hitler and praising him in a sense. Granted he was determined, but let's not put him in the same category with...well with some other famous person who did not start the Holocaust against the Jewish people.

4 The Coffee Shop Crime Scene

Looks like someone did not like waiting in line at the coffee shop in this picture. There is a trail of bodies coming from the coffee shop along with a little girl and man wielding knives. So it is safe to assume they stabbed the people in the coffee shop fro whatever reason.

What is even weirder is how sweet the little girl looks, almost like Alice from Alice In Wonderland. The Man is very happy looking as well. There are 2 other bystanders that seem to be smiling and waving. Honestly, I don't know what happened to this child at a coffee shop, but it wasn't good if this is what she drew after. Her parents should just keep her away from coffee shops.

3 The Hair Collector

This seems sweet upon first glance. A cute little girl with a pretty bow in her hair. Upon further glance, we see that it says " the girl that sits next to me is pretty I collect her hair."

Then behind the little girl in the drawing is a pair of scissors which are labeled, with an arm holding them labeled "me". Meaning the artist of this disturbing drawing is not just collecting stray hairs that fall from the little girls head, he is actually cutting her hair.

As if it wasn't creepy enough just to be collecting someone's hair? No, he is also going to cut it. What we have here is a future person living in their mom's basement ordering human hair online.

2 Friends With Emily No More

Whoever drew this is super pissed off at a girl named Emily. It even says" F#@$ you Emily".

There are, what appear to be ghosts or demons flying around Emily while she is lying on her bed and someone coming in the window. The characters are drawn in black and red, which really enhances the whole creepy/angry vibe.

The artist is extremely angry, I sure hope he doesn't follow through and actually hurt Emily. Or summon a bunch of ghosts and demons to haunt her. Those would be really hard to get rid of. You can't just call an exterminator for supernatural vermin.

Perhaps the drawing was therapeutic to the artist and he got all of his anger out.(Hopefully, Emily is ok.)

1 A Head In Both Hands

Mommy and daddy sure pissed of their little darling. She decided to show them just how pissed she was through her art and some passive aggressiveness. She probably played it all innocent, like, oh mom and dad I made Y'all a picture.

Then all nonchalantly she hands it to them; then they see it and realize they are raising a psycho child. I know she is not going to chop her parents head off. But the picture is pretty cryptic. "Mett mommy and daddy".

The kid is obviously smart and trying to scare her parents while acting somewhat nice about it. I doubt this was a drawing that made the fridge. Unless the parents were hoping for art like this.

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