14 Things Angelina Jolie's Kids Aren't Allowed To Do (And 5 Ways They're Completely Normal)

Children are an exciting subject, especially when it comes to the kids of public figures. Many celebrities are extremely popular, which means their children, in turn, are popular too. The problem with this is that many children don’t know how to handle the attention they will get from paparazzi when their parents are famous. For many celebs, the solution to this is to keep their children at home indoors as much as possible.

For Angelina Jolie and the kids she shares with Brad Pitt, they have a particular set of rules that the kids must follow in order to stay safe and develop intellectually. There are six children in Jolie’s household—Maddox, Zahara, Shiloh, Pax, Knox, and Vivienne—three of whom were adopted and three who were naturally birthed by Angelina.

Although she has a big house and seems like a relaxed mom, she is stringent with her kids when it comes to their behavior. Jolie’s biggest goal is to keep her children safe and healthy at all times, and for her, this means keeping them at home in her sights at all time. She does not want any paparazzi getting to them nor does she want the opinions of non-fans to ruin their childhoods.

19 House Lock Down

Los Angeles Times

A well-known fact about Angelina Jolie is that she is very protective of her children. Since her split with their father—Brad Pitt—a few years back, she has been doing more out-of-the-ordinary things to keep her kids safe and happy.

According to Cosmopolitan, the mother of six went on what she called a lockdown with her children. This meant she was not working or taking on any new projects—for a whole year!—she was strictly being a mother to her six children. She knows how divorce can affect children, and she took time off to be sure her kids were doing okay with everything that was going on.

18 They Aren’t Allowed To See Mom Get Emotional

Vanity Fair

Jolie made it very clear during an interview after her divorce how crucial it is for her not to allow her children to see her cry out of sadness. Many people have been commenting on how close she seems to be with her kids—not all the comments have been positive—so she took it upon herself to make sure that the world knows she does right by her children.

According to Babble, the actress talked about how hurt she was having to witness her mother cry all the time when she was younger, which is why she saves her crying for the shower so her kids will not bear witness to it.

17 No Public School

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Homeschooling is very common for children of celebrities because often celebrity parents do not want their kids in public for a plethora of reasons. According to Daily Mail, not only do the Jolie-Pitt kids not go to public school, but Angelina also oversees everything they do.

She wants them to be adhering to a specific curriculum (highly language based) along with their standard subjects, which is why she is extra-involved in their learning. Each child also has a tutor in each subject because she wants her kids to have the best education they can.

16 They Don’t Answer To Their Birth Names


Nicknames are pretty standard for most children, but only answering to those nicknames and not their given birth names is not. According to Hello Magazine, each of the Jolie-Pitt children has a unique nickname. Her oldest son goes by Mad, the oldest daughter answers to Z and her middle daughter Shiloh goes by Shi.

Although it may seem odd that her kids only respond to nicknames, it also keeps them close by answering to nicknames that only a few people know. At least they are cute names instead of unusual ones that nobody understands!

15 They Don’t Have Friends Their Own Age

Star Magazine

Other than a few children who were born to other celebrities, the Jolie-Pitt kids do not have many friends their age. According to the Daily Mail, nobody in Angelina’s household goes out with friends often because they don’t necessarily have any.

They are all very homebound family people and are much more interested in spending time at home with family than with anyone else. There are very few moments in which the family goes out to see others. They were recently spotted at Gwen Stefani’s house  but that only happens every once in a while.

14 They All Have Access To The Internet

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Angelina Jolie allows her kids to do pretty much whatever they want on the internet, specifically because she has hired a security team to monitor and protect them from anything that could harm them on the web.

According to People Magazine, the mother of six knows she cannot stop them from using the internet, but she can do her best to protect them. Jolie feels that can’t even begin to understand the type of dangers that are out there in the world, which is why she hires others to watch out for her kids in that respect.

13 Can’t Text Dad

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Being able to text their father determines the kind of relationship each child has with him. Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt have been having some issues with their co-parenting since their divorce. One of those issues was Angelina monitoring all communication with their father—she also never allowed them to text him!

According to People Magazine, the judge ruled that the mom of six has to let her children communicate with their father whenever they want without her interfering or monitoring. The kids should be able to have a good relationship with Brad without any issue from mom.

12 Must Act Normal In Public


Angelina Jolie loves to keep her children out of the limelight, but when she has to be in public with any or all of her kids, there is one rule they have to follow. She wants her image to be flawless at all times which means her kids have to be normal in public.

According to E! Online, recently the actress took her older son Pax as her guest to the Golden Globes. The pair enjoyed the award ceremony and then hit the after show afterward. Jolie believes that its essential to spend one on one time with each child and this is how she did it with Pax.

11 Be Yourself


As many of us have seen, Shiloh Pitt doesn’t necessarily dress as we would expect her to. The middle daughter of Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt loves to be herself by dressing however she pleases, and her parents completely allow this. According to Life & Style, Shiloh’s parents are very interested in how she chooses to dress, and they are not the kind of parents that would force any of their children to dress a certain way.

The parents of six want every one of their kids to feel as though they can express themselves without judgment. This is why the rule in their house is that they can be themselves no matter what that means!

10 Each Kid Has A Tutor


Having a tutor very much plays into homeschooling due to the many different cultures that are present within this family. Three of Jolie’s six kids are adopted and therefore are from three very different cultures—Vietnam, Cambodia, and Pakistan—this means she wants each one of her children to learn about the specific cultures they came from as well as gaining a language of their choice.

There are not that many tutors in the world that can specialize in six different languages and three different cultures, which is why Jolie is thinking about hiring a specific tutor for each child, according to People Magazine.

9 No Googling Parents

Us Weekly

The Jolie-Pitt kids have free range of the internet because they have cybersecurity monitoring them that their parents hired, which means they are a lot safer than most kids. But while they are using the internet, they have one big rule—no Googling mom or dad.

According to People Magazine, Brad admitted that he did not want any of his kids Googling him because he knows how many crazy stories there are out there about him and their mother. He has their names blocked on their Google pages because he doesn’t want his kids influenced in how they feel about their parents because of the internet.

8 No Sleepovers Or Play Dates


Something that Brad and Angelina do agree on is the idea of being a homebody. Neither celebrities have acquaintances that they are out with. Both Jolie and Pitt enjoy being home all the time with their kids, which not only means they do not get out of the house much, but neither do their children.

According to Inquisitr, the kids aren’t allowed to have sleepovers or play dates other than those that mom or dad arrange every once in a while. The Jolie-Pitt children are protected at all times, which means they spend most of their time with their parents and siblings rather than out with other kids their age.

7 Candy Whenever They Want

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Most kids enjoy eating a lot of candy—they usually want as much as they can eat before their tummies hurt, but parents don’t often let this happen.

According to Hollywood Life, the mother and her six children were recently spotted out having fun skating and pigging out on a ton of candy during a birthday celebration! Everyone deserves to have fun at some point—especially with the year these kids have had!

6 They Have To Be Bilingual


In order to make sure all of her children are speaking more than one language, Jolie allows each child to pick out a different language they would like to learn and become fluent in. According to Hello Magazine, those languages consist of Vietnamese, Khami, German, Russian and French.

Her youngest daughter wants to learn Arabic, while her youngest son is working on sign language. Jolie finds it interesting that each one of her children is learning different languages rather than all of the same ones. She says it shows her how diverse they are—they are turning into little people already.

5 Chores Galore


Chores are also normal in a house with children. They should be given tasks to do, not only because it keeps them busy, but because it gives them responsibility and prepares them for the work they are going to have to do out in the real world once they get jobs. Again, Brad Pitt has always been the stickler when it comes to chores for the kiddos.

According to The Sun, Brad has always been known as the bad guy in terms of enforcing the rules with the kids, and although this is what kids need, Angelina didn’t agree with this style of parenting at all.

4 They Are Disciplined


Another concept Angelina and Brad didn’t agree on during their relationship was how to discipline their children. The celebrities have very distinct parenting ideas, and they rarely met in the middle when it came to their children. To this day the two still do not agree on how their six children act, according to People Magazine.

Brad wanted all of the kids to have a certain amount of structure, while Angelina allowed them to have a lot more fun and do whatever they wanted. Although there was never any agreement, the kids seem well behaved.

3 They Have A Bedtime


The typical household that contains children is usually ruled by times in which the children must go to bed—known as bedtime! Angelina Jolie is one of those moms who feels as though her children shouldn’t have a bedtime. The problem with this is that Brad was—and still is—strict about the kid's bedtime when he is around.

According to Us Weekly, one of the couple’s many fights before they divorced occurred because they could not agree on when their kids should go to bed. This is still a strict rule that Brad has for the kids when they are in his household. Bedtime is essential for all kids, according to Brad, because they need it to grow healthier and stronger.

2 Must-Have Manners

The Mercury News

Every parent wants their children to have good manners. Please, thank you, and you're welcome are all examples of the manners that most parents want their children to exhibit. They want their children to know how to act, as well as how to treat other people. Angelina has not commented too much on how she wants her kids’ manners to play out, but Brad is super strict about their behavior.

According to Daily Mail, he makes sure his kids are always saying please and thank you. He wants their manners to always be in play—when they are out in public, at home, or anywhere—since the kids of Jolie and Pitt have to be nice!

1 Family Comes First


After the divorce of Angelina and Brad, they fought for a while regarding what they were doing with the kids. After a year or so of being in turmoil during their divorce, Jolie decided to move her family closer to Brad so that each child to build a better relationship with their father.

Since the divorce, she had been giving Brad a hard time about his relationship with the kids, which caused a court battle. According to Hello Magazine, the kids hated being so far away from dad all the time, which is why she moved the entire family.

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