12Learn How To Install The Car Seat

This is pretty important. In fact, most hospitals have policies in place that prevent them from even allowing you to take the baby home until they’ve verified you have a car seat installed the proper way in your vehicle.

If you’ve never installed a car seat before, prepare yourself. Make sure

you eat a good lunch and are well hydrated, because this could take a while. Give yourself some time. Don’t wait until you’re in labor and packing your last-minute bag to have your hubby go shove the car seat into the back seat. It comes with an instruction manual, and you’re going to need it.

By the time your baby is snug in their car seat and traveling home with you for the first time, you’ll forget all about the curse words and the headache you had while you installed it. Likewise, by the time they’re outgrowing it, you’ll be grateful because those infant carriers all seem to weight about 300 lbs.

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