14 Things We Never Knew About Kylie And Kendall (And 6 About The Forgotten Jenners)

They've got a knack. Whether it's Kylie Jenner or her mom, Kris, the world feels like they know the Jenners. Reality TV and social media have made these women powerhouse figures, and their followings sit in the hundreds of millions.

"I actually enjoy changing diapers," Kylie revealed to Kim after having Stormi. The girl that everyone had pegged as 100% self-obsessed has made the biggest 180-degree change ever, but not everything about Kylie is known. In fact, not many people are even aware that the Jenner family extends pretty far.

Kendall and Kylie are the two "most famous" Jenners. These sisters are style goals, sister goals, glam goals, and they're earning a ton of money. With that "momager," Kris, most people assume the family ends there. Not at all. Brody and Brandon Jenner are the two sons that get very little press, but they're just as well-connected. Their famous parents might have offered them the chance at fame, but these two live lower-profile lives.

Every family has its skeletons. While Kylie pulled a pretty big one in 2017 (it's called hiding a pregnancy), there is still a lot that people simply don't know about her. In 2016, Kylie's own assistant straight-up called her "a diva" on a live Snapchat. That was over smoothie demands, alone. It's time to find out more. The Jenners aren't just Lip Kits, mansions, and social media. Here are 14 things about the two famous Jenners that nobody knows (plus six things about the two that nobody talks about).

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20 Kylie and Travis Were Expecting Stormi "Weeks" Into Dating

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In 2017, Kylie Jenner straight-up vanished from social media. It felt like she'd disappeared off the face of the earth. Returning with a bang (and a baby) in February 2018, Kylie apologized to fans (and we met Stormi). Not that many people know how quickly the pregnancy came, though.

"We felt like, This is something special. And kids are something we kind of talked about when we were getting busy."

Speaking to Rolling Stone, Travis Scott revealed that Kylie was pregnant within "weeks." The Daily Mail has put that figure at three weeks. "It got to a point where I was like, I need [Kylie] with me to operate. She's that one," Travis added.

19 Kendall Likes That She Can Give Her Nieces and Nephews "Back"

via: ask.fm

Uh-oh. Kendall Jenner might post the cutest snaps ever with her nieces and nephews, but she's got this quote to answer to. To be fair, everyone's been there. Playing with someone else's kids is fun, but most people are quite happy to give them back.

"I have all these little babies to play with." That was followed by: "So I can play with them and then just give them back."

As Refinery29 reports, Kendall's appearance on The Ellen Show did see her admit to loving kids, but it came with this: "I have moments when I'm like: Do I have baby fever? Do I want a baby right now?' But I don't, I don't."

18 They Didn't Respond To Their Brother's Wedding Invitation

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Everyone is so busy watching these two sisters update their social media, nobody even gives the brothers a second thought. When Brody Jenner's sisters didn't appear at his wedding, though, everyone got talking. People reports:

Kendall and Kylie "didn't even RSVP" to Brody's wedding invite. Awkward. “My two little sisters, we never even heard from them," Brody said.

He added: “We sent them an invite but we just never heard anything back. Well, they’ll be missed. I would have loved to have had them there.” Meanwhile, we see plenty of Kylie and Kendall at higher-profile events. Guess we learned something new about these sisters!

17 Kylie (and Kylie Cosmetics) Has Been Busy With Legal Troubles

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This one is being kept on the DL, like woah. In 2018, The Daily Mail reported that Kylie Cosmetics was undergoing a legal battle after Alabama-based Sheree Cosmetics was suing Kylie over her "Born to Sparkle" shade.

As the newspaper reports, the scoop is that Kylie "stole" the shade's name from Sheree Cosmetics. Kylie owns 100% of her company, and the $900 million she has earned landed her a Forbes cover. Tiffany Hermann, CEO of Sheree Cosmetics is suing Kylie "to protect her business."

Kylie has made no acknowledgment or recognition of the lawsuit publicly. Definitely, one that nobody knows about.

16 It Takes A $10 Million Signature To See Stormi

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The KarJenners might come with glam squads and all the Versace in the world, but they also come with something else. It's called having 24/7 lawyers on-call. Think $1000-an-hour that Suits showed us. Kylie is extremely protective of Stormi, as The Daily Mail reports.

A person caught selling stories or pics of Stormi can face up to $10 million in legal fees. "If they don't sign the agreement, they can't see her."

Meanwhile, Complex reports that Travis Scott has hired "Secret Service-style maneuvers" with dressing room sweeps and emergency escape routes. It's a hefty price to get anywhere near Stormi (if you plan to talk).

15 Brody Jenner Starred On The Hills 

via iheartradio

The Hills is getting a reboot. Lauren Conrad and Heidi Pratt may have dominated the 2000s with their Beverly Hills-based reality show, but everything from that era is back in vogue. Brody Jenner is the brother who actually starred on the show.

In 2018, People reported that Brody is returning to The Hills. While his reality career is nowhere near as high-profile as Keeping Up With The Kardashians, it's interesting to see that he's chosen another show– and not one that centers around his family. The earning potentials from KUWTK could be much higher. For some reason though, Brody has chosen not to star on the show.

14 Brandon Jenner Is Actually A Talented Musician

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Are we allowed to say that this guy is also pretty good-looking?

Brandon Jenner is the other Jenner brother that nobody talks about. Ask most people who is in the Jenner family, and they probably won't be able to name anyone other than Kendall and Kylie.

"Music is what emotions sound like," Brandon told Intent Blog. "Part of what makes a lot of other music comes across as commercial is because the songs are written and recorded in an assembly-line fashion. It goes from person to person." Brandon's social media feed has some amazing guitar videos. Who knew this family had a musical streak?

13 Kylie's Lip Kit Factories Are Unsanitary

via: hawtcelebs

Kylie Jenner is pretty good at delivering one glossy package. In 2016, The Huffington Post collected anonymous Indeed employee reviews from Spatz Laboratories where Kylie Cosmetics is located. Read the reviews, and you'll learn a little more.

A Kylie Cosmetics employee titled her Indeed review: "Sweatshop." Pay is "minimal." "Oily floors" and a "dirty atmosphere" were also reported.

"Unsanitary" was another word used. While there may have been updates since then, the report states that Spatz Laboratories has not been inspected by the FDA since 2006. The company maintains that third-party audits have "been passed." Not a word from Kylie on this one.

12 Kylie's Psychic Predicts She'll Have Two Kids

via: buzzfeed

Updating that IG with "Baby #2?" Way to throw us hints, Kylie. While Kylie has shut down rumours that she is expecting again following a February 2019 update (that suggested a lot), she did reveal something interesting long ago.

"Every psychic said I'm only gonna have two kids," Harper's Bazaar quotes Kylie saying. Kylie was just 20 when she fell pregnant, and although at 21, this mogul is more than proving she can pull off motherhood. Being "sad that we never take out the Lambo" was Life of Kylie, the old version. This girl might just have another one, though. We'll have to wait and see.

11 Kendall's Anxiety Keeps Her Up At Night

via: people

You need a huge amount of confidence to pull off Kendall Jenner's job. The clothing can be itsy-bitsy, the shoots can be anywhere in the world, and you can guarantee that everyone is watching. KUTWK showed us something we didn't know about Kendall.

"I wake up in the middle of the night freaking out. Full panic attacks. They wake me up from my sleep, and I need to stand up and I pace and I'm freaking out and crying," the model has said.

As Glamour reports, Kendall's anxiety reached a breaking point in 2017 after a stalker was repeatedly visiting her home. Kendall's anxiety is real, and she should get some respect for battling it.

10 Brody Says His Sisters Are "Not My Family"

via: dailymail

It looks like there's a bit of a feud going on between Brody and his ultra-famous sisters.

With the news that Brody didn't even get a reply from Kendall and Kylie for his wedding, people have been paying more attention. "They’re not my [...] family!” Brody told the public, as NY Post reports.

As Heat World reports, Brody has also said that he was “sick of the Kardashians’ drama” and that he wanted to “distance myself from the family”. We've all heard about the "Kardashian curse." This guy is family, though. We'll assume there's more to it (after all, every story has two sides).

9 Kylie Gets A Cool $1 Million Per Post

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Definitely not something Kylie advertises. But the advertising is all there. In 2018, Celebrity Nine called Kylie "social media's most-bankable star." Those Sugar Bear Hair vitamins and detox teas are earning Kylie some eye-watering figures. Up to $1 million per post, to be precise. Kylie's captions?

"started [sic] the @teamiblends 30-day detox program because they promote a healthy lifestyle and it is important for me to feel my best. I'm on day 7 right now... I have way more energy and it is like a magic tea to get rid of [...] bloat." Make of that what you will. New mothers aren't too impressed.

8 Kylie Actually Enjoys Changing Diapers

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Call her spoiled all you like, but Kylie has changed. The teenager we knew from KUWTK has grown up, and responsibility isn't something you can question about this girl now. Speaking to Kim via ES, Kylie said:

“You’re less selfish — and I actually enjoy changing diapers. It’s really satisfying to make her clean again.”

She added: “I think more about the future because of [Stormi]. Every time I leave and I’m stressed about leaving her, I’m like, ‘I’m doing it for you.’ Everyone says you change completely when you become a mom, but I really feel the same, just better.”

7 Kylie Is Really Just Like A Normal Mom

via: yahoo

In April 2018, Kylie threw us "Stormi Strolls." That was one Fendi stroller worth $12,500, according to People, plus one matching Fendi dress. Designer, designer, designer. Between Stormi's baby Burberry, Kylie's Louis Vuitton, and the glam squads, you'd think that Kylie's lifestyle was 100% about being materialistic.

That was until this pic surfaced. Look carefully at it. No makeup. No Fendi stroller. Just a regular mom in the sunshine enjoying being, well, a mother. When Kylie was asked to sum up her 2018 on KUWTK, she only needed two words. "Life-changing," Kylie reflected. Stormi has completely changed this girl, and we love it.

6 Brandon Has A Daughter Named Eva

via: instagram

The KarJenners now come as a clan with kids. 2018 threw us three new babies with Stormi, True, and Chicago. Stormi may be the most famous baby on the planet, but she isn't the only Jenner baby. Brandon is a dad (although not many people know).

2018 made some headlines for this Jenner brother as he called time on his marriage of six years. His ex-wife, Leah now co-parents the former couple's daughter, Eva. Who knew she was such a cutie? "We are still very much a loving family and are bonded by a deep connection that is rooted in love" was the official statement, as E! reports.

5 And He Rides The Subway Like A Normie

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This is not something we would ever imagine seeing from a Jenner. Kylie Jenner has made it more than clear that #PrivateJets are the only option. We've even seen Stormi exploring the mahogany interiors. Even if it's travelling by road, Kylie drives a Rolls-Royce, which she had custom-designed.

Brandon? He's happy to update his feed with pics of himself riding the subway. He'll even pull a goofy face. When it comes to celebs riding the subway, it isn't something we see often. The Big Bang Theory's Mayim Bialik might do it, but she doesn't come with the Jenner glam. Looks like two very different siblings.

4 Kendall Adores Pasta (But Hates Oreos)

via: hawtcelebs

Kendall Jenner's physique is envied by a lot of people. What people generally don't know is that this model has a giant appetite. While KUWTK Season 15 did show Kendall admit that, while she "hates" Oreos, there's something she adores. As People reports,

"Pasta with peas– Kendall would be happy to ‘eat this for every meal." Kendall has even listed her favorite pasta spots across the globe.

In Style quotes Kendall saying: “Seriously, there's nothing better than digging into a bowl of fresh, delicious spaghetti bolognese! And, when it comes to what type I order, I definitely don't discriminate, but anything with truffles is an added bonus.”

3 Kylie Spends $10,000 A Year On Takeout

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2019 news alert– Kylie Jenner spent a staggering $10,000 on takeout in the past year. As Fox News reports, Kylie's Postmates orders stacked up pretty big. We also learned what she ordered:

“I was making matzo ball soup and had all the ingredients but carrots,"  she once said. Kylie ordered a single carrot. Other loves include cream cheese bagels, Matcha Lattes, and Jersey Mike's sandwiches.

Kylie orders takeout for just about everything, it seems. At 10 a.m., she orders cream cheese bagels. She also likes turkey breast and provolone sandwiches. The Daily Mail reported that Kylie's last order before having Stormi was "McDonald's chicken nuggets, French fries, and an Oreo McFlurry. "

2 Brody Is worth $10 Million (But Kylie Is Worth $900 Million)

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It's impossible to talk about the Jenners (or Kardashians) without money getting mentioned. These ladies might seem ditzy with their makeup freakouts and nails, but they're veritable business machines. Kim Kardashian is worth $350 million, but her little sister is worth way more.

In 2018, Kylie fronted Forbes for being worth $900 million. She was only 20 at the time. Meanwhile, her lower-profile brother, Brody, is worth only $10 million. Back in the real world, nobody would complain at having a net worth of $10 million, but next to Kylie, this guy almost seems broke. Kylie has likely hit billionaire status since that Forbes cover.

1 Are They Really The Perfect Family?

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KUWTK works hard to show us a perfect family. While a few eyebrows were raised with the "well-oiled machine" reported by The Daily Mail, we know there's a ton of love here. Kris Jenner actually burst into tears at Khloe's baby shower– she really did feel that another baby was a "blessing."

Reading this, though, we're seeing the cracks. Brody saying that Kendall and Kylie never even RSVP'd to his wedding invite? Kylie's Lip Kit factories being called "unsanitary?" Oh, and that carrot she ordered as part of her $10,000-a-year takeout bill? Yeah, there's a lot we didn't know about the Jenners. On the plus side, we do now.

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