14 Things Women Should Never Do In Front Of Their Man While Pregnant

Men and women come together intimately to conceive their children. There is a good chance that mom and dad have seen each other at their absolute worst, and yet somehow, they are still there for one another. Having a baby can bring moms and dads closer together, or tear them apart. Not all relationships are meant to be put through the trials and tribulations of pregnancy and giving birth. While having children can be a blessing, it isn’t always a pure ecstatic feeling of excitement throughout the entire pregnancy.

Some soon-to-be moms do things or act on certain behaviors that may seem gross or disturbing to the people around them, especially to their unborn baby’s father. Usually, the soon-to-be dad gets to see mom do things that they would rather not see or be around for. At times, pregnant women may get a little too comfortable with their other half and then forget about boundaries.

Also, some soon-to-be mom’s may figure that since it’s the dad’s fault that they are pregnant, that they can share anything and everything with the daddy-to-be. Some of these TMI moments can be things like having the baby’s father in the bathroom while mom continues to pee on test after test because she cannot believe she is actually pregnant. Or maybe the mom decided that since it’s only her partner at home with her, that she can stuff her face and get food everywhere. But really, who wants to see all that stuff? So, ladies, here are some things that should not be done in front of the baby’s dad while pregnant.

14 The Life-Changing Pee

Some women get so nervous when they have to take a pregnancy test and sometimes want their man or partner to be in the bathroom with them while they are urinating on the pregnancy test stick. Some men may go along with it and be there right next to their other half while they are most likely getting urine on not only the test but possibly their hand or fingers too. And heaven forbid the mom does not wash her hands afterward, their man will most likely be quite disgusted.

There is not an elegant way to pee on a stick, so it may be best to just take the test alone but wait for the results with their man. Some women are in disbelief when their pregnancy test comes back positive, that they may take test after test and expect their man to watch the whole process for the fifth time in a row. So, ladies, think of it like this; taking those tests can be nerve-wracking, so take the time alone in the bathroom to try to just take some deep breaths and try to remain as calm as possible.

13 Asking Him To Look At Your Ooze

Now, a lot of people are probably wondering what kind of pregnant women would actually ask their man to look at the discharge from their lady V. It’s a legitimate question, too. It just sounds too disgusting to be true, but the sad truth is there is always that one female out there that has to cross some kind of unspoken boundary.

In no way should a woman ever ask their partner to look at the discharge from their V! That is just pretty disgusting. It’s gross enough to be right up there with a woman asking their man to check out their bowel movements as well. Bodily fluids and waste should be kept to oneself, and not shared with the entire world. A man may seem interested in the things that are coming out of their partner, but they really aren’t. So, mom’s, keep one’s discharge instructions and explain what truly happened that night, that has never fully healed, yet.

12 Squeezing The Girls To See What Comes Out

This sounds really disturbing to some people, but that does not stop the fact that I am pretty sure some mom out there has tried this: squeezing the girls to see what comes out. It is fine for a mom to be curious about their own body while they are pregnant, but if they are going to playing with the girls, they should definitely try this when their partner is not around.

If the dad-to-be walked into the bedroom and saw the mother of his unborn baby trying to see how far the milk is going to squirt, he may just give her some odd looks and walk right back out of the room. Try explaining this one to the dad, later on, ladies. Worst-case-scenario, moms, just chalk it up to pregnancy hormones that are making one do all kinds of crazy things.

11 Sticking Your Fingers Up There

For some moms, when they suspect that they are going to go into labor at any given time, they may just try to use the at home method of checking their cervix themselves. Sure, moms, you may have just had a checkup, but now one suspects that things could be under way sooner than one would think and, of course, mom doesn’t want to wait. Chances are, this far into the pregnancy, moms have become pretty familiar with Dr. Google and have been searching anything and everything as of lately.

Good chances are, mom came across some website explaining how to check her own cervix just using her fingers. If this is the case, that is fine, just don’t try checking in front of the dad-to-be. He may not find this very attractive if he walks into the room and sees mom giving herself her own exam. There is even the chance that dad may worry that something is going to poke the baby since they never followed up with all the pregnancy books that mom gave him. So, mom, try this one when no one else is around.

10 Up-Chucking And Then Asking For A Kiss

Morning sickness may be unavoidable for many pregnant women, so up-chucking is to be expected every now and then. But ladies, if one starts to feel the bile rise in the back of the throat, please run to the nearest bathroom and try to avoid throwing up your stomach contents all over the place right in front of anyone else. Even better, also try to avoid heaving up last night’s dinner in front of one’s man, or the baby’s dad. Since a lot of people cannot stand to hear, see, and smell another adults vomit without getting nauseated themselves.

For some men, when they see their girl throwing up they may be tempted to not want to kiss them for a while regardless of if their partner has already brushed their teeth or not. It’s one thing to tell the father-to-be that one just vomited, it’s another thing to make them witness it firsthand. Running to the nearest bathroom is just the polite thing to do.

9 The Maternity Bra Is Your New Lingerie

Putting on the same bra day in and day out is gross. However, almost all women can be guilty of this at one point in their lives. Washing a bra over and over again can sometimes ruin them quicker, and at times it may seem like such a hassle. But there is a difference between re-wearing the same bra, and the re-wearing the same maternity bra. This is especially true for the moms that have already started producing milk and may have had a few accidents.

Sure, men can wear the same clothes day in and day out, but they never said they weren’t gross. Women are usually held to a higher standard, but when it comes to maternity bra’s moms, one does not want to continue wearing the same bra over and over. It’s one thing for a woman to catch her man re-wearing clothing, but another thing for a man to catch his girl re-wearing the same clothing thanks to this higher standard. So, moms, try to switch it up every now and then.

8 Ice Cream, Pickles, And Cheese For Dinner

So, not only does a pregnant woman eat for two, but they also get the strangest food cravings at times. What sounds appetizing to a pregnant woman, may just be entirely gross to someone who is not expecting. Some people just get queasy when they see a soon-to-be mom devouring a pickle, ice cream, and cheese concoction. A pregnant woman should understand that what she is craving now, may just be plain old repulsive to everyone else and their man may just find that quite disgusting.

There may be a thin line to what a man can and can’t tolerate from their partner during her pregnancy. The dad most likely does not want to see his girl ingesting something that even a starving dad may not eat. So, mom’s if one thinks they are about to make something that would disgust a large majority of the population, don’t eat it in front of your man.

7 Letting It Rip With No Shame

When people hear of passing gas, there usually only think of what comes out of someone’s rear end. However, belching is also a form of passing gas. The only difference in the two is what comes out of where. They both have the potential to smell vile. Passing gases is usually okay when it happens every once in a while, but continuously turning one’s body into a musical instrument and not even excusing one’s self, can be frowned upon. Especially if the mom-to-be is always doing it right in front of her man, or partner.

It can get a little annoying for some people to have to constantly be around someone else’s natural aromas, and soon-to-be dads are no exception to add to the list of people who don’t want to hear and smell the pregnancy burps and toots every minute of the day. So ladies, if you are guilty of the shameless gas passing, try to at least use one’s manners and say excuse me and maybe even walk out of the room when the gas attacks happen.

6 The Stained Pants

The further a mom gets during her pregnancy, the higher the chances of some urination accidents. This is completely normal, and while there is nothing to be ashamed of, it is quite embarrassing. Soon-to-be mom’s that are further along may want to consider wearing a urinary incontinence pad if they know they will be away from home. Or at least carry an extra pair of underwear and pants with them in their car.

An accident is one thing, but sitting in the accident when a change of clothes is readily available is in a whole new ball park. Yes, it can be annoying to change and re-change one’s clothes over and over depending on the frequency of the accidents, but it needs to be done. There should be no maybes about it. Men, or even other people that love us, do not want to see their woman sitting in the same dirty, peed up clothing. While it may seem that this should be something that should just be common sense, some people just don’t take the hint too well.

5 Wallowing In Your Own Filth

Okay, ladies, so we understand and get it; that the further along moms-to-be are, the less they are going to personally want to care, let alone deal with daily showers. It’s hard work to bend over at 9-month-pregnant just to soap up the legs and feet. But there really is no excuse for going three or more days without showering. Some men can pick up right away that their partner has bailed out on showering for a few days based off of what they smell like or by how greasy their hair has suddenly become.

If a mom-to-be needs assistance showering, I am almost positive that their other half wouldn’t mind helping them out when it comes to reaching certain body parts as long as their girl is making an honest attempt to shower. Men don’t really want to think of their partner as being dirty and unclean, especially if the couple is still being intimate. As tired as a soon-to-be mom may get, they should try to keep up with their hygiene. It’s healthier for them, and their unborn baby.

4 Play Birth Videos On Repeat

A lot of first-time parents find themselves binge-watching birthing video’s when their due date is right around the corner. While it is a great way to prepare for the big day, it is still nothing compared to being up close and personal on delivery day. There is nothing that can totally prepare first-time parents for what they are about to experience; especially for the mom.

However, binge watching birthing videos is probably only going to freak dad out that much more. After the first three, unless there are complications, they all tend to blend together in a father-to-be’s mind. Why torture the poor guy any further? Sometimes soon-to-be moms get a little crazy with the video’s, which is something a soon-to-be dad does not want to witness over and over again on repeat. So, mom’s, after the first few give the dads a free pass; they will see it in live action soon enough.

3 Swallowing The Refrigerator

Women who are pregnant are eating for two; sometimes more if they have multiple births. So, it's understandable that soon-to-be moms are going to have a larger appetite than someone who isn't expecting a little one. However, binge eating in front of the baby’s daddy, or anyone for that matter, can turn out looking quite disgusting. People don't really want to see a woman chowing down like a starved animal, even though that may be what the mom feels like.

There is a major difference between a soon-to-be mom eating for two, and binge eating. When a mom binge eats, she is eating large quantities of food in one sitting and pushing her stomach to its max capacity. If a mom is alone, she should feel free to eat as much as she pleases, but if her man is around, she should really tone it down so that he does not have to see the ravenous look in his girl’s wild eyes as she rips her food to pieces.

This could possibly be a major turn off for the baby’s dad. Women are thought of as these dainty little creatures that are supposed to be graceful, and a lot of men may even start gagging as they watch their other half shovel bite after bite into her mouth. So, mom’s, save the crazed eating binges until he is nowhere in sight out of common courtesy.

2 The Ugly Cry

Pregnant woman sometimes gets placed as these psychotic beings who are completely irrational, but sometimes that is close enough to the truth. Sorry moms, but a pregnant woman’s hormones are raging all over the place. Things that never upset a woman before may all of a sudden be bringing her tears every now and then. When we look up pregnant mom confessions, there was a woman who literally cried for a half an hour over a glass of spilled water. Seriously!

It’s no wonder men want to run screaming in the other direction sometimes. Women are highly complex, emotional beings normally; add pregnancy hormones and sometimes it may too much for the soon-to-be dad. So, moms, it’s understandable that one minute there is joy shining in one’s eyes, and malice the next. For the baby daddy’s sake, try to keep it to a minimum when possible. Sometimes the dads deserve to be eaten by Godzilla, other times they truly have done nothing wrong.

1 Dropping And Leaving

When a woman is 9-months pregnant, and about to pop any day now, they do not want to be bothered with silly things like bending over sometimes. This one actually comes from a man’s confession about his pregnant wife; she would eat stuff and drop food everywhere and just leave it there because bending over was too much of a hassle for her. Sure, that is understandable. For some women, bending may be very difficult if not impossible. This is when one needs to ask for assistance.

The soon-to-be mom may not see a problem with this since they are the ones that are carrying a life inside of them, but that still does not make it right by any means. For the mom’s that do this, they will soon enough get a taste of their own medicine once their child is a little older and starts dropping food and such and just leaving it there. Moms, if you drop something, ask the all-too-willing daddy-to-be for assistance!

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