14 Times Angelina Jolie Struggled

Actress and world humanitarian, Angelina Jolie, has made headlines in recent years for her unconventional lifestyle preferences and bizarre parenting practices. Along with her former partner, resident hottie Brad Pitt, she has birthed and adopted a whopping six children in a very short span of time. The way the Brangelina Brood has come together is certainly nontraditional. Angie adopted son Maddox while still married to her ex-husband Billy Bob Thorton. She then brought home daughter Zahara and raised the pair with her new man Brad. She and Brad made room for one more son via adoption and added three biological kids to the infamous family unit and all seemed equal parts zany and blissful over at Casa De Brangie.

Unless you don't listen to the news, you have heard that Brad and Angie have decided to call it quits, and the kids are most certainly undergoing some transitions and changes due to their parents' separation.  The truth is that life at the Brangie compound was chaotic long before the divorce heard round the globe happened.  Angie has long struggled to maintain order and balance in her home and her recent break up is only exacerbating the mess that has characterized her parenting style over the years.

Here are fifteen times Angelina Jolie struggled to control her band of babes.

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14 Hygiene Is Optional

You look at Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie walk the red carpet and they are so beautiful and perfect that don't even look human. Then you take a peek at their children and while they are undoubtedly natural beauties, they often appear unkempt. The primary reason for this is Angie has never had a handle on the children's' hygiene. Angelina doesn't enforce teeth brushing or washing hands before meals and Papa Brad's friends have even commented that his children are like Johnny Depp! Recently sisters Viv and Shiloh made news headlines for waltzing through their local Target store sans shoes. Last time we checked walking barefoot through a parking lot or public store was about the dirtiest thing we could think of!

13 Questionable Eating Habits

In Touch Weekly also broke the news on the Brangie Brood's bad eating habits. After hearing about the junk food that Angelina allows her children to shovel in at warp speeds, it no wonder the kids are running around at warp speed and then crashing when the sugar highs plummet. It isn't uncommon for the six Jolie-Pitt kids to stay up well past midnight consuming sugary snacks and soda pop under the care of nannies. Life and Style magazine reported that the kids are junk food junkies and no treat is off limits. If Zahara wants ice cream first thing in the morning, then that's what she gets. The children love Cheetos and fried foods of all sorts and because their parents can't really cook, snack foods that are easily snatched from a bag are completely fine.

12 Regular Toys Don't Cut It

Angie herself has always had a strange fascination with weapons such as daggers, and it seems that she has passed this obsession down to some of her children. While Angie had to wait until she was 11 or 12 to start collecting daggers, she encouraged the hobby in Maddox when he was only six years old. Maddox even drew a gun that Brad fashioned into a necklace for Mother's Day! Thanks kid. We aren't so sure that an arsenal of weapons is a very responsible thing to have lying around any home packed full of small kids, but it's especially concerning in Angie's home due to the lack of supervision and control. Furthermore, Maddox and Pax reportedly have quite the tempers on them and anger issues and sharp objects aren't a winning combination.

11 Real life Fight Club

It would be abnormal to think that any sibling goes through life not fighting with their family, especially kids growing up in large families. Considering the Brangie Brood only socializes with one another all of those growing pains take place between one another. It is rumored though that Pax and Maddox have particularly violent outbursts. The boys have been known to play with weapons and although they are unloaded, it is crazy to see them pointing rifles at one another. Aside from playing with tools of war, the kids have been known to scream at each other and are prone to pretty epic meltdowns. It sounds to us like Angie and Brad have a real-life Fight Club on their hands.

10 The Homeschooling Problem

Angie might have taken on more than she can chew when she decided to play the role of head mistress of her kids' schooling. Angie oversees the education of all six of her homeschooled children exposing them to only aspects of growth that she deems important. It can't be an easy job for Angie considering each child's learning is tailored to their own unique interests. The kids must all choose to learn an instrument as well as study a language. Not all of the children play the same instrument and they have all chosen a unique language to take on. Shiloh is focused on learning the language of Cambodia, Maddox has taken to German and Russian and Viv seems driven towards Arabic. It is reported that little Knox wants to start studying Sign Language.

9 What's Bedtime?

Regardless of your chosen parenting practices, one thing is certain. Kids need their sleep. When children don't get the rest that their tiny bodies require, you can bet your bottom dollar that all will be breaking loose the next day. While most of us not only know this, but count the hours down until bedtime most days, Angie can't seem to get down with the whole"bedtime rules" concept and it's caused her a great deal of strife. Because of her lax attitude towards rest and recoup, her children run wild long after the sun goes down. According to The Sun, Jolie's children run the halls of her home all hours of the night often waking their parents and getting into their beds. The nannies are left to sit up watching cartoons and keep the kids company throughout the night while Angie grabs whatever rest she can in another room.

8 The Therapy Sessions

Brad and Angie have never valued the components of formal schooling, in fact Angie has been very vocal over the years regarding public school's flaws and shortcomings. The pair has managed to create their own version of an educational system that looks very different than what most of us visualize when we think of school. The former Mrs. Brad Pitt doesn't follow tradition home schooling guides nor does she administer tests and quizzes of any kind. She allows the children to choose what they want to learn about and doesn't place much emphasis on traditional areas of learning. What she does force the children to incorporate into their educational day, however, is therapy sessions. Perhaps this required therapy was a bit of foreshadowing on the entertainer's part.

7 Supervision Roulette

Many of us parents believe that "structure is love." We love our children enough to create boundaries for them and teach them which lines can be crossed and which ones can land them in some seriously hot water. Supervising a gaggle of kiddos 24 hours a day is not for the faint of heart though and it will wear on even the most diligent of parents. Brad and Angie kind of missed the mark when it comes to tot supervision. It's actually a bit of a miracle that all the kids have even gotten this far unscathed when you consider their nonchalant attitude towards watching their kids. The Brangie twin, in particular, went through a phase where everything and anything went into the little ones' mouths. Friends were forever concerned the twins would end up ingesting something truly vile or worse, toxic!

6 Home Is Where?

There is something to be said for the saying, "Home is where the heart is." What if you do not know exactly know what home is though? The Sun reported that the Jolie-Pitt kids have a confused concept of what "home" is due to the fact that they reside in so many different homes throughout the year. The children have set up camp in Los Angeles, New Orleans, France, London and a slew of luxury hotels in faraway places. They do not live in a primary place nor do they attend a primary school where they have friends outside their own surroundings. Angie has created modern-day nomads and this instability seems to be contributing to the children's' outbursts and foul behaviors.

5 Coloring Mayhem

As parents, we strive to nurture our children's creative sides, but Angie has taken this idea to the extreme. She is so adamant that her elite six have freedom of expression at all times, it has caused her lavish homes to resemble run down frat houses! In Touch Weekly reported that Brangie's kids have colored the walls of their homes with messes of crayons and the arty walls ended up in such disrepair that crews had to be called in to repair the damage. Knowing that Angie prefers Crayola art on her million dollar walls, it was no great shocker when we all learned that she encouraged her brood to decorate her 2014 wedding gown with their scribbles.

4 Issues With The Nannies

While Angie employs plenty of people to help her care for the kids, all that assistance doesn't seem to be doing her any good. The nannies and tutors that have been brought in to help restore some order over Angie's "Sassy Six!" Brad and Angie's half dozen kiddos tend to be defiant and unmanageable with the adults left responsible for their care, leaving very few people willing to take on these unruly tykes. Aside from poor attitudes and rude behaviors, one of the children's favorite pastimes is to release their creatures on the help. Considering the kids are proud owners of everything from dogs to rodents to snakes, the nannies never know what is going to crawl on over their way.  No wonder the staff jumps ship so often!

3 Buying Love

You can't buy a person's love, adult nor child, but Angelina just keeps on trying to make everything zen through material goods. To be honest we didn't see this coming from Angie considering she is forever traveling to remote parts of the world to aid in humanitarian causes for the poor and destitute. We would think her children would be forced to go without a bit more, but that isn't so.  Angie has been spotted in recent months treating her children to lavish shopping sprees in order to lift their spirits post divorce. Shiloh, in particular, has scored some fun new toys and we aren't surprised considering reports that she is taking Angie's split from Brad particularly hard. C

2 A Tight-Knit Family

Angie has always tried to pretend her kids have normal lives, but the honest truth is their existence is far from typical. Maddox, Zahara and their younger siblings have missed out on the part of childhood where friends are made and peer bonds are forged and that might be contributing to the kids' inability to control emotions and problem solve disagreements between one another.  The Daily Mail revealed that Angie considers her children to be her best friends and really she is their only non-sibling friend! Children need interaction with other kids their age, it's how they learn to be social on a multiple of levels. Angie's need to keep her children close to her at all times limits their ability to grow and develop socially and emotionally.

1 Brad Was The Discipliner

While Angelina has never been one for strict rules, or really any rules, now that Brad Pitt is not longer living with her and their six children, things have really gone wild. Brad has long been referred to as the disciplinarian in the marriage, while Angie considers herself much more of a free spirit. These diverse backgrounds and parenting philosophies were bound to cause some rifts in the relationship. In fact this stalemate became one of the major causes for their ultimate split. The two just couldn't see eye to eye when it came to child rearing. Brad has long been trying to instill some down-to-Earth, Midwestern values in his kids while Angie has been bent on dragging them all over the universe aiding in humanitarian causes close to her own heart.

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