14 Secrets The Media Uncovered About Jay-Z And Beyonce

Entertainers Beyonce and Jay Z are practically royalty in the states. Prior to teaming up both maritally and lyrically, the two were huge superstars in their own right. She was the driving force behind the group Destiny's Child and he was a rap mogul and budding entrepreneur. The two fell in love, got hitched in a super secret ceremony and combined their awesomeness to create an empire of sound, performance and business.

The world has since quickly become obsessed with everything Jay and Bey. As if their tours and shows weren't going to be enough to keep our attention, they popped out three little Carters for the public to oogle over. Could they be any more perfect?

Well perhaps. Much of the Carters' allure is a smoke and mirrors show. They put on a solid front of happiness while in the public eye, but these two sure know how to rock not only a stage, but the gossip headlines as well.

Check out these fourteen scandals Beyonce and her main man Jay have found themselves a part of and it is almost certain that there will be plenty more to come in future years.

We can't wait.

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14 What Really Happened In The Elevator?

A few years back, CNN reported that Jay Z and his sister in law, Solange, had an altercation in an elevator at the MET Gala in the New York Standard Hotel. Security footage caught Solange attacking the rapper, taking several swings at him and even kicking him. It was some straight up Jerry Springer stuff and the tabloids went bananas.

So what did Queen Bey do as her sis went all crazed-raptor on her husband? Nothing. She silently stood by watching the epic throw down as demurely and Queenly as she possibly could. There are countless rumors as to why Solange gave her bro-in-law a good old fashioned beat down, but in the end, the three stood by their statement of "all is good with the family" claiming they accepted responsibility and moved forward in a united way. Well okay then!

13 Jay's Mom Came Out Of The Closet

via nme.com

Hip, Hip, Hooray! Jay Z recently made headlines for something positive and not super shady! Bravo Hova! NME.com reported that Jay's mother Gloria recently came out to the public as homosexual and her son has been nothing if not celebratory and positive about the whole thing.

Jay even paid homage to his mother, who chose to live the majority of the life and raise her four children in the closet, on his recent album.

Good for Gloria for finally realizing that life is too short to pretend to be someone you are not. We sincerely hope that she is now living her very best life. Also good for Jay Z for being a loving, supportive son to his mother who likely sacrificed a hell of a lot to support him during his younger years.

12 Bey Has Secret Siblings

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We all know that Bey has a younger sister, Solange, and for a while it looked as if it would just be the pair of super-soulful-sisters with the Knowles name...then their father Matthew decided that they world simply needed a few more Knowles kids around. Michael Knowles had an affair back when he was married to Bey's mother Tina, and the result of that tryst was an adorable little girl, who is now the half sister to Queen B. As mentioned by BravoTV, Little Koi bears a striking resemblance to her famous older sisters.

Matthew also fathered a little boy during his union to Tina. His only son and Bey's only bro is the child of actress Alexsandra Wright. Knowing that her father stepped out on her mother after so many years of marriage but have made Beyonce's own husband's infidelities that much more difficult to have to bear.

11 Rumors Of Another Woman

Beyonce and Jay Z have been together a long time now, and rumors of his cheating have been present since the moment the two became an item. The accusations of Jay stepping out on Bey are almost everyday news, in fact I counted fifteen women myself that have been rumored to have had steamy flings with the infamous rapper.

Up until recently though, that is all they were...rumors. They were never confirmed and life was all business as usual for these two.

Infidelity murmurings are pretty status quo in famous unions anyhow. As reported by The Washington Post, Jay Z then dropped a bomb in an interview with David Letterman admitting to cheating on his wife! Honestly Hova, who cheats on Beyonce? She is pretty much a perfect human being. This was just too much for our Beyonce loving ears to deal with.

10 Teen Mom Solange


I give Solange Knowles a lot of credit, it can't be easy being the younger sister of one of the most famous entertainers in all the universe, especially when you have a similar career path. While Bey was busy blowing up the music charts prior to taking on motherhood herself, her little sis Solange was wasting no time blowing up her teenage belly!

She and her then-husband Daniel Smith welcomed a son, Daniel Juelz, when Solange was only 18 years old. Of her teen union and pregnancy, she told The Evening Standard that she and her hubs "were crazy impulsive teenagers." She also said that she was "obviously craving some sort of stability." Solange is now married to video director Alan Ferguson. The two have no children of their own...yet.

9 Dad, You're Fired!

Once upon a time, Beyonce's father Mathew was also her manager. In fact, the Daily Mail reported that Matthew Knowles quit his career as a medical supplies salesman decades ago to manage his daughter's group Girl's Tyme and eventually Destiny's Child. When Beyonce turned eighteen years old though she started taking some of the control over and there was some resistance between father and daughter.

After 21 years of working together, Beyonce fired her father, setting off a media frenzy.

Matthew's exit as his daughter's manager coincided with his divorce from Beyonce's mother, which was due to his many infidelities. Bey has remained adamant that even though they decided to end their professional relationship their personal relationship remained full of love. Interestingly Bey and her sis "missed" her father's wedding to his second wife. Yep, no bad blood there.

8 Bey Ticked Off A Vocal Goddess

Via: NY Daily News

Our jaws dropped to the ground when singing legend Etta James threaten to whoop on Beyonce for singing her song "At Last" at Barak Obama's Inauguration Ball. We thought Etta might simmer down with time, but not so. One month after the ball took place, TMZ reported that she announced to the crowd that Beyonce was going to get her butt kicked.

Ms. James wasn't playing, she was still hotter than Hades over Bey performing one of her iconic hits. Interestingly Beyonce portrayed James in "Cadillac Records," and James had no issue with that...at least none that we know about. While we think Beyonce would definitely take Etta down, we certainly hope it doesn't come to that. No one wants Bey calling up Solange for back up. Remember what happened to Jay Z in that elevator Etta.

7 Rumors Of Fake Baby Bump

via nydailynews.com

Beyonce blessed us all with the next coming of an entertainment prodigy when she announced little Blue Ivy was baking in her oven back in August, 2011. The Daily Mail reported that she then did a live television appearance in Australia during which her burgeoning belly appeared to fold upon itself.

People cried foul saying Bey was faking her pregnancy and wearing a prosthetic.

Some folks were sure the pregnancy was a publicity stunt and others were convinced a surrogate was in fact carrying Bey and Jay's first child. The Carter's just let the rumors roll off their backs and carried on being awesome. As we all know Beyonce gave birth to the couple's first daughter, Blue Ivy Carter, a few months later and the pair has since welcomed fraternal twins into the famous family.

6 The Curious Bodyguard Incident

via evilbeetgossip.com

Norman Oosterbroek was a bodyguard to the stars. His clients included Lady Gaga, Nelson Mandela and of course Hip Hop's first Royal family, The Carters. He was canned from the job however for some truly vile and unsavory acts. It was reported by NY Daily News that he hired a lady of the night while on duty and was caught on surveillance performing unspeakable acts to the family's passports.

Rightfully so, Jay and Bey were furious over the betrayal and saw Oosterbroek as an immediate threat to their daughter, whom he was hired to protect. Ew and Nope. His life spiraled further out of control following his termination and he ended up being tasered to death by police after he busted into a mansion and punched the home's residents.

5 Forbidden Vacations

These two really do whatever they want. Back in 2013, USA Today reported that the world's most famous musical couple traveled to Cuba to celebrate their fifth wedding anniversary. Their romantic getaway sparked some concerns that the carters might have broken the law in their chosen destination however. At the time of their vacation it was against the law for U.S. citizens to visit the island and spend any sum of money there.

Clearly Bey and Jay took this sanction as a mere suggestion though. After months of investigation, it was decided that the Carters didn't break any laws because they had visited the island nation under a special license. The pair was apparently a part of the "people-to-people" educational exchange program.

So, in the end, they didn't break any laws, but their travels sure did spark a media frenzy.

4 Jay's Run In with the law

via thesmokinggun.com

Before Hova was a husband to the beautiful Beyonce and father to three little tykes, he was Shawn Carter and running the streets and making questionable choices. The Smoking Gun uncovered that in 1999, he was arrested in New York City for an allegedly getting violent record executive in a Manhattan nightclub. He was originally charged with a felony, but ended up pleading guilty to a lesser charge. Jay received three years probation for his offense.

It seems like Ms. Bey had a real thing for the bad boys back in the day. Since Jay's run-in with the law he has stayed on the straight and narrow and while he hasn't always made the most moral of choices, at least he isn't locked up. We can't help but think that this has a little something to do with being married to the Queen.

3 A Castle Fit For A King & Queen

via tmz.com

We often refer to Beyonce and Jay Z as hip hop royalty, but perhaps this reference has really started to go to their heads. The couple doesn't just live in a giant house or even a run of the mill mansion, they pretty much live in a castle.

According to TMZ, they are taking their already massive house and supposedly adding on a ten-car carport, with a 2 car garage, a living quarters and security guard rooms.

The "castle" is becoming a real compound these days and Bey and Jay want the place completely impenetrable. The power couple goes on tour so often they want to take every precaution in making sure their home remains safe. We wonder how many years it will be before Beyonce commissions an entire wing of the house to be constructed just to house her jewels and crowns. She really is transforming into a Queen now isn't she?

2 An Unconventional Financial Education

Jay Z certainly grew up different than his own children are. While Blue and the babies are being raised in luxury, Papa Carter was raised by the mean New York streets. US Magazine reported that while Jay Z was living in the Marcy Projects of Brooklyn along with his three siblings, he turned to selling illegal substances. While living in the projects drugs were just another part of life, they were pretty much everywhere.

Jay found that slinging the stuff helped his single mother to pay the bills that needed to get paid in order for the family to survive. He later felt guilty for his actions, only realizing in his adulthood the effects that drug dealing had on the community. Jay has not sold in decades, but his past occupation continues to be a black stain on his reputation.

1 A Performance Fit For A...Dictator?

A number of famous entertainers have performed for the family of the Libyan dictator Muammar al-Quadaffi. Mariah Carey, Usher, Lionel Richie and even Beyonce have graced the country leader with their presence. Shaking your groove thing for a man who oppresses an entire people though is never a good look. Bey came under intense scrutiny when Wikileaks uncovered her gig. According to Rolling Stone, Beyonce and Usher reportedly performed some of their greatest hits for Quadaffi's son, Muatassim, at his New Year's Eve party in St. Barts.

Beyonce was heavily criticized for taking money from such an oppressive regime.

We have to say that Bey and Jay aren't exactly strapped for cash, so she probably didn't "need" to take this gig and we don't think she will be making this business decision again.

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