14What Really Happened In The Elevator?

A few years back, CNN reported that Jay Z and his sister in law, Solange, had an altercation in an elevator at the MET Gala in the New York Standard Hotel. Security footage caught Solange attacking the rapper, taking several swings at him and even kicking him. It was some

straight up Jerry Springer stuff and the tabloids went bananas.

So what did Queen Bey do as her sis went all crazed-raptor on her husband? Nothing. She silently stood by watching the epic throw down as demurely and Queenly as she possibly could. There are countless rumors as to why Solange gave her bro-in-law a good old fashioned beat down, but in the end, the three stood by their statement of "all is good with the family" claiming they accepted responsibility and moved forward in a united way. Well okay then!

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