14 Times Khloe Kardashian Showed Off Her Baby Bump

Tis the season for pregnant Kardashians!  This holiday season the family will be welcoming not one...not two...but THREE new Kardashians into the famous clan.  Little sister Kylie is reportedly preggers with her first baby and due in the early part of the new year, the father is Travis Scott.  Kim and Kanye are gearing up for baby number three, who is currently baking in a surrogate belly right now, and last but not least Khloe Kardashian is reportedly preggers with boyfriend Tristan Thompson.

Khloe has longed for a baby to call her own for years now, but with failed marriages and botched romances that dream seemed to slip further and further away. Furthermore it was revealed on her hit reality television show that Khloe has fewer egg follicles than most women, which would make it quite difficult to get pregnant the old fashion way.

Enter Tristan Thompson, Khloe's knight in shining armor with some super sperm!  Despite the less than comforting news Ms. Kardashian received from specialists, it looks like nature took it's course and the pair is indeed expecting their miracle baby. While the couple have yet to publicly announce their bun in the oven, we have some serious photo evidence of Mama K out and about, trying to hide that growing belly.

Come on Khloe.  Don't make us wait for the darn Kardashian Christmas card!

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14 The Baby Bump Makes Its Debut On TV

It's beginning to look a lot like Kardashian Christmas! Here Khloe and the bump are gearing up to tape their annual holiday special that revolves around their loopy family and its traditions. Khloe dons a tightly fitted apron as her and mama Kris engage in a bake off. Considering Khloe wins the challenge it looks like baby will be treated to some good eats in the future. The show also has the famous family sitting around the table giving thanks for all that they have. Kris tells the brood that she has always had one wish for her children, and that was for them all to have children someday and "now it's like a faucet that they can't seem to turn off." Hmmmm. Interesting choice of words. She makes her telling statement while staring directly at pregnant sister Kylie, who was seated behind the table and a water sipping Khloe. All signs point to pregnant!

13 Pregnant Mama Hard At Work

Well there it is! Either Khloe has suddenly developed seriously bad posture or she is most definitely preggers. Here she is in New York city filming her show Keeping Up With The Kardashians at roughly five months along. The self proclaimed workout fanatic has a suspiciously blossoming tummy and her black corset looks like it is about to burst at the seams. Also we can't help but notice her em.... fuller cups. Enlarged breasts are a common symptoms of pregnancy, so we aren't surprised that Khloe is overflowing in the that particular department. With pictures like this one we can not be that far away from a formal pregnancy announcement. Eventually one of those corset button's are going to pop off and we will finally all be faced with the long awaited bump.

12 Oversized Jackets Can't Hide Everything

Khloe recently attended sister Kim's launch party for her new fragrance. Again she went with a black ensemble but made sure to pair her skin tight biker shorts with a large black suit coat, better to mask her burgeoning belly I suppose. Pregnant or not, biker shorts are never ok to wear out unless you are actually riding a bike. I think we should blame this pregnancy fail on the horrid pregnancy brain. Pregnancy sure can dull your brain and here it clearly dulled Khloe's sense of style. This is bad even for her. Just button that coat up and go home to your sweatpants and oversized shirts if this is what your pregnancy style looks like. Of all the cute directions Khloe could have taken her bump, THIS is what she decided on. Dang pregnancy brain!

11 Fans Call Out Khloe's New Ad

The stunning mama to be is seen here debuting a track suit from her new line Good American on her Instagram. Fans were quick to point out that it looks as if Khloe is a bit thick around the mid-section, hinting at a bun in the over. Now truth be told, I look more pregnant than this on a good day, so I am going to plead the fifth on this image. She could be a few months along here, but she also might have eaten a cheeseburger earlier in the afternoon. Whatever the case, we surely will know in the next few months what the verdict is. No one in the history of the universe has stayed pregnant forever right? She can't hide this news from us for much longer! I give it two months tops before she let's us in out her and Tristan's little secret.

10 We Spy A Growing Mid-Section

This might be the most telling outfit yet. Khloe is constantly photographed out on the town at events and is usually sporting a tight and trendy get up. Recent years have transformed Khloe's body into a lean, mean, toned machine, so this frock isn't really in line with what she normally wears. She certainly raised eyebrows when she stepped out in this dark, loosefitting belted get up. This is about as close to a maternity outfit as Ms. Kardashian has come. It is a far cry from her baggy sweats and skin tight clothes making it a unique look for her. After been photographed in this shirt she has pretty much veered away from any outfit that resembles maternity clothes. Instead she seems content to play it safe with sweats.

9 When Khloe Tried To Fool Fans With Her Halloween Costume

Khloe and her man spent this last Halloween as Daenerys Targaryen, Mother of Dragons, and her ill fated hubby Khal Drogo from Game of Thrones. In the show the pair are forced into a marriage that quickly turns into love and impending parenthood. Could Khloe be sending us a message with this costume and picture? Are her and Tristan expecting a bundle of joy much like Daenerys and Drogo were? Let's just hope that their child's fate is not as dismal as the fictional baby who never made it into the world and arrived stillborn. Khloe would have been only a few months along here, and it is likely that this being her first pregnancy she might not have "popped" yet. Nonetheless she is wearing a high waisted skirt and fur pelts for a bit of extra belly insurance.

8 Mommy Jeans Coming In Real Hot

Let me admit something, looking at those tight jeans Khloe is sporting makes me cringe in pain and remembrance. I swear the second I peed on the pregnancy stick I swore jeans off for at least a year's time. They are just so uncomfortable and manage to hit a pregnant woman in all the wrong spots. Khloe's lower belly proves my point exactly. I can basically read the poor preggie's mind here, "Please let me get home so that I can take this God awful belt off and sit around braless in my sweatpants and oversized t-shirt." I have to hand it to her, she is really devoted to hiding her current state. Those tight jeans would have done it for me. I would have whipped that belt off yelling to the entire world, "Screw it! I'm pregnant! Now someone bring me a doughnut."

Oh no! are you feeling any better?

7 Birkin Bags Mask Babies

Shocker! Khloe K. showed up recently at LAX wearing all black. Seriously she is either pregnant, depressed or bringing goth back in style. Khloe strolled her pregnant self through the airports toting one of the world's most expensive purses a human can own, the coveted Brikin. She made sure to place that bad boy directly in front of her growing bump. The paparazzi managed to snap dozens of images of the mother to be as she made her way to her destination, but every single image had the bag front and center. The old bag-and-bump trick has been used in the film industry for ages. Anytime an actress has fallen preggers and writers and producers opted not to knock up her character, the giant coats, huge briefcases and purses were brought in to hide the evidence. Nice move Khloe. Not exactly original, but it seemed to hide your secret for at least this particular outing.

6 Out With Daddy!

When news broke that Khloe and Tristan were indeed going to be parents they made sure to look their best by visiting a laser treatment center. Khloe is reportedly a huge fan of the famed skin treatments and even had stretch marks removed from her bum on one episode of Keeping Up With The Kardashains. The pair looked comfy and cozy in sweats and Khloe arrived sans makeup to make their already beautiful faces more beautiful. This pic didn't help to squash the early rumors that Khloe was well on her way to motherhood. Normally snapped by photographers in skin tight leggings and sexy shirts, Khloe looked curiously frumpy in baggy sweats. Is she even wearing a bra under there? My guess is not with those sore boobies that come along with the first trimester.

5 The Suspicious Baggy Clothes

She has to be getting sick and tired of frumpy black sweaters and baggy sweatpants. I wonder if she stands in her closet late at night staring at the rows of Bodycon dresses that once hugged her body and now sit there gathering dust. Khloe would be so freaking cute sporting maternity dresses if she would just let the world in on her precious little secret. Until she is ready to man up though, she is stuck in the wonderful world of frumpy, black sweats. Here she is again trying to mask nature and throw onlookers off. Khloe, the more you dress in baggy sweats the more we are convinced that you are hiding a baby under there. While the middle Kardashian has always been curvy with plenty of junk in her trunk, her curves have been off the chain these past few months.

4 And The Dark Colors

Here Mama Khloe is shooting some scenes at an L.A. art gallery and doing her best to conceal her growing bump under a dark purple cloak. I think it is safe to say that the only thing Khloe managed to do with this ensemble was look the love child of Harry Potter and Stevie Nicks. We know what you've got growing under there lady, you fool no one. Lucky for Khloe it is the colder months, she could never manage to wander around town in this long velvet dress during the summer months. It might not be Khloe's most flattering look, but it sure looks comfy. I wouldn't mind walking the kids to the bus stop in that cloak. It's kind of like a bathrobe, she is halfway to motherhood already!.

3 What A Difference Few Months Makes

We can't help but notice that Khloe's body has undergone some seriously drastic changes in the past few months. While Khloe is no stranger to weight fluctuations, (girl I hear you on that front,) images like the above make it hard to believe that she isn't expecting a baby in the next few months. All the tell tale signs are there: her thighs and hips are rounding, her midsection is thickening and her butt is plumping up, even by Kardashian standards. Now I have popped out more than a few kiddos and each and every time my body rounded out in a very similar way. Khloe 's shape is definitely changing, but we think she looks glowing and beautiful and more than ready for this next chapter of her life.

2 Back To Her Go-To Concealment Tricks

If she is going to continue trying to pull a fast one over on us ooglers, she will have to use all of her pregnancy hiding tricks. Here she is sporting her new favorite color...black, and making use of the high waisted jeans. When in doubt, wear something that you can blame a camel toe on. We are pretty used to Khloe sporting some type of below the button bulge, so maybe she just figured that we would all write this off as another one of her fashion fails. Of course a professional belly smuggler like Koko doesn't seem to go anywhere these days without a long, black cloak to wrap around her belly should she encounter any paparazzi trying to sneak a few images of the baby to be.

1 Anti-Kardashian Night Wear

Of all the outfits I have seen Kourtney, Khloe and Kim photographed in, this might be one of the most anti-Kardashian frocks one of them has ever donned.  Normally when the ladies go out for an event they are in something far more body hugging.  Khloe is still showing off her stunning legs, but the actual dress is nothing more than a baggy, black sweatshirt.    Nothing hides a bump better than a baggy sweatshirt!  Truly does she think she is fooling anyone with the black clothing, the dozens of long dark cloaks and sweaters and the sweats.  Oh my stars so many sweats!  I love me some sweats but please Khloe, I am begging you... just announce the darn pregnancy already and let's start the celebrating.  Also let's get some color back into your wardrobe.

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