14 Times Parents Threatened The Baby's Life For A Photo

Ok parents, we have all taken goofy pictures of our little ones from time to time, but the pics exposed throughout the following pages are sure to make any rational human gasp. These innocent little lambs are being put directly in harm’s way just for the sake of a crazy photo op. What in the world is wrong with these people? Is this what we have come to in order to get “likes” on social media? Holy crap.

Sure, babies can get into dangerous situations completely on their own, but if that does happen, one might expect that the parent would run to the aid of the child, not run to grab their camera! How in the world does one’s brain work in that way? ”Gee I sure hope my kid is still alive when I finally get back with my iPhone!” Oh my goodness!!

Unfortunately, in this modern age of technology and social uncertainty, more and more parents seek out acknowledgement from social media, causing their judgment to become obscured to say the least. Back in the days before Facebook and Instagram, there was no way that the local drugstore was developing photos that showed little babies hanging from buildings or lying in a hungry alligator's mouth. If that were the case, the police surely would have been called (rightly so).

So listen up, knuckleheads of the world, nobody wants to see a baby get hurt, and nobody wants to see a baby scared, or in harm’s way. Please stop the madness before it starts. Put the camera down and run to save the baby!

14 It’s A Bird, It’s A Plane…

If this is not a WTF moment, I don’t know what is! This image is just absolutely terrifying!! If it’s scary for us to look at, can you imagine what that poor little baby was feeling when some idiot was dangling him out of a high rise window?

I’m sorry but there is absolutely no excuse for this one! This baby is one sneeze away from certain death, and for what? For a few likes and comments on social media? This person does not deserve to have the blessing of a child. How the heck can they possibly think that this is ok?

The thing is, they obviously know the shock value of what they are doing, and that is ABSOLUTELY why they are doing it!! Not funny at all! There is no way that any picture is worth endangering the life of your child, but this one is just over the top!

13 The Snuggly Snake

I totally understand that people keep snakes as pets, and many love them dearly, but a wild animal is still a wild animal, even if it is adored by humans. If this snake decided to squeeze the life out of this child, it would most likely happen fast and furiously. I’m not saying that it will happen, but is it really worth the risk?

There is no doubt that this pic was taken as a photo op. I highly doubt that they allow their baby and snake to snuggle up together while watching TV. However, like I said, wild animals can be unpredictable. Why on earth would anyone put their child at risk just to take a quick picture? Perhaps these parents are on the wild animal side themselves. Unpredictable and ruled by instinct alone?

Get a grip people. You are a parent now. It is one the health and well -being of your child is one hundred percent your responsibility. Don’t screw it up for a picture.

12 How Not To Warm The Baby

Obviously this poor little peanut is uncomfortable and terrified. Who could do such a thing in the name of photography? Are you kidding me? Not only could the baby suffocate or fall, but this is a young newborn that could pick up one of millions of germs from the bacteria that is most likely inside of that microwave.

Seriously? Are they warming up their soup one day, and think to themselves, Hmmm…I wonder if my newborn CHILD would fit in the microwave?? Even if the thought pops into their obviously odd brain, at what point do they actually go, pick up the child, and place them in the microwave oven??

Look at this poor little screaming kid. She is obviously stressed to the max and stuck in an awful position. Not to mention the hard metallic surface on her tiny little body. Wtf is wrong with people??

11 A Bong For The Baby?

Just when you think that humans cannot get any stupider, this picture pops up! What? Wait…WHAT?? Are they seriously getting their infant child high on pot? Pot from a bong?? Like this little guy that can barely sit up by himself should be anywhere near any drug paraphernalia? The WTF award may just go to these crazy people.

I’m guessing that these parents are young and stupid. They surely are not ready to have a child of their own if this is what they do to pass the time. Poor kid. The ways that his kid could be harmed, injured, or minimally, momentarily impaired are plentiful.

Why do this? Being high while taking care of your baby is bad enough, but getting the baby high too? Chances are that these classy people didn’t even remember doing this until they saw it on their Facebook in the morning. Perhaps they ended up with a little visit from officer friendly.

10 A Recipe For Disaster

Oh my goodness!! How about if we just kill two birds with one stone? This picture has so many potentially horrific endings; I can hardly even catch my breath? Can you find all of the hazards? Let’s examine this pic a little bit closer.

Besides the obvious fact that the baby can fall out of that pot in no time flat (literally…flat), there is a freakin flame on the burner!! Seriously people!! They are cooking their baby!! Big brother doesn’t look too steady himself, and at any moment could topple off of that chair and into the baby and the flame.

Add to this the knife that is on the counter, and the obvious distance that any parent is away from these two precious babies, and you have a recipe for disaster. What in the world are they thinking?? Sheesh!!

If they were looking for a reaction on Facebook, I sure hope these dummies got an ear full!

9 The Alligator Bite

I can’t even begin to imagine the back story on this picture, but oh my goodness!! Look at that little face!! That baby is terrified, and rightly so!! No matter what the situation, whether that gator is dead or alive, this baby is looking for a responsible adult to take care of her. What kind of message is this to send to that poor little thing?

The common thread through all of these insane parent’s photo ops is just that. INSANITY!! WTF is wrong with these people?? Under NO circumstances should any child in their care be exposed to the types of scenarios you just viewed. It is truly horrific to think that anyone finds this funny.

SO if you are a frequenter of social media, are crazy, and have a baby, how about if you just leave the kid with a babysitter the next time you get a wild hair up your butt for a photo op?? It’s not entertainment. It’s just plain inexcusable behavior.

8 Holy Train Tracks, Batman!

Perhaps it’s a funny family photo op, but this mama knows that if you never play on or near the train tracks, you’ll never get hit by a train. Although an amusing photo, what the heck is actually going on here? That poor baby has no idea what his lunatic parents are up to.

As we have all seen in the movies, sometimes a quick getaway off of the train tracks doesn’t happen as quickly as one may hope. A shoe gets stuck, a hand gets caught, somebody suddenly falls and twists an ankle. It is certainly not a safe place for a tiny baby with tiny parts that could easily get stuck in the assorted beams and rods.

In their defense, at least this little pic is well intended, and is actually done with a real sense of humor. Both parents are there with the baby, and at least their intentions (although misguided) seem to be good.

7 Hit The Road, Jack

Perhaps England has a younger driving age than other countries? Can you imagine pulling up next to this car, and seeing that tiny little body at the wheel of a 3,000 pound vehicle that is traveling at a high rate of speed? What???

The people involved in this shot are not only putting the baby at risk by being unbuckled instead of safely secured in an infant car seat, but she is also standing by the windshield, steering the freaking car, next to a hot cup of coffee, and most likely putting everyone else’s lives in danger as well. Not only are the passengers in danger, but everyone that is driving anywhere near them! Not only if she hits them, but what about when they see her, get distracted, and hit someone else?

I’m sorry but these are obviously a bunch of lunatics! Hopefully a police officer happened to pull up next to them right after they took this picture. Dumb dumbs.

6 The Dangerous Stare Down

I get it, different cultures have different customs. What is “normal” in one family may be completely out of the question in another. But DEATH? A venomous snake bite that will almost certainly result in the excruciating death of a tiny baby? How is this considered ok under any circumstances?

Look that the innocent curiosity on that little one’s face. He has no idea that he is in any danger whatsoever. Why would he? Babies are supposed to trust their parents to keep them safe and out of harm’s way. Well doesn’t’ look like that is the case here.

Look carefully at the pics. You can see the snake getting closer and closer, until finally it is literally wrapping itself around this innocent little baby. I don’t know about you, but there is no way on this earth that I would ever allow this to happen on my watch. Whatever cultural differences may arise, death is death in any language.

5 The Daredevil Baby

This is one bound and determined young man if you ask me. He is quite the acrobat when it comes to getting himself out of places that he does not wish to be. These poor parents have tried everything to keep their little monkey safe, but he keeps out smarting (and out climbing them) at every turn.

When a regular baby gate didn’t keep junior where he was supposed to be, his parents added a second baby gate, making a structure that was too tall for anyone to climb over without a ladder. Not too tall for this little bugger though.

Not only did junior climb up about ten feet in the air, and climb down the other side unharmed, he did it again to get back where he had started. Once again, as fascinating as this is, if this baby were to fall, he would suffer serious injuries. As amazing as his climbing skills seem to be, Mom and Dad really need to put down the camera and be there to catch baby if he falls.

4 These Parents Are Cold As Ice

Could there possibly be any reason in the world for sticking your helpless little baby in a freezer? Come on people!! What the heck are you doing? Is this supposed to be funny? The baby certainly doesn’t think so, and neither would anyone else with half of a brain in their head.

Let’s just look at this scenario a little bit closer. Not only can the baby’s tender skin get stuck to the frozen surfaces inside, but the height from the floor is also alarming. Not to mention the freezing temperature, and potential for getting stuck and suffocating.

It is obvious from the angle of this pic that nobody is standing within arm’s length. They backed up to make sure they could get a good picture. I just can’t believe what some stupid humans find entertaining. Maybe somebody should come over and try to stick them in a freezer for a photo op. Do you suppose they would find it funny then?

3 Right In Front Of Her Eyes

I get it. We all do our best to entertain our little buggers when we are trying to get something done. However, whoever it is that sees something that baby is doing to get themselves in trouble, should really step in to save the day.

Case in point. Obviously Mom is busy with something that has called her attention away from the baby. Since he is sitting happily next to her, her peripheral vision thinks that all is well. Somebody nearby, however, obviously sees that the baby is up to no good. Instead of being an adult telling the baby to stop, they grab their phone to snap a picture.

This one bugs me just a little bit more because if you look, you can see the safety plug in the other electrical outlet. Somebody is obviously caring for this baby, yet this moment that could result in electrocution is only acknowledged by taking full advantage of a photo op. Ridiculous!

2 Too Close To Danger

Ok…is anybody really so insecure that they have to show off what a bad-ass baby girl they have? Come on!! This picture is so dangerous on so many levels I don’t even know where to start. Obviously it is staged, but even so, what’s to stop something from going horribly wrong really fast?

Whether the baby cuts herself with the knife, grabs a second knife and swings it to her face, burns herself on the open burner right next to her, or falls off the counter, this idiotic photo op could end up in a horrible tragedy that will stay with both father and daughter their entire lives.

Why risk it for a stupid picture? It’s really not very funny at all. It’s disturbing, immature and dangerous. Parents like this really need to visit an ER once in a while to see how blessed they are to have a happy and healthy baby. Why would they knowingly put their precious bundle in harm’s way? Idiots.

1 The Mini Electrician

So perhaps Mom is off getting some groceries, and Dad is at home “watching” the little princess while getting some much needed work done around the house. Not an uncommon scenario, I guess, but HELLO!! Watching from afar as your little girl is about to fry herself is certainly not the recommended parental protocol!!

As adults, we all know that electrocution will occur if a handheld metal object is inserted into an electrical outlet, so what the hell is going on here?? Did you want your baby to have curly hair or what, Dad? This is not the time for a picture, this is the time to yell “no” and grab that tool out of your daughter’s little hand.

I am hopeful that nobody got hurt, but if this little girl did indeed get shocked, I hope she is ok. Maybe it's time for some shock therapy for her crazy parents.

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