14 Unwritten Rules Only Pregnant Celebs Have To Follow

Women in the public eye deal with a great deal of pressure and expectations. People may hope that there would be some leeway during pregnancy, but it is pretty much the opposite actually. As a society, we have certain ideas for both how celebrity women and pregnant women should look and act. Heck, we have even gone as far as trying to tell these women how they should feel.

Life in the public eye does not leave celebrity moms-to-be with a whole lot of privacy. People are constantly intruding on this rather intimate and exciting time which is likely super stressful. It surely doesn't help when we shove expectations, generalizations, and stereotypes down their throats. It's even worse that the media and those on social media are able to blast hate, unwanted opinions, and criticisms on these women and their pregnancies.

No one has the perfect pregnancy. Almost all of us are probably guilty of consuming a tad too much caffeine, a sip of fun summer drink, or a cold ham sandwich. We are allowed to blissfully break these pregnancy "rules" in the privacy of our own homes with no unwelcome commentary from the peanut gallery. No one declares us the worst mother or unfit because we have a hot dog, don't dress in maternity wear, or remain active.

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14 The Big Announcement

Everyone was shocked when Kate Middleton announced she was pregnant with the royal couple's third child before 12 weeks. In Middleton's case, she couldn't hide it due to the severe morning sickness that she suffered that kept him from events. We believe Kate was about 8 to 10 weeks along when she announced her pregnancy to the world. While that isn't extremely early, it is still earlier than the minimum of 12 weeks that have become a social standard for when we should announce a pregnancy. It is basically unheard of these days to announce earlier, especially for someone in such a public role like the Duchess of Cambridge.

Beyonce also shocked the world when she revealed she was carrying twins on her Instagram account. The photo featured her small baby bump and literally turned the internet on its head millions of likes.

This social rule even applies to us regular women who traditionally wait until 12 weeks, when the risk of miscarriage greatly decreases, to announce our own pregnancies. Due to the media frenzy, many celebrities are waiting to confirm pregnancy rumors or announce until closer to 20 weeks or when the bump begins to show. We honestly cannot blame them.

13 Reveal Your Pregnancy Cravings

Whether they eat too healthy or total junk, pregnant women are basically always supposed to be thinking and talking about food. Okay so this rule holds rather true, but food sure doesn't dominate our lives and pregnancies. People have become obsessed with knowing what celebrities, especially pregnant ones, are eating. Are they indulging all of their cravings or maintaining a strict nutritional regime?

Some get criticized because people do not think they are eating enough. This is usually a mix of social media content and how often the media photograph the star eating. Pretty crazy, right? We obviously aren't their doctors or see their full diet or day, but that surely does not stop people from having and sharing their rather nasty opinions. We want to know what these moms to be our eating for our own entertainment, curiosity, or to adapt it to our own diet.

Celeb like Kim and Khloe Kardashian took to their social media accounts to reveal their pregnancy cravings. We wonder if Khloe got free Popeyes because of it?!

12 Keep Yourself Slim

People in Hollywood have access to some seriously amazing trainers and workout programs so it is no wonder that we expect them to look nothing less than fit and flawless all of the time. Pregnancy is a time though where women have little control over their bodies, especially their weight, and celebrities are no exception. Society doesn't give celebrity moms a whole lot of leeway though when it comes to looking anything less than perfect.

We expect a minimum amount of weight gain from the women of Hollywood because even while pregnant they do have access to some of the best trainers and tons of healthy food options. Many celebrity moms-to-be have gotten slammed for gaining more weight than some internet trolls or media sources deemed "acceptable."

Celebs like Hayden Panettiere, Kelly Clarkson, and Jessica Simpson have all been shamed for packing on "too many pounds" during pregnancy. As if carrying a human inside one's stomach isn't hard enough, women also have to worry about getting too big.

For women in Hollywood, being pregnant means all eyes are on you.

Celebs have both the paparazzi and the body-shamers to look out for.

Obviously, these people have never been pregnant and realized that there are some things that are just out of mom's hands, no matter how much fame or money she has.

11 Dress "Like A Mom"

There is not a specific dress code for what we should wear when we become a mom. There is no good reason why our clothes should even have to change, but society definitely has some expectations regarding what is appropriate for a mom to wear. Celebrity moms get slammed all of the time for what they wear though, pregnant or not.

Shortly after giving birth to Luna, Chrissy Teigen, was slammed for a dress with high slits that caused her to have quite the wardrobe malfunction. People magazine reported how Chrissy clapped back to haters regarding the incident via Twitter.

Teigen is not alone in the mom shaming though. Basically, as soon as we see a pregnancy announcement, we expect a woman's wardrobe to become matronly. Kim Kardashian is no stranger to this type of pregnancy-shaming. Remember when she posted a nude selfie of her and the baby bump?

Pregnancy is just the beginning as we seem to have these expectations for as long as a woman has kids.

10 Reveal Who The Baby Daddy Is

Via: People

Since baby mamas and daddies have become a rather popular concept, it is no surprise that celebrity parents deal with baby mama/daddy drama as well. However theirs is usually blasted all over headlines for the world to see and comment on. One celebrity mom who really got slammed for keeping her baby daddy quiet was Mindy Kaling. Back in December of 2017, People magazine reported that Kaling was not revealing her daughter's father, even to her own close friends.

A lot of Kaling's fans were rather shocked by the fact that she wanted to keep this detail private.

She was having a baby with the man so surely we felt we deserved to know his name. Many were quick to assume that Kaling was keeping quiet as a way to assure there wasn't drama or because there was past drama. None of this stopped the world of social media from feeling entitled to knowing just what baby daddy drama was going on.

9 Always Keep Active

Via: YouTube

This one certainly seems to have some impossible equilibrium because it seems like there is criticism for working out while pregnant, yet we expect a certain level of fitness and athleticism from expectant mothers. It didn't take long for internet trolls to slam Khloe Kardashian for her workouts shortly after her pregnancy announcement. On the other hand, women like Serena Williams and Gal Gadot were praised for the super woman-like ability to manage to stay incredibly active while growing a baby.

How do they win? Other celebrity moms were shamed for being "lazy" during pregnancy according to social media shamers because they put their workout clothes in the closet for a few months. Growing a baby is hard work. Yes, there is truth that exercise can be great during pregnancy, but for some women that just is not the reality of it.

8 The Pressure To Bounce Back

Via: Access

We have all seen how obsessed society is with the way a woman bounces back after having a baby. No one is under more pressure to get her body back after having a baby than a pregnant celebrity though. There are usually shots of mom shortly after leaving the hospital that society has deemed will decide if mom gets her body back ever or not.

According to Elle, Molly Sims spoke out about the pressure of bouncing back after pregnancy.

"It's because people are obsessed with it—obsessed with how to do, what to do, when to do it, and how fast you can do it. It's crazy," she said.

"Also, you put pressure on yourself so it's always magnified 20 times more. You want to be skinny just as much as America wants you to be skinny!"

While the expectation that women should drop weight that took then 40 weeks to put on basically overnight is insanity, celebrity moms face it every single day. In fact, we expect her to have a plan (and share it) for how she will get her body back before she even gives birth. Basically, some expect that Hollywood moms treat pregnancy as like a nine-month training period for how they will bounce back and look hotter than ever.

Realistic people everywhere can now roll their eyes because that is just not the way it works.

7 Don't Slow Down Your Work

Via: The Guardian

While pregnant with the twins, Beyonce backed out of an appearance at Coachella 2017. We would think that people would totally understand as the singer would have been about 8 months pregnant at the time of the festival. Billboard showcased both the love and the hate that the star received when she announced she was backing out of her performance. Some fans were kind enough to acknowledge that the health of Beyonce and her babies should certainly be a priority. Others slammed the star for letting her pregnancy slow her down and putting her career on the back burner.

Serena Williams was the total opposite though and won the Australian Open while she was pregnant. Although eight weeks pregnant is A LOT different than eight months, it was still a pretty heroic feat in her career and as a woman.

Celebrity moms aren't the only ones who are held to this expectation to not slow down their career during their pregnancies. Many of us normal moms feel it too, but we don't have a ton of girls and women looking up to us for how we handle it all.

6 Stop Complaining!

Via: Scary Mommy

This rule applies to almost all moms, not just celebrity ones because we are carrying a life. What could we possibly have to complain about? It seems that these days it has become some type of competition of who has it worse. As soon as a celebrity mom even utters that there might be the slightest instance she is uncomfortable, sore, or otherwise handling pregnancy like a normal person would, she is quickly slammed because doesn't she know how lucky she is to be pregnant?

Luisa Zissman, experienced this firsthand when she complained about her pregnancy on social media.

ScaryMommy chronicled some of the comments many of which targeted how Zissman should be thankful she can even get pregnant. It is no doubt that there are people dealing with infertility who would kill to deal with the symptoms that many of us want to whine about it. Does that make our symptoms less miserable though? Does that invalidate how we are feeling?

5 Must Avoid The No-Nos

Alcohol, caffeine, and sushi are on the "no-no" list for expectant mothers, but that surely does not mean that a few of us aren't guilty of indulging on a rare occasion. Many of us though are lucky enough to do it from the privacy of our own home and have no camera crew or paparazzi in tow to document the moment. This leaves us to only be criticized by ourselves (and maybe family members) while celebrity moms face the firing squad of virtually every person with a Twitter or Instagram account who get to share their opinions with the expectant mother.

Kate Hudson stunned the world when she was spotted drinking a glass of mommy juice while 6 months pregnant with her second child. Of course, the picture generated both backlash and support by fans and media alike. Some people said, "what's the big deal" while others said that child services should be called on the Hollywood A-lister.

4 No Maternity Pants On The Red Carpet

Via: Vanity Fair

The rumor mill in Hollywood is always spinning. One photograph and celebs are quickly labeled with all kinds of nasty issues. Living in the spotlight means red carpet events and constant paparazzi.

While most of us can enjoy a great deal of our pregnancy in sweatpants or comfy clothes, celebrities usually have to find a way to fit into fancy gowns even when they've got a big baby bump.

Almost every media site out there has chronicled baby bumps that have appeared on the red carpet. Back in November of 2016 Instyle magazine chronicled celebrity red carpet maternity style because what could be more comfortable when we're bloated and swollen than a fancy dress and high heels? The risk of missing or looking less than perfect at these events leaves many celebrities facing the social media firing squad.

3 Dad Also Has Rules To Follow

It's not just mom that is pregnant; it's the couple that is expecting a little bundle of joy. Living in the public eye means that we're looking at dad too when a couple announces they're expecting. How is he handling the pregnancy? Is acting like a proper dad-to-be? He is about to be a role model and caregiver for a tiny human. We aren't crazy for expecting dads-to-be to act a little more like a father figure than a frat boy while their partners are expecting.

We have all seen the iconic photograph of Scott Disick shoving money in a waiter's mouth while at dinner with his pregnant girlfriend, Kourtney Kardashian, and her family. Everyone was astounded at his behavior and mainly people were mad because the couple was expecting a child. As if behaving that way prior to conceiving a child would acceptable? The moment was recorded for posterity on the reality show Keeping Up With the Kardashians back in 2010 which people will see how to not be a good dad-to-be for years to come!

2 Don't Eat For 2

Via: Daily Mail

Nutrition is especially important during pregnancy. For most pregnant women, they pretty much have the common sense to follow doctor's recommendations when it comes to what and how much they should be eating. With celebrities though we are always fascinated with their diets, pregnant or not, and we seem to feel entitled to every little detail of their nutrition. If a pregnant mom isn't spotted at enough restaurants or with enough snacks in hand, people question if she's starving herself (and her unborn baby). Yeah, it sounds pretty absurd and a tad demeaning, but it is a reality for a great deal of Hollywood's moms-to-be.

Kim Kardashian was called out by the media, and fans, for her pregnancy weight. According to The List, headlines and "cruel memes compared her to a killer whale."

Likely every mom everywhere is guilty of giving into cravings that probably weren't the most nutritious, jalapeño poppers and Sour Patch kids we're talking about you, but it happens. When celebrity moms are caught with cheeseburgers or cake, people immediately slam them for how they are eating. Some even go as far to justify that's the reason why she's gaining so much weight! New flash: pregnant women pack on the pounds.

1 Always Smile

Pregnant women should be glowing. A mother-to-be has a million reasons to be excited and giddy so of course, we expect her to have a smile plastered on her face at all times. People are surprisingly quick to jump on expectant mothers, especially those in Hollywood, for being anything short of ecstatic during their pregnancies. Conclusions are jumped to quicker than can be that she "doesn't want to be a mom," is depressed, or several other absurd ideas simply because she falls short of jumping for joy every second of the day.

It is so refreshing when celebrity moms-to-be are honest with us all that pregnancy is not all rainbows and butterflies, but that doesn't mean that they don't get some serious hate from the peanut gallery as well.

In reality, not every pregnant woman is going to be glowy and over the moon happy 24/7. They still have emotions just like the rest of us, usually, those emotions are a little uncontrollable during pregnancy as well. All of a person's stress and issues do not melt away simply because she has a bun in the oven, but that doesn't stop people from expecting the near impossible from pregnant women. Yes, an expectant mother is carrying a life and probably thrilled, but that doesn't mean she should constantly have to look like a toothpaste commercial!

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