14 Ways Breastfeeding Completely Screws Up Mom's Sanity

Being a parent is hard, regardless of whichever way you choose to raise their child. Some parents believe in electronics while others don’t and some parents never give their kid a lick of fast food while others stop at Chick fil a twice a week. Either way, everyone does what they think is best for their child.

Some mamas choose to give their babies breastmilk, which everyone knows has an unbelievable amount of nutrients and benefits. Some people believe that breastfeeding is easier than formula feeding- no prepping, no cost, and no risks. What some people do not know is breastfeeding can drive a woman CRAZY.

Breastfeeding can seriously mess with a new mama’s sanity, and those who do not breastfeed, will simply never 100% understand. Everyone knows that postpartum moms are a little nuts to begin with- from the sleep deprivation to the hormones, but adding breastfeeding to the mix can make you crazy in ways formula feeding does not!

Most moms are happy with their decision to breastfeed, but that does not mean that there aren’t aspects of breastfeeding that doesn’t drive them nuts! A mama goes from growing a human in her belly to then nourishing it with her own body to help it grow…how cool is that!? No one is denying how amazing breastfeeding is, but just because it is super neat and healthy does not mean mamas have no room to complain.

Read below to find out the things some breastfeeding moms will never dare to complain about to others.

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14 Worries The Baby Is Starving

Mom’s worry about everything- and it never ends. Your sweetie will one day be 23 and you will still worry about them to some extent. In those precious breastfeeding months (or weeks/years) a mama can go nuts over worrying if her peanut is getting enough milk.

Baby may randomly start waking up in the middle of the night again after 3 months of sleeping like an angel and mom may worry baby is not getting enough milk. A new baby can come home from the hospital and cry every second she is awake, and a mama may worry she isn’t getting enough milk.

Even if a baby sleeps great and hardly cries, a mama will STILL worry their baby isn’t getting enough. Worrying is normal, but this can drive some mothers to be worrying more than she should be. It is true, your baby may not be getting enough, or they could be getting enough and be crying for many other reasons.

13 Every Hour Is Spent Trying To Boost Milk Supply

Some mothers (if they have low supply or not) are obsessed with boosting their supply. If you go on Pinterest, a mama can find a ton of ways to boost their supply. There are many varied brands of milk increasing teas and supplements that can be taken. This can become super overwhelming for some moms because it can be hard to decide which one is the best to pick.

A mom can buy lactation bars and cookies from the store or make their own. There are also certain foods such as oatmeal, carrots, and spinach that can boost supply. There are so many articles and options out there to potentially boost supply that it can be overwhelming to understand and pick one option.

Boosting supply can drive a mom up the wall because she may never think her supply is good enough and may constantly be trying to find new ways to make it better.

12 Obsesses Over Every Drop Of Milk

There is a reason mamas call their breastmilk liquid gold. Just like regular gold, it is valuable, and no one wants good quality stuff to go to waste. Some mamas are so obsessed with their milk that they do not want to waste a drop.

Mamas may use breastmilk can be used to cure an ear some ear and eye infections as well as help soothe a sore throat or an itch/burn. Breastmilk can be used as a facial cleanser and a cooking ingredient too! Some may see nursing moms on social media putting their breastmilk into baby food and making homemade popsicles.

No mama wants a drop of her milk to go to waste, and utilizing her supply is a proactive thing to do. This can cause mothers to lose their marbles a bit, by adding breastmilk into any and everything they can think of.

11 Has Nightmares About Possible Infections

Breastfeeding is the most natural thing you can give your baby. Being that breastmilk comes from a mama’s body, if something happens to mama’s body it can affect her milk and how she is feeling. One of a mothers worst breastfeeding nightmare is mastitis. Mastitis is a breast infection can leave a mother feeling run down, and in a lot of pain.

This can lead to flu like symptoms, painful lymph nodes in the armpit, and a painful breast abscess. This pain can be excruciating, but thankfully health care professionals know just how to assist in this issue. Another painful and common occurrence are blocked ducts. This is an area of the breast where the milk flow is obstructed or the nipple pore is blocked.

This can be excruciating as well and result in a hot sensation and swelling, tender spot in breast, achy, and feeling incredibly run down. This can make mom feel insane due to pain and the stress of having to be in pain on top of making sure her baby is getting fed.

10 Forced To Wean The Baby Before Mom Is Ready

At some point, every nursing mama has to wean their sweetie. This can be super stressful for many reasons. The act of weaning can be outrageously painful due to super engorged breasts. Also, many moms are horrified of losing the mama-baby nursing bond.

One of the biggest issues for mom’s is having to go through their baby screaming and crying begging for the boob. Even before weaning, a mom will be asked (probably by many) when they are going to stop nursing, and this can put a lot of stress and pressure on a mom.

The thought of their sweet baby crying can also be upsetting for moms, even before the weaning process begins. Some babies naturally wean themselves, while others put up a pretty big fight- but either way there are many reasons why weaning can cause a mama to go a little crazy!

9 Mommy Shammers Get The Best Of You

Everyone has an opinion about parenting choices- whether they have no kids or five. Unless a baby is in danger, it really is no one’s business what a mama does with her baby. If a mama decides to pump, formula feed, or breast feed, they know the world will have an opinion.

For some nursing mama’s, they are ready to pick a fight with anyone who even looks at them sideways while nursing out in public. Some mamas wear a cover, while some bare it all- but either way, they are doing it for one reason and one reason only….their baby needs to eat.

Getting yelled at about nursing is either a mother’s worst nightmare or something they mentally prepare for. Some mamas think on a regular basis about what they would say to a breastfeeding hater and what they would tell their hubby an girlfriends afterwards.

8 Constantly Paranoid About Showing Too Much Skin

On the flip side, some mamas go crazy about keeping modest while trying to nurse. Some mothers decide to cover up in front of their other children or their own parents. For these types of mom’s, going out in public and forgetting their cover is their worst nightmare.

Trying to keep the boob shielded can be very stressful for a mom especially when it is hot out, and when baby gets old enough to mess around with the cover. To some mom’s, their breasts and nipples are private and nursing is private. Some mamas bare it all while others cover up, and everyone is entitled to their choice- but either choice can drive a mama nuts.

Even when a mama is covered, she may still worry about confrontation from nursing haters.

7 Getting Dressed Becomes A Chore

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Before baby, picking outfits probably did not take too much thought. Once a woman decides to breastfeed, she may need to buy a whole new wardrobe. Yeah, clothes may not fit from those postpartum days, but the biggest issue is finding clothes that make the boob easy for you (and baby) to access. This can drive a new mom crazy because it may result in wearing clothes you do not enjoy.

For mamas who choose to breastfeed, a nursing tank or bra is a good option. A great idea would also be to purchase some button-down shirts, cross over tops, and/or scoop neck tops. Wearing a tank top under clothes that require you to pull aside, unbutton, lift or open can give a woman a better feeling of coverage. Having to modify or completely change wardrobe after baby is irritating, but there are ways to make breastfeeding so much easier.

6 The Breastfeeding Schedule Is All Consuming

Some moms think it is important to put their baby on a nursing schedule, and this can be a pain. This can lead to less sleep and one stressed out mama. Frequent nursing sessions not only reduces engorgement but helps with a mamas milk supply as well as keep baby fuller longer.

For pumping mothers, a schedule can be stressful too. Lugging around a bag of supplies, having to bag and store the milk, cleaning pump parts and possibly (for those mamas with lipase in their milk) having to heat up breast milk before putting in the fridge.

This can be super stressful if a mama is at work having to do this. In order to keep up a supply, a pumping mama has to get one some sort of schedule, but this can lead to a mom getting frustrated and feeling worn out.

5 So Getting Away From The Baby Is Impossible

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Some moms go crazy with having to revolve their life around feeding their baby. If a mama is nursing, it may be hard to get away from baby to run errands, spend time with other children, go on dates, or get out with some child free time.

Some mamas cannot be away from their little one for more than an hour due to having to nurse their baby and the excruciating pain of full breasts that need to be emptied. Even those mamas who pump can lose their sanity having to carry a pump with them when they leave the house.

They have to find a place to pump, find a way to store the milk and find a place to clean the pump parts. Whether you are exclusively breastfeeding or if you are pumping….getting away from baby for even an hour can be a total hassle.

4 Stresses About What To Eat And What Not To Drink

Once a woman gets a positive pregnancy test, she is bombarded with having to adapt to a whole new life style. She learns what she cannot drink, eat, touch, do, or smell. Once baby is born, and if you decide to breastfeed, a new lifestyle adaption needs to happen again. This can drive a mama crazy!

She has to worry about every single thing she puts in her body and how that affects her milk and her baby. Alcohol drinking during breastfeeding is a super controversial topic. Alcohol inhibits the letdown reflex which makes it harder for baby to get your milk and can pose a risk to baby if enough gets in the breastmilk.

Also, too much caffeine can dehydrate the body and lower production of milk and can cause irritability and sleep problems with baby. It can drive a new mama bonkers having to worry about look up everything she encounters to see how it affects her milk supply!

3 The Girls Are In Constant Pain

Some experts claim that if you are breastfeeding and it is painful, then you are doing it wrong That is not totally true, because in the beginning your breasts are going through a huge adjustment period.

Prior to having kids, women are not used to having something or someone attached to their nipples for an extended period of time. Breastfeeding can drive any mom nuts due to the stinging pain once their baby latches. The reason for this is because a woman’s nipples have to toughen up before breastfeeding will be pain-free.

There can be other reasons breastfeeding is painful such as a poor patch from your baby. Even pumping can cause nipple pain due to a poor fitting breast flange, friction, or setting the pump to a setting that is too high. It can be difficult trying to give baby the best thing for them while being in excruciating pain, but a lactation consultant or OBGYN can possibly help.

2 Always Wonders If The Milk Taste Good

They say mothers worry never ends - but it most likely begins with those delicate baby days hoping their baby is getting enough to eat. Some mama’s go nuts over their supply- worrying if they are making enough, if it is good quality, or if baby likes it. This can lead to becoming overly anxious, stressed out, sad, and losing even more sleep and time.

Every mother wants the best for her baby and wants to help meet all of her/his basic needs. Breastfeeding can be super easy for some and stressful for others - but either way, a mother hopes their baby is getting enough of the best quality breastmilk she can provide. In the back of every pregnant mama’s mind is the question - is my supply good enough for my baby?

1 Looks Down On Formula-Feeding Moms

Come on breastfeeding mamas, don’t say you’ve NEVER done this! For some mama’s, thinking their choice is better than formula feeding moms is a way for them to validate their own choice and to make them feel like they are raising their little one “the right way.”

Everyone knows the benefits of breastmilk outshine formula, but at the end of the day, as long as baby is fed that is all that matters. Some mama’s get very caught up in their decision and skip over being proud to being straight up judgy.

Most nursing moms outgrow their judgy phase, while others do not. If you’re breastfeeding your sweetie, you do not have to turn your nose up at the lady in front of you at the Target check out buying formula.

Every mama has a reason for their decisions- some medical, some personal, but at the end of the day it is not worth letting formula feeding moms get you worked up- we are all trying our best!

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