14 Ways Women Are Getting Themselves Pregnant

Conception can be a really big deal for some ladies and gentlemen. Especially, if getting a bun successfully in the oven seems nearly impossible. IVF treatments, creams, pills, and other ideas have been developed to help get a lady knocked up. Why does it seem so impossible for some people to have babies, but others just cannot help but be pregnant, seemingly all the time. One might think that life is not only a bit skewed, but that maybe there is some secret fertility gene that just needs the right stimuli to switch on.

Baby making is serious business. People fork over thousands of dollars for fertility treatments, consultations with traditional medicine experts, and try anything they think will work. When the biological clock is ticking, or certain life plans are strongly desired to get executed, it can be all or nothing for many ladies.

Women have confessed to engaging in varying practices, in order to finally become a mother-to-be. Yes, adoption is available, but it isn’t quite like having your very own offspring with shared DNA. Women and their mates have been willing to submit themselves to engaging in some of the craziest plans, all or the blessing of a baby.

14 A Stuffy Nose? It Doesn't Matter

More than one mom has found some conception success, after taking enough of the drug, Mucinex. Typically Mucinex is used for coughs and breaking up persistent phlegm. But for a lucky mama, it has been credited with helping her to get pregnant.

Apparently, Mucinex not only thins out mucus buildup, it create a desirable affect on the cervical lining secretions. When it comes to the lady bits, taking enough of this drug reportedly makes it easier to get a bun in the oven. Women have found their baby making success with taking Mucinex that has Guaifenesin in it, especially when close to ovulation. Ladies are to take one pill in the morning and one pill at night, 5 days before the eggs start coming.

13 Stick An Egg In It

Egg whites are not just for low-calorie omelets, D.I.Y. facial masks, or for baking. Egg whites can also help a lady get pregnant, if she is crazy enough to try it. No, in order to get the benefits of egg whites, one doesn’t need to prepare to eat tons of eggs. Think more of using a turkey baster.

That’s right. When egg whites are placed in the vagina and near the cervix region, like a lubricant, it apparently helps the sperm stick. So, ladies who really want a baby, and have tried everything else, are going for the egg whites. Some ladies have found some success, despite the process being a little messy. Of course, after giving the egg whites some time to work their magic, a lady might want to have a bath.

12 The Little Spoon

Spooning or cuddling after or before being more intimate with a partner is a relaxing and enjoyable activity for many. Surprisingly, it is one crazy way to get pregnant, if both parties aren’t careful. If there has been any release of seminal fluids, no matter how small, there is a risk that sperm can make it to the lady bits. Children have managed to come about thanks to spooning, so things can get going really quick, in the baby making department.

Couples who aren’t careful about bodily fluids and contact, or take advantage of this fact, can craftily get a bun in the oven, before they know it. Spooning with clothes on is a lot less risky, but if hands get roaming, and people are in the throes of passion, baby magic.

11 Got Nuts?

Peanuts are not just low in calories, inexpensive, and tasty. Eating peanuts has been linked to getting a lady happily knocked up. The secret to these vegetarian legumes filled with protein, is that they are capable of enriching sperm. The trick to getting pregnant more easily, is to encourage a man to eat more peanuts, especially before getting together right around ovulation.

So, the next time some eager couples are stocking up on peanuts, maybe it’s not just a hunch, that someone is trying to have a baby. In addition to helping get a woman successfully pregnant, peanuts also provide niacin, vitamin E, and healthy plant energy too. This is beneficial for giving that new baby in the belly, a good head start.

10 Bust Out A Yoga Move

When it comes to getting pregnant, there is nothing that some ladies won’t try. Women who want to try a more natural method of inducing conception, have flocked to yoga centers. This is because there are believed yoga positions that will help center, balance, and stimulate the reproductive systems. Also, yoga is super conducive to developing a peaceful and serene demeanor, which means less stress, and greater physical flexibility.

Women of all backgrounds have gotten busy twisting themselves into pretzel-like shapes, while breathing in controlled patterns. Fertility yoga has become a big thing, for health-conscious women looking to not only get fit, but to get pregnant too. Surprisingly, fertility yoga works. Many women enjoy using yoga positions after having sex, and the power of gravity to make sure things go according to plan.

9 Prick The Skin

Acupuncture is an ancient traditional form of healing and balancing of the body’s energy centers using needles. Thanks to Traditional Chinese Medicine, it seems that the right amount of needles, placed in the right spot, can land a lady in mommy land. Women looking to end their barren streak have made their appointments for acupuncture.

Apparently, if certain energy centers and organ systems are out of balance, it can cause or exacerbate infertility. Some women have sworn their successful pregnancy, thanks to the use of acupuncture treatments. Acupuncture can be use to stimulate and heal the female reproductive organs, and stimulate strong semen. The method may seem a bit out there, but thousands of years of medical expertise can’t be wrong, right?

8 Keep The Hands Dirty

This crazy method of impregnation is a bit close to spooning. If intimate partners are not careful about bodily fluids, there is a possibility semen can get transferred into the vagina. This is especially possible, if a couple engages in any foreplay or stimulation using the digits.

If a woman is really serious about getting pregnant, but doesn’t want their partner to know what’s up, getting their fingers roaming about might be the trick. The chances of getting pregnant by hands with tinges of seminal fluid is low, but possible. Sometimes it is a matter of not wanting to break the mood, by taking a moment to wash hands. However, life is stranger than fiction, and sticky fingers can lead to pregnant bellies.

7 Pet A Statue

Before anyone starts laughing, realize that there are civilizations on the planet which have been making fertility statues for centuries. It might seem crazy, but fertility statues apparently have a good success rate and ending a stream of barren lady bits. Considering that fertility is integral to the propagation of the human species, and involves some fun, what’s the harm with involving a statue?

Some ladies have ventured to the recesses of the planet, in search of the most potent fertility statues. Women have willingly traveled the distance to get involved with exotic rituals, and rubbed fertility statues, all in hopes of ending up pregnant. Testimony of women who have found success with these methods have shocked and amazed. The baby is proof.

6 A Teabag A Day...

One woman was so set on being a mother, she sought out some very rare and unique forms of Traditional Chinese Medicine. After consulting an experienced herbalist, she would take cups of carefully brewed teas of selected materials. All the elements of her treatment were to prepare her body to become more fertile, stronger, and healthier. She even incurred the use of hot bricks with the tea.

There was even a compound known as ‘pind powder,’ which when used, helped women seeking to become pregnant find success. Eventually, after enduring a tireless search for various treatments, and drinking loads of tea, operation make a baby was a success. No matter how different or otherworldly a fertility treatment may seem, if a woman wants a baby enough, something is going to happen.

5 Fix The Crooked Spine

When the body is out of alignment, it can make it tough to conceive. This is the word from women who have praised using a chiropractor, to help them finally get pregnant. Thanks to how life works in a modern society, many people suffer poor diets, posture, and stress. These things can end up causing various parts of the body to go out of alignment.

Basically, a crooked spine, and an out of place uterus, can make it difficult for that egg to finally turn into a baby. Certain procedures conducted by a professional chiropractor, can iron out the kinks in the body, returning the body to a state of balance. A balanced and aligned body and organ systems, will more readily become pregnant. Many a happy mom has found this method to work.

4 Greasing The Wheels

Most lubes on the market are available, to help make body parts slip and slide into one another more easily. This is especially valuable if any party has issues with dryness. Lubrication for pleasure is not the only ability of lubes, as there are some lubes specially made to encourage contraception.

Also known as fertility gel, lubricants which are friendly to sperm have been celebrated by women desiring a child. Unlike regular lube, these lubricants are formulated to be pH friendly, and some even include vitamins and minerals to enrich the cervix and incoming sperm. Couples who have been going out of their mind to have a child, have found a lot of success with these products. There are even natural water-based sperm friendly lube too, for crunchy granola types.

3 Poke Holes In The Venus Shirt

When it comes to making a baby, I hope that all parties involved are consenting, and truly prepared for the commitment of a lifetime. I say this, because some ladies get so crazy to have a baby, they…will discretely poke a hole in a condom before use. This action has had some backfiring, if not everyone wants a baby. Some ladies have baby fever like nobody’s business, so it cannot be helped.

Condoms when used properly, usually are successful at not promoting the production of a new tiny human. When a condom is compromised with a tiny hole, hard to catch with the naked eye, the chances of conception go way up. Needless to say, some unscrupulous desperate ladies desiring of a baby, have made the choice to poke a hole in the condom.

2 Load Up On Vitamins

Be prepared is not solely the scout motto, but it helps let the body know something is coming. When a lady really gets serious about having a baby, there is nothing better than to start taking prenatal vitamins. Prenatal vitamins not only fortify the body with loads of nutrients and vitamins, but also help hair and nails grow longer and stronger.

A body that is at peak health and full of vitamins and nutrients is more likely to become pregnant. Moms who are more health conscious, and have made the decision to take prenatal vitamins regularly, have credited their pregnancy to their dedication. Taking a pill is no problem, especially if it will bring a baby, but also great hair, skin, and nails. This is one crazy baby making method to get into!

1 When All Else Fails...

When all natural methods fail, and superstitions and old wives tales don’t deliver on getting a lady pregnant, there is always fertility drugs. Since the inception of IVF treatments, there have been various pharmaceutical drugs created to help a lady become a mom. Clomid and other fertility drugs have successfully gotten a lot of babies conceived. This is much to the delight of many happy families.

Women have consulted their physician and pharmacist, in addition to tweaking their diets so the fertility drugs give an optimal result. Some may think it’s cheating, but life is short. When it comes to making a baby, there is not method too crazy to try, when someone wants a little one of their own.

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