14 Whisper Confessions From Moms Who Can't Be Tamed

Who really wants to be tamed in the first place? Being a mother doesn’t mean giving up our power. Girls will be girls. Women will be women. Then you have the wild ones. The mommies who don’t conform to all the expectations that society has put upon us. As Mothers we need to be responsible role models for our children. We need to teach our kids right from wrong. We need to put our best face forward when it is possible. We need to get out of bed on days that we don’t want to. We need put our little humans first. We need to and hopefully we want to.

One thing we don’t need to do is lose our identity in the process. We just need to become the most responsible version of ourselves as possible. Some of us need to make minor tweaks on our lifestyles and others need to make major tweaks. Hopefully we all know where we fall on this spectrum and have the desire and strength to be respectable mothers. There is no memo sent to us once we pop a kid out that dictates that we are to become sugary sweet slaves to our husbands and children.

It’s our life. It’s our choice. Some Moms can’t and won’t be tamed.

14 Mom's Double Life

Oh my! Sounds like this Mom decided to get off her couch after reading the 50 Shades of Grey Trilogy and make her fantasies a reality. Notice how she separates her two worlds. She is a Mom during the week. She takes care of her motherly duties, runs the kids to and from school, makes sure her kids get to extra-curricular activities and she could be sitting right next to you at the PTO meeting. On the weekend, don’t bother asking her to the local ladies’ book group. She already has plans. She plays two totally different roles during different times of the week. I bet her fantasies of the upcoming weekend keep her going throughout the weekdays. The weekends are her time to let loose and let someone else make the decisions for her and just be content in that moment with her dominant.

13 Watch Out, Kids

This Mom needs taming and she is admitting it. She is out of control. Maybe since the release of the Movie, “Bad Moms,” some mothers think it is cool to be an actual bad mom, but it is not. This is sick. This woman is married. She admits that she has a great husband. She has a lovely teenage daughter. She wants to wreck it all. She has thoughts of infidelity. She’s a trusted adult and she is attracted to her teenage daughter’s friends. Let’s hope that she never acts on this attraction. Let’s hope that she never tells the girls about her attraction. Let’s hope that her daughter doesn’t find out that her mother is a pedophile. That would be traumatizing.

12 Crossing The Line?

I wouldn’t judge this woman and say that she is a bad mom but I do believe this is a little over the top wild. If the baby needs to nurse, then the sex can wait. If the sex can’t wait, then let the baby wait. Including a child when involved in intimate acts is never a good idea. I realize that the child wasn’t part of the intimate act. I realize that the child is most likely too young to be aware of what is happening, but there is a time and a place for everything. I am a huge breastfeeding advocate and I am supportive of breastfeeding in almost every situation, in any place in public, around anyone. Having said that, getting laid with a nursing baby attached to a breast doesn’t seem right.

11 Cougar Town

This Mom is a fun loving cougar. I say fun loving because there is this one magical thing that younger men can do that older men lose the ability to do. Ladies, it’s the ability to get rock solid at the drop of a dime. That’s not where it ends. Think back to the younger men that you may have heard about or met. Once they are finished you can get a rise out of them again and again. Older men date younger women all of the time. One major downfall of older men can be the failure to rise to the occasion or the need to take drugs to do the trick. Who knows what is fuelling the fire of this relationship but if this girl’s mom is still sexy and attractive then she should be able to live a fulfilling life in all ways.

10 Let's Hope The Kids Don't Read This

We trust you. There is a wild woman within us all. Maybe she is hidden deep, deep down in the darkest delves of our memories. Maybe she only comes out when the kids are sleeping or away for the weekend. Maybe she only comes out when she is with her girlfriends or on vacation. We are more than just Mom’s. Some of us may have been freaks and others of us may not have been. That’s the point. Even though we all have the Mom thing in common doesn’t mean we all don’t have wild souls. We are just as unique as our children are. One day our kids will wake up and realize that we are more than just their Mama. Until them, let’s let kids be kids and keep our freak side to ourselves.

9 Like Mother Like Daughter?

No one wants to think of their mother in this way. This kind of makes me sad too. This woman’s sweet daughter has been exposed to a side of her mother that no child should see. To be fair, the daughter should not have been snooping around on her mother’s Facebook account. She said she found the gross things on accident but we all know better. She was creeping her mom on Facebook and saw some things that she never envisioned her mother was capable of. That’s not nice to call her Mom that nasty three letter name no matter what she was engaging in. The guy who messaged her asking if she was as wild as her mom needs a time out.

8 Is It bad?

I find that if I’m asking the question, “Is that bad,” that the answer usually is, yes it is bad. If you can get arrested for it then yes it is bad. There are certain things that we give up for the safety of our children when we become mothers. I’m pretty sure recreational drug use is on that list. Any kind of smoking around children is unhealthy for the little ones. This stoner mom thinks her habit is funny,” lol”, so taming this Maryjane loving Mama is most likely a lost cause. Hopefully she keeps the plants and paraphernalia away from the children. This Mama better be waiting until her kids have gone to bed because drug use and parenting are a dangerous mix.

7 Stiffler's Mom

This Mama is planning the day she turns into Stiffler’s Mom. She’s living it up with no regrets. There’s no hope in attempting to tame this one. She knows she’s a bad wife and doesn’t care. She has no plans of changing. She makes 4 arguments that make sense to her in justifying her behavior. First, women and young men maker her act out. They make her do it. She has no control. Second, she will always be curious. If curiosity isn’t a good reason to be a bad wife and mom, I don’t know what is. Third, someday she will be like Stiffler’s mom. Yes, she’s the woman we all idolize. Fourth, YOLO. You only live once so anything goes.

6 Mom Doesn't Work On Weekends

This Mom is leaving her husband and children alone to go partying. I feel bad for this guy. His wife is out partying and he is on Whisper confessing his discontent. Every woman needs girl time but there is a difference between taking some time for yourself and reliving your college days. When we make the decision to get married and have children we realize that we are going to have to make some changes. We need to compromise because things aren’t always about us anymore. If this Mama has had enough of the married life, then she needs to clue her husband in. Sounds like if this couple splits up, the kids will be going with Daddy unless Mama puts away her dancing shoes.

5 Words To Live By

It’s a catchy song, what? Who says that once we become mommies we are not allowed to enjoy our preferred types of music. Good for this Mom for staying true to who she is and letting loose a little. Who knows, this Mom may have just made that song her ringtone because she knew it would embarrass her daughter. That’s just funny. We are mothers not robots. We do not have to act a certain way, listen to certain types of music, talk a certain way, behave a certain way, dress a certain way, because society expects us too. Kudos to the moms out there who are living young, wild, and free and responsibly parenting at the same time. WTF kids, relax.

4 The Dark Side

This Mom definitely made the choice to let her wild side shine through. Making out with a random guy at the Bullet for My Valentine show may not have been the safest move but it sounds like it was just what this Mama needed. We all let our wild shine in different ways. Hiding who we are 95% of the time sounds tiring. It’s too bad this mom can’t come to a happy medium where she feels wild and responsible at the same time. Hiding who we are can’t be healthy for ourselves and our children. Sure this Mama is not going to make out with a random stranger in front of her kid but she can be authentic. I think some people confuse hiding their wild side with becoming more mature.

3 The Party Animal

This Mom does need to check herself. She may be having fun with her daughter but she is teaching her some awful life lessons along the way. Her daughter calls her a “wild alcoholic” and she thinks it’s great. When did being an alcoholic become a great thing? I think, never. Alcoholism is a serious addiction and it can be deadly. Her daughter also calls her a “party animal.” Are they mother and daughter or sorority sisters? This mother is setting a very poor example for her daughter. Grow up Mama! This daughter is loving her Mama for all the wrong reasons and one day it’s going to catch up with both of them. Parenting is a job that never ends. Even when our children are legal they need to learn what their limit is.

2 To Buff Or Not To Buff?

This Mama likes to sleep in the buff no matter who is around. Some people sleep naked. I get it. The question of whether it’s a problem or not is a personal one only she can answer due to her circumstances. Some additional questions might help clear this up. What are the sexes of the children? How old are they? Are they unfazed by the nudity or are they growing increasingly curious about it as they grow older? Whatever the answers are, this Mama feels comfortable and free with her nudity. It’s positive for children to see that we are comfortable with our bodies. As family member, we will most likely see each other in the buff on occasion. However, if there are growing boys in the house, at a certain point I would tame the urge to let it all hang out and throw a robe on when the boys were around.

1 How To Cope

This kid’s Mom needed to be tamed a long time ago but she failed to make the changes that she needed to. Although we need to remain authentic we always need to put the safety and wellbeing of our children first. This child knows that he was abandoned for drugs and wild men. How does he know that? How old was he when she left? Does he have memories of her drug use and promiscuity? How sad it must feel to be abandoned. The thought of being abandoned for drugs and wild men is even worse. It has left him feeling empty and needy. He’s probably making some cougars happy but sounds like he is not happy. Every decision we make effects our children. Every single one.

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