14 Whisper Confessions Of Parents Who Weren't Fit To Raise Their Kids

While almost anyone can become a parent, not everyone should be one. Some people just aren’t cut-out to have kids...

While almost anyone can become a parent, not everyone should be one. Some people just aren’t cut-out to have kids, or they are unable to provide a stable, safe environment for a child at the moment. These Whisper confessions all reveal the struggles of growing up with parents who just aren’t fit to raise a child.

Some of these confessions come from spouses, some from friends or family, and many of them are from the children themselves. Many of them tell devastating stories of having parents that were abusive towards them or growing up in an unsafe environment. The one thing they all have in common is that they’re absolutely devastating and heartbreaking.

Unfortunately, more children than you may think are growing up in unsuitable environments. The answer isn’t always to remove the child from their home. Sometimes the parents just need an intervention or education on how to better raise their kids, though in some cases removal is the only option. If you ever suspect a child might be being abused or in danger, it’s better to say something than to hold it in. If it was a false alarm, then at least you had the right intentions. But, if it was actually a situation like any of these, then you could be saving a child’s life.

14Dealing With Depression

Mental health problems are serious. We always tell children and teens to confide in a trusted adult if they think they feel like they’re going through something. But what happens when you have no one to turn to?

This Whisper user said they confessed to their mom they thought they were dealing with depression. Instead of being supportive or concerned like one would expect their parent to be, their mom was the complete opposite. She accused her child of doing it for attention and didn’t get them the help they probably needed.

Telling someone whose dealing with a mental health issue that they’re making it up to be dramatic is the worst thing you can do. It might make them self-conscious or second-guess their decision to get help. We hope this confessor was able to find help somewhere else, and knows that what their mother said was wrong.

13To Play Or Not To Play

It’s not good when both parents can’t agree on how to raise their child. Exactly that is happening in this mom’s household. She explains she and her husband disagree about what’s appropriate or not for their son’s age. Even though their child is only 7, his dad thinks it’s okay to play violent video games, whereas his mom always says no. She ends up having to be the bad cop, and we’re sure if causes a lot of tension between her and her partner.

The real problem here isn’t whether it’s okay for young kids to play R rated video games. It’s that their child’s home life sounds very chaotic. It’s confusing for parents to send mixed messages to their kids and to always be fighting with the other parent. This kid may have been well fed and clothed, but a tumultuous hoe life can be just as traumatic for a young child.

12The Over Punishment

This. Is. Not. Okay. This older sister took to Whisper to describe the way her mom punishes her younger sister who is deaf. Instead of opting for a traditional form of discipline, like a time out or grounding, this mom thinks it’s effective to take away her daughter’s hearing aid. Most people would agree this is a form of child abuse!

This little girl’s hearing aid isn’t something like an iPhone or tablet that she uses for enjoyment- it’s something that makes it easier for her to live with a disability. Thus, her mom shouldn’t be taking it away in order to punish her, that’s just downright mean and inappropriate.

From the sounds of it, this mom doesn’t sound like she’s in the best state to be raising a child. We hope that she either learned what’s appropriate and what’s not when it comes to parenting, or that someone intervened in this situation before the young girl suffered further.

11Parental Priorities

We’re so glad that it sounds like the child mentioned in this confession is being raised in a loving household! This parent took to Whisper to confess that they’re raising a child who isn’t biologically theirs. They’re doing it since the baby’s biological mom chose a life of alcohol, substance abuse, and unstable relationships over raising her child.

Anyone who struggles with alcoholism or drug addiction probably isn’t the best candidate to raise a child, especially if they’re not open to seeking treatment for their illness. It’s horrible that the bio mom texted this parent something so hurtful, but at least they know that it doesn’t mean anything! Kudos to the person behind this Whisper confession!

10Welcome To The Show

Not every family that seems perfect on the outside is actually on the inside. This person revealed that their parents were mentally, verbally, and physically abusive, even though no one would realize it by simply meeting their family once. The anonymous confessor reveals it’s only when people start hanging around with their family more do they begin to see how messed up things are.

Unfortunately, a lot of child abuse goes undetected. Just because a family seems perfectly normal on the outside doesn’t mean that’s always the case. Hopefully the person behind this confession was eventually able to remove themselves from such a toxic environment. This just goes to show that looks can be deceiving!

9Harder Than It Looks

One thing emotionally abusive parents might do is threaten to kick the child out of their house. They might not really mean it; they may be only using it to frighten the child or to get them to behave. But that doesn’t mean it’s any less hurtful.

The anonymous person behind this confession explains their mom routinely says she’s going to throw them out and stop helping with their college expenses. It sounds like this teen is still totally dependent on their parent, so they probably have nowhere else to turn. The person even says they’d be happier living apart from their mom, but it doesn’t sound like an option.

This is the case with many kids who live in abusive households- they may have nowhere to go. Though there are programs in place to help children who live with abusive parents such as this, more has to be done to make sure every child who needs them has access to them.

8Substance Use

This confession is absolutely sickening. It’s unimaginable to think of any child being in this situation, but this Whisper user says that this was their childhood. Evidently this person’s father had substance abuse issues, so much so that it interfered with the caretaking of his child.

The person explains they were injected with heroin at least 25 times in their childhood. They also add that their Uncle was able to sexually abuse them because their father wasn’t doing a good job at keeping them safe.

Any parent that abuses drugs is in no place to raise a child. Not only can the parent not provide a stable environment, the child might be exposed to all sorts of inappropriate and dangerous things. It sounds like this kid should have been taken away from their father years ago, but that unfortunately never happened.

7The Real Me

No child wants to be rejected by their own family just because of the away they are. Unfortunately, that happened to the person behind this heartbreaking Whisper confession. After coming out to their family, the person reveals their parents basically cut off all ties with them. At least their step mom stuck by them!

There are far too many homes that make children feel horrible just for being who they are. Hopefully this person didn’t need to rely on their family anymore and they’re able to make it on their own in the world. As much as it would hurt to have your family react this way, we feel like this person is so much better off without these people in their life. Being gay is something to celebrate, not disown your child for.

6Picking Favourites

Most parents will insist that they don’t have a favourite child- they love all of their kids equally. But the same can’t be said for this mom. She used the Whisper app to admit that she pays more attention to her daughter since she was planned but her son wasn’t. What??

We get that it’s hard to raise a child that wasn’t planned for, but that doesn’t mean that this mom should be treating her younger child any differently. That can seriously affect the child well into the future. It’s pretty much like telling the child they’re not worth as much as their older sibling and that they’re unwanted.

We’re hoping this mom was just having a bad day and was using the app to vent, or else she could be seriously harming her child’s self esteem. We also hope that this mom loves her son and daughter equally, or perhaps she’s just not cut out to be a mom.

5Feeling Single

It’s especially difficult hearing about a Police Officer who mistreats his kids. This mom reveals that her husband isn’t kind to their two children, who are only 3 and 1-years old. While she doesn’t elaborate on exactly what her partner does that’s so horrible, she makes it pretty clear that he’s not a great guy.

The wife adds that their son was recently diagnosed with Asperger’s, which can definitely make the parenting job a lot harder. But children with a condition like that need to be met with patience and love, not with anger and hostility. The mom adds that she feels like a single parent thanks to her husband’s lack of involvement. If her partner was mistreating their kids as badly as she makes it seem, we hope she put an end to their marriage pronto.

4Baked On Brownies

This is a controversial Whisper confession! Smoking weed definitely isn’t the worst thing a parent can do, but if it’s interfering with their parenting abilities then it might be a sign of a problem. This mom confesses that she smokes marijuana pretty regularly, but that it doesn’t make her a bad mom.

While there are some parents who would agree with her, there are others who would say this isn’t a sign of responsible parenting. The most important thing is the child’s safety and wellbeing. If this mom is unable to provide a safe environment or properly take care of her kid because she’s too high, then that’s not okay. We hope that no matter what, the child in question was safe, secure, and happy.

3Covering His Tracks

This confession is shocking! We couldn’t imagine any parent behaving this way, but this Whisper user reveals this was an ordinary day for the while growing up. As a kid, the confessor admits they once caught their dad cheating on their mom.

Instead of owning up to their actions or just asking their kid to keep their secret, this dad did something even worse. He actually planted a condom in his child’s room so that the mom would think they’re the one that was sexually active. And the child was only 12!

This father’s behaviour was totally irresponsible and inappropriate. It would be bad enough if his child just caught him fooling around with someone else, but putting the blame on their kid to stop them from revealing their secret is an all time low. This kid’s dad was a total tool.

2Careful With The Couch

This would be a babysitter’s nightmare. When watching someone else’s child, this Whisper user reveals that kid actually showed them where their father hid drugs. The toddler evidently took out a bag of cocaine from the couch and told the person that their dad uses it when their mom isn’t home. We hope this is one confession that just isn’t true!

If this is a real story, then we hope the babysitter did something immediately to get the child out of the house. Even if the mom didn’t know about the drugs, it’s still not a safe environment for the child to be in. If the kid could so easily get their hands on the drugs, just imagine what would happen if they were left alone with no supervision. The results could be fatal.

1Growing Up Quickly

This Whisper user sounds like they had a horrible childhood. They reveal that their parents have been physically, emotionally and verbally abusive towards them their entire life. Their father also suffered from alcoholism, while their mother was permanently disabled, which permanently put her in a bad mood. The person behind this post says their mom eventually stopped talking to them when they were 14.

Things got even worse for this person when their parents separated. They reveal they had to be their mother’s primary caregiver at age of 16. That’s way too young of an age to be taking on so much responsibility, especially when the person you’re caring for has been abusive towards you. We hope this individual was eventually able to leave their tumultuous childhood in the past and move on without the negative influence of their parents.

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