14 Women From The 'Other Industry' That Are Actually The Best Moms

It is always a joyous event whenever a baby girl is born. Girls are little princesses. They are precious. Everyone wants the best for them. They want their baby girl to grow up and do great things. They want them to be the very best they can be.

What you would be hard pressed to find, though, is anyone who wants their baby girl to grow up to be is a porn star. There is certainly a stigma attached to porn, or the other industry, as some might call it. People that make porn are often viewed as "less" than others. They can also be viewed as people that are not deserving to have any children.

However, that viewpoint is not entirely accurate. People that make porn can be good, decent people. In fact women that do porn can be good moms, and heck even great moms. So here are 15 women from the “other industry” that are actually the best moms.

14 Holly Halston

To begin with, there is a woman that essentially claims to be a porn mom. She is Holly Halston. She started doing porn in 2000. However, before that she gave birth to three daughters. That's correct, she was a mom even before she started porn, and choose to go into porn after having kids.

One of the things that actually makes her a good mother is that she recognizes the value of keeping your sense of humor about if. For example, when asked to give parenting advice she recommended covering everything in plastic and doubling up on the rubber sheets. She also feels it is important to be honest with her kids and talk to them about everything. That will, no doubt, include her being a porn star at some point. Lastly, she feels that to be a good mother you simply need lots of love.

13 Kayden Kross

One might fully expect that a reason to go into the porn industry in the first place is for the money. In fact, that might very well be the only reason to go into the porn industry. That seems to be the case, at least in part for Kayden Kross. One of the things she enjoys about doing porn is that it provides her with the money to send her daughter to good private schools. Her daughter is 3 years old.

Shaw also enjoys the fact that porn allows her to set her own hours so she can spend more time with her daughter. Kross also feels the need to separate the two worlds that she lives in. She happens to work in the porn industry and she is raising a daughter. However, she keeps her young daughter totally separate from the work that she does.

12 Brooke

It probably goes without saying that some porn stars enjoy being naked even when they are at home. This is the case for Brooke. She loves to be naked at home even around her young daughter. She does not view being open about the body as a bad thing, but rather as something that should be encouraged.

She wants her daughter to feel comfortable in her own skin. Brooke is very open about the human body to her child. She openly told her daughter that babies come out of a woman's vagina. They even watch birthing videos on YouTube together. She wants her daughter to understand and appreciate how the world works and keeps nothing secret from her. She greatly appreciates the time she spends with her daughter, and loves that porn allows her plenty of time to do so.

11 Anna Bell Peaks

Anna Bell Peaks has not been in the porn industry for very long, only a few years now. She actually spent several years as a certified public accountant. She chose to go into porn because she loves sex and was looking for some more fun. Porn seemed to be the perfect fit for her. Also she currently has a teenage daughter.

Her daughter is very aware of what she does. She just explains to her that what she is doing is legal and she is good at it. Peaks encourages her daughter to be whatever she wants to be when she grows up, and that includes being a stripper or a porn star if she so chooses. Peaks does not believe it matters what you do as long as you are happy doing it.

10 Lilly Lane

Often a sign of a good parent is a willingness to protect the child. That is the case with Lilly Lane, who has a 6 year old daughter. She views a drawback to working in the porn industry is that she does not want people to judge her daughter. She will often lie about what she does at parties to protect her daughter from the stigma that people often have about porn.

Having a child seems to have mellowed Lilly Lane. She is no longer as hardcore as she once was, according her. Having a daughter has also taught her that there is more to life than just working. However, she does fully realize that to be a good mom you do not have to be perfect.

9 Teagan Presley

Teagan Presley is a porn star like everyone else on this list. However, she has also been able to do some mainstream modeling work. She explains to her 9 and 11 year old daughters that she is essentially a model. Nevertheless, she does not want her children to suffer at all for the work she does in the porn industry.

She has learned that when it comes to raising children a person needs to be non-judgemental about it. No one should criticize how another person raises their kids. She also believes no one should try and push their beliefs on parenting onto another person. What mothers should do is support each other and form a kind of sisterhood, according to Presley.

8 Bonnie Rotten

The first thing to know about Bonnie Rotten is that as of 2015 she does not actually do porn anymore. She decided to quit the industry when she met her now husband and had a child with him, which was a daughter who is now over a year old. She thinks it will be difficult for her daughter when she finds out what her mom used to do. However, she does think society is becoming more accepting of sex workers.

It is Bonnie Rotten’s desire to be a good parent. She realizes that it takes patience to be a good parent. Patience is something she struggled with before becoming pregnant. Upon having her child, she realized she cannot get mad and blame herself for anything.

7 Sparky Sin Claire

It is pretty easy to wonder just what a porn star’s parents might think about what they do for a living. The mother of Sparky Sin Clair believed that she would forever ruin the life of her daughter. Of course, Sin Clair feels the need to not let what anyone thinks, including her own parents, convince her that she is a bad parent. She feels you do not need to live a conventional life to be a good parent.

She feels sexuality is something that a woman should never be ashamed of. She does not believe that once a woman becomes a mother, she then needs to become Mother Teresa. It is important to remember that sexuality is what leads a woman to become a mother, after all. Sin Clair believes that she needs to raise her daughter in a place of love rather than fear.

6 Brandy Aniston

Brandy Aniston has not left the industry, but she does not participate in it very much anymore. She has a 12 year old son that she does not take to any parties within the porn industry. Of course, that is to be expected. However, unlike some other porn star moms, she is not very comfortable walking around her house naked in front of her son.

She does believe it might be a little different if she had a daughter instead of a son. She believes the key to be a good parent is being affectionate with your child. Aniston is fond of hugging her son. She even picks him up which she plans to do until he is 20.

5 Nina Elle

Nina Elle originally worked as a dental hygienist. She moved to the porn industry when she realized how much money she could make. However, she wanted the money to help out with things like ballet lessons for her kids. In the beginning she kept her career in the porn industry a secret.

She decided to be open about her career to show you actually can be a good mother and be in porn. She has yet to tell her kids that she is in porn, however. She does worry her son might find out about her job since he is dabbling into social media. She believes that being in porn means you cannot really be shocked about what your kids do.

4 Alana Evans

Alana Evans has been working in the porn industry for several years. Nevertheless, she believes her family has straight edge, or traditional, values. She believes that is what lead her son to join the Marines. Evans is careful as to what movies and magazines she keeps around the house for the sake of her kids.

Evans says she grew up with sexuality being frowned upon which, no doubt, lead her to joining the porn industry. She believes it is the same with her son. She admitted what she did for a living when her son was 12 years old. She did this because people were starting to recognize her, and she felt it was something that she had to do.

3 Aurora Snow

Aurora Snow has not actually been in the porn industry since 2011. She was in it for years prior to that. She currently has a 7 year old son, and she worries her son will find out about her past. She is married as well, even though when she started her porn career she did not want marriage or children.

Eventually she changed her mind. That is when she also decided to quit doing porn. Snow now lives the quiet life in Los Angeles with her family. She hopes that her son will not find out about her career as a porn star by Googling her porn name, but is preparing for him to find out one day.

2 Savanna Samson

Savanna Samson is yet another woman who has left the porn industry years ago. Also like many other former or current porn stars, she does worry about her son finding out about her past. She also fears other kids teasing her son about her past. Nevertheless, she feels all of the choices she has made will ultimately benefit her son.

She does not actually regret her former career. Samson is very pleased with the life her work in the porn industry has provided. She currently leads something of a life of luxury. She feels like in many ways, she was born to do porn. Now she is working on becoming a legitimate business woman, and putting her past behind her.

1 Stormy Daniels

Stormy Daniels did not have kids by accident. She actually planned it out very carefully with her partner. The only problem was that many people criticized her once she became pregnant. They felt she was unworthy of having a child because of what she does for a living.

Daniels believes that many people feel that anyone working in the porn industry cannot nurture a child because they have the wrong impression of now a porn star truly is. She believes people tend to view them as being crazy people on drugs. Daniels certainly does not think that is true. She lives a fairly typical life with her family. She is pleased that her work provides her with a flexible work schedule.

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