14 WTF Things Women Do That Drive Gynos Crazy

Most woman do not enjoy going to the OB, but in order to deal with certain issues and avoid others, it is crucial. There are things women cannot stand about gynaecologists, but not many people know that their patients can drive them crazy sometimes!

All they want to do is help woman be the healthiest and happiest that they can possibly be. Sometimes patients make it really hard to fix an issue. The gynaecologist is not the ideal way to spend an afternoon off of work, but it is better than possibly being in the hospital with further complications six months down the road.

It seems like OB’s want to know every part of their patients’ lives, and it is not because they have nothing better to do. A lot of things patients do (or do not do) can cause issues for themselves that are easily avoidable if they speak up to their doc!

Patients complain about their issues with their OB’s all of the time, but it is rare to hear a gynaecologist’s side of things. Woman will be surprised by all of the things they do that drive their doctors bonkers!

Read below to find out the secrets that OB’s won’t tell their patients... the things that patients do that drive them absolutely crazy!

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14 Bringing Hubby Into The Exam Room

It drives doctors crazy when a patient's partner comes into the exam room and proceed to speak for them the entire visit or interrupt during the appointment. Its great to be involved with your lady, but it also irritating when the doctor has to talk to your hubby instead of you.

Tell your man to listen and be quiet, and if he has to, add his two cents in at the end. Doctors do not want your man to want to “look in there” while doing a pelvic exam, so please have him download a new app and keep himself busy so the doctor can do his job. It is understood that some people need a support system, but if your guy knows his boundaries it is fine.

Doctors sometimes worry that a woman is scared to speak up about certain issues being that her partner is there, withholding important information only hurts you.

13 Googling Every Symptom And Then Freaking The F Out

This one can really get your doctor annoyed. They went to years of medical school for a reason, and not to be put behind Dr.Google. It may be easier to google “why does my v bleed after love making”, but the truth is the internet does not know why YOU are bleeding.

There are of course some reputable websites for medical information, but it is always best to make an appointment with your doctor (or even call the nurses line and ask a quick question) so you know you are receiving the right information and care.

Going to an appointment can be a drag and an “inconvenient” part of your day, but it is so much better to be safe than sorry. There are many websites that are not reputable and that do not have up to date information and facts. Every body is different, and just because google says something is normal, does not mean it is normal for everyone.

12 Waiting For The UTI To Clear Itself

Urinary tract infections (UTIs) are super common but they are horribly painful and uncomfortable. You do not need to run to the doctor every time you get a UTI unless the symptoms become very uncomfortable and/or last more than five days.

If you’re pregnant, develop an elevated temperature or have diabetes then you should absolutely not wait to see your doctor. UTIs can be treated with antibiotics, so going to your doctor when things are not getting better after a few days can save you a lot of pain and possible future issues.

It drives your OB nuts when you wait out a UTI. Untreated UTIs can lead to infection that can spread from the bladder to one or both of your kidneys. This can increase the risk of kidney failure for some with kidney issues.

11 Not Shaving - And Then Apologizing For Being A Hairy Beast

Your doctor has seen so many patients with hairy legs and V, really, do not stress it. Their main goal is figuring out if you are healthy, they really do not care if you have a bush down there. They are focused on your ovaries, uterus, breasts, birth control, STD’s, and pregnancy (if you’re expecting.) They’ve seen it all- landing strips, nudie style, bush…so, whatever hair style you’ve got going on below your waist is not something they will lose sleep over that night.

It does not make your doctors job any easier if you shave and they are more interested in your health. If you feel more comfortable being shaven before your appointment, then by all means go right ahead, but you do not need to make it apart of your conversation at your appointment.

10 Refusing To Get Screened

This one definitely drives your OB up the wall- not getting screened for cervical cancer. Did you know that each year roughly 12,000 women get cervical cancer and more than 4,000 dies from it?

This is a disease that is highly treatable when detected early, but more than half of new cases occur in women who have rarely or never been seen. Your OB will test you for cervical cancer by doing a pap smear (she will scrape and brush cells from your cervix and then send them to a lab, and this can detect an issue and possibly save your life! It drives your OB nuts when you’re too lazy to come in or you are avoiding the uncomfortable pap smear (that takes little time at all.)

Do not wait until you have red flag symptoms such as foul-smelling discharge, keep up with your screenings! If you have red flag symptoms before your screening, it is crucial to make an appointment! You won’t be sorry.

9 Cancels Appointment Because It's The Time Of The Month

Doctors do not care if you are gushing like Niagara falls, they are just happy you are there for whatever reason you are there for. So, absolutely do not cancel your appointment, your gynaecological health is important.

If you are on your period, you can just give your doctor a heads up if you feel like you must, but they do not want you to feel self-conscious. Being on your period slightly decreases the chances of a sample they are taking for analysis, but it is normally fine.

Doing pap smears on a woman’s period is normal and normally turns out fine. Doctors understand woman are self-conscious about their “down there”, but most likely you have nothing going on down there that is going to make your doc run for the hills. They have seen it all.

8 Lying About What Really Goes On In The Bedroom

You may not want to talk about your love life for many reasons – embarrassment, privacy or you may just think it’s none of your doctor’s business. Your doctors want to know how many guys (or girls) you have slept with and what type (if any) protection you’ve used.

If you find that doing-the-deed with your hubby is painful and that you have to fake enjoying it, do not hide that from your doctor either. There are reasons why you are going through whatever you are going through, and your doctor wants to help make you as safe and happy as she possibly can.

If you use a lubricant, tell your doctor, that may be the reason behind your itchy “down there”, or if you bleed after the act, your doctor will find out why. Talking about intimacy to a stranger is not enjoyable, but it can fix any current and potential problems.

7 Stopping Birth Control Because Of Its Side Effects

All forms of birth control have some side effects. It drives your OB nuts when patients just stop taking their birth control. They want you to give your body enough time to adjust to new medication before deciding it does not work for you.

Every medication works different for each person, and your doctor really wants you to give it a fair trial before giving up on it. You need at least three months to get used to any type of birth control method, and if after three months is up and you are still miserable, go back to your doctor.

There are many different types of birth control on the market, and it just takes having to find the one that works for you. You have to be patient with your doctor in the meantime. They are trying to help you not get pregnant, so cooperation is key.

6 Lying About Medication

You may assume that your other medications may not matter to your OB, but your doc needs to hear about it. Do not assume that she doesn’t need to know about your prescription depressant and stomach medication, its important to her. Medication as well as natural supplements can actually affect your care. She needs to know this if you are planning on conceiving, are pregnant, or never having kids in your life.

Every medication affects every person differently, and you coming in complaining about acne (and wanting to go on birth control for it) may have everything to do with another medication you are taking. Some medications do not mix with birth control as well, and if you want it to work right, you need to talk to your doctor about whatever else your putting into your body.

5 Skipping Out On The Yearly Exam

This drives your doctor nuts. Breast and pelvic exam can catch cancer and other serious issues. Your doc wants to know about your intimacy and any new changes for very important reasons. They can help stop a lot of problems and fix potential ones. Your yearly exam could catch sexually transmitted diseases as well as find the reason behind your not- so- fun love life.

Going to the gynaecologist is not fun, it makes several women uncomfortable. But, this is an appointment that is crucial for your health. Doing the deed is a big part of reproductive health, but it is not the only part, so do not think not being active in the bedroom is a way out of your appointment.

A lot of problems have no symptoms, and the only person who can detect them is your doctor, so suck it up and go to your appointment…and maybe treat yourself after with some Starbucks.

4 DIY Treatments For The V

Get off your Pinterest board and google - and stop trying to play doctor. Your doctor absolutely does not want you to be making your v into a DIY project. You may look up “remedies for yeast infections” and find it convenient to place a garlic clove into your V (seriously…people do this) instead of driving all of the way to the doctor, but please don’t.

You may assume you have a specific diagnosis based upon whatever you typed into your search bar, but that does not mean that is the case. Your doctor wants to accurately diagnose you and treat you. Self-treating yourself can lead to potential problems, and at the end of the day you’ll need to go to the doctor to get those straightened out, so just go from the very beginning to avoid problems.

Seriously, your doc knows what she is talking about.

3 Swearing By Mom Groups

It is fantastic that you are in a mom group, you have so much love and support through your pregnancy and beyond. But, your doctor does not want to hear what "Janelle from your mom group" thinks about your possible infection.

Just like with googling your symptoms, your doctor wants to check things out for herself. If Lauren swears by drinking Castrol oil to induce labor, that does not mean it is something your doctor would recommend.

If you believe something sounds like a good idea, and it may be questionable, calling the nurses line or making an appointment is your best bet. Do not let your mommy friends diagnose you and play doctor, even if some of them are doctor's themselves. Your doctor knows the full extent of your medical history and it's best to speak with him first.

2 Using Hygiene Products For The Lady Parts

There are many products on the market for female hygiene issues. Your doctor would rather you come talk to her about your smelly “down there” instead of purchasing a soap “made for” your v.

Your v has its own pH levels, when you start adding products down there it can kill off bacteria that is supposed to be there. Your V is self-cleaning, and most likely your doc is going to recommend just plain old h2O down there.

No powders, perfumes, or soaps. The commercials and packaging may seem tempting, but there may be an underlying issue for your smell “down there”, that your doc should look into first. Soaps can cause infections which can lead to foul smelling discharge due to the strong scents.

There are several ways for keeping your V smelling fresh without the use of products, such as watching what you eat, wash with water often, wipe clean after each bathroom trip, and trim away at pubic hair.

1 Too Embarrassed To Request A Female Doctor

Image result for gynecologist gif

Men and woman can be gynaecologists, but some patients lean more towards a female doctor. That is absolutely okay, as long as you make that known while scheduling your appointment. About 1/3 of women are uncomfortable with male doctors, this can be due to a variety of reasons.

There is no shame in asking for a male doctor. If you are open about your needs, the receptionist will work to accommodate you to make you comfortable. They are not mind readers, and will assume if you do not specify which doctor you want that you do not care either way.

It is okay to feel uncomfortable with a male doctor, I’m sure you have your reasons, but do not keep going to one or avoid going to the office at all because of that.

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